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Thurles Sarsfields GAA Story – Volume 1 – “Remember 1964”

Can you remember back to 1964, when locals here in Thurles gathered to celebrate the arrival of Tipperary’s All-Ireland Hurling Captain, Michael Murphy, accompanied of course by the Liam McCarthy Cup (Tipperary’s 20th win and the then 78th staging of Ireland’s premier hurling knock-out competition); arriving to Tom O’Toole’s public house on Friar Street in the town?

No, well you can refresh your memory shortly, when “Thurles Sarsfields GAA Story – Volume 1” hits the book shelves.

Left To Right: – Eamon Shanahan, Niall McNamara, Tom Behan, Michael Murphy, Joe Dwyer, Ned O’Shea, James Moloughney.

As we have previously stated, this ‘must-own’, long-awaited and overdue hard-back publication, containing over 500 pages packed with facts, figures and photos, will be available later this year in Thurles, through Bookworm, Lár na Páirce, Eason and Thurles Sarsfields Social Centre.

In answer to the many queries we have received by sporting readers (both male and female), yes, we can now confirm when this book launch is taking place.

The launch will take place at Thurles Sarsfields Social Centre on Friday, 10th November 2017, at 7.30 p.m. sharp.


It is interesting to note, also, that this new publication doesn’t confine itself purely to Thurles GAA affairs. Indeed, I would suggest that same can also be seen as a social or community written commentary, with the many happenings down through the decades, affecting our rural town and surrounding parish of Thurles, getting mentioned and clearly put into date perspective, e.g. the arrival of Electricity; the Thurles/Titanic connection; the official opening of Thurles Sugar Factory; the Korean War; Fair Days on Liberty Square (West Main Street) and Cathedral Street (East Main Street); The great Count John Mc Cormack’s Concert at Delahunty’s Cinema etc., etc., etc.

Note: A ‘Signed Publication’ can also be ordered direct (Plus €10 extra for postage and packing) from the Author, Mr Liam Ó Donnchú, Ballymoreen, Littleton, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


Daffodil, The Flower Symbolizing Friendship

“And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.”
[Extract from the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth.]

The season of Autumn 2017, here in our Northern Hemisphere, truly began just 9 days ago, on Friday, 22nd September at 9.54pm, and will come to an end on Thursday, 21st December 2017, as the dark winter days once again emerge.

But fear not; remember the words of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley “O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”; so, let’s forget about winter and prepare for spring.

Later, towards the end of this month, will be the time to plant spring flowering bulbs, like the Crocus, Snowdrops, Bluebells and Tulips; but right now, is the best time to plant those Daffodils with their wonderful characteristic six petal-like sepals, surmounted by their trumpet-shaped corona; the flower that symbolizes ‘Friendship’.

Among the earliest blooms to appear in our Irish spring; Daffodils have been around for a long, long time, getting mentioned as far back as two hundred years B.C.. Indeed, it was a group of Englishmen in the early 17th century who plucked the Daffodil out of the windflower category; positioned it firmly, because of its charm, for inclusion into our domestic flower garden and rockery.  Originating in Spain and Portugal, the Daffodil bulb, thankfully, was brought to the British Isles by the Romans, who foolishly believed that the sap from Daffodils had certain healing powers; alas the sap contains crystals that in some cases can irritate the skin.

When sowing Daffodils note that unlike some other bulbs (e.g. Tulips, Garlic), they do not require to be refrigerated. Each should have at least 2 to 3 inches of soil cover (deeper in sandy soil) and be planted a minimum of 4–5 inches apart over the next week, before really hard ground frost materialises.

After a Daffodil has finishes blooming, it still requires its foliage to gather and store energy for the following year’s bloom, so do watch the video shown above and remember if you want beautiful blooms next year, do not cut them back until the green of their foliage has fully disappeared, (usually late May or June). You can remove the spent flower head, but do remove the leaves.

You will observe from year to year how densely packed your Daffodils have become, so it is recommended that in June about every 5 years, that you grant the bulbs a little more growing space. Once finished blooming and when their leaves have turned brown, do dig them up and divide them by carefully plying them apart from one another, keeping their remaining leaves attached. They can then be replanted, as stated earlier with 2 to 3 inches of soil cover, 4–5 inches apart, or washed and dried by hanging in, if needs must,  ladies panty hose, or an onion sack (if you can locate same from your local greengrocer), in a cool, airy location, until they are ready to be replanted. Remember, Mulch can be tremendously beneficial when growing Daffodils, so do not dump all your tea leaves, coffee grinds, tree leaves, grass clippings, sawdust etc in your brown bin for removal by your recycling company.


Migrant Fairies Escape To Tipperary

As one eye said to the other, “Don’t look now but something between us smells.”

Graffiti, it’s everywhere in Thurles; on every Street; on the Doors and Walls of trading business premises; on Electrical and Telephone interconnecting thingamajig metal casings; Car Parks, River Suir Walkway walls, Signposts, the new Source Theatre and yes we know who is responsible, armed nightly with ladders, it’s ‘The Fairies’.

[Music used with this video hereunder is appropriately called – “King Of The Fairies” ]

Down in Co. Kerry that celebrated and wise old Teachta Dála (TD) Mr Danny Healy-Rae spotted it first, claiming ‘The Little People’ or the fairies were interfering with roads.

He claimed fairy mounds (or ‘Liosanna’) were impeded by the National Roads Authority in the area of the main Killarney to Cork traffic route, resulting in a surface dip mysteriously re-appearing on a regular basis.  Those living abroad may not be aware that Fairy forts and prehistoric Tumuli (ancient burial mounds) were seen by previous generations of Irish people as the entrances to the fairy world. Even the cutting of a ‘Sceach-thorn’ bush (Whitethorn) on fairy mounds was punishable by these “Good People”, resulting often in the death of all who performed such acts.

When Graffiti first appeared in Thurles, many of our residents believed that Banksy, the anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, and film director of unconfirmed identity, had come amongst us to reside. Local Banksy experts within Tipperary Co.Co., however, quickly confirmed that this doodling was not his work; claiming instead that this was the mere scrawling of some 6 of our 2,569 Thurles town unemployed persons, armed with ladders, lending further credence to the well known phrase, “the devil finds work for idle hands”.

However a ‘leaked document’, recently seen by this website and emanating from a prominent Tipperary Councillor, rejects this belief, claiming that this graffiti is the work of ‘migrant fairies’; foreign nationalists if you will; latter forced to flee across the border from persecution in Co. Kerry.

This Councillor in his statement, claims that proof; (as if further proof was needed), is that these fairies are totally invisible, with the Thurles closed-circuit television (CCTV), (which cost one hundred thousand Euro to install just 3 years previously), now unable to visually capture the images of these fairies at work, due to night fog.

This leaked document also states that despite efforts by Tipperary Co. Co. to attract employment to Thurles, through the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), alas no site visits by the latter have as yet materialised.  This we understand is not due to the lack of broadband speed, nor the fact that Tipperary hospital patients are the worst affected by overcrowding, in the country and most likely to die in an ambulance.

Keep it to yourselves but the remarks reported by one senior official in the IDA and quoted in this leaked document, states; “The town of Thurles looks like shit, and those on paid salaries and tasked with the job of upgrading its profile, are believed to be either dead or in deep slumber”.

To those politically motivated individuals who will send me emails in the coming days, claiming that I am showing Thurles in a poor light; I say get out of your SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), your BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Audi, Ferrai or Porsche; come, take a walk on the wild-side.


Warning Chocolate Can Cause Unwanted Pregnancy

“Sure I suppose half of what you hear is enough to believe”, said I to Mikey Ryan, here in the Arch Bar, Liberty Square, Thurles, last Wednesday night.

Mikey had been quietly ‘clearing his chest’ to me in relation to certain domestic difficulties he was experiencing with his eldest daughter Peggy Sue and her new lazy, good-for-nothing, boyfriend Bartley Fallon. (Not my words I assure you.)

Mikey was truly enraged by the reported activities of young Bartley; “The chances of that reprobate ever taking out my daughter again are about the same as me extracting butter from a skunks hole with a red hot darning needle”, said an adamant and perhaps over protective Mikey.

As far as I could gather, it was just a matter of Mikey simply not liking the look of this young lad, and for no real, apparent reason. So it seems that when Peggy Sue stated that Bartley Fallon was taking her to see Scarlett Johansson in “Rough Night” at the IMC Thurles Shopping Centre, Mikey kind of, well, ‘lost the cool’.

“You stay away from that weir-do and all belonging to him, or you will end up with a name for yourself, my girl”, had warned Mikey.
“Dad, you are so wrong, Bartley is so nice; he’s kind and considerate, generous and always treats me like a real lady”, retorted an even more adamant Peggy Sue.

Using the strongest vocal tones that he could muster and waving his thumb and index finger, latter holding a promised five pound note, Mikey demanded “You be back here in this house at 7.30 p.m. and not a minute later.”

From what I could gather, the Movie didn’t end until 3.00 a.m.; well that was the precise time being chimed out on the Thurles Cathedral clock, as Peggy Sue attempted a silent entry to her home. Mikey was in waiting; lightly dozing on the sofa in the parlour when he heard the sharp click from the Yale lock, as she entered.

“Where were you until now”, demanded Mikey, “Surely the film wasn’t on till this hour of the morning”.

“As you already know, I was with my boy friend Bartley”, said Peggy Sue in her best defensive tone, “and you are so wrong about him, Dad; Bartley is a kind and considerate boy, generous to a fault; sure he even bought me a large bag of chocolate ‘Maltesers’ to chew during the film. We sat in the duel seats on the back row, and Bartley put his arm around me.  When the lights went down, he kissed me and began to feel my leg just above my knee and I began to laugh”. Peggy Sue closed her eyes as if trying to relive the memory.

“Then I felt his hand move to under my blouse and I laughed again. He then began to feel around under my bra, and I laughed again, much to the annoyance of the cinema usher, who shone his powerful torch directly on us”, continued Peggy Sue.

“What the feck was there to laugh about”, demanded Mikey, his anger rising.
“Couldn’t help it”,  said Peggy Sue, “Sure poor Bartley didn’t realise that my Maltesers were safely tucked away in me handbag”.

Kids these days, no respect whatsoever.


Thurles Native Caught Up In Hurricane Harvey Devastation

Journalist and Author Tom Ryan Reports:-

An Irish soccer referee in Houston, Texas, yesterday paid tribute to the “caring spirit and generosity” of the people of Houston, in the wake and devastation of Hurricane Harvey, which has caused death and destruction on a huge scale, this week.

Pictured herewith are Pam & Seanie Ryan, attending a ‘Rodeo’ in the populous city of Houston, Texas, in the United States, during happier times.

Thurles native, Mr Seanie Ryan, latter formerly a drummer with various bands in Ireland, including Co. Tipperary’s ‘Tweed’ in the 80’s (later ‘The Paddies’ with top lead vocalist Brendan Ryder, Thurles.) and the ‘Kenny Ryder Superband’, currently resides in ‘Katy’, latter a city in the U.S. state of Texas, within the Houston – Katy -Woodlands – Sugar Land metropolitan area; previously known as “Cane Island”.

As the hurricane hit Katy City and his neighbourhood became flooded, he was directed by a US Coast Guard helicopter to a United States Army Truck, who brought the family to safety to an upland, dry area.

Seanie stated “My wife Pam, and I, carrying our two pups, ‘Rosie’ and ‘Pickles’ in a basket, had to wade through some five feet of water to get to the truck”, adding, “You do it when you mustSubsequently we were offered accommodation in the home of friends who, ironically, were only about two miles away, but actually in a dry area, where we could walk our dogs next day; Crazy.”  Seanie continued.

“One thing I want to get across”, Seanie was anxious to emphasise, “You know people around the world may say different things about the present state of America and our President Donald Trump, but I could not begin to describe the generosity and caring spirit of the wonderful people of Houston, Texas; its Black, white, Asian, Indian, in fact practically the whole of its 2.303 million population, containing all races and creeds. You know it was so wonderful; people, many complete strangers, whom we never met before, were offering us food, accommodation; even an office, if my wife wanted to do her work, indeed any kind of help we wanted was on offer. 

Police helicopters hovered over the neighbourhood all night with floodlights protecting our homes from looters and Coastguard helicopters continued to be involved in rescue operations; rather like the one that came to our assistance.  People just came up to us all the time saying “What can I do for you”.  Now that’s the outstanding spirit of Houston and how it should remain; people were just so outstanding and generous in every way”, said Seanie, a professional Colleges Soccer Referee.

Meanwhile Seanie and wife Pam do not know quite what to expect, when they will eventually be allowed to go back to their home. While thankful to be alive and thoroughly grateful to the great people of Katy city and Houston, they hope they may be lucky in respect of any long term damage caused to their dwelling.

Meanwhile they look forward to November 4th next and the nuptial of their son Kevin, (latter a published writer), and Ms Caroline McKinzie Phillips.

Note: Seanie Ryan, was formerly a native of No.30 Kennedy Park, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, and is brother of Thurles journalist / author Mr Tom Ryan, Rahealty and Mr Pat Ryan, also No.30 Kennedy Park, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.