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Phoenix Productions – A Promise Of A Hot Summer.

phoenixSummer is slowly, but surely, starting to creep in and while we can’t guarantee you the kind of sunshine you crave and indeed deserve, we can guarantee that Phoenix Productions and their non-stop musical magicians have a show up their sleeves.

Yes, it’s that time of year again and while the cathedral town gets used to the political posters of guys and gals seeking your vote on every street corner, these posters are soon be replaced with adverts for Phoenix and ‘THE HOT MIKADO‘.

Based on Gilbert and Sullivan‘s ‘Mikado‘, its hotter incarnation is a good old fashioned love story based in 1940’s Japan. The show is to be staged in early August by Phoenix in the Premier Hall and rehearsals are starting to take shape already. With a wealth of local talent at its disposal, Phoenix are to cast Yum Yum, Nanki Poo, Ko-Ko and the shows other characters this weekend during its open auditions. Membership is still open and anyone over the age of 14 is welcome to come along and join in the fun.
Phoenix Productions has had over 10 years of success in the town and have staged some of the biggest shows out there for example Guys and Dolls, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story and High School Musical. The Hot Mikado promises to be the best show yet.

For more information on rehearsals and auditions, keep an eye out for Phoenix on BEBO over the next few weeks.


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  • […] Phoenix Productions are preparing to spread their wings again this summer with The Hot Mikado in the Premier Hall this August. The frontline has been cast and within the next couple of weeks rehearsals will quite literally start ‘heating’ up. ‘The Hot Mikado’ is a musical comedy, based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s 1930’s production ‘The Mikado‘. It was adapted by David H. Bell and Robert Bowman and while remaining true to the original’s story and message, the orchestrations and choreography was tweaked to add a jazzier and more up tempo impetus to the shows core. The result is a production full of the kind of energy, pizzazz, zing and razzmatazz you could only associate with something capable of Phoenix.  Based in feudal Japan, the show tells the tale of Nanki Poo and Yum Yum, characters whose love is challenged by the comedic chaos of Japan’s social laws and authority. What follows is a whirl wind of secrets, lies, betrayal, fear and denial, all within the boundaries of a slick tongue in cheek script brimming with the kind of comedic itch and flair you only get from Gilbert and Sullivan. […]

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