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Féile “Trip To Tipp” Tickets Sold Out In 4.8 Minutes

Tickets for next September’s “Féile Classical – Trip To Tipp” went on sale briefly at 9.00am this morning. I use the word ‘briefly’, most deliberately, since the fully seated venue was completely sold out in 4.8 minutes precisely.

Previous visitors to the Féile of the 90’s, went into ‘nostalgia overload’ this morning, scrambling to get tickets, leaving thousands of people without admission to this most exciting event.

Organisers are now currently meeting as we speak, in an attempt to organise a second night for this music event, possibly the Friday before the sold out September 22nd, 2018 occasion, thus attempting to remove the feelings of disappointment suffered by thousands of people who failed to get tickets, this morning.

More news as same comes on stream.


Thurles Féile Line-Up Announced

Back in 1990, it was the first ever multi-day music festival to have ever been held in Ireland, attended by some 150,000 people, and next September will see “Feile – Trip To Tipp” replicated, to return once again to Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

In announcing the event yesterday we named two of the acts scheduled to take part in this upcoming line out, which will include in full:- The Stunning, Hothouse Flowers, An Emotional Fish, Something Happens and The 4 Of Us, which will be joined by a 25 piece Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Hothouse Flowers:

Irish rock group Hothouse Flowers are that combines traditional Irish music group influenced by rock with a little soul, and gospel also included to their ingredients.
The group were first formed in 1985 when Liam Ó Maonlaí and Fiachna Ó Braonáin, who had known each other as children attending a Irish-speaking school, Coláiste Eoin in Booterstown, Co. Dublin. They first began performing publicly as Dublin street musicians known as “The Incomparable Benzini Brothers”.

The 4 Of Us:

The 4 Of Us are a rock band who originated in Newry, Co. Down, here in Ireland, but alas only brothers Brendan and Declan Murphy remain continuously part of this line-out, (Occupants of the other two positions now vary).
They released their first album, “Songs for the Tempted”, with CBS Records in 1989, with their single “Mary”, becoming one of the most played songs on Irish radio during that particular year. The album went double platinum in Ireland, winning Best Album of the Year at the Irish Music Awards, (Believe it or not defeating the internationally band U2).

Something Happens:

Something Happens are an Irish pop-rock band of the late 1980’s, with the band’s line-up consisting of Tom Dunne (Vocals), Ray Harman (Guitar), Alan Byrne (Bass) and Eamonn Ryan (Drums).
Previously known as ‘The Dazzmen’, (Latter Fronted by singer Martin Lynch who went on to front ‘The Cracker Factory’), they shot to prominence with the single “Burn Clear” which went on to feature on the soundtrack of the 1988 Irish movie “The Courier”.

Irish Chamber Orchestra:

The Irish Chamber Orchestra is a world class orchestra, based in Co. Limerick, renowned for its diversity, energy, its unique sound and outstanding musicianship. The orchestra was founded in 1963 by János Fürst and re-branded in 1970 as the New Irish Chamber Orchestra under Principal Conductor, Mr André Prieur.

Promises to be truly a most nostalgic event for those who have visited Féile in the past.


Féile – “The Trip To Tipp”, Returns to Thurles Town Sept 2018

Breaking News:

It was Oscar Wilde who stated that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  The event, known and remembered nationally as Féile; first introduced into the town of Thurles at Semple Stadium, by Independent TD Michael Lowry, is to be re-harvested again in September of this year, (2018).

The “Féile – TripTo Tipp” took place annually here in Thurles from 1990 to 1994, and then again in 1997 and now will be replicated again in 2018.

In 1995 it moved to Pairc Uí Chaoimh in Cork City, and took place indoors in The Point Depot in Dublin in 1996 before moving back to Thurles for a one day event in 1997.

From 1990, through the years, Thurles became home to thousands of weekend campers, with many of them arriving into the town by every possible known means of transport, attracted by headline bands included Meatloaf, INXS, Bryan Adams,  The Hothouse Flowers, The Cranberries, Crash Test Dummies, The Prodigy, Elvis Costello and a host of other International Music Stars.

We understand that this return event, (which will be a seated affair), this year will include bands like Galway & Dublin band “The Stunning”, formed back in 1987 and the Dublin alternative rock band “An Emotional Fish”, to name just two.

Take a walk down Memory Lane
It is hoped that music lovers and those who attended past “Trips To Tipp” will still hold a strong wistful desire to return not just in thought, but in fact, to a former time in their lives, and relive the happiness they enjoyed in this former place and time.

Full details regarding this exciting event will be announced in ‘The Dome’, Semple Stadium, Thurles, tomorrow night (Tuesday 24th) at an invitational meeting at 7.30pm.

The Stunning In Concert, “Brewing Up A Storm”.


An Emotional Fish, “Celebrate”.

Same event will also be announced on the Ian Dempsey Radio Breakfast Show; on Today FM and the Tipp FM Breakfast Show between 8.00am and 9.00am tomorrow morning.
Tickets priced from €49.50 go on sale from 9.00am this coming Friday.


A Love For Exotic Bloom?

The sun is “splitting the trees” here in Co. Tipperary today, with temperatures of some 17° at present, and rising.

On the Mill Road in Thurles town, over at O’Driscoll’s Garden Centre, [Tel: (0504) 21636] this welcome warmth has begun to waken the many exotic Daffodils, Narcissi and Tulips; latter all ready and potted to take away for your own personal delectation, or as the perfect gift for someone special.

All these exotic bulbs are guaranteed to bring immediate enchantment to your garden; both this year and for many years into the future.

O’Driscoll’s Garden Centre, Mill Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, are open today (Saturday) and from 2.00pm tomorrow afternoon, (Sunday).

Do drop in and say hello!


One Tipperary Crow Ain’t No “Birdbrain”.

We seem to be in the business of correcting erroneous concepts this week.  We corrected the often-used idiom, “Blind as a Bat”, just 3 days ago, (April 17th) and now we turn our attention to that mild, yet commonly used insult “Birdbrain”, meaning a person is stupid, foolish, or scatter brained. This description also suggests that our feathered friends, the birds, are less smart than Homo sapiens, (Latin meaning – “Wise Man”).

Crows / Rooks are intelligent and opportunistic birds.
In the case of one Tipperary Crow [Rook (Corvus frugilegus)], despite his extremely untidy nest building skills, latter which is located nearby, and part of a noisy colony in the tops of high trees; trust me when I say that he is as “bright as button”, when it comes to scheming, planning and problem solving.

View the video, provided above, on full screen, and pay particular attention to the bird’s leg coordination, and see how one suet ball on a long string can be controlled and held in place, when spread across more than one tree branch.

Rooks resident near the Irish coast have figured it out that if they carry and drop cockles and mussels from a height onto rural, coastal, hard surfaces e.g. rocks and roads, they can then swoop down to consume the contents of the smashed shells.

In the South Pacific’s French territory of New Caledonia, crows have been shown to be smarter than children aged between 5 and 7, when it comes to problem solving.

So, next time you are categorised as a ‘birdbrain’, regard it as a compliment.