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Irish Phrases

Note: To assist in the correct word pronunciation of the Irish phrases hereunder, we invite you to visit the Beta Version of currently operated by Trinity College Dublin.

To operate: First make sure your PC sound system is switched on and volume turned up.

We now invite you to Copy & Paste any of the phrases shown below, into the Text Box shown on this helpful programme. Next, Click on the Synthesise button underneath, Wait for the Play mp3 button to appear, (underneath & to the Right Hand Side of the text box.) and then strike the Play mp3 Arrow, which appears.

Happy Learning Everyone.

Irish Phrases.

“Dia duit.” – God to you. (or Hello).

“Cén lá é ínniu?” – What day is it today?

“Cén sórt aimsire atá ann? – What is the weather like?

“Croch suas do chóta.” – Hang up your coat.

“Ar mhiste libh gach fón póca a mhúchadh anois?” – Would you turn off all Mobile Phones now?

” Ar sheiceáil tú do chiseán? – Did you check your basket?

” An cuimhin leath …….?” – Do you remember …….?

“Ní cuimhin liom…….” –  I do not remember …….

“Sín amach do lámh dheas.” – Stretch out your right hand.

“An bhfaca tú cad a tharla?” – Did you see what happened?

” Dún an doras.” – Close the door.

” Glan mé mo bhróga.” – I cleaned my shoes.

” Seinnigí an píosa ceoil sin.” – Play that piece of music.

“An dtuigeann tú an cheist?” – Do you understand the question?

“Is féider leat……..” – You can……..

“Bog ar aghaidh.” – Move forward.

“Cad atá agat don lón inniu ?” – What have you (singular) for lunch today?

“Cad atá ar súil agat?” – What are you doing?

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