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Shane McEntee Announces 2011 Forestry Premiums

Shane McEntee TD

Minister of State for Food, Horticulture and Food Safety Shane McEntee today announced the payment of the 2011 annual forestry premiums, which involve the payment of €56.2 million to just over 11,500 forest owners.

Under the Forestry Programme, forestry premiums are payable each year for twenty years as in the case of farmers and for fifteen years as in the case of non-farmers.

The Minister of State, who was recently assigned the portfolio on  forestry, stated that forestry provides a welcome income stream for owners, the majority of whom are farmers.  In addition to the amount received each year in premiums, forest owners can look forward to returns from thinning and the clear-fell of their particular plantation.

Forestry, is an indigenous industry, providing  a wider ranging and long term economic return through provides jobs, both directly and indirectly thus contributing to our export performance.  It also provides huge benefits to the environment and also provides recreation and amenity value to our society in general.

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Chance To Win the Xbox game ‘Shift 2 Unleashed ‘!

Following the success of our previous free competitions, our readers are invited to enter our latest contest, with a chance to win the fantastic Xbox game Shift 2 Unleashed.

This game is sponsored by Europe’s fastest growing Irish Gaming website – The Gaming Liberty. com

The simple question to be answered is:- On what day does the May Day bank holiday fall?

To enter this competition visit the Competition Section on the right sidebar of this page and carefully pick your answer.

Remember: Entry is completely free and this competition ends May 5th, next.

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Best of luck in the competition.

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Sitting Down On The Job Doubles Risk Of Bowel Cancer

Tipperary readers beware, new findings suggest no amount of leisure time spent in physical activity can offset the harm done by ‘sitting down on the job.’

According to new research, having a desk job, for more than 10 years, can double the risk of a major type of bowel cancer.
Australian research Scientists have found that office workers, who regularly exercise, are still twice as likely to get a tumour.

Each year almost 40,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer, while more than 16,000 of those diagnosed die. Only 70% of those diagnosed survive for at least a year past diagnosis and only 50% survive five years, following detection.

Thousands of people, each year, die undiagnosed and those diagnosed usually die shortly afterwards,  mainly because they miss early warning signs and only seek medical help, once the cancer has advanced.

It has already been well established that the main lifestyle risk factors are continuous diets high in fat and red meat. A persons genes can also play it’s part, as can drinking a lot of alcohol and not taking enough exercise.

A team, from the University of Western Australia, found that people who spent more than 10 years in sedentary jobs were almost twice as likely (94%) to have developed a tumour in the area of the lower bowel called the distal colon. They were also 44 per cent more likely to have developed rectum cancer.

According to Bowel Cancer UK, there are almost 13,000 Distal Colon Cancer cases a year in Britain, and about 14,500 rectum cancers.

These research results carried out, compared 918 people with bowel cancer with 1,021 cancer-free volunteers, who were quizzed on their job history, their lifestyles and levels of physical activity and are published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Dr Claire Knight, health information officer at Cancer Research UK, said these findings back up other studies undertaken on physical inactivity and cancer, but warned the findings need to be replicated in larger studies.

A US study has found that a daily dose of aspirin may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but Cancer Research UK has noted that regular use of aspirin can cause serious side effects and should not be undertaken unless recommended by a doctor.

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Original Sins Hits The Book Shelves

Original Sins

A new and exciting publication entitled ‘Original Sins,’ an anthology of short stories by some 22 Irish authors, has just hit our book shelves. This anthology, which includes contributions from Tipperary author’s, Majella O’Gorman,(Thurles), Stella Lannigan, (Gortnahoe), Mary Healy, (Freshford), Maura Barrett, (Killenaule), Martha Woodcock, (Cuffesgrange) and Jane de Montmorency, latter a relative of US President Barak Obama, was recently launched, to high acclaim, in St.Kierans College, Kilkenny.

The writers who feature in this anthology are dreamers who turned their dreams into reality.

Kahlil Gibran writes of the tragedy of leaving a page empty: “Pure was I created and pure will I remain forever…And the sheet of snow white paper did remain pure and chaste forever – pure and chaste – and empty.”

The dream of writing is often so precious, so dearly held, that it is avoided out a fear of failure. All writers fail. No writer avoids disillusion. But after the essential period of consternation, sometimes despair, the piece pearls and the truth of it begins to shine, through the various drafts. The initial inspiration is what fires us all to put pen to paper. The perspiration required to finish a piece is what causes a lot of the initial willing to abandon the dream. A lived dream is a muddied thing, it is tired old and dirty by times, but in becoming more familiar to us, it allows us to know ourselves all the better and to have the easier breathing of one who has attempted, rather than one who has not tried.

Joint editors Suzanne Power and John MacKenna work with the contributors to ‘Original Sins,’ at NUI Kilkenny Campus.

We have worked with them for four years now and the individuals featured in this collection have stayed the course literally since the very beginning. Our job is to persuade them of what is already in themselves, to foster it to the point where they no longer need convincing and to leave them alone with their empty pages and time. The writers featured here have learned this and are comfortable with the knowledge. They have a full awareness that pages, when a writer is living their dream, fill with word plays known only to them and stories only they can tell.” state Suzanne and John. ”

This well written gem is a must for the ‘bedside locker.’  It will allow each relaxed reader to digest one short story from one author each night, with it’s written content guaranteed to remain the subject of thought, in that time between lights out and dreams beginning.

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Guide Dog Training Fund Presentation.

B. Shanahan & PJ. Hogan, Guide Dogs

Picture shows Guide Dog owner, Billy Shanahan, Willowmere Drive, Thurles, presenting a cheque for €20,500 to P.J. Hogan, Senior Trainer with Irish Guide Dog’s for the Blind, at a recent function held in the Anner Hotel, Thurles, Co.Tipperary.

The cheque, proceeds from Billy’s various fund raising activities on behalf of Irish Guide Dogs throughout the past year, include the proceeds from sales of Christmas cards, Calendars, Christmas and Easter Hamper raffles and counter top collection boxes.

Billy wishes to thank all those people who supported these activities in any way, and he wishes to express how much these funds are appreciated by all at the Irish Guide Dog training centre, in Cork.

Keeping an eye on proceedings is ‘Tony ‘ a Golden Labrador, who is presently under going training in this year’s training programme, at the Model Farm Road training centre.

Photo courtesy George Willoughby

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