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Dog Doo Doo, Potholes And Civic Pride

Thurles as a midland town has everything one could wish for, Theatres, Nightclubs, Swimming pools, Gyms, Museums, A County Library, Excellent Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Top Schools, Two Excellent Third Level Institutions and a very low crime rate. As a place to live you could not find better, with caring neighbours and affordable housing.

However I have, over the past weeks, received numerous Emails from shoppers and residents all asking what has happened to our towns civic pride and requesting, nay demanding, that we raise this issue on this site.

Having lost my seat in Dail Éireann and with no prospect of getting a job in Europe or in the Seanad, (Oh I wish.) I decided to take advantage of our current pleasant Spring sunshine and take a walk about around our town, in an effort to try and observe at first hand what my ‘Emailing Whingers’ were on about. Hereunder were my findings.

Extreme Health Warning: If you have just eaten, suffer from Diverticulosis, Peptic Ulcer, Intestinal Worms, Arthritis or Bursitis, best that this Video should not be viewed.

All joking aside folks, who should take responsibility for this sudden and hopefully short term decline in our civic pride?

In general we all should feel ashamed. Shop keepers no longer feel it is their duty to sweep outside their places of business. Dog walkers in the evening time do not make even the slightest effort to clean up their animals mess, rather they feel it is someone else’s problem. Bye-Laws are in place to deal with this problem, but they appear to be never implemented, which brings me to the subject of Thurles Urban District Councillors.

Our over paid elected Urban District Councillors, who meet one night in the month, appear, per local newspaper reports, to spend their time arguing over positions of power within their own organisation or the banning of General Election posters. There are no adequate litter bins being put in place, no pavement or road repairs being undertaken. Materials, when they are used in repair work, are sub-standard and totally unsuitable. Little thought is given to the fact that because of a recent craze in Irish society, called ‘Traffic Calming,’ delivery trucks must now drive up on our pavement, destroying curbing, cheap garden flag stones and brick work, to accomplish their daily work. Organisations like ESB, Builders and Phone Service providers are permitted to dig up footpaths and road surfaces without replaceing that which they have destroyed.

It is not just our paid public representatives that have lost the run of themselves, those who have taken on the roles of voluntary leadership within the town, have also lost their voice.

With leadership, be it paid or voluntary, comes responsibility, so where are the Thurles Tidy Town’s Committee and The Chamber of Commerce and others with responsibility for marketing our assets?  Why is Thurles no longer participating in the IBAL Anti Litter League, since 2009?

I am at pains to point out, that those workers blessed with the task of keeping our streets clean do their very best, with very limited cleaning equipment and are to be congratulated on their achievements. However the town is too big for the small number employed and each day their task becomes mammoth, because of our own personal lack of civic pride, greed and bad habits.

Perhaps it is time for our incoming government to implement the recommendations of Mr Colm McCarthy’s An Bord Snip Nua report and rid us of Urban District Councillors. With money’s saved we could afford a yard brush and a shovel.

As for North Tipperary County Councillors —- Least said.

We welcome comments from the public, including those organisations I may have offended, but no political excuses please, rambling on about fiscal difficulties, severe weather conditions etc. Note the Opinion Poll on the right of this page.


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