Thurles Irish Multiplex Cinema Announce RealD 3D installation


UPDATE! The IMC Cinema is now open! To see cinema times, pricing and facilities offered by the IMC Cinema in Thurles, please visit our latest article here.

April 9th next, will see the opening of the new five screen IMC Cinema in Thurles, situated at the newly revamped Thurles Shopping Centre

Irish Multiplex Cinemas (IMC), one of Ireland’s leading innovators in the film entertainment business, and RealD, the world’s leading outfitter of 3D-enabled theatres, announced today that IMC will add RealD 3D capabilities to this multiplex location in Thurles. The rollout will begin immediately with completion of all RealD 3D installations expected in April in time for the release of Monsters vs. Aliens (Dreamworks Animation).

Paul Ward, director of IMC said,

“The RealD 3D technology being installed in all IMC Cinemas shows IMC’s commitment to providing not only the best in customer service, but also the best customer enjoyment of the cinema going experience by the early introduction of the newest technological advances available.”

Bob Mayson, managing director of RealD Europe Ltd. said,

“Ireland is an important market for us in Europe and we’re extremely pleased to be working with IMC to outfit all of their multiplex locations. Paul Ward and his team understand the potential of RealD 3D and are grasping the opportunity with both hands.”

RealD  uses a single projector that alternately projects the right-eye frame and left-eye frame, and circularly polarizes these frames, clockwise for the right eye and counter clockwise for the left eye, using a liquid crystal screen placed in front of the projector lens. Circularly polarized glasses make sure each eye sees only “its own” picture, even if the head is tilted.  The very high frame rate, which is 72 frames per second per eye, makes sure the image looks continuous. In RealD Cinema, each frame is projected three times to reduce flicker.

RealD’s next-generation technology is deployed across the world’s largest 3D platform in more than 34 countries with over 8,000 screens under contract and nearly 2,600 RealD 3D screens today. RealD is the global leader in 3D, bringing the most advanced and realistic digital 3D experience to cinemas worldwide.


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