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Cllr. Michéal Lowry Welcomes Regional & Local Road’s Funding

Councillor Michéal Lowry (Templemore / Thurles Municpal District), welcomes funding for the maintenance & improvement of regional & local roads in Co. Tipperary.

Cllr. Michéal Lowry

Cllr. Michéal Lowry has today welcomed the 2019 grant allocations from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to Tipperary Co. Council, in respect of maintenance and improvement works to be carried out on regional and local roads.

The total grant allocation in 2019 for Tipperary Co. Council is €25,766,721 million.  In particular, Cllr. Lowry welcomed the funding of €75,000, which has been allocated to allow for the construction of a new raised roundabout on Abbey Road, Thurles, at the junction of the entrances to Lidl Supermarket and the Kennedy Park housing estate.

“This current grant allocation is positive news for Tipperary overall and I am  delighted that a key project here in Thurles, which I had particularly requested for inclusion in the 2019 allocation, has received funding,” said Cllr. Lowry.  “Following today’s funding announcement, the construction of this new raised roundabout, on the R-660 at Abbey Road, can now get under way”, Cllr. Lowry concluded.


Roads Department, Tipperary Co. Council Issue Statement

Statement from the Department of Roads at Tipperary County Council.

The Roads Department of Tipperary County Council, wish to inform landowners that it has come to their attention that persons, latter purporting to be agents/contractors, are approaching farmers and other landowners, claiming that the Council has employed them to cut trees/hedges on behalf of the said Council. These rogue agents are also seeking payment for any work undertaken.

Tipperary County Council wish to make it clear to the public that it has absolutely no involvement, whatsoever, with these persons and has not employed their services in any capacity. They further point out that it is up to each individual landowner to arrange to cut their own trees/hedges.

If any member of the public should come across such so called agents, they are asked to report the matter immediately to Gardaí.

Should members of the public wish to receive further clarification on the above, please contact Tipperary County Council at Tel: 0761 06 5000, to discuss the matter further.

Note: All landowners and occupiers of land should note that Section 46 of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 prohibits the cutting, of hedges and ditches during the period March 1st to August 31st each year; thus ensuring the safety of birds and other wildlife.


Teenager Dead Following Car Accident In Co. Tipperary

A 19-year-old female driver, has lost her life in a single-vehicle collision here in Co. Tipperary.

The incident is understood to have happened on the N24 in the townsland of Ballydrehid, near Cahir, Co. Tipperary at around 8.30am this morning.

The teenager, who was pronounced dead at the scene, has been named locally as Ms Laura Quinn, a beautician from Kilshane, near Bansha, in Co Tipperary. Ms Quinn was the only occupant of the motor vehicle; which she was driving to her place of work in Clonmel, before coming into contact with a tree.

Her body has been removed to University Hospital Waterford, where, later, a post-mortem examination is expected to take place.

Garda forensic collision investigators, this morning, were examining the crash site, and the road remained closed with diversion alternative routes signposted.

Cahir Garda Station are asking for any person with information regarding this incident, to contact them on Tel No: 052-7445630.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam dílis.


“Go n-Éirí an Bóthar Leat” – Translation Rings True In Thurles

“Go n-éirí an bóthar leat”, loosely translated from the Irish language into English means “May the road rise to meet you” or in more realistic phraseology, “May your journey be successful”.

Oh, but not so in Thurles; no, we living here in this rural backwater, when we use this Irish phrase “Go n-éirí an bóthar leat”, we mean the literal, loose translation, “May the road rise to meet you”.

Following a recent news statement posted on this website on December 28th last, headed “EU Awards Funding For Tipperary Smart Street Lighting”; we were since contacted by a number of individuals asking where a series of “sunken road craters” existed in our town.

To those that enquired, check your email, we sent you photographs showing the above 3 craters which are to be found within 6 meters (18 ft) of each other on Slievenamon Road, Thurles and all between 4 inches and 10 inches below the actual current road surface. You can find a few more recently “installed” in the proximity of Emmett Street and Mitchel Street.

The drain covers, interestingly, have a manufacturers name and the address of the foundry that cast them; “Sharkey Dublin”, possibly installed in the latter half of the reign of Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India until his death in 1910.

The effect of these craters on motor vehicles of course is usually, at worst, a steering system misalignment or bent wheel rims.  Motorists pay local authorities motor tax, if they want to drive their vehicles in a public place. There are four forms of tax on vehicle fuel:- (1) Excise duty charged by the litre, (2) Carbon tax, which is charged by the tonne, (3) A National Oil Reserves Agency (NORA) levy of 2 cents per litre, (4) Vat @ 23% is added on after all other taxes have been charged. We won’t mention the tax on the purchase of the vehicle itself, the cost of obtaining a Driving Licence, passing a Driving Test, Vehicle Insurance and that ever essential National Car Test (NCT).

With all of these taxes taken into consideration therefore, Co. Councils feel you shouldn’t get too upset when forced to pay the extra costs of repairs needed to replace / repair steering system misalignments, destroyed tyres or bent wheel rims.

Recent road repairs undertaken in Mitchel Street and Emmett Street in the town, prove that Tipperary Co. Council practises remain extremely flawed. It appears that when it comes to manufacturing craters; the words of author, scientist, and statesman Benjamin Franklin come to mind as in, “old habits die hard”, meaning it is difficult to change a way of behaving, that Tipperary Co. Council has displayed during previous decades, despite the introduction and a major emphases being placed on “Health and Safety” practises.

Yes, “Go n-éirí an bóthar leat”, or “May the road rise to meet you”, is a wish only we can offer pedestrians in Thurles presently, yet we live in optimistic hope that no person steps off the pavement into one of these craters, under cover of darkness on any future moonless winter night.


Thurles Ring Road Demands Absent From New Election Cacamas

Amateurish and naïve newly proposed Fine Gael Candidates are unlikely to claw back seats in Co. Tipperary come next election, despite being photographed standing beside An Taoiseach Mr Leo Varadkar.

Have you read their election pamphlets?  In recent weeks, in fact three newly appointed party faithful have been suggesting to us that, come the next General Election they should be granted a substantial salary; expenses and eventually that much sought after and coveted State Pension. Names like Mary Newman Julian [Fine Gael] (#MaryForTipperary); Sandra Farrell [Fianna Fáil] and Garret Ahearn [Fine Gael], are using their worker bees to push their election pamphlets through our letterboxes.

Personally, I appear to live in the darkest of nebulae, when it comes to recognising even just one tiny achievement that has been accomplished by any one of the above named in the past.  All of the election pamphlets contain the same ‘Cacamas’ (crap), ‘Truflais’ (garbage), agus ‘Raiméis’ (rubbish), e.g. worthless promises regarding Infrastructure, Agriculture, Education, Broadband, Banks, Rural Affairs, Housing, Pensions, Equality, Crime, etc. etc. etc.

The people who are being targeted by this ‘Cacamas’ are fully aware that the only one person who ever entered parliament with ‘honest intent’ in the last 413 years was an English Catholic by the name of Guy Fawkes, latter as you know, who had planned to blow up the English House of Lords, (The Gunpowder Plot of 1605).

In all of the ‘Cacamas’ (crap) printed on these election pamphlets, the words “Tourism” and “Thurles Ring Road”, remain absent from the conversation. All competing with Christmastime election pamphlets have failed to give credence or ‘call for’ both of these issues to be addressed.

We will just discuss the Thurles Ring Road: The 12th century narrow streets of Thurles were never designed to carry 21st century, 18-wheeler, freight carrying trucks.

If you view the two pictures above you can see in picture (1), not for the first time, the destruction by large vehicles attempting to corner our junctions, while staying in their own lanes. Two people at least in recent years have both lost their lives as a direct result of our narrow streets.

At the Junction of Clongour Road and Slievenamon Road, Tipperary Co. Council Engineers, have reduced the turning space available (On both Sides) by two meters, in recent months, [See picture (2)]. Obviously constructed with health and safety in mind, of course the opposite is the truth, as large vehicles attempt to stay in one lane are forced to regularly mount the kerb in order to do so. The now green muddied area shown on right in picture No.2, was once a cycle lane, introduced by Labour Party TD Mr Alan Kelly, days prior to the last election. Since introduced, same, due to a lack of space, have and continue to remain a necessary parking area for local residents. More wasted money.

A podcast on Radio TippFM by Tipperary Co. Council’s District Director Mr Matt Shortt claimed that his Council could not afford a miserable, one off three days of free parking for Thurles, to aid retailers in the town’s centre. Yet we can afford this type of unnecessary dangerous road reconstruction. [No Mr Shortt, I won’t mention six fully detached houses, built by Tipperary Co. Council, at a cost of €300,000 each, (Total 1.8million), which currently have been left unoccupied for at least the past six months. I won’t even mention the “Mexican Border Wall” built on that 8ft expanse of mesquite and barrel cacti growing area, better known as Moyne Road, Thurles, in an effort to stop illegal migrant residents from getting to their local shop. I will also refrain from mentioning the binding contract that now sees the Thurles public toilet (Superloo in Thurles Park) costing Tipperary Co. Council €56 per each visiting person wishing to void faeces (Cacamas) from their bowels.]

Engineers responsible should now be made to drive an 18-wheeler over this road course, in an effort to fully understand the difficulties being experienced by truck drivers, each attempting to manoeuvre around on a 12th century road-scape.

Time now for all Pretenders to Dáil Éireann each wishing to be granted that substantial salary and expenses and more importantly that eventual and much coveted State Pension, to rewrite their Election Cacamas and ‘call’ for what Thurles needs, rather than continuing to indulge themselves in meaningless, mind wandering, personal reveries.