Nenagh Hospital – Any Reforms Must Be Preceded By Significant Investment

hospitalDáil Deputy Michael Lowry, T.D., speaking to Thurles.Info this morning, underlined the importance of patient safety following the publication of the Teamwork report which outlines proposed health service reform for the Mid West.

Deputy Lowry said:

“While we are obliged to listen and take notice of  professional medical advice on the structures and procedures that are now considered to give the best possible patient care, the overall safety of patients in Co.Tipperary still remains of paramount importance.”

The Independent Deputy insisted that any reform moves that would possibly improve health services, to the people of Tipperary, would have to be predicated on the basis of fully operational and functioning alternative structures being ready and in place.

He also stated that significant amounts of capital funding will have to be spent on Nenagh hospital to enable it to become a crucial component of the Mid Western Health System and allow it deliver the best possible service to the people of North Tipperary and also meet the needs of those in Limerick and other parts of the Mid West Region that require access to specialist services at Nenagh.

Lowry continued:

“The report raises several key questions that need to be addressed in advance, in terms of the practical implementation of these findings. It is not possible to implement such a report without first putting in place:-
· Alternative Structures
· Alternative Facilities
· Increased Bed Compliment
· Sufficient Paramedic Units
· The proper level of Medical, Nursing and Attendant Staff
· And most importantly a greatly enhanced Ambulance Service

As part of my agreement with this government, I secured a commitment to invest upwards of €25 million in upgrading facilities. That investment is to include 3 new operating theatres, an endoscopy unit, new lifts and other significant improvements which are crucial to the future of the hospital. Without this spend to upgrade outdated facilities, Nenagh Hospital has no future in any capacity. While I have a commitment to the funding in place, I will now, in the context of the current economic environment, be asking for an outline of the precise timing of this funding. These improvements must be in place before any new administrative system of healthcare for the people of North Tipperary is implemented.” concluded Deputy Lowry.


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