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University Hospital Limerick Set A New Record

University Hospital Limerick (UHL) has set a new record. Alas, the new record is for the largest number of patients to ever end up being treated on a trolley / surf board, here in an Irish hospital, on Wednesday October 2nd, 2019.

This new record is based on figures supplied and published by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, which claim that today there are 82 patients being treated on trolleys in their emergency department and in overflow wards at this medical facility.

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This marks the second time in 2019 that UHL, which serves patients from North Tipperary, has managed to set a new record. April 3rd 2019 saw 81 patients on trolleys and the facility has succeeded in matching that same record three times; see July 11th, September 23rd and just last Tuesday.

While the electorate of North Tipperary remain silent, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation have now called on Minister for Health Mr Simon Harris for “direct, immediate intervention”, at this facility.

However, this is the same Mr Harris (Minister for Health) that has presided over: – The Smear Test Scandal; The Introduction of Abortion; No pain relief permitted for babies in late term abortion; The 2nd Smear Test scandal; A National Children’s Hospital that was permitted to run at least €1.25 billion over budget; The current fiasco that is the HSE; Growing Hospital waiting lists; Shortage of doctors, nurses, consultants and hospital beds; Abortion for children under 16, without parental consent; No medical care for babies that survive abortion; The Pain Patch scandal; and finally the spending of €27.9m (€76,000 per day) by the HSE on Taxi Cabs, to transport patient charts and files between hospitals, as well as transferring patients for treatment elsewhere.

Remember this is a government that “bowed and scraped”; spending up to €18 million Euro entertaining and securing US President Mr Donald Trump and his Irish decended US Vice President Mr Mike Pence, during both of their really unwanted visits to Ireland.

Help Required by UHL.

To help alleviate the problem; this UHL swamped hospital facility is rightly now calling for permission to cancel non-essential elective work. It is also seeking more home packages, latter which would allow for the moving of patient out of the hospital and thus freeing up beds. Finally, it has sought emergency funding to provide extra agency staff and an end to the “recruitment ban”.

Time for him to resign, in the knowledge that he and this misguided liberal-conservative Fine Gael minority government have totally failed the people of both North & South Co. Tipperary.

UHL requests come at a time when HSE Chief Executive Paul Reid has informed senior health managers to identify and put in place extra measures to limit, as much as possible, overruns within services.


Thurles Tidy Towns Competition Results 2019

Liberty Pharmacy, No 34 Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Congratulations to those who took the time, in 2019, to tidy up our town each day, be they the voluntary members of Thurles Tidy towns (Refresh Thurles); Residence Associations; Council Workers; Thurles Men’s Sheds, Scouts, Schools or just that ‘Solitary Resident’; latter who demonstrated singular civic pride in their home; their garden or their business premises.

The only business premises highlighted favourably in the Thurles 2019 report was Liberty Pharmacy, not surprisingly, (Kate Kennedy Prop., see picture on left, her premises also the recent winner of an AIB Retail Excellence Award). For those complaining about lack of footfall to businesses on Liberty Square; here must surely be the perfect example on how to achieve same.

The ruin that once boasted being the Munster Hotel, (thank God judges did not view it from the rear); a so-called ‘Mural’, (Quote from report; “with all due respect there are parts of the mural that look as if they were done by a graffiti artist”), and a house on Mitchell Street, all met, correctly, with unfavourable comments, as did some of our would-be politicians and local councillors, latter who failed to refrain from sticking up photoshopped posters, during local elections.

To the many individuals, local councillors, elected politicians and the numerous organisations who failed to become involved to assist in revitalising our town; please do feel free to blush, to experience total embarrassment, accompanied by no little shame.

Do begin to realise, please, that the world’s 7.6 billion living humans actually only represent 0.01% of all living things. Yet, since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has brought about the loss of over 83% of all wild mammals and half of our now devoid plant life. Farmed poultry now makes up 70% of the existing bird life on our planet, with only 30% of once wild bird life left to run free. Some 60% of all mammals on our earth are livestock, mostly cattle, sheep and pigs; 36% are humans and a mere 4%, and reducing, are animals living in the wild.

Time now to ditch our shame and resolve, in this coming year, to genuinely repent and attempt to repair the severe damage caused by our deliberate neglect and greed, especially in “our neck of the woods” Tipperary; while we still have a place to pass on to future generations.

The most recent Thurles Tidy Towns report (2019) makes for sad, depressive reading. It is imperative that our followers / readers do click HERE and read the 2019 report and more importantly, read between the lines.

Having read this 2019 adjudicator’s report, latter which attempts to bear all the attributes associated with the understanding; gentleness; helpfulness and neighbourliness of adjudicators; rather than their being outright and critical of our obvious neglect, greed and inability as a community; let us now look at the marking sheets for Thurles Tidy Towns over the past five years, inclusive, beginning in 2015 and displayed hereunder.

CentreThurles: CountyTipperary (North): CategoryE: Ref 627

While each of the reports hereunder, demonstrates judging criteria; e.g. Planning and Involvement; Streetscape & Public Places; Green Spaces and Landscaping; Localised Nature and Biodiversity; Sustainability; Tidiness and Litter Control; Streets & Housing Areas; Approach Roads, and finally, Streets & Lanes; we are going to examine the marks allocated under ‘Tidiness and Litter Control’ and ‘Sustainability’. Yes, in each case just one mark has been allocated each year, in the sad hope that our community will feel enthusiastic and empowered to reach greater heights in the years ahead.

Thurles Tidy Towns Results in 2015.

Overall Marks 280; Tidiness and Litter Control – Marks 52; Sustainability – Marks 14.

Thurles Tidy Towns Results in 2016.

Overall Marks 285; Tidiness and Litter Control – Marks 53; Sustainability – Marks 15.

Thurles Tidy Towns Results in 2017.

Overall Marks 293; Tidiness and Litter Control – Marks 54; Sustainability – Marks 16.

Thurles Tidy Towns Results in 2018.

Overall Marks 298. Tidiness and Litter Control – Marks 55; Sustainability – Marks 17.

Thurles Tidy Towns Results in 2019.

Overall Marks 306. Tidiness and Litter Control Marks 56. Sustainability – Marks 18.

While Thurles received 306 marks this year (2019); two other towns in North Tipperary, each in the same category (E), have now jumped well ahead on the judges marking sheet, with Roscrea achieving 322 marks, followed by Nenagh achieving 321 marks.

Nevertheless, other villages and towns in Tipperary, not surprisingly, did achieved high accolades, with Birdhill Tidy Towns (North Tipperary) joint winners of the Tree Project Award; with Ballyboy (North Tipperary) and Gortnahoe (South Tipperary) picking up Endeavour Awards.

In the ‘Waters and Communities‘ category, it was Lattin (South Tipperary) who took the honours, while Terryglass (North Tipperary) took the national honours in Category A.

Gold Award winners in Tipperary were Terryglass, Emly, Kilsheelan and Clonmel; with Silver Award winners being Birdhill and Silvermines. The towns of Cahir, Roscrea and Nenagh all won Bronze Awards.

Surely, these results relate something, as regards our failures in developing community effort here in Thurles.


Waterford Councillors Vote NO To Increase In Local Property Tax

The majority of Waterford City and County councillors have voted for no increase to their Local Property Tax (LPT) for 2020. While Waterford’s Chief Executive (CE) Mr Michael Walsh had sought a 10% increase; Councillors representing Independents, Labour, Green Party and Sinn Féin, voted for a freeze on the current LPT rate for the coming year, 2020.

One road sign for humans & one for fairies

Unlike Waterford county; Local Property Taxes here in Co. Tipperary will increase by 10% next year, despite serious debate within the Council Chamber on the issue, with Fine Gael councillors in bulk, voting in favour of the increases by a margin of 21 votes to 14. House owners currently paying €405 in Local Property Tax, will now be forced to pay an extra €40.50 more, per annum from 2020, to receive no benefit whatsoever for their tax payment.

While Tipperary Co. Council’s executive had originally sought a 15% increase in Tipperary’s LPT for next year, the 10% increase achieved is expected to yield some €1.2 million for Tipperary Co. Council to waste in 2020.

Tipperary Co. Council’s financial forecast for 2020 is €9.5 million from locally raised LPT, with a further €16.5 million in contributions from the Equalisation Fund of tax raised in other counties. Indeed Co. Tipperary remains the highest beneficiary in our Republic, from same equalisation funding.

Grants allocated from the Council’s General Municipal Allocation (GMA) funding is expected to suck up most of this extra funding, through wasted contributions to annual festival committees, latter which few visitors ever attend. While other funding will be doled out on projects like so called local job creation initiatives and grants for the painting of town centre properties; all to be found listed amongst a host of other spurious projects, with little real accountability being offered.

Still, you never know; we might get proper entry signs on the roads entering into the town, pointing out that Thurles is no longer the home of Erin Foods; same having gone out of production 11 years ago.


Reminder – The Climate is Changing – How Can We?

Ms Margaret Ryan (Asst. Librarian), Tipperary Co. Council Library Services, Nenagh is anxious to remind all residents of Co. Tipperary and in particular persons charged with responsibility, [i.e. Elected Municipal District Councillors, politicians and those who take on the task of accountability for our environment, e.g. members of the farming community & Tidy Towns groups etc.], of an event taking place on Thursday evening next, September 26th, 2019 in Nenagh Library.

As many of you are already aware, Nenagh Library is the Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) for the counties of Tipperary, Limerick, Cork and Kerry.

On Thursday next, September 26th, 2019, at 7:00pm, Nenagh Library will hold a Citizens Dialogue on ‘Climate Change & Sustainability’, as part of their 2019 ‘Programme of Events’.

The title of this talk will be ‘The Climate is Changing; How Can We?’, with keynote speakers on the night, Ms Cara Augustenborg, (Environmental scientist), and Mr Gerard Kiely, (Head of the European Commission Representation in Ireland).

There will also be a panel discussion afterwards, with panellists Mr Paul Kenny (CEO Tipperary Energy Agency) and Mr Gregg Allen (Project Manager, Community Power, Templederry), which will be chaired by Mr Fran Curry of Tipp FM Radio.

As many people as possible are expected to support this event.

Science is quite clear in stating that, currently, the very future of today’s children and their future offspring’s remain at stake. Homes are being swallowed up by the ocean, with rising sea levels threatening entire island states and coastal regions. We are experiencing dangerous floods, droughts, heatwaves and other extreme weather events. We therefore cannot allow climate change to spiral totally out of control.

This talk is a major opportunity for people to find out what they can do to make a significant difference; to gain answers to questions; to learn educated facts on climate change, and more importantly to make their voices heard on what is undoubtedly the single greatest challenge of our generation.

Remember please: Thursday evening next, September 26th, 2019, at 7:00pm, Nenagh Library. We hope to see you there.


110 Medical Patients Await A Hospital Bed In Co. Tipperary Today

According to the INMO trolly watch figures, a total of 598 people are waiting for available beds in hospitals across the Republic of Ireland this morning, Sept 24th 2019.

Same represents the highest level of patients waiting since early April last.

The worst affected medical facility is once again University Hospital Limerick (UHL), serving North Tipperary, where the number of patients waiting on trolleys remains close to already record figures of 80 patients.

Yesterday, September 23rd 2019, 81 people were waiting on trolleys at UHL, the joint-highest number ever recorded in any Irish hospital. More than 1,000 patients have had to wait on trolleys for a bed in UHL this month, making it the worst ever September on public record.

A further 30 patients are presently waiting on trolleys in South Tipperary General Hospital, bringing the total number of individuals (80 + 30) waiting for hospital beds in just County Tipperary alone, to 110 medical patients.

The silence from politicians and residents of Co. Tipperary continues.