The Mighty Blue And Gold

The line up  for the Premier County’s hurling team to face Kilkenny in next month’s all-Ireland final is still a closely guarded secret but we supporters had best prepare ourselves in song for the week long  festivities, when we return with the silverware. (Sorry Kilkenny)

Our congratulations to Seamus Doran from Roscrea, Co.Tipperary who composed “The Mighty Blue and Gold”, which won him first place in the Premier Song Competition final in the Premier Hall, Thurles, recently.

We hope to hear this renditions of “The Mighty Blue and Gold” from Tipperary supporters all the way to September 6th – in Croke Park and all the way home again.

So print these words off or write them down and practise, yes learn it and practise.

Wish we could give you the music but sorry, copyright forbids.

The Mighty Blue And Gold

Composed and written by Seamus Doran (Roscrea, Co.Tipperary)

Seven Gaels sat down in Thurles town to save our native game
At Haye’s Inn in Eighteen eighty four.
That famous day, they paved the way, for epic hurling tales
To remain on our hearts for evermore.
They organised a national prize for Counties to contest
Comerford-&-DunneAnd be crowned the best team in the land.
We won the first to start a thirst that never can be quenched.
So now me boys it’s time to make a stand.


Take care the Premier has woken.
Beware the mighty Blue and Gold.
The bonfires will burn bright round Slieve na mBan tonight,
For Liam McCarty’s coming home.

Our County fair has won its share of praise and accolades,
Since Davin took the chair that All Saints Day.
We’ve been admired both far and wide by countless friend and foe.
In awe they’ve watched us grace the field of play.
Now Kickham‘s Race holds pride of place for all her valiant deeds,
We stand renowned in hurling hall of fame.
We’ll n’er forget their toil and sweat, great players of the past,
Those who brought great honour to our name.

Repeat Chorus

No decades passed, that we’ve not grasped the shining silver spoils
And climbed the hallowed steps to take our bow.
The mighty clash of mountain ash, from Carey, Doyle and Roche,
Has warmed the homes of Knocknagow.
Oh what a thrill to see the skill of Leahy, Ryan and Fox
And Babs and Nicky’s eagle eye.
So show me boys, it’s time to rise, let’s live those days again,
Ensure our flag stays flying high.

Repeat Chorus


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