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There Remains A Moral In Every Tale

Cloontyprocklis Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

The madam, Ms Aurora Murphy, opened the local celebrity bordello door on Cloontyprocklis Street, Thurles, to find a rather well-dressed man, aged possibly in his early forties, standing on the granite doorstep, outside.

“May I help you sir?” asked Ms Aurora.

“I would like to see Ms Felicity Ryan”, this well-dressed caller replied.

As locals and regular visitors to Cloontyprocklis Street will be aware, Ms Aurora Murphy, as was her usual habit, first slowly scanned twice both sides of the Cul de Sac, anticipating a possible raid from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB), before, with some hesitation, she informed the visitor in low tones, “Sir, do be aware that Ms Felicity is one of our more expensive commodities. Perhaps you would prefer something a little cheaper perhaps”

“No, I would like to see Ms Felicity Ryan,” he replied.

Just then Felicity appeared from behind a screen and announced to the man that, because of her fear of Boris Johnston’s attitude with regards to next October’s Brexit deal, she accepted only Euro currency in advance; €5,000 per visit, including value added tax (VAT).

Without hesitation, the man counted out five thousand Euro and gave it to Ms Felicity, before accompanying her upstairs.

One hour later he was gone, but not for long. The following evening, this same well-dressed man was back, and once more demanding to visit with Ms Felicity Ryan.

The Madam, Ms Aurora Murphy, explained that no one had ever come back two nights in a row to visit Ms Felicity Ryan, for no other reason other than she was so expensive, and any hope of a discount would not even be remotely entertained. The price would remain and stand firmly at €5,000 Euro per visit, including VAT.

Again, the man, without hesitation, pulled out 10 crisp notes in denominations of €500, and handed them to Ms Felicity Ryan, before ascending the stairs. One hour later a smiling client had again departed, but again not for long.

The following evening the man was surprisingly back yet again. Every one of the girls employed at the house were astounded that he had come back for a third consecutive night. They arrived at the conclusion that he probably was either a Member of the European Parliament (MEP); a Teachta Dála (TD) or a Banker; with some even suggesting that he could be an Irish Water executive. Once again, without a word, he paid Ms Felicity in full and in advance, before again ascending the carpeted staircase.

Later, just before he left and as he enjoyed a quick snort of cocaine through a rolled €50 Euro note; Ms Felicity Ryan decided to indirectly question the man, “No one has ever been with me three nights in a row”, she smiled, “Where do you hail from may I ask?”

” I’m from Marino, Co. Dublin”, the man replied.

“Really”, said Ms Felicity, her eyebrows raised, “What a coincidence, I believe I have a family member whom I haven’t visited recently, still living in Marino, Co. Dublin”.

“Sure, I know that”, the well-dressed man replied, “I am a solicitor and handle the affairs of your now deceased unmarried sister. It was she in fact, before her death, who asked me to deliver your €15,000 inheritance, preferably in person.”

The Moral of This Story:

It is not just death and taxes that remain a certainty in one’s lifetime, but also the possibility of being screwed by a Solicitor.


Good News For Scoil Chormaic, Cashel

Scoil Chormaic, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

Michael Lowry TD – Funding of €162,000 secured for structural work at Scoil Chormaic, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

Independent TD Deputy Michael Lowry has confirmed today that following successful representations, he has secured significant funding to undertake essential building work required at Scoil Chormaic, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

This special education School in Cashel has 222 pupils currently enrolled.

Following representations Mr Lowry has now succeeded in securing €162,000 through the Department of Education School Building Unit to replace a defective roof on a classroom building, within the educational facility.

For the past few years the roof in question has continuously leaked, causing disruption and inconvenience to both teachers and pupils attending.

A contractor has now been appointed and work is expected to commence on the structure in the coming weeks, with the project expected to be fully completed by the end of September 2019.


Major Financial Announcement For Tipperary Town Primary Schools

Pictured outside the offices of the Department of Education, Dublin, are Ms Catriona Farrell (Deputy Principal of ‘The Monastery’ CBS, Tipperary); Ms Siobhan Verdon (St Michael’s Junior Boys NS, Tipperary); Ind. Dáil Deputy Mr Michael Lowry (TD); Ms Ide Mooney (St Michael’s Girl’s NS Tipperary); Ms Louise Tobin (St. Joseph’s Primary School, Tipperary) and Mr Eoghan Breathnach (Gaelscoile Thibraid Arann).

Yesterday was indeed a significant day in the long running campaign seeking additional resources for five Tipperary primary schools. However, a package of support measures has now been agreed, same to be implemented at the beginning of the upcoming September term.

In a statement today Deputy Michael Lowry stated that he was delighted that his representations over the past number of months, on behalf of the above named schools, has now finally resulted in a most positive outcome.

Deputy Lowry stated, “I wish to complement the management and staff of the schools for their perseverance, tenacity and their commitment to the educational needs of their pupils”.

The newly negotiated support program is an interim package and Mr Lowry is confident that the data supplied by the schools boards, will substantiate the schools inclusion in the next round of the DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) system.

This revised DEIS programme will be selected and announced during November 2019, for implementation in September 2020.

“I am delighted that these prolonged exchanges and discussions between the schools and the Department of Education have reached a satisfactory outcome”, concluded Mr Lowry, “and I wish to thank in particular the Minister for Education Mr Joe McHugh for his personal interest in facilitating discussions with senior officials in his department”.


Tipperary Single Mother Brings Lawsuit In Baby Mix-Up

A former Co. Tipperary woman, Ms Helen Maguire, aged 71 and Mrs Christine Skipsey aged 52; women at the centre of a baby mix-up, are now to seek High Court approval to bring a lawsuit against the former Sisters of Charity adoption society, previously known as St. Patrick’s Guild in Temple Hill, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

We understand Ms Maguire, a single mother, had her baby in London in 1966 and back then wished to keep her baby’s birth a secret from her immediate family. Ms Maguire, briefly placed her new born baby for safekeeping with the Sisters of Charity, in order to make a brief return visit home to her family in December of that same year.

Seeking somewhere to leave her daughter for safekeeping for some 6 weeks, she, on the advice of Fr. Michael Cleary (The “Singing Priest”), choose the Roman Catholic adoption society at Blackrock, in Co. Dublin, for that purpose.

Details of this story were first revealed back in June by the online newspaper Independent.ie

DNA tests, later conducted, revealed and confirmed, with 99.9% certainty, that Mrs Skipsey; the baby then returned to Ms Maguire, was indeed not the biological daughter of its mother.

The women are now seeking an apology from the Religious Sisters of Charity, which ran the adoption society in Blackrock, Co. Dublin, together with the Irish State; due to the perceived alleged failure by An Bord Uchtála, latter the former Irish adoption board then appointed by the Government.

Mrs Christine Skipsey now lives in Hertfordshire, north London, with her husband, while it is believed that the biological daughter of Ms Maguire was adopted by a married couple, then residing in Dublin.

Currently, it remains unclear to both women whether this mother / baby mix-up was deliberate or an honest mistake, however their search for the truth is expected to be greatly impeded by the fact that the Religious Sisters who were then involved, are no longer in the land of the living.


No 80 Jobs For Thurles Promised By Alan Kelly TD

It was the cold Summer of 2015, that Tipperary TD Mr Alan Kelly, (the man who believes he should be leader of the Irish Labour Party and who unwinds by watching “House of Cards” every night), made the following statement in a PDF news letter, addressed to his rapidly dwindling constituent followers.

Read on and weep:-
“Thurles is set to become a major green energy hub and benefit from 40 new jobs for Tipperary following an announcement I made recently. The new jobs will be created at Premier Green Energy (PGE), which is located on the site of the former Thurles Sugar Factory. It is the brainchild of Tom Comerford from Holycross and is one of the first major enterprises to return to Thurles after the loss of Erin Foods, the Sugar Factory and many others. I have been working very closely supporting Tom and Premier Green Energy for the last three years. This is a very positive announcement for Thurles and even more significant when these jobs are being created by a local company which has a huge commitment to this area. I believe that this has potential to be the beginning of something really significant in terms of jobs for the Thurles area”.

The 2016 Irish general election took place on Friday 26th February and sometime before that dates Mr Kelly, anxious to gain re-election, doubled these same imaginary job numbers for Premier Green Energy to 80 in total. Well, I suppose if I were the director of a Ltd Company about to receive ‘a few bob’, sure wouldn’t I allow my local TD to experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present, like 80 new jobs. The reality of course, as far as we can ascertain, to date 24/7/2019, not one job was ever created, in fact a number of employees were actually made redundant.

Now we learn from the courts that in recent days, a legal demand has emerged; made by a group of Chinese investors against Mr Kelly’s jobs creators, Premier Green Energy Ltd, latter company which we understand converts waste into energy. These Chinese investors are now seeking the repayment of a €1.5m loan, plus interest.

Quoquing Wu and Jianyu Qi (both based in Dublin), as well as Yuanming Chi, Xueqi Wang, Jingli Li, Qiling Li and Kailin Yao, (latter named all based in China), have taken legal proceedings against the Tipperary company of Premier Green Energy Holdings Ltd, listed as based in the Cabragh Business Park, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Premier Green Energy is a design, fabrication and manufacturing business for the provision of bespoke waste-to-energy conversion technology solutions. We understand that Premier Green Energy currently supply services to the former Verdanta mine site at Lisheen, Moyne, Thurles; however same are not listed as either partners or members of the consortium associated with Irish Bioeconomy Foundation.

The Chinese plaintiffs allege that they advanced a loan in March 2017 to the defendant, Premier Green Energy, of €1.5m for a period of 48 months. We are informed that celebrations by all involved took place in Portroe, North Tipperary, home stamping ground of Mr Kelly, following the contract signing transaction.

In court the plaintiffs also claim that as part of this loan agreement, 18% interest accruing on the principal sum loaned and was payable on the second, third and fourth anniversaries of the date that the loan was initially advanced.

On March 16th last, it is being claimed that €540,000 was due and owing to the named Chinese plaintiffs. Latter claim the defendants, Premier Green Energy Ltd, failed to make payment of the agreed sum payable, and further claim that the principal amount loaned, as well as the interest, is now due.

It is not known what other European or Irish funding, if any, was made to Premier Green Energy Ltd.

The plaintiffs now seek an order from the court requiring the defendants to pay them €2.17m, which is made up of the principal sum loaned, plus the interest allegedly due. They also seek an order for damages for breach of contract against the defendant firm of Premier Green Energy Ltd.

The matter was admitted, at the consent of both parties, to the fast track commercial court list, by Mr Justice Robert Haughton on Monday last and the case has now been adjourned to a date shortly after the court’s summer recess.

Efforts to contact Mr Kelly yesterday for comment were declined on the grounds that he was currently on holiday.

Alas, not surprisingly, Mr Kelly’s illusion of “effective public representation at local and national level” is not likely to emerge again until the next general election is announced; when his brain activity will be raised to resembles that of being fully awake.