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October 2014
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Thurles Sarsfields power past Clonoulty/Rossmore

Former Hurling Great Mickey "Rattler" Byrne with P. McCormack Sar's Capt

Tipperary’s superpower Thurles Sarsfields took on Clonoulty-Rossmore in the 2011 Tipperary SHC final this afternoon. Sarsfields had lifted their 30th Tipperary county title a year ago and were clear favourites to make it No 31 this time around.
Clonoulty-Rossmore, on the other hand, were gunning for just a fourth title in their long history, 13 years on from their third title.

As expected Tipperary Sarsfields retained their title with a 1-16 to 1-7 win over Clonoulty-Rossmore.

John O’Neill gave Clonoulty an early boost with a goal, but it was Sarsfields who led by 0-9 to 1-4 at half-time.

Tom Butler, Pa Bourke and Denis Maher contributed to the effort, and Lar Corbett netted the holders’ only goal at the end of the third quarter.

Sarsfields will meet Limerick champions Kilmallock in the Munster semi-final on November 14th.

SARSFIELDS: P McCormack; M Cahill, K O’Gorman, David Maher; B O’Dwyer, P Maher, D Kennedy; M Gleeson, A Kennedy; L Corbett(1-0), D Maher (0-4), S Lillis (0-2); R Ruth (0-2), P Bourke(0-4), J Enright (0-2). Subs: A McCormack (0-2) for Enright; J Corbett for A Kennedy; JJ Bourke for Ruth; P Leahy for B Dwyer, M O’Brien for Denis Maher.

CLONOULTY/ROSSMORE: D O’Dwyer; L Devane, J Heffernan, K Horan; Joey O’Keeffe, J Devane, P Heffernan; John O’Keeffe, S O’Connor; Tom Butler (0-3), M Heffernan, T Hammersley (0-3); F O’Keeffe, T Butler, J O’Neill (1-1). Subs: A Kearney for L Devane; P White for O’Connor; C Ryan for M Heffernan; S O’Connor for F O’Keeffe.

Referee: K Delahunty (Moyle Rovers).

Final Score: Clonoulty 1-07,  Thurles Sarsfields 1-16.

Photograph: Courtesy John O’ Loughlin.

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Two Mile Borris Casino On View To Public Tomorrow

Kilkenny Architect James Hoban

The latest proposals for the building of an ambitious €460m Co Tipperary complex to construct Europe’s largest sporting, leisure and gaming centre at Two Mile Borris, Thurles, Co Tipperary, are to be given to the locals tomorrow.

This massive proposed development is designed include a 15,000-seater underground entertainment venue with a retractable roof, which will surpass Dublin’s O2 arena in design and capacity, say the developers.

This proposed Tipperary Venue will also includes a racecourse, a golf course, shops, equestrian centre, a heliport, a greyhound track, a seven-furlong sprint track, and a replica of the 1829 American White House as it stood then.

This latter feature is a tribute to the Cuffesgrange, Kilkenny born Architect James Hoban, (1758 to 1831) who designed the original Washington White House, now the official residence of the President of the United States and used as a home by every American President since John Adams.

Charleston Courthouse

President George Washington (1732 to 1799) greatly admired Hoban’s work on his Southern Tour, and may have met with James in Charleston in May 1791. He later summoned the architect to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the then temporary National Capital in June 1792. The following month Hoban was named winner of the design competition for The White House. His initial design seems to have had a 3-story facade, 9 bay windows across, similar to the Charleston courthouse, which Hoban had completed previously.  Under Washington’s influence, Hoban amended this to a 2-story facade with 11 bay windows across and, at Washington’s insistence, the whole presidential mansion was faced with stone. James Hoban later won a gold medal for his practical and handsome design.

In the present White House there are 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels in this residence. There are also 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators.

A major review of the present Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956-2003, which began in mid 2009, is believed to be now complete, however a decision from Government on intended changes, are slow to materialise. Details of changes announced soon could greatly speed up this proposed project.

Properly implemented and governed, the introduction of a new Gaming and Lotteries Act has the potential to create some 5,000 to 8,000 new jobs for e-commerce professionals, web developers, accountants, business analysts and mathematicians. Properly legislated and  implemented changes to this Gaming Act, introduced immediately, would mean that if Ireland were to capture a mere 5% share of the present global online Casino business, it would immediately represent an Irish sector worth at least €2 billion.

Richard Quirke of ‘Dr Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium’, Dublin, is to finance the project with a group of other investors.      Go to update here

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International Festival of Light Opera Features Spring Awakening

I do not know how music lovers in the south of Ireland are going to find €20 by November 11th, in these recessionary times, but find it somehow they must.

After what can only be described as a sensational 10 night run in The Helix Theatre in Dublin last September, the cast of NYMT‘s Spring Awakening are now headed down ‘the Waterford way’.

This unbelievably talented cast which, I am happy to relate, include top Tipperary performers Chris Britton, Ed Leamy and Shane Willoughby, latter playing the role of ‘Georg‘, are preparing to take this incredible show to the Waterford  International Festival of Light Opera 2010.

The Most Exciting Piece Of Musical Theatre Ever To Be Staged In Ireland

Spring Awakening, which tells the story of teenagers who are discovering for the first time the inner and outer tumult of their sexuality, will take to the stage of the Theatre Royal on Thursday November 11th.

If you missed it the first time around, you now really have no excuse not to attend. This is a one night only event, so climb in through an open theatre window, dig an underground tunnel, get a Leader grant, distract the doormen or maybe simply buy a ticket. Miss this show and you’ll miss out on one of the most original and exciting pieces of musical theatre ever to take to the stage here in Ireland.

Remember the Waterford International Festival of Light Opera is regarded on the Irish theatre scene as the “Mother of All Festivals”  and is the premier event of its kind presently in Ireland. Congrats to all concerned, on your celebrating your 50th anniversary.

Expect a large contingent in attendance from the Premier County and remember we expect tea during the interval.

Tickets are available from the Theatre Royal website and you can book your seat by clicking HERE .

By the way Anne Marie, I’m deathly serious about the tea, – one sugar and a small drop of milk for me.

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Facts Of Life From The Irish Blood Transfusion Service,

Please, it is important that all our readers read this Blog in full.  By doing so you can save someones life.
The Irish Blood Transfusion Service will visit Thurles this coming week.

Where: The Dome , Semple Stadium,Thurles, Co Tipperary.
When: Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd of November.
Time: 6:00pm –  9 :00pmEach Day.

Facts of Life.

  1. One in four people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives.
  2. Only 5% of the Irish population are regular blood donors.
  3. Over 1,000 Irish people receive transfusions every week here in Ireland.
  4. One car accident victim may require up to 30 units of blood, a bleeding ulcer could require anything between 3-30 units of blood and a coronary artery bypass may use between 1-5 units of blood.
  5. Approximately 70,000 patients will have transfusions in Irish hospitals this year.
  6. 3,000 blood donors are needed each week in Ireland.
  7. A unit of blood lasts for just 35 days.
  8. Some blood packs for new born babies or cancer treatment only lasts for 5 days.
  9. There is no substitute for human blood.
  10. The IBTS supplies 71 hospitals in Ireland with blood and blood products 365 days a year.

Never given blood before and would like to contribute? Go along and chat to the helpful personnel involved. The life you save could be one of your own family.

Help Save a Life……… DO GIVE BLOOD

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General Michael Collins The Tipperary Connection

To say the least it was vulgar and for TV viewers who already pay a television licence fee, it was speculative to the very point of extortion. It demonstrated truly the depth to which our TV hierarchy will condescend to acquire profit, which will go to feed the salaries of very mediocre celebrity presenters and their researchers, former who publicly admit that they should qualify for pay equal to that currently enjoyed by professional footballers.

I am referring of course to the recent cheaply produced documentaries which attempted to ascertain Ireland’s greatest person. Viewers, invited to vote for their favourite candidate, were duped into being charged nine times the standard telephone rate to have their choice recorded. These cheap productions were then repeated for licence paying viewers, at least twice over the past number of weeks, again with viewers of these shows expected to pay 60c to vote by text or by calling a premium number, to register their choice for the ‘Greatest Irish Person’ in history. The rate charged was nine times the cost of texting Liveline, the radio show hosted by Joe Duffy.

Research for this programming was bad, with Biographical facts omitted in some cases. In the case of James Connolly, the foundation of the Labour Party was demeaned and in the case of  the Irish revolutionary leader, Michael Collins, many important facts were suitably forgotten.

It was how they dealt with the greatest Irish man of them all, General Michael Collins, that vexed me mostly.

We here in Co.Tipperary are well versed with events at Béal na mBláth, (English Translation: Mouth of the Flowers) Co.Cork on that sad evening of August 22nd, 1922, so allow me to bring our TV hierarchy up to date.

Firstly, let me proclaim that Tipperary, as a county, has contributed more to our nations development and has more history per square mile to offer visitors, than any other county in Ireland. Regrettably, and despite no shortage of funding to those charged with marketing, we do not promote our historical assets to best tourism advantage.

When next you wend your way from Nenagh back towards Thurles, a small graveyard, which contains the fragmented ivy covered ruin of a small Norman Abbey, catches your eye, to the left and directly opposite Tyone Mill. To most passersby, this graveyard holds little significance in today’s world of celebrities, greedy power hungry politicians, bankers and spin doctors. Yet in this small graveyard lies the body of a man who once lived in our midst, keeping a guilty secret for some 28 years and indeed, if we believe those who knew him well, regretting his actions, right up until his death in 1950.

Denis ‘Sonny’ O’Neill

The man of whom I speak is Denis ‘Sonny’ O’Neill, the man responsible for the assassination of General Michael Collins on August 22nd, 1922, during the course of that fifteen to twenty minute gun battle at Béal na mBláth.

Continue reading General Michael Collins The Tipperary Connection

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