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Six Arrests Following Illegal Manufacture Of Medicines

gardaMore than 60 Gardaí, employed in the South Eastern region, have arrested six men as part of their ongoing operational set up to target, disrupt and eventually dismantle the illegal manufacturing and trafficking of medicines and other controlled drugs.

The searches began before dawn at some 20 locations; targeting the gangs and seizing six tablet-making machines, latter which had the capacity to make hundreds of thousands of controlled and illegal drugs.

All six men, believed to be from Kilkenny city, were detained as a result of a number of searches over the past year in which facilities used to manufacture medicines were discovered at locations here in Tipperary and also in Limerick, Kilkenny,  Galway and Roscommon.

A number of searches were conducted in Kilkenny, Carlow, Glenmore, Bennettsbridge, Lismore and Waterford this morning, (16th December 2014). These planned searches involving Gardaí from the Kilkenny/ Carlow, Tipperary, Waterford and Roscommon backed up by members of the Regional Support Units and the Garda Dog Unit.

The six men, all ranging in ages from their mid 20’s to mid 40’s are now being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984 at various Garda Stations in the South Eastern Region.

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Call On Minister Kelly To Halt National Betrayal Of Irish Water

“There are other forces at work here. They may not be political forces – I don’t know where they’re coming from, but they’re there and they’re active and they have influence.”  –  Remark made by Thurles born Fergus O’Dowd Fine Gael TD,  –  formerly the Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources and Environment, Community & Local Govt, with responsibility for the NewEra Project.

Tipperary TD and Minister Alan Kelly is about to give away the exemption Ireland holds from directly charging for domestic water under EU Law. Unless he desists and renews Ireland’s water exemption by Jan 1st 2015, it will lapse. This ‘give away’ will make it more difficult for future governments to abolish direct charges for domestic water.


Mr Seamus Healy TD, in a recent Parliamentary Question, has called on Minister Kelly to immediately renew this exemption, so that the power to charge or not to charge for domestic water will remain with the Irish people and Dáil Éireann, into the future.

A copy  of  Seamus Healy’s request in a Parliamentary Question to Minister Kelly is carried here below.

Mr Healy stated; “Former MEP, Kathy Sinnott explained in a recent opinion piece in the Irish Times (Nov 21, 2014): “In 2000, the Irish government brokered this exemption and the inclusion of article 9.4 which formally and legally absolves Ireland and only Ireland from the requirement to charge for domestic water.” As an MEP I brought this to the public’s attention in 2008 when the last government was introducing water charges for schools. On April 17th of that year minister John Gormley stated in the Dáil that “The only exemption available to Ireland, and availed of, is contained in article 9.4 and relates to dwelling houses using water for ordinary household purposes.”

This government has no mandate to give away our exemption from domestic water charges. The Labour Party promised in the last election that it would prevent Fine Gael from introducing domestic water charges. Now a Labour Minister is not only introducing the charges, but is giving away the power of our parliament to abolish them in future. Irish democracy is being undermined by Minister Kelly and his government,” he stated.

“I call on all Oireachtas members from Co Tipperary including Senator Landy (Lab) and Minister Tom Hayes to stop this national betrayal now,” said Mr Healy!

Question for Written Answer by Seamus Healy TD

To ask the Minister for Environment and Local Government, Alan Kelly TD,

“If he will confirm that there is, at present in 2014, no requirement for charges to be imposed on domestic dwellings for the use of water from public mains for domestic purposes under the EU Water Framework Directive and that article 9.4 formally and legally absolves Ireland from the requirement to charge for domestic water.”

Also “If he will ensure on behalf of the Irish Government that this exemption is renewed before Jan 1,2015 so that Irish governments will retain the power to charge or not to charge for the use of water for domestic purposes into the future and if he will make a statement on the matter?”

Signed:  Seamus Healy TD – 087-2802199.

For those of you who feel strongly about this issue; you should email (Copy & Paste) this “Parliamentary Question” directly to Mr Kelly ( ), however, from my own experience dealing with his Tipperary office, do not expect to receive a reply, as Mr Kelly and his staff are shy and highly unlikely to respond.

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Cathedral Of The Assumption’s Annual Carol Service Next Sunday

Awaiting the coming of the Christ Child – Cathedral of The Assumption, Thurles, Co Tipperary.


A new nativity crib, representing a scene from the birth of Jesus and as described in the gospel of St Luke, was fully unveiled in the Cathedral of  The Assumption, here in Thurles, this week.

This seasonal Christmas manger scene, or ‘crib,’ (latter the more common description for this annual Christian setting) typically displays Mary and Joseph, the Magi, the shepherds, sheep, a donkey and an ox; latter positioned in or near a beautifully designed old barn structure.
Of course Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first living nativity scene as far back as 1223, intending to further cultivate and celebrate the birth of Christ. It is understood the Saint was inspired by a visit to the Holy Land himself, where he had visited Jesus’ traditional birthplace in Bethlehem. This scene then inspired other Christian communities to stage similar nativity scenes throughout the Christian world.

Credit and congratulations on the design of this new nativity scene must go jointly to Mr Pierce Murphy, Mr Dan Kennedy, Mr Con Kennedy (Lighting), Ms Moireann O’Neill, Rev Fr Gerry Hennessey and Rev Fr Martin Hayes, who were all involved in this truly artistic creation.

If you don’t get a chance to visit this life size nativity scene over the next few days, do remember the Cathedral of The Assumption’s annual Carol Service is taking place at 7.00pm sharp on Sunday next (December 21st 2014), thus giving you a chance to view this Christmas manger scene.

This latter event will this year feature carols sung by the Cathedral Choir, the Cathedral Youth Folk Group and the Bohernanave Choir, in this all parish seasonal event, which from past experience is never to be missed.

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Thurles Registration Office Transferred To Nenagh & Roscrea

Bugs bunnyFor the foreseeable future local people will now have to travel to the Nenagh or Roscrea Registration offices to register a birth, death or marriage.

This unwelcome scenario has been brought about due to the sudden and unexpected closure of the Thurles Registration office situated currently within in the present St. Mary’s Health Centre, at Nenagh Road, in the town.

With this Thurles office’s principal functions now removed, this will lead to only a very limited, if any, service being offered to residents of Thurles and its immediate hinterland.

Thurles Registration office has long been a very important service, not just providing an easily accessible all round and very professional service, but also allowing persons, particularly the elderly within the area, to register their many legal obligations affecting events of some major importance within their everyday lives.

Persons recently bereaved, the parents of new born children and couples seeking marriage licences must now travel some 33.9km (Roscrea) or 37.3km (Nenagh), a substantial and unnecessary distance, to carry out these basic, yet most important of statistical tasks.

It would appear, yet again, our locally elected Tipperary Dáil Éireann representatives continue to remain absolutely powerless, when it comes to protecting even the smallest interests within Thurles town.

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Best Thurles Winter Fuel Offer 2014

A Warm Coal FireI am sure Thurles residents and our readers have already noticed that this year; in particular, there is a huge difference in the prices charged for a very basic fuel item; that ever handy bale of Bord na Móna peat briquettes.

The most expensive prices charged this year appear to be at some petrol filling stations, obviously taking advantage of consumers who are rushing, and prepared to part with €4.95 per bale.

However if you organise yourself and you are prepared to make a second stop on your journey, one bale of exactly the same product can be purchased from Centenary Co-Op for just €3.85, an obvious colossal saving of €1.10 per single bale.

With a cold spell being promised this week by Met Éireann and the final remnants of my last year’s remaining fuel supply now almost depleted, this unbelievable price difference took me on a short trip around town today to seek out the cheapest fuel source and hereunder are my findings.

While tempted, I will not name and shame the many overpriced outlets in the town, but I will point out where you can get the best deal coming up to Christmas; latter that period of the year when money needs to be more elasticated, before departing from now permanently open wallets and purses.

Thurles Centenary Co-Op, Brittas Road, Thurles once again this year are offering the best deals retailing winter fuel: see prices hereunder based on recognised quality fuel products.

Coal 40kg bag – Premium Polish Coal – now €17.25 or buy 5 bags for €85.00.
Briquettes per Bale – now €3.85 or 3 Bales for just €10.95.

Of course if your finances are in a position to buy in greater bulk, Premium Polish Coal can be purchased, per tonne, at €395.00, while a tonne of Briquettes can be purchased for €284.00, thus making even greater savings.

Other special offers can be found also at Centenary Co-Op; e.g. 5 bags Premium Polish Coal with 4 bales of briquettes – €96.00 or 3 bags Premium Polish Coal with 2 bales of briquettes – €56.00.

Note: All products can be collected from their Agri yard situated at Brittas Road, [Map Ref ] Thurles, on the  Templemore road, just as you exit north of Thurles town.

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