Tipp Institute C.E.O To Temporally Steps Aside.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Tipperary Institute, Mr.Padraig Culbert, is temporally stepping aside from his currently held post of CEO, pending the outcome of a High Court ruling on October 6th next, regarding the terms of his present contract.

This decision by Mr.Culbert appears to pivot on disagreeing views in relation to certain terms of his present contract. Opinions appear to be at variance over whether the present contract ends next month, or whether it is a permanent contract and in a communication to his staff at Tipperary Institute, Mr Culbert states: “Unfortunately it has not been possible to agree as to which interpretation is correct”

Those close to this discord are at pains to stress that nothing whatsoever untoward has occurred and that the issue fully centres on a correct interpretation of Mr.Culbert’s contract.

This unfortunate news comes at a difficult time for the Tipp Institute, when a recent ill informed report from An Bord Snip (The Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes) recently recommended the campus should be disposed of for the benefit of the Exchequer and when, under his guidance, student numbers are expected to break the 1,000 mark for the first time this year.

In a statement on July 21st relating to the An Bord Snip report Mr Culbert said:

“We are disappointed with the recommendations in the Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes, but we are in no way daunted by it. We are, instead, looking forward to and concentrating on, the new academic year, for which we have had record CAO applications for courses. We are also commencing the next phase of our development with the launch of our first masters degree course, as well as additional new courses, so this is an extremely exciting growth period for Tipperary Institute”.

An interim management system is expected to be put in place immediately at the T. I. until a satisfactory resolution between both parties can be agreed.


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