Water Continues To Rise In Littleton Graveyard Tipperary


 Littleton Graveyard, Thurles, Co Tipperary Today
(Picture courtesy Patricia Loughnane)

Feelings of sadness and utter despair are being strongly expressed in the community of Littleton, Thurles Co Tipperary tonight as locals try to determine to find ways to resolve the issue of their flooded graveyard.

Numerous meetings have taken place with Tipperary County Councillors over the past number of days and Councillor Seamus Hanafin has been in contact with the Environmental Agency who are expected to meet with him and concerned residents tomorrow at 10.00am.

A long term as well as a short term solution is now being sought, with angry local people now wondering what will happen when this water eventually subsides.

As one angry resident surveying the scene stated; “This is going to end up yet another long drawn out saga with Tipperary Co Council. People outside the area are possibly not aware that this is a highly emotive issue here in Littleton; one that has been on going on here for years in relation to this cemetery and flooding issues. How will we ourselves be buried or indeed take it upon ourselves to bury anyone else in their family plot, while these conditions continue to exist?”

Heavy rain today is expected to raise further the levels of existing flood waters in this area.


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