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Sarsfields Eliminate Borris-Ileigh With 16 Point Victory

Thurles Sarsfields easily achieved their target of four in a row, demonstrating their supremacy over Borris-Ileigh, here in Semple Stadium, Thurles, this afternoon, in the senior hurling championships.

The first half saw Borris-Ileigh eventually put up a strong defence particularly in the latter end of the first half, but the Thurles Blues came out of the dressing room to seriously do business in the second half, giving a very impressive team performance against their keen rivals, latter whose former defence now appeared fragment in disarray.

Sarsfields led at the interval by a mere 4pts (0-11 pts to 0-7 pts), but their lead after some 25 minutes of the first half had seen The Thurles Blues ahead by some 7 Pts (0-9 pts to 0-2 pts).  But Borris appeared to eventually rally, delivering the last three points of the first half, conveyed courtesy of  Kieran Maher, Brendan Maher and Dan McCormack, and thus ensuring that the game was far from over.

From the onset of the second half, Sarsfields now showed their resourcefulness, grabbing three quick points in rapid succession courtesy of Denis Maher, Aidan McCormack and Stephen Cahill. Then at the end of the third quarter, along came that awaited Sarsfields goal, flicked into the rear of the net by a more than determined Conor Stakelum, adding to their full tally in just the second half of 1-13 (16 pts)  to a mere 0-04 (4 pts) from Borris-Ileigh.

At the full time whistle The Thurles Blues had won by a well deserved 16 points in total against their rival, with Aidan McCormack bagging nine points on behalf of the all conquering champions.

Sarsfields will now march on to a Munster quarter-final against Waterford on October 29th, next, having secured their 36th Tipperary title.

Final Score: Sarsfields 1-24, (27 pts) – Borris-Ileigh 0-11 (11 pts).


A Christmas Bonus & An Irish Water Refund On The Way.

Cheer Up – A White Paper, showing a projection of revenues and spending for 2018, has been published, with same confirming that the present Government plan to reimburse previously paid water charges before Christmas, while also disbursing a Social Welfare ‘Christmas  Bonus’.

The White Paper also illustrates that the budget deficit for the current year will actually be better than forecast (0.3% of GDP), while next year’s deficit is forecast at 0%.

The Christmas bonus payment to long-term Social Welfare clients will come from a surplus in the social insurance fund for this year, and will be supplemented from existing resources in current spending.

Full details will be announced on Tuesday when the government announces its latest Budget details.


Blatant Abandonment Of Cars In Thurles

Woe betide those who park illegally in Thurles on Sunday next, while attending the County Finals in Semple Stadium.

Gardaí have issued a stern warning to all motorists that the “Book will come out”, and fines will issue for any “blatant abandonmenness” of mechanically propelled vehicles.

The immediate area around Semple Stadium hosts a heavy residential population and motorists are therefore reminded to take this into consideration when deciding where to park.

This warning comes about following a series of meetings between Semple Stadium management, the Gardaí and members of the Templemore Thurles Municipal District Council. Those attending highlighted a series of reported incidents, brought about during recent club games. Rights of way were closed off with vehicles double parking and blocking private entrances, which could have led to the restriction of Emergency Medical and Fire Services.


Problems At University Hospital Limerick

Myself and Mikey Ryan were discussing health issues and the lack of hospital beds currently being provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE), at University Hospital Limerick (UHL).

Seated over a pint in the Arch Bar here in Liberty Square, Thurles last night; from what I could gather, Mikey’s Doctor had gotten him an appointment to have a colonoscopy, to be undertaken at UHL, in order to fully establish the correctness of a possible ulcer diagnosis. After all, as Mikey correctly pointed out, it’s a bit unnerving that doctors, these days, label what they get up too as “a practice”, so better therefore to be sure rather than to be sorry later on.

According to Mikey (and I have no reason to doubt the honesty of his tale), after this procedure, he woke up in UHL with his false teeth missing, an oxygen mask over his face, and a young pretty trainee nurse sponging his face and hands.

A now somewhat drowsy Mikey mumbled, “Nurse, are my testicles black?”

The young trainee nurse blushed slightly, before replying “I don’t know Mr Ryan, I’m only present here to wash your face and hands.”

Mikey struggled to make his speech clearer, once again asking the same question, “Nurse, check are my testicles black?”

A kindly hospital Matron, nearby, observed that Mikey appeared to be in some distress, so naturally she came over to find out what was the problem.

“Matron can you check are my testicles black?” mumbled the somewhat distraught Mickey.

Matron pulled back the bed covers and opened Mikey’s hospital gown.  Having made a considered inspection, she again closed his gown and replaced the bed covers.

“You appear to have absolutely nothing wrong in that department”, Matron reassured Mikey.

His hands no longer restricted by the trainee nurses washing, Mikey pulled off his oxygen mask, replaced his false teeth and glaring at both staff members, before asking, “Are ye both feckin deaf, I asked are my test results back.”


Thurles Sarsfields GAA Story – Volume 1 – “Remember 1964”

Can you remember back to 1964, when locals here in Thurles gathered to celebrate the arrival of Tipperary’s All-Ireland Hurling Captain, Michael Murphy, accompanied of course by the Liam McCarthy Cup (Tipperary’s 20th win and the then 78th staging of Ireland’s premier hurling knock-out competition); arriving to Tom O’Toole’s public house on Friar Street in the town?

No, well you can refresh your memory shortly, when “Thurles Sarsfields GAA Story – Volume 1” hits the book shelves.

Left To Right: – Eamon Shanahan, Niall McNamara, Tom Behan, Michael Murphy, Joe Dwyer, Ned O’Shea, James Moloughney.

As we have previously stated, this ‘must-own’, long-awaited and overdue hard-back publication, containing over 500 pages packed with facts, figures and photos, will be available later this year in Thurles, through Bookworm, Lár na Páirce, Eason and Thurles Sarsfields Social Centre.

In answer to the many queries we have received by sporting readers (both male and female), yes, we can now confirm when this book launch is taking place.

The launch will take place at Thurles Sarsfields Social Centre on Friday, 10th November 2017, at 7.30 p.m. sharp.


It is interesting to note, also, that this new publication doesn’t confine itself purely to Thurles GAA affairs. Indeed, I would suggest that same can also be seen as a social or community written commentary, with the many happenings down through the decades, affecting our rural town and surrounding parish of Thurles, getting mentioned and clearly put into date perspective, e.g. the arrival of Electricity; the Thurles/Titanic connection; the official opening of Thurles Sugar Factory; the Korean War; Fair Days on Liberty Square (West Main Street) and Cathedral Street (East Main Street); The great Count John Mc Cormack’s Concert at Delahunty’s Cinema etc., etc., etc.

Note: A ‘Signed Publication’ can also be ordered direct (Plus €10 extra for postage and packing) from the Author, Mr Liam Ó Donnchú, Ballymoreen, Littleton, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.