Angling Bye-Law Welcomed For River Suir Tipperary

PikeRecreational angling on the River Suir in Co Tipperary will change following a Bye-Law, sought by a majority of anglers, has been signed into law.

From April 12th, 2103, fishing for salmon and sea trout (over 40cm) on the River Suir, is prohibited where the use of worms, prawn, shrimp or any other crustacean or their artificial forms are used as bait and any fish hooks, other than single Barbless hooks up to and including May 11th, 2013.

From May 12th to September 30th 2013 the Bye-Law provides for a bag limit of 5 fish for the season, subject to a daily bag limit of 1 fish. Anglers must use a single Barbless hook once their daily or season bag limit has been reached. The exclusion on the use of worms, prawn, shrimp and any other crustacean as bait, will continue until the season ends.

Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to point out that this bye-law is applicable to the 2013 season only.

Best Brown Trout River in Europe

Angling for Salmon on the River Suir attracts many visiting anglers annually. It is hoped that this measure will ensure even better angling for the many local and visiting anglers that come to fish the Suir, which already this year has been rated the “Best Brown Trout River in Europe.”

The rule governing this new seasonal Bye-Law can be downloaded HERE.


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