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April 2014
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Tipperary Motorists Note New Mobile Phone Legislation

Within effect from May 1st 2014 all Irish motorists caught accessing information on their phones, in particular ‘Texting’ while driving, could face a fine of up to €1,000.
Under these new rules this mandatory fine will rise to a maximum of €2,000 for a second offence, and a possible three-month jail sentence, along with a €2,000 fine, for three offences or more within any one year period.

Please note some people may find this video hereunder upsetting.

Under Irish law it is already illegal to ‘Text’ while driving, however the changes will close off a loophole which could allow people to escape fines and penalties if they were operating a phone resting in a cradle or via a hands-free kit.

Minister for Transport Mr Leo Varadkar has signed this new amendment to existing legislation which will come into effect on May 1st of this year. A spokesperson for the minister stated he wanted to close a possible loophole which could meant that a driver caught ‘Texting’ on a phone resting in a cradle could potentially take a challenge through the Irish court system.

A Department of Transport spokesperson said ‘Texting’ while driving is now considered so serious that no penalty points will be immediately applied to those caught, resulting instead with the offender being summonsed to appear before the courts.

The Road Safety Authority has welcomed the tightening up of this legislation.

“The Casket Girls” Celebrate 227 Years In Thurles

“Be bound to one another by the bond of love, respecting, helping, bearing with each other in Jesus Christ.”
(St. Angela Merici, Foundress of the Ursuline Religious Order)

The Ursuline Religious Order (Ursulines of the Roman Union) were and remain a Roman Catholic religious institute for women, founded at Brescia, Italy, by Saint Angela de Merici in November 1535. Their aim was primarily dedicated to the education of girls, while also caring for the sick and needy and bringing about a Christianising influence in existing homes and in the homes which those they came into contact with, would subsequently establish.

From Italy through Europe, this religious order began to expand, eventually spreading to Canada by 1639 and to the New Orleans French Quarter by 1727. (Latter quarter founded on May 7th, 1718, by the French Mississippi Company). Here they became affectionately known as the “Filles du’ Casket,” (Tranlation: “Casket Girls.”) because of the wooden cases which they hauled enthusiastically around, containing their meagre possessions, while in transit from Rouen in northern France to this new colony in the Americas.

Faith and education have been the very cornerstones of Ursuline philosophy since their humble beginnings and those two pillar virtues are as evident today, as they first were when the Order was first established here in Thurles. Former students from the Ursuline Convent in Thurles, today, populate the globe and their achievements in life as academics, as business people, as sporting icons, as musicians and performers, as parents, as wives, as partners and as Sisters, are as many as to quote 1 Kings 4:20 from the Bible; “as numerous as the sand on the seashore.”

The Ursuline Order first arrived in Thurles back in 1787, sixteen years after they were established in Cork. On that date 227 years ago Anastasia Tobin came back to her native Thurles having been professed as Sr. Clare Ursula in the Ursuline Convent, Cork. She took up residence in a little crude thatched cottage on the site of the present convent. Assisted by her sister Mary, she got the required permission from the Protestant Vicar General of the diocese to begin a school, thus establishing the first Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly.

Since then, through changing history, their work of education has continued and expanded. Efforts to be faithful to what is best in their tradition have not prevented them from moving forward as required by a constantly challenging environment.

The aims of the Ursuline Order here in Thurles, over these 227 years, still remain constant as they continue to develop primary and second level students to gain their full potential both academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Thurles History Decays In Favour of ‘Dubline’

“Glory looking day, glory day, glory looking day,
And all its glory, told a simple way, behold it if you may.”
Lyrics Neil Diamond (Album: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.)

Rural Ireland and in particular Co Tipperary continues to be seen as the ‘Poor Relation,’ or ‘The Lower Order,’ and unworthy of  Dublin’s well healed bourgeoisie when it comes to Fáilte Ireland and the fair distribution of taxpayer public funding.

We learn in recent weeks that well over half a million Euro (€620,000 to be precise) is to be spent on developing a number of tourist attractions in our capital city, latter aimed at our discerning International visitors who are only encouraged to stand at the gateway to Ireland. These funded projects are to be part of “Dubline,” a proposed heritage trail which will run across Dublin from East to West along a route roughly selected from College Green to Kilmainham. Proposed tourism projects here in Thurles will once again go unrewarded, not for the first time, with not one single cent of our nations central funding being spent for future tourism promotion.

Amongst these five funded Dublin restoration projects is the repair of a bell, at a cost of almost €18,000, supposedly the first Catholic bell to ring in Dublin in nearly 300 years, breaching the then existing penal laws of the 16th and 17th centuries (same laws were largely ignored in the 18th century) while also providing secure exhibition space for a few miserable artefacts found on the Smock Alley site, latter which will now move from where they are currently housed in the National Museum.

(Note: Despite a meeting in January last, to present date and some nine weeks later, Thurles cannot yet get clarification on the possibility of returning the Derrynaflan Hoard back to its native county, same being required on loan for just two months, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its finding.)

Here in Thurles, during the years 1804-1862, Archbishop Thomas Bray and later Archbishop Patrick Leahy had no problem ringing the bell at the Big Chapel here in Thurles. The cracked bell at the Smock Alley Theatre, latter which only reopened in 2012, was built originally as a Theatre Royal and now in 2014 lends itself to the myth that Daniel O’Connell rang it to celebrate Catholic Emancipation in 1829. Natives here in Co Tipperary are being now asked to augment this ‘Freedom Bell’ myth, which will be acclaimed as the Dublin equivalent of America’s also cracked ‘Liberty Bell,’ latter that iconic symbol of American Independence, and in the case of the former, therefore worthy of €18,000 of Irish public funding just to remove a few splatters of pigeon poop with a power washer.

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Thurles Hosts Fine Gael’s Tipperary Local Election Campaign

Thurles hosted the official launch of Fine Gael’s Tipperary local election campaign.

It was standing room only for the official launch of Fine Gael’s Tipperary local election campaign held at the Anner Hotel, here in Thurles on Friday night last.

With 23 candidates, the Fine Gael party is very confident that it has brought together the best possible team to represent Tipperary’s diverse communities. With the creation of the newly integrated Tipperary authority running alongside five municipal districts it is vital that a strong unified voice is heard in order that the council can continue to achieve its stated objectives.

Fine Gael, as a major partner in government, is best placed in creating synergies with Tipperary County Council by having as many elected representatives on the council, thereby creating a partnership that can only benefit Tipperary in both the short and long term.

The launch was held in conjunction with the Fine Gael Constituency Annual General Meeting (AGM) and was opened by Constituency Chairman Mr Michael Harty. Michael outlined the enormous amount of work and co-operation carried out by local party officers in ensuring the seamless transition from North and South Ridings and uniting them into a single authority. Special thanks was given to Lucy McCormack, Constituency Secretary for the trojan work undertaken by her personally in this process.

North Tipperary’s Mr Noel Conan TD addressed the local issues facing Tipperary such as infrastructure and unemployment and wished all of the candidates well in the forthcoming local elections. South Tipperary Minister Mr Tom Hayes TD spoke about national policy and the difficult decisions that have to be taken whether locally or nationally in safeguarding the new found stability and growth.

Mr Simon Harris, MEP candidate for Ireland South and representatives for both Mr Sean Kelly and M/s Deirdre Clune also addressed the meeting.
The night concluded with a sense of determination that no stone would be left unturned in the pursuit of representing the people of Tipperary.

Search Begins For 2014 Tipperary Rose Of Tralee

Ciarán from the “Tipperary International Rose of Tralee Organising Committee,” reports:-

The Tipperary Rose of Tralee Centre is proud to invite you to nominate an entrant in this year’s Tipperary Rose of Tralee Selection.

The winning Rose will represent her family and friends and the whole of County Tipperary at the Regional Finals in June. This is a wonderful opportunity for a company / business and for the chosen Tipperary Rose herself  to become a part of the 2014 International Rose of Tralee Festival.

Nominating an entrant is simple, it requires a nominal fee, but in return the entrant will carry the name of your company/business on her sash throughout the many events which will be held during the county selection. This is a great branding and image awareness opportunity for your company, especially during these difficult times.

Your company will also be featured in all Local Media, Press Releases, on all our Social Media sites, (including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, reaching out to thousands of people), and to be mentioned on the main Rose of Tralee web page, on the Show Night Program and you will be represented by ‘Your Rose,’ to the huge crowd of 300 people on the selection night here in Thurles.

Putting forward a young lady also entitles you to two VIP tickets to the 2014 Tipperary Rose Selection night (To be held in the Anner Hotel, Thurles, 4th April) a picture of your Rose and throughout the year we will be happy to facilitate the 2014 Tipperary Rose to attend an event your company may be hosting.

Note: To this end a free ‘Information Evening’ will be held this Sunday evening (Tomorrow 23/3/2014) at 5.00pm at the Anner Hotel here in Thurles – all are welcome – you can even bring a friend if you so wish – or even bring someone with you to join us up on stage.

Remember: We would be delighted to answer any questions or enquires you may have so please don’t hesitate in contacting us; we can be reached by Telephone on 0863871635or by Email at

The Tipperary Final Selection itself will be on in the Anner Hotel, Thurles on Friday the 4th of April.

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