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Forgotten Real Magic From Thurles

Carefully follow our video hereunder to discover some forgotten ‘Real Magic’.  Of course Real Magic requires no ‘slight of hand’ when performed and allows for you, the Magician, to tell a story to the amazement of your attentive audience.

Click on ‘Vimeo’ (Bottom Right of this Video Clip) to view in HD.

I learned how to perform this piece of Magic many years ago, at the age of 10 years, from my local village postman, who incidentally also plied his trade as the local Barber. (For the record a haircut back then locally in 1959 cost – 1 shilling.)

The Story Told While Performing This Piece Of Real Magic.

A priest, aged 91 and a wealthy 40 year old politician were both lying on hospital trolleys in the corridor of Limerick Regional Hospital. Both men had been rushed from Thurles by ambulance. It had taken 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover the 78.9 km (49.02mls).

A brief examination of both men on arrival, (6 hours later), confirmed that both men were dying and on their very last legs.

The old priest looked across at the ashen faced, frightened politician; “You appear to be afraid to meet your maker, are you not”, he stated in a weak but caring voice.

“I am afraid that I am, Father”, said the politician, “I must confess to you that I wasn’t expecting to be called so soon. As a Tipperary politician I misappropriated my expenses, and spent most of my time swilling back brandy in the Dáil Bar. I lied, I cut the incomes of vulnerable constituents who voted for me and every promise I made before entering office, I failed to deliver on. Do you think God and St Peter will send me straight to Hell, Father”?

“God is usually very forgiving of sinners,” said the weak old priest, “but listen here I have here a ‘Ticket for Heaven’.  Now if you can get hold of a scissors, I will give you two thirds of my ticket, to assist your passage into God’s house of many mansions. I, myself, have always attempted to do God’s will in this life and sure I don’t think I am going to need the Ticket for myself “, he continued.

Attracting the attention of a busy nurse nearby, the feeble old priest passed her the ‘Ticket for Heaven’ instructing her to cut it into three pieces with her scissors. Having cut the ticket into 3 pieces, she gave 2 pieces to the politician and returned 1 piece to the Priest, as she was instructed.

Sure look here, the rest of the story you can work out for yourself, when you grab a scissors and make your ticket.


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