International Festival of Light Opera Features Spring Awakening

I do not know how music lovers in the south of Ireland are going to find €20 by November 11th, in these recessionary times, but find it somehow they must.

After what can only be described as a sensational 10 night run in The Helix Theatre in Dublin last September, the cast of NYMT‘s Spring Awakening are now headed down ‘the Waterford way’.

This unbelievably talented cast which, I am happy to relate, include top Tipperary performers Chris Britton, Ed Leamy and Shane Willoughby, latter playing the role of ‘Georg‘, are preparing to take this incredible show to the Waterford  International Festival of Light Opera 2010.

The Most Exciting Piece Of Musical Theatre Ever To Be Staged In Ireland

Spring Awakening, which tells the story of teenagers who are discovering for the first time the inner and outer tumult of their sexuality, will take to the stage of the Theatre Royal on Thursday November 11th.

If you missed it the first time around, you now really have no excuse not to attend. This is a one night only event, so climb in through an open theatre window, dig an underground tunnel, get a Leader grant, distract the doormen or maybe simply buy a ticket. Miss this show and you’ll miss out on one of the most original and exciting pieces of musical theatre ever to take to the stage here in Ireland.

Remember the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera is regarded on the Irish theatre scene as the “Mother of All Festivals”  and is the premier event of its kind presently in Ireland. Congrats to all concerned, on your celebrating your 50th anniversary.

Expect a large contingent in attendance from the Premier County and remember we expect tea during the interval.

Tickets are available from the Theatre Royal website and you can book your seat by clicking HERE .

By the way Anne Marie, I’m deathly serious about the tea, – one sugar and a small drop of milk for me.


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