Sean Kelly -The GAA Should Buy The Haye’s Hotel Before It Is Too Late

European Parliament hopeful and former GAA President Mr Sean Kelly called on the GAA to purchase the Haye’s Hotel Thurles.

Mr Kelly called on the GAA to establish this historic building as a tourist attraction and to incorporate the Lár Na Pairce museum as a memorial to that meeting in the Davin room, 125 years ago this year, which saw the establishment of the GAA organisation.

Mr Kelly made the call as he launched his Tipperary European Election campaign in the Haye’s Hotel to a large crowd of over 200 people on Tuesday night April 14th.

sean-kelly-aMr Kelly stated:

“I have thought for many years that the GAA should purchase Haye’s Hotel to ensure it is preserved in its rightful place in Irish history.  Successive owners have been very good at keeping the business going and the connection with the past, through the Davin Suite and Cusacks Bar, but there is no guarantee that this will always be the case.  The only way to ensure that our history, in this respect, is preserved would be for the organisation to buy it and run it jointly as both a hotel and a museum.  The GAA now successfully run a hotel at Croke Park so they know how the business works. The GAA could also move Lár Na Parca from its present cramped site to the hotel grounds and make a fine visitors centre and museum there.  It would be a shame for this treasure to be lost to the organisation and to the Irish nation.”


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