October 2015
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Grant Thornton Budget 2016 Breakfast Seminar

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Business Persons Take Note: Once again this year Grant Thornton is linking up with Newstalk [106-108fm] to provide live radio commentary and assessment; as Minister for Finance Mr Michael Noonan speaks from Dáil Éireann, delivering the government’s fifth and possible final budget on October 13th 2015.

With the economy continuing to perform strongly, we can expect to see some significant tax cuts and some innovative tax measures to help sustain this recovery. The exact nature of the tax cuts continue to remain uncertain and in particular whether they will be confined to lower and middle income earners.

Grant Thornton Ireland (A member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd [Grant Thornton International] ), now invite you to join them at a ‘Breakfast Seminar’ in the Horse & Jockey Hotel, Horse & Jockey, Thurles, Co. Tipperary on Thursday, 15th October, when Leslie Barrett (Tax Partner) and Theresa O’Gorman (Tax Director) will address the effects that this budget will have on you and your business.

NOTE: This event will begin with registration and breakfast sharp at 8:00am; with the seminar beginning at 8.15am, and finishing at 9.15am.

Should you wish to attend, do please R.S.V.P. by Monday October 12th 2015 at the latest, to or call on +353 (0)61 312 744.

Lowry Confirms Intention To Contest Next Election

North Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry

Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry

Independent Deputy Mr Michael Lowry TD has confirmed, in front of a packed audience, gathered in the Anner Hotel, Thurles, last night (Tuesday 6th of October), that he will contest the next General Election as an Independent Candidate in the recently unified 5 seater constituency of Co. Tipperary.

With standing room available only, the Independent Deputy made the following statement:-

“For the first time in 67 years, this historic election will allow the voters of County Tipperary to speak with a united voice. Culturally, socially, across business, education, sport and beyond, the people of Tipperary have always been proud to call themselves sons and daughters of the Premier County.

It is evident that a rural crisis has developed over the last number of years. As a largely rural community, Tipperary has ample experience of this fact. We are told every day that Ireland is on the move – the recession is over – we are on the road to recovery. This recovery road has not yet arrived in our county. A crippling lack of jobs, a creaking health service, a frightening increase in rural crime, poor or non-existent broadband has led to a sense of despondency and isolation amongst us.

In our once thriving small towns and villages we observe factories with padlocked gates, boarded-up shops, closed Garda Stations and communities diminished because of emigration. It is sad to witness our rural way of life decline.

I consider this election to be the biggest challenge in my political career. Tipperary, being one of the biggest counties in the country, poses major campaign problems for all politicians, but particularly for me as an independent candidate. In South Tipperary I do not have access to the structures and support of the established political parties. Here, it will be a difficult task to build my support group, parish by parish, as I have done in North Tipperary over the years. Therefore, I am inviting any person, regardless of experience, to lend a hand and give some time to my campaign. The process of mobilising my campaign is under-way and I will shortly, publicly launch my campaign. With only five Seats available it will require a huge effort by my organisation to return me as a representative to Dáil Éireann.

Throughout my political career I have tirelessly and continuously worked on behalf of individuals, families and communities, regardless of their political affiliation. Each day I am moved by genuine cases of hardship and misfortune – people losing jobs, pay cuts, inability to pay mortgages and bills, no opportunities for young people finishing their education, delays in getting access to health services. More than ever the people of Tipperary are entitled to demand leadership, honesty, and hard work from their elected representatives. I renew my commitment to working on behalf of the people of Tipperary and delivering results that make a difference.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to represent my county in Dáil Eireann. The loyalty and support shown to me through good times and bad has given me great strength and encouragement. I look forward to receiving a mandate from the people of Tipperary to serve as one of their representatives in the 32nd Dáil.” continued the Deputy.

Thurles There Is A General Election Happening Soon

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.  Quote By Abraham Lincoln


Tipperary Cllr. Mr Michael Smith

OK, so I lead a very sad life some people might say. When most people were enjoying the Rugby World Cup matches today, I was checking the unemployment figures recently published on line.

In the past 30 days 1085 people got jobs in Co. Kerry (In August 12,298 unemployed, compared to September figures of 11,213).
Co. Kilkenny unemployment figures over the same period were reduced by 567, (August 6,149 against September 5,582).  Similarly Co. Laois (August 7,568, September 7,096), down 472; Co. Limerick (August 15,444, September 14,344), down 1100; Co. Wicklow (August 10,727, September 9,886), down 841; Co. Offaly (August 7,815, September 7,276), down 539 and Co. Clare (August 7,923, September 7,309), down 506.

But it was when I looked at the Co. Tipperary unemployment figures that my heart missed several beats. You my readers will not believe the following; despite having been in power for over 4 years without creating even one job in Co. Tipperary either North or South; within just the last 30 days our present Fine Gael / Labour partnership / love-nest have created a massive 1,292 new jobs for the Premier County, (632 in N. Tipp and 660 in S. Tipp).

So you don’t believe me! Trust me when I state that a totally independent body like the Central Statistics Office (CSO) does not lie and is not in any way influenced by government. Click HERE for yourselves and check the figures; please highlight the headings ‘Both sexes’ ‘All Ages’ before choosing the relevant Co. Tipperary Social Welfare Office.

For those of you too lazy to check the figures yourselves, please find same compiled hereunder for your convenience.

North Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

JanFeb —- Mar —  April —   May—  June July—- Aug Sept ——Town/Region Jobs Created During September 2015
6,312 6,237 6,139 6,030 6,199 6,462 6,601 6,475 5,843 ———                            North Tipperary 632
2,568 2,497 2,465 2,446   2,529 2,635 2,658 2,589 2,371 ————–                              Nenagh 218
1,166 1,168 1,138 1,119 ––1,164  –1,187 1,246 1,213 1,059 ————-                              Roscrea 154
2,5782,572 2,536 2,465   2,506 2,640 2,697 2,673 2,413 ————–                              Thurles 260

South Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

JanFeb —- Mar April —  May—  June July—- Aug Sept ——Town/Region Jobs Created During September 2015
7,8647,786 7,681 7,595 7,809 7,998 8,110 7,957 7,297 ———–                           South Tipperary 660
1,129 1,120 1,096 1,071 1,094 1,145 1,164 1,128 1,038 —————–                            Cahir 90
1,6851,674 1,650 1,625 1,663 –-1,697 1,719 1,688 1,560 ———–                            Carrick-On-Suir 128
1,0601,035 1,015 – —998 1,017 1,025 1,063 1,035    931—————–                           Cashel 104
2,4802,489 2,4642,470 2,562 –-2,611 2,616 2,586 2,356 —————                           Clonmel 230
1,510 1,468 1,456 1,431 1,473 1,520 1,548 1,520 1,412 ———-                              Tipperary (Town) 108

Total Jobs created in just 30 days 1,292

I phoned some of our Co. Tipperary TD’s and Co. Councillors of all ‘creeds’ today (I didn’t call the ‘untouchable’ Minister Mr Allan Kelly), seeking answers to this amazing turn about in Co. Tipperary’s good fortune, regrettably only one Fianna Fáil Co. Councillor, Mr Michael Smith, had taken out his calculator and was knowledgeable enough to comment.

Mr Michael Smith’s comment to my numerous questions; “Families all over Co. Tipperary have experienced sons and daughters emigrating in an effort to seek employment. Others have remained at home in the hope that the tide would turn for them. Is it possible in the midst of this employment dilemma that the true figures of those unemployed is being manipulated to show a steep rise in jobs over night. If this is ‘a manicuring’ for election purposes this present Government is reaching an all time low in their deception of their electorate?”

So there is a General Election on the wayWhy the hell did I not think of that?  Oh and please do not tell me my calculator is not working correctly.

Lowry Calls For Clarity On Tipp General Hospital Review

South Tipp General Hospital

South Tipp General Hospital

Following reviews commissioned after the publication of a HIQA report into maternity services, at the Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise, Tipperary Independent TD, Deputy Michael Lowry, has called for further clarity on the external review published yesterday into the governance of Maternity Department Services at South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH) in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

We understand the Assurance Review found that small hospitals are unable to operate in isolation as stand alone facilities, either clinically or financially, thus supporting the current acute hospital reform programme.

Deputy Lowry stated; “This latest report is disturbing in the context of the long-term future of Maternity Services at South Tipperary General Hospital.

South Tipperary General Hospital provides a vital service for the people of Tipperary. In 2014 there were 1,102 births registered at this venue. The people of Tipperary and the Staff of South Tipperary General Hospital now deserve clarity into the governance and the future of Maternity Services at this Hospital.” the Deputy stated.

Deputy Lowry concluded; “I now call on the Minister for Health Mr Leo Varadkar TD, to clarify the Governments attitude to this latest report and to give reassurance that there will be no reduction in the level or quality of services as currently provided by South Tipperary General Hospital.”

The reports were produced by former British National Health Service executive David Flory.

Tipperary – Rural Ireland In Crisis

TipperaryMapTipperary Independent TD Deputy Michael Lowry has this week criticised the long delayed Government initiative on a stimulus package to regenerate Rural Ireland.

“Labour Minister Ann Phelan has been Minister with specific responsibility for Rural Development for almost 5 years. We hardly knew she existed, but hey presto a couple of months before an election she comes out of her slumber with a whopper of an empty promise”, stated the Deputy.

“Since this Government was elected, all we have heard is aspirational statements and hot air. This most recent announcement is a paltry €30m pre-election gimmick.

Minister Ann Phelan has the audacity to allocate €4m of this same fund to her own constituency of Carlow/Kilkenny; leaving just €26m for the rest of the country. The kind of schemes covered under the new proposal, such as renovation of old buildings and improving local amenities are already covered under the terms of Leader Group and National Lottery Funding. The real issue faced our rural communities is that funding available to Leader in Tipperary has been cut by €15 m. It’s ironic that the person who presided over that €15m cut is one and same Minister Allen Kelly,” Mr Lowry continued.

“The root cause of the crisis in rural Ireland is the lack of job opportunity for young people. Thousands of our young people have had to emigrate, forced to leave home, leave their families, friends and community. Parents are denied the privilege of being close to their loved ones, denied the gift of seeing them mature into adulthood. There are many issues as a consequence of this emigration. Fewer houses being built, no work for builders and tradesmen, fewer children being born, schools losing numbers; putting teachers jobs at risk, with small rural schools facing closure. We then have small shops, post offices and Garda Stations being shut down. We also face the prospect, due to a shortage of priests; of parish clustering with major implications for our rural churches and hence reduced social contact”, stated Mr Lowry.

“Emigration has had a massive impact on local communities and in particular sports clubs. Many GAA soccer and Rugby teams have been decimated by the flight of its younger members. The government and the national agencies have done nothing to correct the imbalance between city and rural regeneration. Access to a proper broadband service and information technology is a huge disadvantage. It is impossible for country towns to attract industry as it has little prospect of competing against the city locations that have the entire necessary infrastructure already in place. The IDA should immediately construct advance factories in places like Tipperary. It is inevitable that when a Company decides to set up business it will make a decision on the location based on a ready to go turnkey facility”, continued Mr Lowry.

Deputy Lowry also stated, “We now have a two speed economy – one for Dublin and one for the rest, operating in a fast and slow lane. The closure of Garda Stations has left older people in particular, feeling vulnerable at a time when city crime gangs are roaming rural communities causing fear and anxiety. This feeling of isolation is made worse by no local transport, which makes it impossible for people to socialise”.

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