Delivering More Than Just The Basics

moving-ghosts1In an industry saturated with computer enhanced ‘music’ tracks, soulless song lyrics and string-puppet artists, “The Basics” are a local Thurles band that represent a refreshing antidote.

Fronted by the talented singer songwriter Paul Byrne, The Basics comprise Darragh Byrne (guitarist), Johnny Walsh (drummer) and Shelly Martin (bassist and backing vocalist).

Following the release of their debut album , The Basics are rapidly gaining critical national acclaim and have captivated live audiences in established Dublin music venues such as The Village, Eamon Doran’s and The Sugar Club.

The Basics epitomise the fusion of folk and rock and Moving Ghosts delivers what great albums should, and music lovers’ need- an album with heart and soul. Stand out tracks include Fire in the Streets, Hope and Good in You and delve into anthemic, thematic set pieces and scenarios akin to the back catalogues of Whiskeytown, Ray LaMontagne and Bruce Springsteen.

[audio:|titles=Run|artists=The Basics]
Click the play button above to play a sample song from the album.

To check out their outstanding new album (launched locally in the Monk’s pub, Mitchell St. Thurles) and future unmissable live gigs, visit


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