Redundancy Payment Section Processing Eight Month-Old Applications

The redundancy payments section in the Department of Enterprise is currently only processing employer rebate applications made eight months ago. The latest figures available to end September indicate that the number of redundancy claims awaiting processing stands at 43,250.

Deputy Noel Coonan

Deputy Noel Coonan

Incoming redundancy claims for the first nine months of 2009 is at 60,785 which is an increase of 122% on the same period last year (27,373). This figure of 60,785 exceeds the claims lodged for the full year 2008 (40,607).

A major backlog has occurred in the redundancy payments section due to the unprecedented increase in claims lodged there. While Minister Mary Coughlan has taken steps to deliver more acceptable turnaround processing times, it’s clear that further measures need to be implemented. More staff and more resources need to be pumped into the section to provide a better service.

This information was released in response to a parliamentary question by North Tipperary’s Deputy Mr Noel Coonan.

The Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment Mr. Calleary outlined the situation to Mr Coonan as follows :

“The average time it takes to process rebate applications from employers filed online is 7 months while claims submitted by post are taking 8 months. The Redundancy Payments Section of my Department is currently processing applications filed online from March ’09 and those submitted by post from February ’09.  In respect of lump sum payments paid directly to employees in instances where employers are unable to pay the statutory redundancy entitlements, the Section is processing claims dating from June ’09.”

Deputy Coonan speaking to Thurles.Info, stated:

“The number of claims waiting to be dealt with has increased from 42,000 to 43,250 since his last enquiry on the issue. The Minister of State was unable to provide specific information on how many people from North Tipperary are waiting on redundancy payments. I’ve been in constant correspondence with Tánaiste Mary Coughlan asking when redundancy payments will be issued to North Tipperary companies and constituents and this is the latest piece of damning news I’ve received. The Department of Enterprise has reassigned additional staff from other areas of the department to the redundancy payments area. It has also prioritised it’s overtime budget towards staff working in this department. A special call handling facility has been set up. While these are welcome developments, the public deserves a better service from this Government. Sadly, we have become accustomed to this poor performing state of governance”.

There are 8,323 people  presently on the Live Register in South Tipperary, up from 4,845 in October last year.
In North Tipperary there are 6,394 signing on – up from 3,554 twelve months ago.


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