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LED Street Lighting Comes To Bohernanave, Thurles.

We brought you the story first, back in December last, confirming that Tipperary had been chosen as one of four locations granted funding from Europe (EU), for the installation of some 600 new Smart / Intelligent street lights, through our Tipperary local authority.

It would appear that now at least the street area known as Bohernanave; [Same stretching from from the junction at Abbey Road, travelling parallel to Ardán Bhride, right across to the junction with Castlemeadows opposite the Greyhound track] has benefited greatly from these new LED street light fittings, which brighten up the area significantly.

One can’t help wondering where the other 590 odd, Smart / Intelligent street lights will be positioned in Tipperary?


EU Awards Funding For Tipperary Smart Street Lighting

As one of just four locations chosen and granted funding from Europe, we learn that some 600 new Smart / Intelligent street lights have now been allotted for the Tipperary area, through our local authority, to be replaced around mid-Tipperary.

The idea of using Smart or Intelligent street lighting was first discussed in the late 1980’s, beginning with a notion that street lighting could be dimmed at pre-determined times, thus saving energy.

Samuel Bagno

In 2006, same energy saving intelligent street lighting usually referred to a more block-controlled network, but then in more recent years public and private lighting systems came on the market that could easily adapt to movement, caused by the presence of people and vehicles, using motion detectors / sensors, first invented back in the 1950’s by the American Mr Samuel Bagno of New City, New York, USA.

Of course, it was a forward thinking Oslo, in Norway, who first introduced a large scale implementation of smart or intelligent lighting; same reducing their energy usage by some 50%, while improving roadway safety and minimizing overall maintenance costs.

Today continuous and identified new technologies has enabled street lights to communicate with each other, with different providers adding diverse variations of ever fast-growing technology. Today a passer-by can be detected by a camera or motion detector and can signal information to neighbouring street lights, which in turn will brighten so that people are always surrounded by a safe circle of light.

The market for intelligent street lighting across Europe is now, at last, increasing rapidly, with the market slowly realising that this adaptive lighting is not just an energy efficient solution, but can also adapt to weather conditions and shine brighter during periods of heightened criminal activity.

Local governments across the European Union spent some €7.6 billion on basic public street lighting during 2015. Using smart lighting, it is now reckoned that these energy bills into the future could be slashed by as much as 70%, thus saving a whopping €5.3 billion in any one year, if local authorities were to wake up and invest in this energy efficiency lighting.

Of course, local authorities will have to come to the realisation also, that such efficiencies can not be left neglected for weeks and months when repairs are needed, as is the case currently with Thurles pedestrian crossing lights, the Thurles 2018 Christmas lighting, pedestrian warning signs (See Cathedral Street & Barry’s Bridge), and sunken road craters in the centre of our town, which motorised vehicles have managed to successfully avoid for at least the past six years.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Eir Resolve 12 Hour Internet Outage

Eir offices at No. 6  Thurles Shopping Centre, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Eir Group plc., trading as Eir and which provide an internet service nationally; this morning claim that they have now resolved their embarrassing internet outage that hit its service for over 12 hours yesterday.

Customers right across Ireland were affected by the issue from 2.30pm yesterday (Saturday), afternoon.

Eir has this morning apologised to customers for the inconvenience caused, confirming that the service they provide has now been restored to their customers, however in efforts to make contact with the Eir website, same continues to show a “timed out”  message, indicating their server at www.eir is taking to long to respond.

We understand that this outage was caused by a problem with an Eir Domain Name System (DNS) server.

While I cannot comment on internet service Eir; it is interesting to note that internet provider Virgin Media continues to charge customers for periods of outages, and consumers will only get their monthly bills reduced, by contacting Virgin’s loyalty department directly on Tel: 061-272190. Usually, however, they claim that unless their down time is more than 24 hours, they will not make any deductions from your account.

Perhaps the new Minister for Communications, Mr Richard Bruton, might take a look at this issue, which is similar to a consumer asking their local grocer for a loaf of bread, to be told he has none. The grocer then charges the consumer for that loaf of bread.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Protect Children From Questionable Online Content

For those of our readers, parents, who have young children; latter who are beginning for the first time to access ‘Personal Computers’ (PC’s) or ‘Laptops’, you may wish to take note regarding the following.

In an effort to halt the viewing, by young minds, of shall we say certain questionable content online, there is an alternative; its name is KidRex.org; a Google powered, kid friendly, search engine and an alternative to the more widely used Mozilla Firefox.

This most certainly should become an alternative, particularly for students in schools which rightly encourage young people on how to correctly make use of the internet. Here they can learn how to locate online information, without the unremitting worry by teachers and parents, regarding what young minds may accidentally stumble upon.

KidRex combines Google’s Safe Search with their own database of questionable sites, locking everything into child appropriate searches, while maintaining its own database of inappropriate websites.

You are advised to check regularly to insure that KidRex remains up and running, thus ensuring that your children have the best web surfing experience possible.

Important Note: To ensure that the young people in your care are protected, it will be necessary to make KidRex.org your ‘default browser’ on all your PC’s and Laptops which you allow them to access. To do this, please follow the these 3 simple instructions:-

(1) Open your ‘Menu’ (See Image above  –  Find three parallel flat lines positioned top right of your Google search panel, shown here above in a red box), by clicking left with your Mouse.

(2) Find an icon marked ‘Options’ (Dead Centre) and activate same, also by left clicking with mouse.

(3) The page which now opens will be headlined ‘General’, (Again see image above). Next copy and paste the following link http://www.kidrex.org/ into the second text panel, clearly marked Home Page, thus removing link http://www.google.ie/.

Do nothing else; simply close the page and your default search engine should now remain KidRex.org on that particular appliance.  To change it back, simply reverse this simple procedure at any time.

Happy, Safe Surfing everyone.


Did You Loose An iPad On A Thurles Train?


An iPad was found on the Dublin to Cork train on Tuesday June 1st last. The finder is almost certain that the owner got off the train in Thurles. They have contacted Irish Rail’s ‘Llost and Found’ department, but alas, there have been no inquiries so far.

The finder would really like to unite this iPad with its owner and has asked Thurles.Info to send out an appeal on this website, which we are happy to do.

It may be the case that the person who has lost this equipment, may also have lost their faith in human nature, believing that no one would be honest enough to seek out the true owner.

Well folks they have and I will be happy to introduce the finder, Ms J. Griffin, to you; the person who lost this iPad, so ‘Private Message’ me on facebook, if you can identify the property you lost.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail