Hypocrisy Flourishes In 33rd Dáil.

Why do people vote for politicians they know to be liars?

Sadly, some of those involved in politics, for some unknown reason, develop a certain agility as liars and hypocrites.

The word hypocrite comes from the Greek word ‘hypokrites’, which means “a stage actor”, “a pretender”, “an interpreter from underneath”.

Stage actors in ancient Greek theatre houses always wore large masks to identify which character they were playing and so they “interpreted their play from underneath” their masks.

A hypocrite is easily recognised by their preaching one thing, and doing the exact opposite.

Using the video hereunder, watch possibly the two biggest hypocrites currently in our 33rd Dáil, taking up office space in Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
I refer to of course Irish Fianna Fáil politician Mr Darragh O’Brien and Irish Green Party politician Mr Malcolm Noonan. Both men can be viewed reading from what is known in the trade as an “idiot sheet”, while acting without masks in the video recording.

Here in Co. Tipperary, we have become very good at identifying hypocrites. Same daily preach similar phony sanctimony as contained in this video, while dabbling in self-serving politics, and who operate both inside and outside of Dáil Éireann.

In the video shown above, we watched as both named individuals claim to follow expressed moral rules and principles, while displaying sanctimonious affected superiority and false virtue posturing.

First, let’s question Mr Darragh O’Brien’s statement: “Heritage Ireland 2030 celebrates the diversity of Ireland’s heritage and the value placed on it by so many. It recognises the fundamental importance of heritage to our society, to our wellbeing and to our economy.
The Strategy is built around a vision for Ireland’s heritage, in all of its forms, built, natural, cultural, linguistic tangible and intangible, being at the very centre of local and national discourse, valued by all and cared for and protected for future generations”

So Mr O’Brien, explain to the people of Thurles, why was the 176 year old, Great Famine Double Ditch, removed from Mill Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary earlier this year?
We had made contact with your party colleague Mr Jackie Cahill T.D and current government supporter Mr Michael Lowry T.D.
Surely, they must have discussed the importance of this rare piece of heritage with you; they being elected Co. Tipperary representatives anxious to benefit the slow and ever dwindling economy of their own home town of Thurles.

Moving on and trying not to ‘snigger’; let’s question the videoed statement of possibly the biggest hypocrite of all, Irish Green Party politician Minister Malcolm Noonan.

“The three themes of Heritage Ireland 2030 are “Communities”, “Leadership” and “Partnership”. – Published in statement by Minister Malcolm Noonan.

So why did it take two years Minister Noonan, for your office to reply to our emails?

“To protect and restore our species and habitats including peatlands to conserve and enhance our built heritage and monuments all of us must work together – Government, communities, stakeholder groups and citizens”. – Published in statement by Minister Malcolm Noonan.

So why did it take two years Minister Noonan, for your office to reply to our emails?

“We all have an active role to play as custodians of our heritage, not only for ourselves but for future generations too, and that is a core element of Heritage Ireland 2030.” – Published in statement by Minister Malcolm Noonan.

So why did it take two years Minister Noonan, for your office to reply to our emails?
Why did you allow the removal of the Great Famine, 176 year old, Double Ditch, YOU having been warned by us of its proposed destruction 2 years previously?

“Likewise, the right of everyone to engage in heritage is recognised in the strategy putting citizens and communities at the heart of how we manage it.
Our heritage is coming under all sorts of pressures largely brought about by our own actions and often inaction.
Climate change and biodiversity loss [E.G. Lady’s Well Walkway, Thurles] will be a key focus of Heritage Ireland over its lifetime, as we increase our ambition to restore nature and make our built heritage and monuments climate resilient.
Thanks are owed to the many people who gave so generously of their time and ideas in shaping Heritage Ireland and its vision.
Our shared hope is that we see real benefits for all as we work together to achieve this vision”. Published in statement by Minister Malcolm Noonan.

Finally, Minister when are you going to arrange ‘to restore’ this aforementioned piece of Thurles heritage?


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