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Thurles Dementia Day Care Unit Call Public Meeting


Pictured L-R: Billy Gleeson (Thurles Social Services), Michel Wright (Home Instead Senior Care), John M. Gleeson (Alzheimer’s Society Support Group), Anne Bolton (T.C.I.L.), Catherine Hayes (Golden Years Day Centre), Ursula Paine (Manager C.A.M.E.O. Care).

Dementia is a term used to describe a vast range of conditions which cause damage to our brain function. The damage is often manifest through memory loss, thought processes, impaired language and through same; our basic inability to perform the everyday tasks associated with normal day-to-day activities.

Living with Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementia can be a very challenging journey, not just for the sufferer with this condition, but also for their close family members, carers and other loved ones.

Hereunder Nurse Manager Ursula Paine (Currently Manager C.A.M.E.O. Care) highlights the necessity for a continued permanent Thurles operated Dementia Day Care unit and highlights the need for a strongly supported public meeting on this growing community issue.

Thurles C.A.M.E.O. Care

Initially, the necessity for a dementia day care unit in Thurles town became apparent when John and Billy Gleeson and I decided to form a Thurles Support group under the auspices of the North Tipperary Branch of the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland (A.S.I.)

We held monthly meetings in the Golden Years Day Centre for anyone in the area who was caring for a family member with dementia, to come along every month for a chat and advice, (if required).

My interest is professional; I have held the post of Nurse Manager in the Community Hospital of the Assumption since 2000, latterly on Unit C, which had the most number of persons suffering dementia, as residents.

I have pursued this interest through 3rd level education at Trinity College, Dublin with an M.Sc in Gerontological Nursing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dementia Care. John Gleeson is fully involved with Thurles Rotary Club and has an interest in fund-raising and charitable efforts and is a member of the A.S.I. Support Group, while Billy Gleeson is Chairperson of Thurles Community Social Services, which provides the Golden Years Day Centre, as a service in the town.

Having agreed the need for Dementia Day Care here in Thurles and its environs, we approached some other interested parties. These are Catherine Hayes, (Manager Golden Years Day Centre), Anne Delahunty (Asst. Director Public Health Nursing), Anne Bolton (Tipperary Centre for Independent Living), Michael Wright (Home Instead Senior Care). We then formed a steering group which oversaw the planning start-up of  “C.A.M.E.O. Care,” (Come And Meet Each Other), which is the title chosen for the dementia day care unit.

Anne Bolton (T.C.I.L.) kindly offered us the use of their premises in Stradavoher Park, Thurles, as a suitable place to start-up the venture. It is a bright, cheerful and secure building with a wonderful courtyard style garden area, a bright day room, kitchen, assisted bathrooms and therapy room. There is also a training room and office space in the building. We also have access to transport if necessary.

Much of the care given to people with dementia in the home is provided by the spouse or by adult children. Many of the family Carers are frail and elderly themselves and may not enjoy good physical health. Older caregivers often become so involved in a caring role that their social connections become reduced to the point that they have very limited contact with the outside world. Many Carers feel guilty about asking for help and often allow their own health and well-being to suffer because of the demands placed upon them by a loved one.

This new service now aims to support Carers in their role, by providing a much needed break from caring. It gives the carer time for other activities. This in turn helps the person with dementia to remain in the home for longer. For the person with dementia it gives an opportunity to have some social interaction with others, and to become involved with a variety of activities, planned in accordance with their individual ability.
CAMEO Care are committed in providing a high quality service with expert experienced staff and all staff and volunteers will be trained to support people living with dementia and to understand the personal needs of the Carers.

CAMEO Care have applied for registration as a charity and now propose to operate a Charity Shop in the coming months; aimed at funding the cost of this day care service. Volunteers who may wish to assist in running this shop can contact John M. Gleeson, TEL: 086 2520766.  We will also be looking for donations of household furniture, gift ware, art, books, games, toys etc.

Open Meeting
Volunteers who would like to be involved in the day care service can do so at an open meeting which will be held in the Tipperary Centre for Independent Living, Stradavoher Park (behind Hanafin’s Furniture store), in Thurles, at 7.30pm on Monday next, May 12th 2014.

The sole aim of C.A.M.E.O. Care will be to improve the lives of those who use the facility and their families. Person centred care will focus on the needs of the people with this condition, while supporting their current abilities and compensating for their disability. Carers will also have access to an advisory service and be able to meet others experiencing similar situations.

The purpose of this upcoming open meeting is to inform interested parties (i.e. carers, family members, those interested in helping) of our mission and the services which will be offered, etc.

Please do note the Date, Time & Venue: Tipperary Centre for Independent Living, Stradavoher Park, Thurles, Co Tipperary – 7.30pm – Monday, May 12th, 2014.


Thurles Chamber Launch Local Election Business Manifesto

ThurlesThurles Chamber has invited all Local Election Candidates to their official launch of its Local Elections Business Manifesto which will take place on Thursday May 15th next at 9.00pm in the Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre.

Thurles Chamber’s current President Mr John O’Shaughnessy has invited all Local Election candidates to attend and show their support to local businesses, latter who in turn currently sustain their respective local communities in the Templemore /Thurles electoral district, through providing not only local services, but who maintain and continue to create local employment.

In launching this Manifesto, Thurles Chamber will identify two key objectives in particular; (A) Reduction in the cost of doing business, (B) Creation of local job opportunities.

“Thurles Chamber believe that, if the implementation of the measures contained in our manifesto are followed through, same will create jobs in construction, retail and the various tourism sectors,” said John O’Shaughnessy, announcing the launch today.

A Notice of Invitation has now been issued to all Election Candidates in the upcoming Local Elections, to attend.

Mr O’Shaughnessy stated; “We would encourage all Local Election Candidates to attend this very important event to have their say, in what we hope will be an engaging evening. We are also intending to record this event and place same on our website and other media sites, to assist in promoting all the worthy candidates. We would really appreciate the usual  full attendance by Thurles Chamber Members at this event; to further demonstrate to our local politicians the importance we, as a business community, have in the decisions that local politicians make and which impact on our business lives here in Mid Tipperary on a daily basis.”

New Hidden Tipperary Tourism Brochure

It is also expected that the newly designed “Discover Hidden Tipperary,” tourism brochure will also be launched by Thurles Chamber on the same night in question, latter the joint work of the newly formed Thurles / Holycross/ Upperchurch tourism group known as ‘Hidden Tipperary.’
This brochure is also expected to be made available to download worldwide in a Portable Document Format (PDF), possibly prior to its launch by Thurles Chamber and will also be offered by the said group, in hard copy, to Accommodation Service Providers, Library’s etc., existing throughout the surrounding areas, in the coming weeks.


Fine Gael Minister Phil Hogan Ain’t No Plumber


“You are going to be down to a trickle,” promises Fine Gael’s Phil Hogan.

One question being asked in Thurles this evening; “Is Phil Hogan the second Fine Gael Minister to breach Irish Data Protection this week?”  This question has come about following his indiscreet announcement yesterday, which exposed in advance, intimate details regarding the cost of water charges, to this countries rain-soaked and miserable water sodden taxpayers.

Same final details were agreed only officially at lunchtime today, despite same being ‘leaked’ (no pun intended) in advance by Phil who was adamant that his colleagues in Labour had a major part to play in its introduction. It had been three weeks since a Cabinet meeting had supposedly ended in disarray, with no deal what-so-ever on the shape of the water charges to be implemented, being agreed. But then maybe our Phil was just ‘testing the water,’ (again no pun intended).

Water Charge Tax for adult family of 7 people to exceed €700 annually or about €13.50 per week regardless of who is in paid employment.

Anyway, as Phil told us yesterday, it is now agreed by Fine Gael and Labour today that the threatened ‘Standing Water Charges’ are being abolished, the average bill will remain at around €240 a year and every household is getting a free allowance linked to the number of children under 18 living in each household. This latter allowance will help to make up for the cuts made by Labour in recent budgets affecting Children’s Allowances. (With 7 adults residing in my house at weekends – mainly home to get their laundry washed – all paying water charges in their own right – should I now charge them a two-day admission charge at the door, prior to entry?)

This thoughtful government outfit has also been more than generous with regard to the disabled, the pensioners, those suffering certain medical card conditions and carers who will all get an extra free allowance on top of this charge, roughly valued at €100 a year, to be assembled from the social welfare budget which they also cut in recent budgets – this gift further proof (as if it was needed) that this country is now in full-scale recovery mode.

This Fine Gael and Labour government will also give a free gift of 30,000 litres of water per household per year, in the knowledge that the average household in Ireland use 140,000 litres of water a year, based on 2.7 people living in a house.

As my headline above suggests, our Phil is no plumber. He suggests, in his usual affable way, that those who refuse to pay water charges will see their water pressure turned down to a trickle, so I’m off to my builders providers tomorrow to get a couple of extra storage tanks for the roof. Sure at night the water pressure is bound to increase due to lack of usage, filling my extra tanks without Phil’s knowledge and allowing me to waste as much water as possible the following day.

One wonders now, with only a trickle of water coming through our household water system, will we need extra Home Insurance for our electric showers or will this Fine Gael and Labour government compensate us when our electric shower element burn out?

Then again here is a perfect opportunity to create local employment. Fill up all those nice neat round holes, designed for water metres, with a shovel of ready-mix concrete; sure someone will have to dig them out again with a Kango hammer. OK, don’t all yell, it was just a thought solely in the interests of reducing unemployment and getting this country back on its feet again.

Good Lord, as a law-abiding citizen myself, far be it from me to go encouraging anyone to break Irish law, particularly causing hurt to one of the largest money wasting quangos (Irish Water) ever set up in this country, I hope you understand.

I wonder who will get my vote in the Local & European election on May 23rd next.


Financial Rewards Offered For Job Creation In Tipperary

Tipperary County Council is inviting community organisations to attend an information evening in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, tomorrow Wednesday May 7th. Its purpose, to announce opportunities for local Tipperary communities to engage with ConnectIreland.

But who are ConnectIreland I hear you ask?  Please view self explanatory video hereunder.

NOTE; This information event will be held in Brú Ború, Cashel at 7.00pm sharp, tomorrow May 7th.

ConnectIreland is, as shown, delivering a programme whereby the Irish government will financially reward any ‘Connectors’ who are in a position to introduce an internationally expanding company to Ireland. As shown if that company goes on to establish part of its operations in Ireland and employs people, a financial reward of €1,500 for each job (minimum of 3 jobs) up to a maximum of €150,000 which will be payable to the ‘Connector.’

The reason for this information meeting is to inform local people about the opportunities existing to assist in creating jobs in our much neglected county or indeed anywhere else in Tipperary / Thurles / Ireland. As you have observed, large financial rewards will accrue to any individual / community group etc. that can engage and attract any manufacturing investors from abroad.

Those addressing the meeting tomorrow evening will include North Tipperary Co Manager Mr Joe MacGrath and Mr John Delaney, CEO of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI).

Details of the opportunities accruing from this programme will be fully outlined and information will be provided on all prospects for local community groups or other organisations becoming involved in Tipperary, as to future financial reward.

Refreshments will be served to all attendees on arrival.


Tipperary V Kilkenny AHL League “Down To The Wire”

HurlingKilkenny return home this evening with the Dr Croke Cup, having secured their 17th Allianz Hurling League crown and their first ever ‘three-in-a-row’ of hurling league titles, having played in front of some 21,601 spectators.

It was Kilkenny’s TJ Reid whose last-minute point, aided by Richie Hogan (Latter named ‘Man Of The Match’), secured Kilkenny’s win here at Semple Stadium in Thurles this afternoon. Tipperary goalkeeper Darren Gleeson having launched the sliotar out of play, granted Reid that one, yet vital chance, to snatch the title outright, in a superb match in which both teams managed to draw level on some eleven different occasions.

The first Tipperary goal arrived courtesy of Killenaule man John O’Dwyer; tipping the sliotar into the right top corner of the Kilkenny net, from the edge of the square, having been fed the ball nicely by Noel McGrath.

Kilkenny’s two goals came either side of the half-time break, both successfully rifled into the Tipperary net, again by TJ Reid, from penalties. Reid would go on to score an incredible personal tally of 2-11 (17 pts) by the matches end.

However at the half-time mark this afternoon, Tipperary were still leading 1-11 (14 pts) to Kilkenny’s 1-09 (12 pts).

On the balance of overall play this afternoon, Tipperary did deserved a draw, having rallied from the start two points down to end on equal scores and in doing so ensured the two extra ten-minute periods of play were required to find the overall vanquisher.

In extra time superb goalkeeping from Kilkenny’s Eoin Murphy, crucially blocked what looked like a certain goal from Tipperary’s Seamus Callanan. However Murphy deflected same using his back, spinning it out for a 65 to which Callanan could only gain one point.

While a most enjoyable game to watch, Tipperary players will return home this evening with the knowledge that since winning the All-Ireland final against Kilkenny in 2010, disappointingly they have consistently failed against their constant rival, losing out in the 2011 All-Ireland, the 2012 semi-final, last year’s qualifier and now two League finals. Tipperary still remain the all-time record-holders of Hurling League titles, having won 19 since it was founded originally in 1925.

No doubt there will be much debate in the coming days on that disputed eleventh minute point awarded to Kilkenny, despite TV video footage appearing to show that Colin Fennelly’s best scoring efforts most likely had drifted somewhat wide of their initial intended target.

Final Score: Kilkenny 2-25 (31 pts) – Tipperary 1-27 (30 pts).

Tipperary Team: D. Gleeson; C. Barrett, P. Maher, M. Cahill, J. Barry, B. Maher, C. O’Mahony, K. Bergin, J. Woodlock, D. Maher, P. Maher, J. O’Dwyer, N. McGrath, S. Callanan and N. O’Meara.

Substitutions: T. Stapleton for B. Maher, G. Ryan for D. Maher, S. McGrath for J. Woodlock, S. Bourke for N. O’Meara , J. O’Brien for S. Callanan, S. Callanan for J. O’Brien (Latter in extra time), J. O’Brien for J. O’Dwyer and  J. O’Dwyer for S. Bourke.

Referee: J. Owens (Wexford).