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Thurles Ring Road Demands Absent From New Election Cacamas

Amateurish and naïve newly proposed Fine Gael Candidates are unlikely to claw back seats in Co. Tipperary come next election, despite being photographed standing beside An Taoiseach Mr Leo Varadkar.

Have you read their election pamphlets?  In recent weeks, in fact three newly appointed party faithful have been suggesting to us that, come the next General Election they should be granted a substantial salary; expenses and eventually that much sought after and coveted State Pension. Names like Mary Newman Julian [Fine Gael] (#MaryForTipperary); Sandra Farrell [Fianna Fáil] and Garret Ahearn [Fine Gael], are using their worker bees to push their election pamphlets through our letterboxes.

Personally, I appear to live in the darkest of nebulae, when it comes to recognising even just one tiny achievement that has been accomplished by any one of the above named in the past.  All of the election pamphlets contain the same ‘Cacamas’ (crap), ‘Truflais’ (garbage), agus ‘Raiméis’ (rubbish), e.g. worthless promises regarding Infrastructure, Agriculture, Education, Broadband, Banks, Rural Affairs, Housing, Pensions, Equality, Crime, etc. etc. etc.

The people who are being targeted by this ‘Cacamas’ are fully aware that the only one person who ever entered parliament with ‘honest intent’ in the last 413 years was an English Catholic by the name of Guy Fawkes, latter as you know, who had planned to blow up the English House of Lords, (The Gunpowder Plot of 1605).

In all of the ‘Cacamas’ (crap) printed on these election pamphlets, the words “Tourism” and “Thurles Ring Road”, remain absent from the conversation. All competing with Christmastime election pamphlets have failed to give credence or ‘call for’ both of these issues to be addressed.

We will just discuss the Thurles Ring Road: The 12th century narrow streets of Thurles were never designed to carry 21st century, 18-wheeler, freight carrying trucks.

If you view the two pictures above you can see in picture (1), not for the first time, the destruction by large vehicles attempting to corner our junctions, while staying in their own lanes. Two people at least in recent years have both lost their lives as a direct result of our narrow streets.

At the Junction of Clongour Road and Slievenamon Road, Tipperary Co. Council Engineers, have reduced the turning space available (On both Sides) by two meters, in recent months, [See picture (2)]. Obviously constructed with health and safety in mind, of course the opposite is the truth, as large vehicles attempt to stay in one lane are forced to regularly mount the kerb in order to do so. The now green muddied area shown on right in picture No.2, was once a cycle lane, introduced by Labour Party TD Mr Alan Kelly, days prior to the last election. Since introduced, same, due to a lack of space, have and continue to remain a necessary parking area for local residents. More wasted money.

A podcast on Radio TippFM by Tipperary Co. Council’s District Director Mr Matt Shortt claimed that his Council could not afford a miserable, one off three days of free parking for Thurles, to aid retailers in the town’s centre. Yet we can afford this type of unnecessary dangerous road reconstruction. [No Mr Shortt, I won’t mention six fully detached houses, built by Tipperary Co. Council, at a cost of €300,000 each, (Total 1.8million), which currently have been left unoccupied for at least the past six months. I won’t even mention the “Mexican Border Wall” built on that 8ft expanse of mesquite and barrel cacti growing area, better known as Moyne Road, Thurles, in an effort to stop illegal migrant residents from getting to their local shop. I will also refrain from mentioning the binding contract that now sees the Thurles public toilet (Superloo in Thurles Park) costing Tipperary Co. Council €56 per each visiting person wishing to void faeces (Cacamas) from their bowels.]

Engineers responsible should now be made to drive an 18-wheeler over this road course, in an effort to fully understand the difficulties being experienced by truck drivers, each attempting to manoeuvre around on a 12th century road-scape.

Time now for all Pretenders to Dáil Éireann each wishing to be granted that substantial salary and expenses and more importantly that eventual and much coveted State Pension, to rewrite their Election Cacamas and ‘call’ for what Thurles needs, rather than continuing to indulge themselves in meaningless, mind wandering, personal reveries.


Tipperary – Man Hit By Lorry Fighting For Life

Gardaí in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary are appealing for witnesses after a man was seriously injured in a traffic collision in the area late yesterday evening.

The male, a pedestrian and aged in his 30’s, at approximately 6.30pm; was struck by a lorry on the N24 at Knockanore, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary .

The pedestrian was rushed to South Tipperary General Hospital, where we understand he remains in a critical condition.

Any person with any information is now being asked to contact Clonmel Garda Station, Telephone 052 6177640 or the Garda Confidential Line Telephone 1800 666 111.


Lowry – “€4.2 Million Funding Sanctioned For Co. Tipperary”

Tipperary Independent TD, Deputy Michael Lowry is pleased to confirm the following allocation of funding for Co. Tipperary under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund.

Following his continued representation on behalf of Tipperary’s ‘Category A Projects’, to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Mr Eoin Murphy;  €2.89 million has now been awarded for the development of the Kickham Barrack Sports Hub in Clonmel and a further €1.35 million has been allocated for the Thurles, Liberty Square Regeneration Project.

This funding is allocated through Project Ireland 2040.

As readers will be aware, earlier this year ‘Project Ireland 2040’ established four new funds, all with a combined allocation of €4 billion, up to 2027.

The Urban Regeneration and Development fund (URDF) has an overall allocation of €2 billion up to 2027, with the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government having the responsibility for the implementation of this same URDF funding.

This fund is the largest urban regeneration initiative taken in Ireland for decades and was established to support more compact and sustainable development, through the regeneration and rejuvenation of Ireland’s cities and large towns, in line with the objectives of Project Ireland 2040.

This will enable a greater proportion of residential and mixed-use development to be delivered within the existing built-up footprints of our cities and towns and it will ensure that more parts of our urban areas can once again become attractive and vibrant places in which people can choose to live and work, as well as to invest.

There are two categories of submission, Category A – for projects that are ready to go and Category B to support the initial development of projects (Master-planning / Feasibility) to ensure a pipeline of possible projects into the future.


TII Omit Thurles Bypass From Recent Update

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has decided to omit the already identified Thurles Bypass from their recent forecast of necessary works, soon to be undertaken nationally.

So, if I were Mr Garret Ahearn, Fine Gael’s proposed election candidate, and hopeful heir to Co. Tipperary;  I would now be planning on drastically reducing my General Election posters in the environs of Thurles, come the next general election: latter election which punters expect shortly.

I base this advice on certain text contained in Mr Ahearn’s recent electioneering, promotional bumf, in which he quotes, “Thurles has excellent train services, but while it is close to the M8 motorway, there is a major need to upgrade the road network in the town and surrounding areas. Congestion is a big issue which needs a multi-pronged approach. In the short-term Liberty Square is going to be realigned after the completion of the new car park. Further investment is needed and I will be seeking government funding to improve the road infrastructure.”

In this same useless and tedious printed material, Mr Ahearn quotes An Taoiseach, Mr Leo Varadkar as stating, “When people speak to Garret (Ahearn), they are effectively speaking to the Government”.

Ok, Mr Ahearn, so, what is the message you received from the Fine Gael government on this same Thurles issue, or are you, Sir, simply reflecting the words from that dystopian novel published in 1949, by the English author George Orwell, titled “Nineteen Eighty Four”, set in the year 1984.
Quote: – “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.

We have observed your motor vehicle from time to time, in our midst, covered in promotional material urging us to grant you substantial salary; expenses, and a State pension, but have you taken the time to witnessed the chaos caused by heavy goods vehicle traffic, attempting to manoeuvre around Liberty Square from narrow side streets.  You will surely be aware of frequent collisions and sadly some tragedies caused by this congestion over the last 10 and more years. Same heavy goods vehicle traffic arrives from North, South, East and West; forced to converge upon Thurles town centre in an effort to supply the very few remaining particles of local industry, same left behind to remind us of this present governments negligence of not just Thurles, but rural Ireland as a whole.

Meanwhile, in the ever expanding east and west coasts of this our green isle:
(1) Funding for new emergency Diversion Routes & Symbol Signage are being prepared for that C-shaped orbital Dublin motorway, best known as the M50.

(2) Minister Mr Shane Ross; Galway Co. Council, and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) have, this month, approved the advancement of the Galway City Ring Road Scheme.  Galway Co. Council have now been invited to submit their Environmental Impact Assessment Report; Natura Impact Statement; Motorway Scheme Order, and Protected Road Scheme Order for this scheme, to An Bord Pleanála, which  will also provide an additional bridge to cross the River Corrib, thus improving connectivity with the west of the city and into Connemara.

The silence here in Thurles remains deafening.


Roadworks to Take Place At Locations On N62 – Thurles to Roscrea Rd.

Tipperary County Council wishes to advise vehicle users that necessary road resurfacing will be taking place on the N62 at various locations here within Co. Tipperary.

These resurfacing works will commence tomorrow morning, Monday 15th October, at the following locations: Pouldine, Ballybrista, Loughmore, Tinvoher Loughmore, Dublin Road Roundabout, Roscrea and Templemore Road Roundabout, Roscrea.

These works will continue and be on-going until at least Friday 26th October 2018.

Motorists using these areas are advised to begin their journeys a little earlier as “Stop and Go” systems are likely to be in operation and therefore delays can be expected.

Tipperary County Council sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused during this necessary road resurfacing.