Judge Directs Jury To Return One Not Guilty Verdict In Lowry Trial

Taking you inside Court No 9 today, to show the seating arrangements currently in use within the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court building.

As our readers will be aware we have been closely following the trial of Tipperary Independent TD Mr Michael Lowry. This latter trial was moved out of Co. Tipperary, to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to be heard before a Dublin based Jury; on the grounds that he was “too popular”  in Tipperary to be judged by a jury of his peers.

In a major development this morning inside Court No 9 at the trial, the charge /allegation against Mr Michael Lowry, for personally filing a false tax return, relating to the years 2002; Mr Justice Martin Nolan has directed the 11 person Jury to find Mr Lowry “Not Guilty”.

The prosecution had agreed to withdraw the allegation, following an application by Mr Lowry’s lawyers, and while in the absence of the 11 person jury members.

The withdrawn charge had alleged that that Mr Lowry, on 21st October, 2003, knowingly or will-fully had made an incorrect tax return for 2002, through failing to reflect or account for £248,624 (€372,000) obtained by him from Garuda Ltd, which should have been declared as personal income.

His trial will continue over the coming days in Court No 9, before Mr Justice Martin Nolan and his jury of eight men and three women, in relation to four other allegations.

More details on this case in the coming days.


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