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Michael Lowry To Receive TI Student Petition On Education Cuts

Tipperary Institute Student’s Union will present local TD Michael Lowry with a petition of over 500 signatures from students, who are opposing proposed cuts to Higher Education in the December Budget.
Delegates from the local students’ union will present Deputy Lowry with the petition at his constituency office on Abbey Road in Thurles at 2.00pm on Monday November 15th next.

USI is now intensifying its campaign against registration fee hikes and decreases to the student maintenance grant by urging students nationwide to lobby their local TDs ahead of the upcoming Budget.
The vast majority of students from the Institute travelled to Dublin last week for the national protest march organised by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI).
The students of Tipperary Institute refuse to be easy targets in the Budget and are sending a clear message to elected representatives that education is the key to Ireland’s economic recovery.

USI will continue to campaign tirelessly against any cuts to Higher Education, which will mean further devastation to the Irish economy.

Darragh Scott, President of Tipperary Institute, stated:

“The students at Tipperary Institute are strongly opposed to any further increases in the already inflated Registration Fee. If the fee is hiked any more, many students at this college will be forced to abandon education. This petition was drawn up in an attempt to drive home the message that local students just simply cannot afford to pay any more money at the start of each college year. They are already struggling to meet the costs of their third level education in the current recession.”

Gary Redmond, USI President, stated:
“The students of Tipperary Institute are anxious about possible cuts to education in the upcoming Budget. Many local students are highly dependent on the student maintenance grant to cover the costs of going to college. If the Government decide to cut the student maintenance grant, or hike up the registration fee next month, many of these students will have no choice but to drop out of their courses. By presenting Michael Lowry with this petition, we are asking him to support the students of Tipperary, and the students of Ireland, by preserving existing third level education in planning this Budget.”

Regarding the aforementioned Mr Gary Redmond, an image depicting him among members of Ógra Fianna Fail UCD, with Thurles born Mary Hanifin TD, next to a banner encouraging students to ‘VOTE FIANNA FÁIL FOR JOBS’ has now embarrassingly surfaced. Since recent shocking events outside the Department of Finance, and Mr Redmond’s total refusal to condemn claimed assaults made upon his own student membership, serious questions about the true ideology of Mr. Redmond’s sincerity in supporting the student cause, now greatly abound.

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Tipperary Man Dies In New Zealand

Ida Valley New Zealand

New Zealand police have named an Irishman killed in a car crash in central Otago’s Ida Valley early this morning.
He was Leslie Armitage, aged 23, From Co. Tipperary, who was working as a farmhand in the Ida Valley, Senior Sergeant Jill Woods, of Alexandra police, stated.

Leslie was a former student of Gurteen Agricultural College and Waterford Institute of Technology and was runner up as part of the succesful Irish team at the European Young Shepherds event in Paris, France.

Another 21-year-old man, who was also from Ireland and who worked with Mr Armitage, received minor injuries in the crash.
Mr Armitage became trapped under the Land Rover Discovery 4WD he was driving on Stillburn Road, Poolburn, when it failed to take a bend, leaving the rural, gravel road and rolling through a fence into a nearby paddock.

Mr Armitage was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

To his family and many friends at this time goes our heart felt sympathy.

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Speed Safety Cameras On Irish Roads Warning

Long threatening comes at last folks. From midnight on Monday 15th November 2010, new Garda mobile safety cameras will be in use across Irish roads.

Excessive or inappropriate speeding is no doubt a major factor in road traffic collisions, as are indeed drugs, alcohol and attempts by young men to impress their young lady friends, while in control of a vehicle. Safety cameras will be on the roads all across Ireland where fatal collisions are happening as a result of these inappropriate and unacceptable practises and the locations of these roads can be viewed by clicking on here. Further information on the safety cameras and a limited list of frequently asked questions are also available by clicking here. The  sections of roads, indicated on the map, were identified as having a significant proportion of collisions, whereby, in the opinion of the investigating Garda, a safe speed was exceeded.

Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy and Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern signed a five-year €65 million contract with the GoSafe consortium to provide the service last November following a lengthy tender process.

The GoSafe consortium is being paid a flat fee to provide the service and there is no provision for commission or bonuses irrespective of how many motorists are caught speeding.

Gardaí use a range of speed detection technology to reduce speed across Irish roads. A reduction in speed will lead to a reduction in the incidence of fatal and serious injuries and will improve road safety for all road-users.

The Gardaí will be working closely with a range of Partner Agencies, including Government Departments, the Road Safety Authority, the National Roads Authority and the community, in order to develop a national culture of safe road use and the map will be updated accordingly.

An Garda Síochána are appealing to  all motorists to familiarise themselves with these sections of the road  network, (If you have a computer) so do slow down,  the life you save could be yours.

A Range Of Partners Working Closely – I Really Wonder Do They?

First allow me to state that I fully support 100%, any initiative, by any body or group of Partners, which will ultimately save lives.

However, let us examine just a small sample of the work done by this partnership, who dictate the speed limit’s on our various roadways;

R639 -Travelling South to Cashel Roundabout

  1. Knockroe / Moycarkey (N62), correctly marked as dangerous on the garda safety camera map, speed signs allow a driving  limit of 100km/h, while, what was the main Dublin to Cork road (R639) prior to the new motor way, stretching from Urlingford to Cashel, which is much wider, is limited to a speed of 80km/h.  Are we being forced onto the new motorway for toll purposes?
  2. The Cashel to Golden Rd (R505) which is narrow with numerous dangerous bends, yes you have guessed it, speed limit 100km/h, or 20km/h faster than R639.
  3. Fennor Hill, that steep climb southward out of Urlingford on the R639 allows for 100km/h for about 200 metres of roadway and when you get to the clear straight stretch at the top of this steep incline, where drivers can actually observe oncoming traffic, speed is reduced to 80km/h.
  4. Staying on the R639, travelling south to the roundabout just outside Cashel, the roundabout shows two speed limits signs with two different speed limits indicated, (50km/h and 80km/h, Pic shown above) as was the case on R498 outside the Ragg for over 18 months and latter only recently partially corrected with just one sigh. Travelling from Cashel on this same stretch of the R639 the speed limit is 100km/h, so on this road these new cameras will have a choice of three different speeds with which to impose fines.
  5. Then of course there is the road to The Heath out of Thurles, which is a mere lane-way in terms of describing roadways. Here we have no speed limit indications at all, thus allowing traffic to travel at 100km/h or the National Speed Limit (62.4 mph).

Someone is going to die or be seriously hurt on the road to The Heath soon, so why not  finish this work properly.

With County Councillor, Urban District Councillors, Politicians, National Roads Authority ( NRA ) officials and Gardaí travelling each day along this selected and very small chosen grid of roads, why has nothing been done, in the interests of  safety and the law, surely we taxpayers pay you more than enough to note required changes. Obviously the latter individuals are driving with undue care and attention.

Then maybe these cameras are just a further method of obtaining revenues from over taxed motorists, as at €80 per speeding fine, the privatised speed cameras alone could generate roughly €40 million a year. Let’s be logical here, the €65 million spent would have filled in a lot of potholes Minister Ahern, while the banning of those caught speeding for long periods of time would have been cheaper than €65 million to introduce spy cameras, particularly in these recessionary times. Will detailed information from thes cameras be used to track the movements of motorists other than their speeding information?. Can the cars of known drug dealers be tracked for example?.

Meanwhile, are there any strange or confusing road anomalies near you, let us know and we will attempt to educate this Partnership.

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Fine Gael Reinventing Government

The Fine Gael party recently published their plan to fix our current broken system of Government, which has failed the public it is designed to serve.

Entitled ‘Reinventing Government‘, local North Tipperary TD Noel Coonan explained how the policy will protect frontline services and mend our broken economy here in North Tipperary and South Offaly. Reinventing Government will, according to the North Tipperary TD, radically reform Ireland’s public administration and replace outdated practices with a modernised civil and public service.

Deputy Noel Coonan TD

Noel Coonan stated:

It will make our Government smaller, cheaper and better.  This will mean in practice that we end up having fewer politicians, fewer bureaucrats, and much fewer Quangos eating into hard earned taxes.  It will also deliver better services, more accountability from those in charge and greater transparency in the way our Government operates. Front line services will be protected in a streamlined, smaller and more cost effective public service that sees waste, duplication and fragmented structures totally eliminated. A revolutionised budgetary process that is open and answerable to full public scrutiny will replace the current outdated, secretive and inefficient system.”

Among some the actions set out in ‘Reinventing Government’ to make Fine Gael’s vision of Government a reality are:

1.    The abolishing of over 145 state bodies and companies including the dismantling of the HSE and FAS and their replacement with better, more cost effective alternatives.

2.    Saving over €5 billion, or €1 in €10 spent by public bodies, by confronting waste, duplication and inefficiency.

3.    Externally recruiting new high level specialists in banking, taxation and macro economic forecasting to improve the Department of Finance’s capacity to deliver on key tasks.

4.    At least one third of all appointments at a senior level in the Public Service will be made from outside the current system for a period of five years.

5.    All lobbyists will have to be registered with the Standard’s in Public Office Commission and recent restrictions to the Freedom of Information Act will be reversed.

6.    We will establish an Independent Fiscal Council to advise Parliament on issues such as borrowing levels, debt reduction and taxation planning. The Fiscal Council will be fully accountable to the Oireachtas Finance Committee.

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Carer Of The Year 2010 Anne McGrath Thurles Co Tipperary

Anne McGrath and daughter Tamara. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times.

Congratulations to this years winner of the 2010 Irish Carer of the Year award, Anne McGrath from Mullinahone, Thurles, Co Tipperary, pictured here with her daughter Tamara aged 10.

Tamara suffers from Canavans disease, a rare genetic neurological disorder, that leaves children severely mentally and physically incapacitated.

This prestigious annual award was presented to Anne at the annual Carers Association Awards ceremony in Dublin yesterday.

Anne, who has three other children and has lost two children to this disease, David aged 1 and Tamara’s twin brother Mark aged 6, stated that Tamara was the very light of her life and a wonderful lovely placid girl.

She said caring for Tamara is a day long duty, beginning at 7am, but that she simply has to get on with life.

She stated “When I lost David I was devastated and thought it would never happen again, when we lost Mark I wanted to lock myself away.  When I miss Mark, I just hug Tamara, she’s part of him as a twin and a very very special little girl.”

From all the people of Tipperary go our heartiest congratulations to Anne, her husband James and family, on their truly well deserved public recognition.

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