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Unlike Tipperary, Cork City Council Vote Not To Hike LPT

“Silence doesn’t truly mean that a person quits, it simply means that one doesn’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to or are incapable of understanding”.

Yesterday evening, unlike Tipperary Council, Cork City Council again voted not to vary the basic rate of Local Property Tax (LPT), following a special meeting.

Sixteen of the twenty six County Councillors assembled, who clench voter authority to alter the basic rate of LPT for their administrative area, (by minus or plus 15% of the basic rate set by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government), voted not to alter their current basic rate.

Photographed against the sunshine this morning; (note the surface tyre tracks) just a small section of the road surface on the junction of Slievenamon Road and Clongour Road, Thurles, obviously deemed acceptable by Tipperary Co, Council management and public representatives in their consideration of the tax fleeced motorists, pedestrians and cyclists of Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Back in 2015 and 2016 Cork City Councillors had also agreed to apply a 10% reduction, but in 2017 a similar decision to yesterdays was also concluded, leaving €777,000 available in the council’s budget, for the fiscal year 2018.

Here in Thurles, for almost two years, promises to resurface the seriously deteriorated Slievenamon Road area of the town; together with stretches of its pavement, continue to fall on deaf ears; with County Councillors elected to the Templemore / Thurles Municipal District displaying little or no ability to stimulate those responsible to undertake this work.

This is the same pre-election, non required and never used ‘Cycle Way / Route’ promoted and introduced in 2015, by the former Tipperary Labour government Minister, Mr Alan Kelly.  Today we seriously challenge any cyclist to attempt to cross from Slievenamon Road to the Clongour Road, in its present horrendous condition.

The government fork out millions of tax payers money on promoting, annually, Road Health and Safety issues, but when it comes to rural road surfacing; the grossly over taxed motorist in Tipperary, (through tax on Fuel, NCT costs, Road Tax, Vat, Motorway Tolls etc) is forced to drive on rugged terrain more akin to the physical confines of a river flood plane.

One is reminded of a past quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., which I relate to our Tipperary elected public representatives. The quote reads; “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”


Co. Kilkenny’s Local Property Tax Remains Unchanged

While Tipperary County Councillors saw fit to raise Local Property Tax by 10%, County Councillors sharing our border in Kilkenny county have, this evening, agreed unanimously that the amount of Local Property Tax to be collected from house owners for the coming fiscal year 2018, will not change.

Dublin City Councillors voted 42-11 against a hike in their Local Property Tax.

This decision was arrived at by County Councillors, despite Council Management again seeking a full 15% increase in order to balance expenditure demands.

Councillors stated that they were mindful of the impact any increase would have on already besieged households, right across the county, and condemned the current framework where a Local Property Tax rate decision is required two months in advance of a local authority’s statutory budget meeting.

Meanwhile An Taoiseach Mr Leo Varadkar has given his views on any dramatic increase in property tax, stating there would be no sudden hikes in property tax rates despite spiralling house price values, particularly in urban areas like Dublin and Cork. (Oh yes, good old Dublin & Cork, the twin capitals must be looked after.)

He stated, “One thing that has not increased, which we don’t want to see, and which we will do might and main to avoid, is any sudden hike in property tax that would come about because of house revaluations.  While there has been a very significant increase in property values, particularly in the greater Dublin area, I certainly don’t envisage, nor do I want to see, a sudden dramatic hike in property tax, to that end we will be working hard to avoid that.”

Obviously no one informed Tipperary Co. Councillors of Mr Varadkar’s wishes; and Tipperary Co. Councillors in turn have failed to inform Mr Varadkar and his minority government that Tipperary do not have quality Public Services; just one example being our hospital services situated both north and south of the county.


Migrant Fairies Escape To Tipperary

As one eye said to the other, “Don’t look now but something between us smells.”

Graffiti, it’s everywhere in Thurles; on every Street; on the Doors and Walls of trading business premises; on Electrical and Telephone interconnecting thingamajig metal casings; Car Parks, River Suir Walkway walls, Signposts, the new Source Theatre and yes we know who is responsible, armed nightly with ladders, it’s ‘The Fairies’.

[Music used with this video hereunder is appropriately called – “King Of The Fairies” ]

Down in Co. Kerry that celebrated and wise old Teachta Dála (TD) Mr Danny Healy-Rae spotted it first, claiming ‘The Little People’ or the fairies were interfering with roads.

He claimed fairy mounds (or ‘Liosanna’) were impeded by the National Roads Authority in the area of the main Killarney to Cork traffic route, resulting in a surface dip mysteriously re-appearing on a regular basis.  Those living abroad may not be aware that Fairy forts and prehistoric Tumuli (ancient burial mounds) were seen by previous generations of Irish people as the entrances to the fairy world. Even the cutting of a ‘Sceach-thorn’ bush (Whitethorn) on fairy mounds was punishable by these “Good People”, resulting often in the death of all who performed such acts.

When Graffiti first appeared in Thurles, many of our residents believed that Banksy, the anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, and film director of unconfirmed identity, had come amongst us to reside. Local Banksy experts within Tipperary Co.Co., however, quickly confirmed that this doodling was not his work; claiming instead that this was the mere scrawling of some 6 of our 2,569 Thurles town unemployed persons, armed with ladders, lending further credence to the well known phrase, “the devil finds work for idle hands”.

However a ‘leaked document’, recently seen by this website and emanating from a prominent Tipperary Councillor, rejects this belief, claiming that this graffiti is the work of ‘migrant fairies’; foreign nationalists if you will; latter forced to flee across the border from persecution in Co. Kerry.

This Councillor in his statement, claims that proof; (as if further proof was needed), is that these fairies are totally invisible, with the Thurles closed-circuit television (CCTV), (which cost one hundred thousand Euro to install just 3 years previously), now unable to visually capture the images of these fairies at work, due to night fog.

This leaked document also states that despite efforts by Tipperary Co. Co. to attract employment to Thurles, through the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), alas no site visits by the latter have as yet materialised.  This we understand is not due to the lack of broadband speed, nor the fact that Tipperary hospital patients are the worst affected by overcrowding, in the country and most likely to die in an ambulance.

Keep it to yourselves but the remarks reported by one senior official in the IDA and quoted in this leaked document, states; “The town of Thurles looks like shit, and those on paid salaries and tasked with the job of upgrading its profile, are believed to be either dead or in deep slumber”.

To those politically motivated individuals who will send me emails in the coming days, claiming that I am showing Thurles in a poor light; I say get out of your SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), your BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Audi, Ferrai or Porsche; come, take a walk on the wild-side.


Dublin City Unlike Tipperary Reduce Property Tax

The heated exchanges experienced by Tipperary Co. Council last week, were replicated in Dublin last night; as Dublin City Councillors (unlike Tipperary), voted 42-11 against a hike in their Local Property Tax, (LPT).

Their LPT had been reduced by a maximum of 15% since it was first introduced, but Dublin Council Management here once again, had recommended cutting that reduction to 10%, to generate extra revenue.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and People Before Profit all voted against any further increase, while the Labour Party and the Green Party voted in favour, latter using the argument that keeping the existing state of affairs would mean that services would suffer. (Dublin is a city where despite public transport poverty, few currently bother to buy a ticket to ride Luas (tram/light rail system), because no one bothers to check any more.  After all the Red and Green Lines only cost €770m in reality, or three times the original estimate of €254m.)

TD’s “Taking the Piss”
Meanwhile today Government have approved salary increases for politicians, same totalling an estimated €2.2m over a full five-year Dáil tenure. This estimate is said to include more than €1m for the Chairperson’s of Oireachtas committees and €543,000 for TD’s who serve as Party or Assistant Party whips.

Headlines which have included; “Let’s Keep the Recovery Going,”“Tipperary – The Place – The Time,” “University Hospital Limerick, Most Overcrowded Hospital In Ireland” (attempting to serve the health needs of residents of North Tipperary on trolleys) – “Resurrecting Ireland’s villages” (a forgotten promise to ensure that our rural towns and villages are not left behind, as a Dublin economy continues to become obese), must surely now be revisited, and if necessary, by a General Election.


Tipp Councillors Raise Property Tax Levy By 10%

The revered Hungarian statesman, humanitarian, political thinker, novelist and poet Baron Jozsef Eotvos (Born 1813), having visited Ireland in 1837, stated that no amount of hard work will ever be enough to pay what the landlord requires in rent. No freedom from debt will ever be attainable. Tenant’s debts keep growing year by year, as does their misery and resentment, and this dance ends with non-payers being evicted and sent out on the roads with his wife and children, with begging left as their only hope of survival. The Irish man, he states, who prospers will ultimately fare as badly as the pauper. As soon as he becomes profitable the landlord will raise his rent, until he ends up sharing a similar fate to the beggar.

No, I am not just simply referring solely to 21st century ‘Homeless People’ or indeed to the payment of taxes. What I am highlighting is the right of individuals to raise taxes without voter consultation and “tarring all citizens with the one brush” without due regard to their income, e.g old age pensioners and those unemployed are not likely to avail of the full benefits from future personal taxation reductions.

Elected members of Tipperary Co. Council have voted to approve a 10% increase in our Local Property Tax levy (LPT), which householders throughout the Premier county will be forced to pay in the fiscal year 2018.

Following two hours of often heated debate, the decision to hike up this controversial tax, was eventually formally passed, after Co. Council Management declared that there would be cuts to local authority services e.g. housing maintenance, roads, arts centres, leisure centres, burial grounds committees, sports clubs and tidy towns, in the year ahead if the proposed increase was not fully endorsed.  It would appear that none of the above services for which we are already taxed (motor taxation / rates on business etc); which we purchase (theatre / graves / parking etc); which we pay rent for (Local Authority housing rents); are profitable or run as a profitable business.

Eventually, 22 of our Councillors, mainly from Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, voted in favour of the proposed increase, while 14 councillors including five from Sinn Fein and some Independents opposed the measure. This 10% increase in our Local Property Tax levy is expected to raise a projected €1.1829m revenue for Tipperary Co. Council.

So, in 2018 dwellings valued up to €100,000 will see an approximate increase of €9 in tax, while dwellings valued up to the €150,000 can look forward to some €22.50 of an increase and homes valued at between €150,000 and €200,000 will have an extra €31.50 approx. added to their already existing tax bill.

Fingal County Council on the other hand have broken ranks with other Dublin authorities and imposed a 10% reduction in LPT, thus taking advantage of a rule which allows them to reduce the maximum amount of property tax in their administrative area by 15%.

But don’t worry folks, Mr Leo Varadkar is going to reduce all of our personal taxation in the next Budget, particularly if you get up early in the morning; so one is bound to cancel out the other, if you pay personal income tax.