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Hypocrisy Personified

The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” [Isaiah Chapter 29 – Verse13.]

Hypocrisy – The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is really the case.

Readers will remember that in early July 2019, Ireland’s High Court granted Tipperary Co. Council an injunction, compelling members of the Travelling Community to vacate an area where their halting site was regarded as “constituting a public danger” to themselves and others. Another more serious, yet similar Health & Safety issue has once again reoccurred in our Cathedral Town.

I refer, of course, to the ever moving pedestrian crossing / traffic lights, outside of Thurles Cathedral. Here again, same busy crossing is “constituting a public danger” to over 600 school children, as they attempt to cross twice daily, getting to and from rural school buses, not to mention the several hundred church pilgrims and local shoppers; all pedestrians, going about their daily business here in Thurles, each day.

Pedestrian Crossing, on Cathedral Street Thurles, once again struck by a high-sided vehicle. [Picture taken on November 15th 2019, G. Willoughby]

We here at Thurles.Info have highlighted the issue of the constantly moving pedestrian crossing traffic lights, outside of Thurles Cathedral, at least five times in all, first on February 1st, 2018. [Almost one year and ten months ago.]

The problems associated did not need the benefit /advice of a qualified County Council Engineer. It was obvious to the dogs currently permitted to fowl our streets, that when two high sided trucks attempt to pass in a narrow space, then such manoeuvres are bound to result in something being adjusted. On this present occasion even the steel pole supporting these traffic lights has now become somewhat curved from its original and previous straight condition.

This issue, we highlighted once again, on July 16th, 2018; and yes, readers will recall that we highlighted this same problem for the third time on January 22nd, 2019.

On April 2nd, 2019, we highlighted this topic yet again, rightly accusing Tipperary Co. Council of wasting rate payers money.

On September 10th 2019, we did not highlight this problem, in the real fear that our readers would think that we were suffering from paranoia.

Today however, November 16th, 2019, in view of recent High Court actions relating to several Health & Safety issues, each constituting a public danger, here in Thurles, we feel we should draw attention to this serious concern one more time, before someone has to be scraped off our Cathedral Street pedestrian crossing.

We are well aware by now that our Templemore /Thurles Municipal district councillors are totally powerless, but in the case where same Councillors have now been made aware, once again, of this issue; keep in mind that the above photo and web post will enable compensation costs to be more easily collected from Tipperary Co. Council. After all, they were and are fully aware of this ever present danger.

Time now, after almost two years of continuous repairs, to finally move these offending traffic lights to a safer distance, apart from each other and to pursue the need for that long awaited Thurles Ring Road, thus removing 21st century, 18-wheeler, freight-carrying-trucks from our 12th century, narrow streets.

Having been completely failed by our current Fine Gael minority government and their supporters, with regard to the promised Thurles Ring Road, one wonders why we are presently bothering to up-grade Liberty Square next year or whenever.


An Post & The Dead Horse Theory

So, it’s a certainty; An Post is moving to the shopping centre for definite; that’s despite the intervention from the most powerful in our community; namely the politicians, local councillors, those who would like to be local councillors and politicians and a disorientated, dying, Chamber of Commerce, all intent on riding a dead horse.

Together, however, they did have some success; mainly driving home a wedge; dividing Thurles town into two sections, instead of working to improve Liberty Square and Thurles Town as a single unit.

One wonders if the current 127 workers plus business proprietors / owners in the Thurles Shopping Centre, will now be rushing out to an upcoming local election, to vote for party’s like Fianna Fáil or the ‘Party of Protest’ (The Bully Party) and certain Independent representatives, all who attempted to directly affect very limited, local, yet available employment.

The Dead Horse Theory

The efforts undertaken by the “Save Our Square” [S.O.S.] committee had all the hallmarks of the “Dead Horse Theory”, so often attempted by Government TD’s and Local Councillors. Indeed, the tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, which has been passed down from generation to generation, clearly states, “When you discover that you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to immediately dismount”.

Ignoring the fact that Tipperary County Council, of which many of the S.O.S. committee are card carriers; same are solely responsible for the decline of Thurles town centre and other towns in Co. Tipperary, through the introduction of Parking Charges. Again, ignoring this logical, simple fact the “Save Our Square” committee choose to attempt a new strategy in their dealings with An Post, the now dead horse:-

(1) They bought a stronger whip. (2) Changed Riders. (3) Threatened the dead horse with termination. (4) Appointed a committee to study the horse. (5) Discussed the feasibility of sending councillors to foreign countries to see how other riders rode their dead horses. (6) Provided further additional funding to improve the dead horse’s performance through the introduction of a dodgy “Dead Horse acquisition and refurbishment fund”.

Now, with election votes dangerously reduced, this dead horse is most likely to be promoted to a supervisory post, enabling it to hire a replacement horse.

The solution to the Thurles town centre decline, which will correct this imbalance, is simple; call a halt to the payment of parking charges, before yet more businesses are forced out of our town centre.

Tipperary Co. Council built six social houses at Cabragh, Thurles, at a cost of some €370 thousand Euro each. We saw recently the Peter McVerry Trust acquiring 25 social houses for €5million through a generous donation made by the Dublin Capuchin Day Centre. Do your arithmetic folks; €5 million divided by 25 = €2 hundred thousand Euro. These units were purchased in Dublin and Kildare (the most expensive accommodation areas in Ireland). It is my opinion that Tipperary Co. Council are simply burning taxpayer’s money and frankly do not need parking charges to fund local government.

“Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”St. Mark Chapter 4. Verse 9.

More advice for ailing Local Councillors and Politicians in our next news bulletin.


University Hospital Limerick Once Again Most Overcrowded

This Article Should Be Read In Its Entirety.

U.H.L – Most overcrowded Hospital in Ireland

This morning, April 18th, 2019, nationwide, some four hundred and twenty-six patients are waiting for beds at hospitals in the Republic of Ireland.

Once again University Hospital Limerick, latter which serves North Tipperary, is the worst affected, with 58 patients on trolleys just starting the day.

Earlier this month, overcrowding in University Hospital Limerick was compared to that of a scene in a hospital, where a major national disaster had occurred, following 81 people found on trolleys on April 3rd last, with patient numbers jumping to above 90 as the day progressed.

A signed five page ‘Open Letter’ to the Mid-West Region, latter which includes North Tipperary.

Today, five Doctors, based at University Hospital Limerick, have written an open five (5) page letter outlining the continued serious challenges faced not just by hospital staff, but also by acutely ill patients unable to secure in-patient beds.

It is with profound regret, the five Doctors most justifiably claim that unacceptable numbers of elderly and frail patients are being left waiting, far too long, in their hospital emergency area, in the hope of a bed being located.

The open letter addressed to “the people of the Mid-West Region from the Clinical Directors of UL Hospitals Group”, can be read by clicking HERE.

The letter states that no matter how excellent an emergency department is “and the new one at UHL is a superb modern facility”, serious problems arise if there are not enough beds and enough access to staff, including doctors, nurses, diagnostics staff and step-down facilities.

Facts, stated in the letter, compare Beaumont Hospital in Dublin with University Hospital Limerick (UHL), thus further highlighting the vast urban / rural divide that exists in the Republic of Ireland.

Beaumont Hospital Dublin compared with University Hospital Limerick

[A] Beaumont Hospital Dublin has a whole-time staff of 3,728. University Hospital Limerick has 2,851 equivalent personnel. [UHL short 877 personnel]

[B] Beaumont Hospital Dublin serves a catchment area of 290,000 people. University Hospital Limerick, serving the Mid West catchment area, serves 385,000 people. [A difference of 95,000 people]

[C] Beaumont Hospital Dublin has 630 in-patient beds, while University Hospital Limerick has 454. [UHL short 176 beds].

[D] Beaumont Hospital Dublin had 52,856 new emergency department (ED) presentations last year. University Hospital Limerick had 63,850 new ED presentations last year, or 21% difference. [UHL admitted 10,994 more emergency patients].

Sorry “Mary for Tipperary” and “Garret for South Tipperary”, I suspect their remains no place for Fine Gael representing Tipperary dwellers in the next elections. This is despite your brochures showing that both of you were photographed beside An Taoiseach, Mr Leo Eric Varadkar and despite your weekly regular ramblings, broadcast to the Tipperary public on Radio TippFM. Perhaps you should set up offices in an area served by Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, if you wish to be in with a chance at that €94,535 basic TD salary, plus expenses.

The silence may remain deafening presently in Thurles and Tipperary in general, but the Ballot Box, no doubt, will confirm my suspicions.


Tipperary Co. Co. Lacking In Basic Administration Ability

Tipperary County Council – Keeping Your County Tidy ???

The badly damaged ‘Corriboard Sign’ crudely nailed to a living tree trunk, close to this garbage pile [See picture above], near the entrance to the old Byrne’s Mill on Mill Road, Thurles, clearly states that Tipperary County Council will extract a fine of €3,000.00 from persons found illegally dumping rubbish.

To set the record straight, of course this collection of rubbish turns out to be dumping of a different kind. On Sunday April 7th last, a number of unpaid community conscience individuals, made up of children, Scouts and ‘Refresh Thurles’ members came together voluntarily; their intention to do a badly needed clean-up of that Thurles area, best known as ‘Lady’s Well’.

Alas, support in the form of basic administration from Templemore / Thurles Municipal District and Tipperary County Council to support this act of community spirited endeavour, has been totally ignored. While the assorted rubbish, made up of motor tyres, car body parts, plastic bollards, litter etc., was piled neatly on the roadside for collection, away from local residences; eight days later it still remains uncollected and now partly scattered.

We read and listened, in recent weeks, to Thurles councillors [most of whom have remained dumb for years since last elected], suddenly, use press, social media and radio in recent weeks to highlight issues regarding similar activity at a student accommodation complex at Stradavoher Court in the town.

Perhaps they might check tomorrow (nine days later) why Templemore / Thurles Municipal District and /or Tipperary Co. Council have failed these community spirited individuals, through their lack of basic administration, to organise the collection of this unsightly garbage pile from the roadside.


Save Liberty Square Thurles

‘Stop the Move – Save our Square’

They began gathering from 10.00am this morning, one hour before the start; the elderly, the retired, local councillors and politicians past and present, the unemployed, business owners and their staff, non-examination year students; all protesting at the decision by An Post, to move its current offices out of Liberty Square to the Thurles Shopping Centre.

They gathered in brilliant, warm, sunshine; most certainly the largest protest group ever to assemble in this rural town in the last 30 year; attracting both local and national media attention, through the attendance of radio, TV and press personnel.

Speaking to many who attended the protest rally, much criticism was being heaped on the present Fine Gael government, with individuals privately and publicly singling out the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Mr Richard Bruton for his failure to intervene in An Post’s Dublin decision.

But most blame seemed to be directed to the doorstep of Tipperary Co. Council, the latter blamed for initially driving small and medium sized retailers from Liberty Square, by introducing parking charges, while three large global discount supermarkets on the very outskirts of Thurles, remained in a position to offer large scale free parking spaces.

Many were also critical of the removal of the once thriving Liberty Square market, latter removed to new trading areas at the entrance to Parnell Street carpark.

Meanwhile, the organisers of today’s protest rally, confirmed that they will continue the battle to save Liberty Square, and if at all possible, try to keep An Post and their services, within the very heart of Thurles town.