State Of Your River Suir In Thurles This Evening

The picture shown hereunder is one of some 20 images taken just 20 meters south of Barry’s Bridge, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, this very evening.

This foamy effluent is being retained by the growth of slime, last removed conveniently to obviously affect voter’s opinions, prior to the last Local Town Council Elections.

This floating effluent remains in full view of visitors to the board-walk of The Source Theatre; visitors to Thurles Library and to those partaking of food at a local second floor popular restaurant. It is also being overlooked by the offices of would-be Fine Gael TD, Mrs Mary Newman Julian (or Mary 4 Tipperary).

Visitors, however, are remaining silent, having learned that attempts to correct such issues with Tipp. Co. Council, fall on deaf ears.

This evening, I have again forwarded an email to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), at the same time forwarding the same email to the nine members of the Templemore / Thurles Municipal District; namely ;;;;;;;; .

The email directed to Mr David O’ Connor (EPA), together with five (5) photographs (only one shown here above), simply reads:-

Dear Sir,
Please find attached 5 pictures. Same indicate the current state of the River Suir today.

Pictures were taken immediately in the vicinity of Barry’s Bridge, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

As is obvious, the return of the slime growth in the water is now holding back the unknown / unnamed effluent being allowed into the water.

I was not impressed when your head office at Johnstown Castle contacted me, stating it was the responsibility of Tipp. Council Council to investigate. Tipperary County Council, however, did contact me some weeks ago, to ask (for the second time this year), “Where was Barry’s Bridge in Thurles?”

Your personnel are supposedly the
“Environmental Protection Agency”, please now do your job and protect this River.

I am unlikely to hear further from Tipp. Co. Council, who in the past have not taken kindly to my complaints, so I am forwarding pictures, taken today (19/9/2019), singly, because of property size, attached in 4 separate emails beginning here, as I am unsure of the capacity of your Mail Box.

This pollution scenario has gone on for the past 12 months and must now be dealt with, before the river level again rises.

You Sir will note: This email has been forwarded to the nine (9) recently elected Templemore / Thurles Municipal District councillors.

I remain
Yours sincerely

George Willoughby

Although it is not a Local Election year; perhaps it is time again for Thurles Chamber of Commerce to lead us on yet another S.O.S. protest march here on Liberty Square, Thurles; in order to bring about real change for the town.


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