Woman Cleared In Tipperary Murder Case.

A 48-year-old Latvian woman, Ms Inga Ozolina, who stated that her life had been made a living hell by her violent boyfriend and whom she had obtained safety orders against, has been cleared of his murder, but found guilty of his manslaughter.

Ms Ozolina, with an address at Old Court Church, Mountrath, Co Laois, had pleaded not guilty to murdering Lithuanian native Mr Audrius Pukas at ‘The Malthouse’, Roscrea, North Co. Tipperary, on November 20th 2016.

The Central Criminal Court heard that the 40-year-old father-of-two, Mr Audrius Pukas, had died at the scene from three stab wound, one of which had been administered to his chest, proving fatal.

The trial went on hear details of an often violent and volatile relationship between the couple, with photographs seen by the seven man / five women jury, containing injuries Mr Pukas had caused to Ms Ozolina, in that fatal fight, latter which included two bite marks to her arm. Witnesses gave evidence of seeing her in the past with various injuries.

The mother of two had sought an acquittal, on a number of grounds; including self defence and the possibility that her boyfriend had walked towards the knife she was holding while they were arguing.

The jury had begun their deliberations on Friday afternoon last and had spent just over 12 hours in the jury room trying to reach a unanimous verdict. Upon failure, however, they were then granted the option of reaching a majority decision, and returned a short time later, with a 10 to 2 majority verdict.

Mr Justice Alexander Owens refused an application for continuing bail and remanded Ms Ozolina in custody for sentencing on July 1st next.


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