Irish Girl Guides – Irelands Future Is Safe

Attending the gathering of four hundred Irish, American and Australian Girl Guides, which included their Leaders, here in ‘The Dome’, Semple Stadium, on Saturday last, set me to thinking.

My thoughts, (a very dangerous practice many would forecast) were focused on the major event in progress.

Four hundred young people were all lodged in less than three acre of activity space and despite an abundance of Fruit Drinks in plastic containers, Twix Bars, Mars Bars, Lolly Pops, Chewing Gum, Sweets and Treats of all make, manner and description, not one solitary paper wrapper or plastic bottle could be found carelessly dumped on the ground during the afternoon events. No one shouted or verbally argued, pushed, shoved or were disrespectful to those leaders who from time to time issued commands. Questions were asked and fully answered in a pleasant civil manner, silence was fully observed when necessary, without any request from authority, when leaders and guests spoke publicly.  Contentment, enjoyment, fun, a thirst for knowledge, civility and wisdom was everywhere in abundance, yet these Girl Guides were not hand picked and came from all denominations and varying social backgrounds, to attend this event.

What was the secret to achieving this harmonious setting I pondered?

Irish Girl Guides Launch New Logo & Uniforms from George Willoughby.

Afraid to ask the question, I watched in the full expectation that all would be self revealing. Later, leaving the event, close to the close of business, the answer was clear as crystal.

To my mind, it was a successful combination of what most of us have now sacrificed on the alter of that most powerful and insatiable deity, the god of greed, during that short period, known as the ‘Celtic Tiger Era’.  Their secret was a mixed bag of goodies they collected and now carried with them, each item clearly wrapped and labeled. The labels bore the words ‘share’, ‘team work’, ‘practical education’, ‘self discipline’ and ‘respect for fellow beings’.

Having watched these bright inquisitive young people, I left with the feeling that despite the current absence of honest leadership in this county and country, the future of Tipperary and Ireland was in safe hands, thanks to the mighty work and effort, much of it unpaid, by this worthy organisation, who gave so unselfishly of their time and vast experience. Well done.

Video Credits: B.Corbett, G.Willoughby


2 comments to Irish Girl Guides – Irelands Future Is Safe

  • Bridget Quirke

    Looked like a brilliant day, well done to all
    great to see the Irish Girl Guides going as strong as ever

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