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Reports Of Serious Accident On M8 Motorway Near Thurles

Details are coming in on what is believed to be a serious traffic incident having taken place on the M8 Motorway, close to Thurles, in the last number of hours.

The incident has forced the closure of both the north and south bound lanes between J6 Thurles and J5 Thurles.

Emergency services including a helicopter are understood to be currently at the accident scene.

Traffic is noted as being heavy on approach. Traffic is also slow as it exits the motorway at J5, Two-Mile-Borris, attempting to avoid delays further south. Traffic on the N62 is also moving slowing, as it comes up to the M8 at Junction 6.

BRIEF UPDATE: The M8 has now fully reopened both northbound and southbound, following the earlier collision.


Resident Parking Suggested For New Thurles Carpark

Photo (A) Exit west unto Slievenamon Road, (B) View South Side looking from West to East, (C) View North Side with Entrance from Liberty Square, looking from West to East, (D) Exit South unto Thomond Road

It is expected that the new Thurles carpark, facilitated by the demolition of Jack Griffin’s newsagents shop in Liberty Square, should be open by August 31st. next.

With this new car park coming on stream here in Thurles, the local authority have been requested to examine off-street parking within the town centre.

In the past, local authority planners have failed miserably to take into account planning applications for new businesses. One strong example within Thurles is the area of Kickham Street / Ikerrin Road, where three businesses were granted planning in recent years, e.g. A Supermarket, Tiling Shop and Veterinary Clinic.

All three businesses, while attracting excellent custom; same automatically has resulted in there being no car parking spaces for elderly local residents, who’s homes directly front on Kickham street and who were in occupation in their homes, long before these new businesses ever came into existance.

Traffic within this area is now so dense; same generated by staff working in these businesses; customers and larger vehicles making local deliveries, that elderly residents are now being forced to park over a quarter of a mile away. Some are now obliged to park vehicles in neighbours gardens on Ikerrin Road. Promises to remove vacant properties to provide parking, have fallen on deaf ears and almost weekly, parked cars are being damaged in ‘hit and run’ like incidents.


West Bound Traffic Delays In Thurles Over Next Three Months

Further traffic congestion and delays expected in Thurles town west

More Thurles traffic congestion can be expected, over the next 12 weeks, as works are expected to begin on Monday next with the laying of a new water main system on Abbey Road in the town, according to Tipperary County Council officials.

With this in mind, motorists and other road users have been advised that there will be major traffic disruption in that area, as a result of this new work, necessary to be carried out.

This work is expected to also include the construction of the delayed new ‘raised roundabout‘ on the R-660 at Abbey Road, Thurles, on the junction of the entrances to Lidl Supermarket and the Kennedy Park housing estate.

Funding for this ‘raised roundabout’ of some €75,000, had already been announced by local Cllr. Michéal Lowry, back in late January 2019. Same work had been delayed, we understand, in anticipation of the planned laying of this new water mains project.


Road Maintenance Begins Tomorrow On Cathedral Street, Thurles

Road Maintenance on N75 at Cathedral Street Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Photo G. Willoughby

A Quick Reminder: Tipperary County Council wish to inform the public, and have indeed confirmed on their website that there will be a “Stop / Go System” in place operating on Cathedral Street, Thurles (N75), from 7:00am to 7:00pm from tomorrow Monday, May 25th, 2020, to Friday May 29th, inclusive, to facilitate resurfacing works.

Traffic Management will be in place, but delays can be expected.

Note: All on-street parking is no longer permitted at this location for the duration of this work being carried out.

Tipperary County Council appreciate your co-operation and apologise for the inconvenience caused, during the period of this disruption.


Road Surface Conditions In Thurles No Longer Acceptable

“For a ha’porth of tar, (halfpenny worth) the ship was lost.”

Tipperary County Council continue to waste tax payers money.

A public road crater, situated in the middle of the road, approximately 457 metres (500 yards) from the Thurles Municipal District Council offices, latter situated on Mathew Avenue, Thurles; went unnoticed by council engineers, council officials, local elected district councillors and other Thurles Municipal District members of staff, over the past week.

This morning, workers went about filling this crater, together with a vast array of other Thurles potholes, using their weekly quota of cold tarmac; placing same on top of water puddles. Next Thursday they will be back to fill them all up once again.

However, this particular crater in question; situated at the top of Friar Street, east of the railway bridge in the town, will cost Tipperary County Council or Thurles Municipal District Council a little more than five shovels of cold tarmac (we as residents do not know ‘who’ in council circles are actually responsible for ‘what’ nowadays).

This morning, early vehicle drivers, travelling to work, struck this crater, resulting in 5 vehicles having tyres blown out, damaging not just their vehicles tyre walls, but also wheel rims.

On February 18th 2020 last the Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council Mr Joe MacGrath took time out on local radio to state that he was ‘encouraged’ by this year’s funding allocation for road improvements with a total of €43 million available for roads in Co. Tipperary this year; an increase of 77% since 2016.

Mr MacGrath went on to say that this was “a cause for optimism for road infrastructure in Tipperary.” (Sorry, it has not done much for Thurles urban roads Mr MacGrath.)

What Mr MacGrath failed to state on radio was the cost of compensation paid to Tipperary motorists, latter who claimed for damages to their respective motor vehicles due to unacceptable road surface conditions, since 2016.

While 4 of the tyres damaged today will cost around €75 Euros, (including fitting and tracking), a tyre on the 5th victim’s car was a ‘Premium Tyre’, costing €170 Euros, not readily available to purchase and has now to be placed on special order.