Phoenix Productions – If You Wanna Know Who They Are

Phoenix2PhoenixHow do you follow up on over ten years of amazing musical memories?  How?  Just how do they do it?

Memories are something that we all depend on, they are something that give us a sense of being, a sense of existence, a reason to keep going. Ten years of Phoenix musical memories culminated in last year’s Seasons of Love anniversary gala concert, a concert that all of those who were involved will surely never forget.

So where do Phoenix Productions go next?  How do you start your second decade in any relationship, let alone with one which is so entwined and matted into the mental thatch of an entire town’s youth culture?

Seasons of Love was an emotional, intimate and cathartic rough biography of the first ten years of the Phoenix experience. Those gala performances closed the book on their first decade together and it is the memories of that gala which will smooth the edges of every page in that book.

August 4th they begin a new book and open the second sequel so that they can pen that difficult new first chapter. So here we go………

……(typewriter sounds)…….CHAPTER 1……..…..Phoenix Productions – Decade 2 ………… HOT MIKADO…………

The Hot Mikado takes place August 4th to the 8th inc in the Premier Hall Thurles Co. Tipperary.

Tickets available from or phone 0504 90204.

Opening night proceeds will be donated to North Tipperary Hospice movement .


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