Urgent Gas Cooker Alert from National Consumer Agency


The National Consumer Agency (NCA) today warned consumers of serious safety concerns that can arise through the use of certain models of gas cookers available in Ireland.

The gas cookers named are as follows: New World, Flavel, Leisure and Beko.

NCA state that there is a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal, if the grill is operated with the grill door closed. Use of the grill in such circumstances can cause extremely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide being produced, which can cause serious injury or death.

Despite earlier warnings about the dangers and extensive efforts by the manufacturers to contact affected customers, the NCA has become aware that a large number of cookers have yet to be located.

In addition, the manufacturers have been experiencing difficulties in making arrangements to call to some consumers and make the required adjustment to affected cookers.

The NCA is urging all consumers with gas cookers – including landlords and letting agents – to do the following immediately:

  1. Check if the cooker is one of the makes / models in question.
  2. If so, contact the relevant manufacturers Helpline to arrange for a FREE modification.
  3. Under no circumstances operate the grill with the grill door closed – it must always be in the open position.

These appliances are designed for cooking purposes only and must not be used as a space heater or for any other purpose.

If you own one of these cookers or have any doubts about the make/model, please immediately call the Freephone Helpline number 1800 252 925. Click here for full details of Make and Models affected.

It is understood that 5,300 affected cookers have still to be located.

Ann Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of the NCA, said: “There have been six deaths to date in the UK and Ireland linked to this issue and so we are putting a major push on finding the remaining 5,300 cookers”.


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