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February 2016
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Increased Recycling Charges For Tipperary From July

Do you want your ‘Lobbyists’ washed down?

“The other day the old landlord came by for his rent; I told him no money I had.
Besides, t’wasn’t fair to ask me to pay; the times were so awfully bad.
He felt discontent at not getting his rent and he shook his big head with a frown.
Says he, “I’ll take half,” but says I with a laugh, “Do you want your (‘Lobbyists’) old lobby washed down?”

The traditional Irish folk-song “Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down” appears to have first originated on the borders of counties Tipperary and Cork. Traditionally, ‘washing down a lobby’ was an alternative method of payment of your rent if money was scarce; the equivalent in later years of washing dishes at a restaurant, should you find yourself unable to afford your already consumed meal.

In the lyrics of this old song these words, depending on your particular mindset, are seen as perhaps being an intended double entendre. (‘Double Entendre’, meaning a figure of speech in which a phrase could be misunderstood to be somewhat risqué.)


New Recycling Regulation

Increased Recycling Charges
The Minister for Privatising Irish Water, Tipperary’s most ambitious Mr Alan Kelly, has signed off on plans to make people pay for every kilo of waste they produce; including the contents of our green bins. Most of us I suspect have been notified about this fact over the past seven days, with correspondence arriving from our waste disposal companies.

It would appear that not only is Mr Kelly looking for his own P45, but also seeking P45’s for his Fine Gael and other Labour Party colleagues in the forth coming general election.

Mr Kelly and his Labour / Fine Gael colleagues are being adamant on the doorsteps, that they never increased taxes on the Irish people during their soon to end term in office. Flat Taxes, introduced during a period of austerity, i.e. like Water Charges, Property Charges, Bin Charges and now the promised new Increased Recycling Charges, forced on people with no ability to pay, it seems are simply that, “Charges” not taxes. (Thank God the elderly got that €3 per week in their Old Age Pensions.)

Lobbyists or Government, who is to blame?
Was Mr Kelly advised to break this news before a general election by his loaned advisor Mr Cónán O’Broin or by his permanent adviser Mr Jim McGrath, latter reportedly earning jointly some €159,000, or did he just decide to ‘blab’ without their knowledge? So who is behind this new tax increase being imposed on the Irish people, including working people, families and communities? Was it ‘Lobbyists’ representing Waste Disposal Companies wearing a track in Mr Kelly’s plush carpeted office or was it our present coalition cabinet desperately seeking something that could take another tax hike? Lets face it, further taxing on the now essential motor vehicle would have been out of the question.

The plain answer to the above is “I don’t know”, but Mr Kelly does, so ask him yourself when he next appears on your doorstep canvassing. Tomorrow you will be told that this new increased Recycling Charge is a ruse to create long term rural employment.

One thing we do know down here in rural Ireland; where the buses no longer run and where rural doctors no longer wish to function; the black bags of household rubbish will soon begin to reappear, dumped smugly after dark once again on our rural mountainsides, our rural back lanes and in our uninhabited bog lands.

What has rural Ireland done that they have been neglected, abandoned and deserted by this Labour / Fine Gael Government?  In the words of an old Irish curse / hex and addressed to Mr Kelly ; “Sir, May you find the bees but never the honey.”

Lowry Calls On Tipperary Tourism Providers To Reach Out

Independent TD Deputy Michael Lowry has called on all Tipperary Tourism Providers, in communities throughout Co. Tipperary, to “Reach Out”.

Speaking recently on the subject of Tipperary Tourism, Deputy Michael Lowry TD has called on all urban and rural communities, across Co. Tipperary, to familiarise themselves with the website “Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO)” (http://www.irelandxo.com/) and to become fully involved locally, through the many voluntary roles offered.

The Independent Deputy stated;  “Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO)” is a volunteer-based, non-profit initiative which can build lasting links between the widely spread global Diaspora; estimated at some 70 million people of Irish decent, many of whom can, through past family discussion, already identify with their particular parish of origin here in Co. Tipperary.”

“The ‘Ireland Reaching Out’ website is simple but intelligent, based on the idea of ‘involved reverse genealogy’. So instead of waiting for our global Tipperary Diaspora to trace their roots themselves, Ireland XO volunteers can network directly with people from around Tipperary in their local communities. By doing so local communities can assist in building bridges between the present and the past; through connecting people with their Irish home parishes and discovering very often lost ancestry. This in turn will results in badly needed tourism being attracted to all areas of Tipperary; while creating some small, yet instant full time and part time employment in the county through our excellent Hotel Accommodation, B&B’s, Restaurants, Museums and Visitor Centres”, stated Lowry.

“Tipperary published brochures, while necessary to some degree, can be no substitute, in our modern day Ireland, for on-line world-wide-web marketing. With the unset of the new tourism initiative ‘Ireland’s Ancient East”, focused on heritage and history and themed along the four pillars of; Ancient Ireland; Early Christian Ireland; Medieval Ireland and Anglo Ireland, there is a very grave possibility that our northern Tipperary countryside; north of the Rock of Cashel & Holycross, will remain somewhat neglected” continued Lowry.

“To-date, Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) has helped thousands of Irish people discover the history of their long lost relatives, their existing families, endevering to reconnect them, where possible, with their Irish parish / community of origin. Whether people have emigrated recently or have never set foot on our sandy shores, Irish people will always welcome visitors from all over the world and particularly those who share an existing affinity for our rich and varied Tipperary heritage. It should therefore remain our aim to assist those now resident abroad to return and discover the real story of their families, their past history and reconnect them with the Tipperary of 2016.” concluded Michael Lowry.

Hydro-Electric Plant Or Wind Farm For Silvermines?


Mr Alan Kelly, the well known Tipperary Minister for Privatising Irish Water was not present yesterday to announce the decision by C&C to obliterate and demolish the rural village of Borrisoleigh, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

As our readers are aware some 120 employees of the former Gleeson’s bottling plant in Borrisoleigh village were informed yesterday – not by their employer C&C – but by members of the national press, that they would find themselves on an ever increasing Tipperary dole queue, by the summer of 2016. (C&C made generated revenue of €684m in the 12 months to the end of February last year and reported an operating profit of €115m.)

Ah yes how true of the poet Oliver Goldsmith, in the lines from his poem ‘The Deserted Village’.

“Sweet smiling village, loveliest of the lawn,
Thy sports are fled, and all thy charms withdrawn;
Amidst thy bowers the tyrant’s hand is seen,
And desolation saddens all thy green.”

Mr Kelly yesterday was still rubbing his chubby little hands after his previous day’s announcement of a proposed €650 million hydro-electric plant for the rural hamlet known as ‘Silvermines’ in Tipperary, just a mere 14 miles from Borrisoleigh and just weeks before a General Election.

Not yet at the planning stage; this proposed hydro-electric plant would, sometime into the future, offer to create 400 construction jobs, not to mention 50 permanent maintenance posts, while using a disused mining site. Hailed as being one of the largest infrastructural projects in Irish history; the news came conveniently fronted by Mr Kelly, prior to the Irish General Election, due in the next few weeks, possibly Feb. 26th. (Latter, according to a fly on the wall in Dáil Éireann’s Cabinet Room, was reportedly delayed by Mr Kelly’s Labour Party, against the wishes of their glorious leader Mr Enda Kenny, who had hoped for an early election in November 2015, following on from a budget that gave Irish Old Age Pensioners a €3 weekly increase and increased their box of fags by 50 cents.)

The partnership behind this €650 million hydro-electric zero-emission plant proposed for a rural village, where buses no longer run, are understood to includes Irish developer Siga Hydro, Irish construction company Roadbridge, construction groups Sisk and Roadbridge, and Austrian construction and technology companies named Strabag Group and Andritz Hydro.

Project Director and Nenagh-based businessman Mr Darren Quinn, managing director of Siga Hydro stated that he had identified the need for such a development some six years ago and had now chosen the Silvermines area because of its mountainous location; the existence of a 70-metre deep reservoir present since its mining days in the 1990’s, together with the areas proximity to an existing electricity network.

The very mention of an announcement of a €650 million investment for Tipperary ensured national press coverage for Minister Kelly. Silvermines residents were immediately jumping up and down flag waving, but the flag wavers turned out to be local publicans. Let’s be honest 400 workers, like others of the even-toed ungulate species, will always need to gather at a nearby watering hole for drinking purposes.

We read every available press release and glued our eyes to the TV.  Dublin people don’t understand why rural people in Tipperary bother to watch RTE, since we are rarely included. But, believe it or believe it not, we are always anxious to know where all of the jobs are materialising on a daily basis, hence our dedicated addiction.

Seeing reports of a €650 million investment bound for Tipperary being announced by Minister Kelly, latter a politician who in the last five years has achieved absolutely nothing for the towns in his constituency, in itself attracted unbelievable major pre-election attention. Was it an early April fool’s prank many of our residents pondered?  What is this hydro-electric plant thingamajig, those unable to afford the cost of a university education asked?

What is this Hydro-Electric Plant?

If planners give it the go-ahead, the Silvermines hydro-electric plant project will be the second pump-storage hydro-electric generator to be built in the Irish Republic, the other being the ESB’s Turlough Hill plant in Co Wicklow, which has been operating for more than 40 years producing 292 mega watts (MW) of electric power. The new Silvermines proposed plant will have the capacity to generate 360 mega watts (MW). (Nothing small ever undertaken here in Co. Tipperary you understand.)

How will it work I hear you ask? This is not a new idea, but like the existing Turlough Hill plant, water will be pumped from one source, starting at ground level and delivered to a reservoir higher up, which in turn will then be released through turbines that in turn generate electricity. [In the old day before electricity we used a similar principal on our flowing rivers, to turn a water wheel, using sluice gates. This water wheel ground our flour, hops and other feed stuffs in our corn mills of the late 18th and early 19th century.]

Now here is the problem, where does the hydro-electric plant get the electric power to pump the water from ground level to a reservoir high above ground level. Yes, pumped storage systems, like what is proposed, does use cheap night electricity to shove water from a downhill lake to an uphill lake, but it uses some two thirds of the power it previously generated.

Here however now ‘the devil may be in the detail’ as according to Irish News“The project would also allow wind energy to be deployed at night time during periods of less demand”. 

Are these words written on paper from a journalist in command of an over imaginative biro? Does this so called new project open up the prospect of yet another wind farm being built in an area of immense, wild, natural scenic beauty in Co. Tipperary?

Be careful Silvermines, you may just get what you did not request, finding that more than the noise of a westerly wind will be heard screeching around the corner of your home. (Watch Video above ensuring your speakers are turned down).  Presently there has been a surge in such projects in Ireland, as companies rush to take advantage of lucrative consumer subsidies, doled out by our present Government who strive to ensure that Ireland’s energy needs are met from renewable sources by 2020.

Build Wind farms out to sea, preferably off the coast of Dublin, instead of destroying our natural rural landscapes.

Our advise for young people residing in the Borrisoleigh area, sadly ‘Check that your passports are not out of date’.

Happy New Year From Thurles, Co. Tipperary


Over 424,782 readers worldwide viewed Thurles.Info over the past year, with 48,471 readers alone visiting our website during the month of November 2015, as shown in the statistics hereunder.


Thurles.Info Stats for Last Month (November 2015).

To all our readers and followers goes the wish that individually you each experience a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2016 and beyond.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Happy Christmas To All Our Readers


From Thurles.Info; may we wish all our readers and contributors; wherever in the world you are tonight, a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Joyous and Holy Christmas.

To all those working over this Christmas festival period, providing our public services through policing, our fire services, carers, clergy, nurses and doctors etc., to you go our very special thanks for your consistent, loyal and steadfast dedication.

“Happy Christmas Everyone.”

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