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Thurles Garda Open Day – A Truly Successful Event

For the almost 2000 people who attended at last Saturday afternoon’s Garda Station Open Day, held at the open invitation of an Garda Síochána here in Thurles, the event for all visitors proved extremely educational and for our more junior visiting members, thoroughly exciting and totally enjoyable.

The purpose of last Saturday’s ‘Thurles Garda Station Open Day’ was to allow adults and their families visit this facility and to view at first hand the often difficult and painstaking work undertaken daily by our local police force. Its purpose also was to allow second level and third level students, who, sometime in the future, just may decide to make a future career, as a member of Ireland’s much valued police force.

Click HERE to view Video hereunder in High Definition.

As our video above shows, on hand were members of the Regional Response Unit, Drugs Unit and Traffic Unit, together with those involved in crime scene finger printing, each explaining their specialist crime detection work.

Officers were on hand to discuss information on dealing with up and running anti crime systems such as ‘Crime Prevention’, ‘Thurles Text Alert’ and ‘Know your Patch’, all which are proving strong deterrents against crime.

Also present were our Fire Brigade and Ambulance services, who re-enacted, in demonstration format, exactly what they encounter when a motor vehicle is involved in a serious collision. (It took only 8 minutes for four Fire Brigade members to dismantle a car, thus allowing medical personnel access to a severely injured driver / passenger.)  

For our younger members ‘Face Painting’ and ‘Colouring Competitions’ were the order of the day and of course the joy of meeting the highly intelligent ‘Cúchulainn’ and ‘Harley’; latter police dogs used to respectively sniff out explosive substances and assist in crowd control in certain situations, by the Garda Public Order Unit.

In attendance also were the Garda Armed Support Unit; demonstrating equipment for use in more serious situations, thankfully as yet not so common an occurrence in today’s Irish society.

A big ‘Thank You’ to all the off duty Police Officers and Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service Members who returned to the Thurles station, giving up their valued personal time, to participate in this eye-opening event.

Finally a ‘Thank You’ also to Chief Superintendent Catherine Kehoe and Garda Annette Connolly, latter who was responsible for co-ordinating the full planning associated with last Saturday afternoon’s very successful programme of events.

Special Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

A special super moon lunar eclipse will occur tonight (Sunday, September 27, 2015) continuing into tomorrow morning (September 28th, 2015), which will create in the minds of some observers an atmosphere of wonder; while in others fear, marking the beginning of the end of our world.

Fear not however, as the last time this lunar eclipse took place was in 1982 and same event is expected to be repeated again in 2033.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), tonight’s event requires the alignment of three astronomical cycles that only happens once every 18 years and 11 days.

When the moon is at “perigee”, or its shortest distance from our earth, it is approximately 226,000 miles away. From this distance it will appear to be 14% larger and some 30% brighter than when it was at its furthermost point away from us. It is also during this lunar eclipse, that the moon appears to turn a deep rusty red and this is caused by sunlight being scattered by our earth’s atmosphere.

When can I see this lunar eclipse I hear you ask? Answer; when the moon starts to enter our earth’s shadow at around 1:10am in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Here in Ireland on other years, tonight’s super moon would normally be referred to as the ‘Harvest Moon’, due to its occurrence falling as it does at the beginning of our autumn season.

Tonight’s astronomical event will require no special equipment and the moon will be fully eclipsed for a little over one hour or from start to finish it is expected to last just over three hours in total.

According to today’s forecast, our weather is expected to facilitate most viewers here in Ireland; wishing to view at least some part of this rare, past midnight, “Blood Red Super Moon” phenomenon.

Tipperary’s Anton Banaghan Wowed X Factor Judges

Romanian native and Tipperary resident Anton Banaghan, certainly wowed judges Simon Cowell, Nick Grimshaw, plus lovelies Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Rita Ora on last night’s X Factor, with his impressive rendition of George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’.

The 21-year-old Anton, who moved here to Ireland with his adopted family, received four unanimous ‘Yes’ thumbs up’s from the judging panel after he performed last night on the final audition show of the 2015 X Factor season.

“I’m from County Tipperary and I am a part time bar man. I work in a local pub and they have open ‘mic nights’ where I get up on stage and entertain the locals,” he told the panel

“I have only been singing for about three years. I have not had any lessons. Singing makes me happy and I feel something that you can’t explain sometimes. My dream is to sell records, that’s what I want to do,” he continued.

All fingers will be crossed here in Tipperary for Anton tonight, in the hope that he will be among those selected to make it to the X Factor Bootcamp, under the ‘Boys’ category.

The televised programme goes out on TV3 tonight at 8:00pm.

Go Anton Banaghan, certainly the gorgeous Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is in your corner.

Thurles – Pothole Study Under Way By NRA Officials

Local County Councillors have discovered in recent days that a large pothole has emerged on Barry’s Bridge in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. In fact same has been there since Xmas last but somehow went unnoticed until last Tuesday’s monthly Co. Council meeting.

Mick was the first to arrive at 8.30am this morning, whistling “Sliabh na mBan,” (Irish Translation – ‘Mountain of the women’) as he free-wheeled down Liberty Square, Thurles, on his rusty ‘High Nelly’ bicycle; to come to a staggered halt on Barry’s bridge.

“Bejasus you are out and about early Mick,”  said I.


Pothole found on Thurles bridge. NRA to investigate.

“Yea,” Mick replied, “I was told to get my arse down here pronto; some emergency regarding the surface on this bridge,” he continued, as he untied his shovel from the crossbar.

“Are we in danger Mick,” said I smiling.  “Wouldn’t think so”, said Mick, “but some feckin County Councillor leaked information to the local radio station this morning, from yesterdays County Council meeting; now it appears panic is spreading locally.  Don’t forget it’s an election year and according to the NRA (National Roads Authority) Minister Alan Kelly could be recalled from his debate on ‘Climate Change,’ taking place today in Rome, in the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis.”

“Begob that sounds serious Mick,” said I, quickly tripping lightly to firmer ground on the Kobii Cafe side.

Having secured the bike, Mick, shovel in hand, joined me.

“You know this feckin bridge has always been a problem,” confided Mick. “It would be back in the 80’s shortly after the mother died; I was home from England for the funeral. I was on the way back when I discovered she had willed me the cottage instead of me sister, so I remained here and joined the dole. I had worked spreading tarmac for McAlpine, across the water and he had gotten a few jobs over here, so he approached meself, Paddy Ryan and Johnny Connors; (God be good to both of them)  to work on this same bloody bridge.”

“All of us were claiming Social Welfare at the time but working quietly on the side. McAlpine’s foreman, Mousey Flynn, gave us our instructions and told us to remember, if any Inspector from the Social Welfare office came sniffing around, to give him a false name,” continued Mick.

“Sure,” Mick continued, “Johnny said, yes Mousey, but what if he catches us unaware like and we can’t think of a name fast enough?”  Mousey replied “Look, are ye feckin stupid or what, in a case of difficulty just look around and use one of the names written on the shop fronts in Liberty Square.” (Before he headed off himself to find a snug corner in the Arch Bar.)

“I can see straight away why Mousey was chosen as your foreman,” says I.

“No listen you ejit!”  says a frowning Mick.  “About an hour passes and as sure as God, lo and behold, a Social Welfare fraud officer turns up“Right now ye three” says he approaching us, “Ye’re under suspicion of working whilst claiming the dole; give me your names,” he yelled.  “Well” said Mick, “I looked around and seeing Hayes’ Hotel said, ‘Mick Hayes’ sir. 

Paddy Ryan looked briefly around and spotting Dempsey’s Ladies Drapery  (I believe, Paddy spent a lot of his life viewing Dempsey’s Ladies drapery, if you understand my meaning.) and lowering his gaze yells ‘Paddy Dempsey’ sir.

According to Mick, the inspector then turned to Johnny Connors yelling “And you, what’s your name?” to which Johnny replied “Buck” sir, I’m an American”.  The Inspector glared at Johnny before demanding “And your second name Buck ?”  Johnny replied backBuck Worm, sir”

“Listen,” said Mick ” I’ll let you go; I’m off to break open me flask of hot Bovril, before the feckin NRA officials land in on top of me and Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan start announcing one new job in Thurles.  If I had me way I’d just fill that feckin hole up with 2 small shovels of cold tarmac and be finished with it “

Local Band ‘Seskin Lane’ To Play Electric Picnic

seskin_laneA local thurles band, Seskin Lane, are to play Electric Picnic on Friday 4th September 2015 on the Salty Dog stage @ 7:00 pm.

More details are available on the Electric Picnic website here:

Seskin Lane was founded in 2010 by Eoin Ryan Anthony. Seskin Lane’s debut album “Tasty Rainbow Rain” was released in 2011 and was followed by the release of their second album: “The History Of Things To Come”, in 2014.

Seskin Lane are growing in popularity and can often be heard in Thurles venues and other venues throughout the country. They’re latest single I Never Forget A Face is doing particularly well on iTunes at the moment.

The band consists of: Eoin Ryan Anthony; (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Banjo & Harmonica), Cian Cronin; (Drums & Percussion), Paudie Ryan; (Bass Guitar) & Niall O’ Shaughnessy; (Guitar & Vocals).


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