World War 11 Grenade Found In Cahir

 WW2 Grenade

WW2 Grenade

Approximately twelve houses in a housing estate in Cahir, Co Tipperary, have been evacuated from their homes this morning following the discovery of a possible explosive device.

Local Gardaí say the device, which appears to be of World War II vintage, is possibly a hand grenade.

Unconfirmed reports say the device, which was found by a young child some days ago in another part of the town, was taken home by the child who resides in the town’s Rosemount housing estate.

The area has been sealed off and the Irish Army Bomb Disposal Unit is expected to carry out a controlled explosion of the device about lunch time today. Captain Pat O’Connor, a member of  the Defence Forces, said it could have caused serious damage had it exploded.

Items such as this were regularly brought home to Ireland by serving Irish soldiers on leave, as souvenirs of their exploits.

The total WWII production of hand grenades is estimated at approximately 87,320,000.


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