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September 2014
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It Happens Between Stops From The Pen Of CIE Staff

The town of Thurles enjoys quick and easy accessibility by both train and road and as Thurles Railway Station is on the Inter-City line, there is an excellent train service with hourly trains to and from Dublin and excellent services also to Cork, Limerick and Killarney. Express buses, presently operated by Bus Éireann, also call daily to the railway station trafficking passengers to the outer areas of the county.

For me long train and bus journeys can be boring so I always unsure to accompany myself with some light reading material.

Talking of bus and train journeys and reading material, reminds me of the new splendid publication ‘It Happens Between Stops‘  which is a collection of short-stories, articles, essays, poems and a play written by current and former employees of the CIE group of companies. There is something for everyone in this collection and here is just a brief sample;

“The Eclipse on the Cheap” By John Bolton.

The morning news told of a full load of Concorde passengers who had paid some €2,000 for a figure of eight over Tenerife to see the eclipse.  This way you got to see it from both sides of the plane twice.

For me, I loaded up my single decker to go to Dalkey. I got to Booterstown when I got this eerie feeling. I noticed the light change, but before I pulled back into the traffic, I noticed the start of the eclipse in the dark glass sun visor.  The time was spot on between 11.18am and 11.22 am.

While watching this, an elderly lady asked if I was OK.
I replied, “It’s the eclipse, do you want to see it?”

She and all the rest queued up the centre aisle to see this from the drivers’ seat.  I got a great round of applause at 11.25am, when it was all over.

I would be barking up the wrong tree to stick them for £2,000 each.

It Happens Between Stops

“Autumn Day” By Cathy Hickey

I am walking in the woods,
The Autumn wind takes the leaves from the trees,
They fall around me
And crunch beneath my feet.
I watch them dancing on the wind
And think of You.

You would wonder at this,
The sound of the river rushing by,
Breathing the sweet crisp air.
Absorbing the warmth of colour,
Enjoying the sight of a young squirrel
Busily preparing for Winter,
At the base of the magnificent old tree,

Simplistic, yet so complex,
This cycle of Life…….Nature…..
It saddens me to think, yet again,
You are missing this moment.
Then it occurs to me that you are not,
Because you are here, walking with me.
Sharing this joy !

I am not the only person to enjoy this fine witty publication, containing well observed and sometimes moving material.

It is, in the words of Lee Dunne, “As an entertaining well written, ‘dip in for a shot’ kind of book, this publication does not disappoint. So many tastes and flavours, none of them likely to give anybody indigestion.”

Irish Times journalist and RTE commentator Fintan O ‘Toole had this to say, “Witty and gritty, It Happens Between Stops is something rare in Irish fiction, a view of working life from the inside. It combines the freshness, vigour, humour and hard edge of everyday speech with the determination to transform the mundane with the power of imagination.”

It Happens Between Stops‘ is published by Original Writing. You can get further information on the Original Writings website or by emailing

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Google Street View Thurles Co Tipperary

Search engine Google are at pains to assure people their privacy is being fully protected when the search engine launched its new Irish Street View facility on Thursday last.

This Street View facility allows Internet or smart phone users to view streets, roads, houses and buildings throughout the State. The images showing were gathered by cameras on Google’s specially adapted vehicles which have travelled 82,000km (51,000 miles) around the country since March 2009.

The service, which originally began with five US cities in 2007 and now includes 25 countries, allows users to switch to a panoramic street level view, moving up and down streets with the double click of a mouse.  It is an without doubt an exhilarating slice of real science fiction and the initial impact on individuals when it went live on Thursday last was to check what their house looked like. Here in Thurles the images show details of real everyday urban life and footage were obviously captured about the time of the last Urban District and County Council elections. This facility is likely to encourage business and private property owners alike, to ensure that building facades are in future kept clean, inviting and attractive.

Ireland is the 25th country to launch Street View and no doubt this facility will be of particularly interest to tourists checking out an area in advance, before booking their accommodation and also for prospective house buyers looking at an area’s amenities if not the proposed house to be purchased.

The “Street View Ireland” facility in general is currently available on You can view Thurles hereunder and do click on View Larger Map under the image for best quality image clarity.

However, concerns have been expressed that it could also breach people’s privacy. For example there are fears that criminals could use it to target houses for burglary. Other countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Greece have been critical of the overall project. However Goggle’s exactness in blurring faces and car number plates, should eliminate most peoples privacy concerns.

Launching the new service,Thurles born Minister for Tourism, Mary Hanafin said that ‘Street View’ had “huge potential” for Irish tourism, and also for business and education. However Thurles people might not agree fully with this statement since (Google Please take note) St.Mary’s Lane between Kickham Street and Mitchel Street which incorporates St.Mary’s Famine and War Museum has once again been overlooked. Still Fáilte Ireland doesn’t acknowledge we exist so why should Google.

The initiative is fully supported by Fáilte Ireland, the Arts Council, and various property websites. Fáilte Ireland plans to have it available on touch screens in all its tourist offices and regard it as the best form of free advertising that any country can enjoy.

The programme contains imagery that for the most part is already visible from public roads and it displays footage that is taken at a particular point in time and does not display live images. Over all Thurles, which represents a true, hidden, unspoiled Ireland, will welcome this new initiative.

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Beware Misleading Discount Marketing Strategy

Laminate Flooring

Consumers please do beware of marketing strategy currently at large.  We must all learn that promised 50% discounts by leading retailers should immediately beg the question in our minds as interested consumers “50% of what initial starting price?“.

Allow me to give you an example of this current marketing strategy of which I speak, and by doing so demonstrate, at first hand, the importance of always shopping local, when ever possible.

New discount sales advertised on television by Noyeks, Ormonde Business Park, Kilkenny, offering 50% discount on Laminate Flooring, is not the real bargain it might first appear to be.

A call by phone today to Noyeks, Kilkenny requesting a price for Commercial Laminate Flooring for 3 x 10ft x15ft bedrooms, revealed a quote price of €520 if collected from their store.

A similar call by phone today to Stakelums Homevalue Hardware Racecourse Retail Park, Nenagh Road  here in Thurles requesting a price for Commercial Laminate Flooring for 3 x10ft x15ft bedrooms revealed a quote price of €459.76 with the product delivered to your door.

This, for me, represents a saving of €60.22, plus €10.00 in fuel costs, plus a two hour return journey from Thurles. Both products are the same good quality and Stakelums have no Discount Sale running presently.

Makes you think, no?.  I felt like parking my cement truck in their front gates.

Note: I did not have the time to contact other quality Thurles suppliers like Pat Hickey, Ikerrin Rd,Thurles or J.Ronayne, Arro Home and Garden, Dublin Road, Thurles for their price.

However this is further proof that it pays to ‘Shop Local’ my friends, so always check it out first.

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Ease Winter Cold Symptoms With Salt Water

Sore Throat

My late Grandmother was correct after all it seems, “Only time can cure the common cold”, said she. Doctors now confirm that a simple gargle with salt water greatly helps to ease your misery.

An itchy sore throat and respiratory congestion are the more common symptoms of a common cold, and gargling with salt water does help.

A sore throat occurs when the area around the tonsils becomes inflamed or infected. Pain in the throat is usually the first symptom to develop, though if you get a sore throat through being infected with the common cold, then it will likely develop further after infected liquid runs down the back of your throat from your runny nose.

Such a saline solution can draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, making them hurt less, states Dr. Philip T. Hagen, editor in chief of the “Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies,” which is due for publication in October. Dr. Hagen points out that gargling loosens thick mucus, which will remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from your throat.

For best results, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a full glass of warm water and gargle the solution for a few seconds before spitting it out.

And again, drink plenty of liquids. Teas and water are best.

Adults who want a more palatable remedy against coughs and sore throats can try mixing warm water with lemon and honey. This mix of course can be swallowed.

Details of a study published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005, also found gargling with salt water extremely helpful against sore throats and congestion.

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Free Competition For XBox Game Madden NFL

Madden NFL 11 Xbox 360 Game

Following the success of previous free competitions, our readers are invited to enter our latest contest, with a chance to win the fantastic Madden NFL 11 XBox 360 Game launched just recently.

This game is sponsored by Europe’s fastest growing Irish gaming web site – The Gaming Liberty. com

The question to be answered is:- “Who won the 2009 NFL League Season ?

To enter this competition visit the ‘Competition’ Section on the top right sidebar of this page and carefully pick your answer.

Remember entry is completely free and you have just one chance to win. Test your Google search skills if you do not know the answer and the best of luck.

Note: This competition ends at 12.00pm, on October 31st 2010.

Winner will be notified by email.

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