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April 2014
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New Three Year Strategic Plan For Irish Civil Defence

A new strategic plan, launched from the Irish Civil Defence headquarters in Roscrea, Co Tipperary, by Minister for Defence Tony Killeen yesterday, now commits the organisation to training and development skills for half of its 6,000 members, during the next three years.

The new plan also seeks to attract more volunteers to its ranks and will work to strengthen its links with other front-line services that also have a role in reacting to any unforeseen or any unplanned emergencies.

A branch of the Civil Defence are located in each county in the Republic of Ireland and are a voluntary body that aid professional organisations, such as the Garda.

The body was originally set up in 1950, as part of the national defence structure and as a then necessary civil response to potential hazards which might arise in a war time situation. The organisation was designed to undertake non combatant activities to mitigate the effects on persons and property against possible attacks in the State from hazards arising such as radio-active fallout, biological or chemical warfare etc.
With the enactment of the Civil Defence Act of 2002, the Civil Defence Board has assumed responsibility for Civil Defence at National level. Prior to this, the Civil Defence function at national level was the responsibility of the Minister for Defence.

The Irish Civil Defence is an organisation comprising currently approximately 6000 members who voluntarily make themselves available in their spare time. Much of this time presently is devoted to training for situations which, it is hoped, will never happen.

Joining the Civil Defence

To request information on becoming a Civil Defence Volunteer or have a member of the Civil Defence organisation contact you, please see following link:

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Irelands Absence From World Cup 2010 FIFA’s Loss

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is up and running and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s the visceral kaleidoscopic international spectacle we all expected it to be and then some.

All 32 teams have now completed their first stint of games and while what’s happening on the pitch is looking good, what’s happening in the stands isn’t.

One can’t help but notice the lacklustre attendances at some of the group matches so far, a sight that genuinely takes away from the passion and pride of the beautiful game on South Africa’s hallowed World Cup pitches. Yes the sound of the Vuvuzela implies there’s a full house at every game, but there isn’t.

There were almost 11,000 empty seats at Saturday’s game between South Korea and Greece in Port Elizabeth and the official attendance at the Algeria-Slovenia clash in Polokwane was 30,325, almost 11,000 below the capacity. Yes these events do not have the glamour ties with the Brazil’s, England’s and Portugal’s of this world, but this empty seat dilemma does more than just cast a shadow over FIFA’s pricing policy. It makes we Irish, a country that should be at this tournament, feel even worse about our absence.

If Ireland were at the World Cup you could guarantee that every game we would be involved in would be a sellout, glamour team involved or no glamour team involved. Our passion for the beautiful game coupled with our dedication to cheering on the boys in green and singing Amhrán na bhFiann loud and proud means that the Irish would be the solution to FIFA’s seating dilemma.

The Irish would have flocked to South Africa, in their multitudes, to support Trap’s Army if they would have qualified. The French cheated their way to the tournament and FIFA, although acknowledging this injustice, refused to do anything about it. It’s ok to cheat apparently.

It’s ironic really, FIFA wouldn’t let us go to the 2010 World Cup and now it appears we are exactly what the tournament needs, impassioned fans in their thousands, putting bums on seats and bringing passion to the pitch, from currently desolate stands.

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Tipperary International Peace Award 2010

Late Senator Ted Kennedy and Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith

The late Senator Edward Kennedy and his sister, Her Excellency U.S. Ambassador Jean Ann Kennedy Smith, will be honoured in County Tipperary this month,  when their names will be added to the illustrious list of recipients of the Tipperary International Peace Award.

Previous recipients of the Tipperary Peace Award include Bob Geldof, KBE, Former Russian Soviet Head of State Mikhail Gorbachev, Former South African President Nelson Mandela, OM, Mona Juul and Terje Larsen, Adi Roche, Senator George Mitchell, Former USA President Bill Clinton, Church of Ireland Archbishop Robin Eames, OM, the late Benazir Bhutto and the Cluster Munition Coalition.

Earlier this year Tipperary Peace Convention named the Kennedy’s as the award recipients for 2009 and in doing so recognised their lifelong commitment to peace both in Northern Ireland and on the greater world stage.

The award will be presented to Mrs. Victoria Kennedy and to Her Excellency Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith at a special ceremony in County Tipperary, on Saturday June 19th next.

The late Senator Edward Kennedy, who passed away on August 25th, 2009 is being honoured for his courageous leadership for peace, human rights, and nuclear disarmament, while Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith is being honoured for all she achieved to enable future generations, regardless of their background, to share in Ireland’s promising future.

Tipperary Peace Forum 2010

The Tipperary Peace Forum will take place on Friday June 18th, 2010 at Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf Resort, Ballykisteen, Limerick Junction, Tipperary. The chosen topic for discussion will be “The role of Irish Americans in supporting Peace and Justice Worldwide”
Speakers at the event will include:
Mr. Frank Delaney, Novelist, Journalist Broadcaster
Mr. Tim Pat Coogan, Historical Writer, Broadcaster and Newspaper Columnist
Ms. Dolores Kelly, MLA, Member of Northern Ireland Assembly & SDLP Councillor for Upper Bann
Mr. Deaglán de Bréadún, Foreign Affairs Correspondent for The Irish Times

To attend this event please contact the Forum Organisers:
Contact Person: Mr Martin Quinn
Contact Details: Tel:087-6101628

Refreshments will be served from 7.30pm

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Wanted For Child Sex Offences – Dennis Stephen Bowskill

Denis Stephen Bowskill (Troop)

Police in Lancashire, England would like the following information circulated across Europe. This information has being sent to Church Child Protection Advisory Service member organisations etc, in case it should be relevant to any work in which the Church or child organisation are currently involved.

Police are anxious to trace the whereabouts of Mr Dennis Stephen Bowskill, also known as Dennis Stephen Troop.
Date of birth: 18th September 1966.
Last known address: 13, Albert Street, Padiham, Lancashire, England.
Description: Bowskill is described as being around 5 feet four inches tall, of medium build with short dark brown but greying hair and a ginger beard. He is softly spoken, with a North West English accent.

Mr Bowskill is currently numbered amongst the most wanted men sought by police in England and was featured on the BBC Crime Watch show last Wednesday, June 9th.

Mr Bowskill is regarded as a dangerous child sex offender, and has already been charged with creating multiple indecent images of young children.

How Mr Bowskill Operates:

His practise to date is to target vulnerable single mothers and then move on to abuse their daughters, including the taking of photographic images. He uses church attendance as a way of introducing himself to his intended victims.

Mr Bowskill (or Mr Troop) failed to appear in Court on March 8th last and the police believe they have traced him to Calais. School teachers and those with responsibility for young children here in Ireland are presently being warned that he could travel in our direction.
Police believe that he will quickly seek to make contact with a church to request support, because he presently has limited financial means.

A European arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Anyone with any information is asked to immediately contact police.

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Waterford County Board Sought €50,000 For Switch

Waterford GAA chiefs have revealed that they sought “a substantial five-figure sum” to allow their potential Munster Senior Hurling Championship final opponents have home advantage in the decider.

Waterford officials said the move was made due to the “precarious state” of their finances in these recessionary times and claimed they had received agreement on the plan from their counterparts in Cork and Tipperary, who were on the other side of the draw.

Sources close to the negotiations claim the proposed agreement was worth €50,000 to Waterford’s coffers.

The arrangement sparked an angry response from the Munster Council who insisted the deal was undertaken without their backing.

The proposal, revealed exclusively in the Irish Examiner Newspaper last week, also provoked a massive backlash from Waterford players, management and supporters.

Last night Waterford County Board issued a lengthy statement outlining their actions and expressed regret for any embarrassment and inconvenience caused to the Munster Council and its officers and to the boards and officers of Cork and Tipperary.

However, the board insisted that they were acting in the best interest of the GAA in Waterford.

For full story visit –

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