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“Fly Tipping” – An Acceptable Form Of Recycling In Tipperary

Back here in Co. Tipperary, environmentalists have begun their own form of recycling, by “Fly Tipping”, (latter illegally dumping their waste) on a mere 300 metre stretch of the R502 close to Templetuohy village, and on a lesser south facing roadway, known locally as Orchard Cres. (See short Video hereunder).

While photographing the pictures hereunder, I was quickly approached by persons attending a nearby Coursing Meeting.  In case you don’t know, ‘Coursing’ is a dubious game played by grown men, who spend their time pursuing already ensnared, vicious animals, like hares; using greyhounds, the latter who chase these now incarcerated and malicious animals, using great speed, running by sight, and not by scent. While my camera was spotted operating almost one mile away and I was soon quickly interrogated, followed (Silver VW) and questioned as to what was my photographic purpose; not one of “my confronters”, peculiarly, were able to inform me, as to who was destroying their local, rural environment with regular ‘Fly Tipping’.

Tipperary Co. Council have erected plastic sign’s in the area, same nailed directly unto 10-year-old Silver Birch tree saplings; obviously indicating to the viewer that here is a Co. Council who understand, advocate and truly “give a damn” for the protection and preservation of our Tipperary environment.  These sign’s promise that ‘COVERT CCTV’ may be in operation for the purposes of detecting environmental offences; same being about as useful as a red-hot poker, when stuck up a skunk’s behind, in an effort to manufacture creamery butter.

Last January, the European Commission adopted its first ever Europe-wide policy on plastics. Under their plan, it is intended that all plastic packaging used within the EU market place, will become recyclable by 2030. The European Parliament voted for a European Union-wide ban on single-use plastics last October.

Here in Ireland the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment Mr Richard Bruton, has this week, had his picture taken, clutching at a bunch of plastic drinking straws, before stating that all Government departments can no longer purchase single-use plastic cups, straws or cutlery (Knives, Forks, Spoons, and Chopsticks etc); with all public bodies and schools having until March 31st, to implement this EU policy.

Announcing these new EU procedures, Minister Bruton stated that his Irish minority Government almost, two months later, now wants to “lead the way” in showing that it is taking sustainability policies seriously, (Wow, impressive spin and thank God for new EU policy directives. What would our Fine Gael government do all day long were it not for new EU rules and regulations being introduced on their behalf?).

Even the major Supermarket outlets, some 12 months previously here in Ireland, stopped using plastic in their “cotton buds”, but possibly government TD’s and ministers don’t use cotton buds. (This actuality, might account for the fact that they don’t take note or even listen to what their electorate are saying).


Ray Sawyer Of “Dr Hook & The Medicine Show” Dies

The eye-patch wearing and super entertainer Ray Sawyer, vocalist with 1970’s band Dr Hook & the Medicine Show, alas, has died aged 81. Ray passed away in Daytona Beach, Florida, on December 31st, 2018, following a brief illness.

The band are best known for their refrains from the pen of songwriter Shel Silverstein; “Cover of the Rolling Stone”, “Sylvia’s Mother” and Even Stevens lyric, “When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman”, latter which was a number one hit in the UK in 1979.

His death was confirmed by his wife Linda, who stated her husband had died “peacefully in his sleep”, adding further that her “heart is broken”.

Born in Chickasaw, Alabama, on February 1st 1937, Ray Sawyer joined Dr Hook in 1969, two years after he had lost the sight in his right eye, following an auto-mobile accident. While not the appointed lead singer in the band, playing occasional percussionist on maracas; it was Ray’s cowboy hat, fun stage antics and idiosyncratic eye patch that distinguished him long into the memory of his multitude of adoring 1970’s fans.

Oh, and a point of information; the band’s dream of getting their picture on the cover of the ‘Rolling Stone’ did eventually come true, but in caricature only.

[Lest we forget, why not click HERE to give “Only Sixteen” a twirl and remember there is always “A Little Bit More” – God be with those days.]

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.


Happy New 2019 From Thurles.Info


To all our readers / friends / followers across the world, may we take this opportunity to wish you, wherever you are tonight, a very happy and a prosperous 2019.


Thurles Lidl Supermarket Plans Lodged With Tipperary Co. Council

Please click on the ‘architects vision’ of this planned project, shown in a high definition, three dimensional video above; which will allow you, the reader, to observe at first hand the enormous importance of this future project to a midland rural town, like Thurles.

Tipperary Independent T.D. Deputy Mr Michael Lowry has further confirmed that Lidl Group Architects Clarman, having completed extensive pre planning consultations with Tipperary Co. council, have now lodged a formal planning application. Same application also includes planning for the construction of the 60,000 Sq.Ft. of modern business accommodation, which will be marketed as the “Thurles Business Innovation Centre”.

Speaking earlier today, Deputy Michael Lowry stated “This exciting project has enormous potential not just to create jobs in Thurles, but to create real wealth within the local economy and further afield, within the whole county”.


Thurles Cathedral Manger Scene Well Worth A Visit

Christmas decorations, in particular the Crib scene, here in the Cathedral of The Assumption, Thurles, are looking particularly splendid this year, thanks in no small way to the creativity of our priests serving in the parish.

Indeed, all year long large plant displays, all presented in large Grecian urn style planters; both in front of the Cathedral and the Parochial House opposite, set a an extremely high standard of floral display, surpassing every other comparison within the town.

Sunday evening next, December 23rd, the Cathedral of The Assumption, Thurles, will host the annual Christmas Carol service, beginning at 7.00pm sharp, at which all Choirs within the parish will perform.

If you happen to be passing the Cathedral in the coming days, do halt for a moment to take a look at the Crib. Remember it was St. Francis of Assisi, (Patron Saint of Italy) who is credited with creating the very first live nativity scene, way back around 1223; his objective to cultivate the worship of Jesus Christ. We are given to understand that he had recently been inspired by a personal visit to the Holy Land, where he had viewed the traditional birthplace of the Christ child.

At this time each year, this manger scene annually reminds me of the actions of my protestant grandmother. She would request her local friendly postman to visit the local Roman Catholic Church crib on her behalf, giving him between a sixpenny piece and a half crown to place in the collection box. The postman would remove a piece of straw from the manger and this would be then placed in my grandmother’s purse, where it would remain all year. This action she assured me would guarantee that regardless of prevailing economic conditions, God would continue to supply all her needs. Strangely, I must admit that despite living in lowly impoverished circumstances all of her 90-year life span, her purse never appeared to empty, and saw her paying all her bills on time.  Our own home, today, continues with this Christmas practise.