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June Unemployment Figures Increase For Co. Tipperary

The Joke: “We are seeing a very significant reduction in the number of long-term unemployed people who are getting real jobs in the economy.”  Quote by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Fine Gael TD Richard Bruton, on April 16th 2015.

Unemployment figures for the month of June 2015 once again demonstrate a sharp upward rise for every single town in Co. Tipperary, when compared to the previous month, May 2015.

Monthly figures for June 2015, when compared to the previous month of May 2015 demonstrate that unemployment increased by an extra 452 persons for the whole county of Tipperary.

In total, for just the two combined months of May and June 2015 a total of 835 Tipperary residents, represented under the CSO categories of ‘All Ages’ – ‘Both Sexes’ are now signing for unemployment benefit.

Dole  May   –  June – North Tipperary and Associated Towns 2015.
6,199 – 6,462 – North Tipperary, an overall increase of 263 persons.
2,529 – 2,635 – Nenagh, an increase of 106 persons.
1,164 – 1,187 – Roscrea, an increase of 23 persons.
2,506 – 2,640 – Thurles, an increase of 134 persons.

  May  –  June – South Tipperary and Associated Towns 2015.
7,809 – 7,998 – South Tipperary, an increase of 189 persons.
1,094 – 1,145 – Cahir, an increase of 51 persons.
1,663 – 1,697 – Carrick-On-Suir, an increase of 34 persons.
1,017 – 1,025 – Cashel, an increase of 8 persons.
2,562 – 2,611 – Clonmel, an increase of 49 persons.
1,473 – 1,520 – Tipperary (Town), an increase of 47 persons.

Over this current month (July 2015) unemployment figures are expected to further substantially rise in Tipperary, same due to seasonal job losses in Bord na Móna (Littleton), some 60 plus job losses expected at two C&C facilities (Clonmel and Borrisoleigh) and an unknown number of qualified IT contract workers, latter previously employed with Dublin based companies, but now, with contracts completed, left with no alternative except to return to their homes in Tipperary; once again jobless.

Justice for Clerys workers in Dublin
Sadly on June 12th of this year, 130 understandably devastated direct employees of the iconic Dublin department store, Clerys, lost their jobs. For several days afterwards our national press, radio and television stations carried this news as their top story. During this same period, May CSO Live Register figures showed an increase of some 383 persons unemployed in Co. Tipperary.  Today this figure has been even further increased to show 835 unemployed persons. Over the past 3 days there has been no national media coverage, whatsoever, of Tipperary’s devastating and demoralizing unemployment crisis.

Exactly four weeks ago, on the 3rd June 2015, Mr Richard Bruton TD welcomed the publication of the latest official unemployment figures, showing, he claimed, “a continuing decline in the number of people out of work”.

The hard facts now remain; Live Register unemployment figures for Co Tipperary today are almost double the national average.

Once again; Time for our reigning Fine Gael and Labour politicians to take their pensions and just go, in the secure knowledge they have failed dismally the people of Co. Tipperary.

New Surgical Day Unit Open In Nenagh Hospital

Nenagh Hospital

Nenagh Hospital Tipperary

A new Surgical Day Unit will be officially opened in Nenagh Hospital on Monday June 29th 2015 next. This new Surgical Day Unit has now been completed and is currently up and running.

Some €6.2 million has been spent on Nenagh hospital in recent years, under the Government’s Capital Works Programme. Current services available here for Tipperary and the Mid-West region now include Endoscopy, Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures, together with a range of Consultancy Specialists operating from the hospitals outpatient clinic.

Since re-development and restructuring of services the throughput of patients has now increased by an average of almost 40%.

Independent Deputy Michael Lowry, whose representations undoubtedly resulted in agreement to include Nenagh in the National Capital Programme with an investment of 6.5 million, has today welcomed the completion of this latest phase of development.

Recent visitors to the hospital have also welcomed recent new refurbishments.

Seamus Hanafin Elected Cathaoirleach Tipperary County Council

HanafinFianna Fáil’s Mr Seamus Hanafin today succeeded Fine Gael’s Mr Michael Fitzgerald as the new Cathaoirleach (Irish – Chairperson) of Tipperary County Council, having been proposed by party colleague Mr Jackie Cahill and seconded by Mr Roger Kennedy.

Councillor Hanafin described today as being a very proud one, not just for himself, but also for those he represents, together with his family; namely his wife and three children, his mother Peg, Mrs Mona and her husband former Senator Mr Des Hanafin, latter who himself was also, in the past, a Chairperson of North Tipperary County Council some 60 odd years previously.

Accepting his new post, Councillor Hanafin spoke of the need for a comprehensive plan of action with regard to employment, stating that current unemployment stands as the single biggest issue that must be brought under control here in Tipperary and pledged that same is something that he will strenuously battle and fight to redress, particularly during his term as current office holder.

The popular Councillor was later congratulated by his fellow Council colleagues, who unanimously agreed that he would greatly enhance and introduce even greater qualities to this, his newly elected office.

Today also saw widespread tributes paid to outgoing Chairperson Mr Michael Fitzgerald; describing him as fair minded, especially with regards to the very tough tasks undertaken, while taking over a reformed and newly amalgamated North / South Tipperary Council.

Chief Executive, Tipperary County Council, Mr Joe MacGrath stated that Mr Michael Fitzgerald’s name would now go down in the history books as the first ever Cathaoirleach of a new combined Tipperary County Council and thanked him for his unfailing commitment to the office of County Cathaoirleach.

Michael Lowry T.D. Successfully Challenges Revenue Assessments

Local Thurles and Co. Tipperary TD, Mr Michael Lowry, has successfully challenged a Revenue Assessment which alleged that his tax affairs were not in order. This appeal decision comes as the former government minister faces trial on four charges of allegedly filing incorrect tax returns and a fifth count, latter relating to an alleged breach of the Ltd Companies Act.  Following some two days of hearings before the Appeal Commissioners, same have resulted in official confirmation that Mr Lowry’s tax affairs were completely in order. The case against the 60-year-old alleged he had filed incorrect tax returns in 2003 and 2007.

In a statement this lunch time the local Deputy has confirmed that he is now seeking to have all charges struck out; on foot of this ruling by the Tax Appeal Commissioners.

Statement by Tipperary T.D. Mr Michael Lowry this lunchtime

lowry“It is a matter of public knowledge that the Revenue Commissioners initiated a criminal prosecution against me before the courts. They took this extremely serious action on the grounds that I had committed a criminal offence by filing incorrect tax returns. This presumption by Revenue has now been proven to be unfounded.

I am very pleased to confirm that the Tax Appeal Commissioners have unanimously ruled that I have no tax liability and that my tax returns were correct. Two days of hearings before the Appeal Commissioners have resulted in official confirmation that my tax affairs were in order.

Garuda Ltd. T/A Streamline Enterprises was also successful in its appeal against a Revenue assessment for PAYE and PRSI tax.

From the outset the Revenue Commissioners were informed by my Legal team, my Accountants and by independent experts that their assessment was incorrect and that their assertions were grounded on false information. My professional advisers cooperated fully providing all relevant information and documentation which has disproved the allegations.

Further to the Appeal Commissioners decisive, clear-cut rejection of Revenue’s position, my legal team will now be asking the Courts to dismiss the Prosecution against me.”

Statement ends.

Mr Lowry’s legal team had already initiated a High Court Judicial Review of the Prosecution’s case prior to today’s decision.

Forgotten Real Magic From Thurles

Carefully follow our video hereunder to discover some forgotten ‘Real Magic’.  Of course Real Magic requires no ‘slight of hand’ when performed and allows for you, the Magician, to tell a story to the amazement of your attentive audience.

Click on ‘Vimeo’ (Bottom Right of this Video Clip) to view in HD.

I learned how to perform this piece of Magic many years ago, at the age of 10 years, from my local village postman, who incidentally also plied his trade as the local Barber. (For the record a haircut back then locally in 1959 cost – 1 shilling.)

The Story Told While Performing This Piece Of Real Magic.

A priest, aged 91 and a wealthy 40 year old politician were both lying on hospital trolleys in the corridor of Limerick Regional Hospital. Both men had been rushed from Thurles by ambulance. It had taken 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover the 78.9 km (49.02mls).

A brief examination of both men on arrival, (6 hours later), confirmed that both men were dying and on their very last legs.

The old priest looked across at the ashen faced, frightened politician; “You appear to be afraid to meet your maker, are you not”, he stated in a weak but caring voice.

“I am afraid that I am, Father”, said the politician, “I must confess to you that I wasn’t expecting to be called so soon. As a Tipperary politician I misappropriated my expenses, and spent most of my time swilling back brandy in the Dáil Bar. I lied, I cut the incomes of vulnerable constituents who voted for me and every promise I made before entering office, I failed to deliver on. Do you think God and St Peter will send me straight to Hell, Father”?

“God is usually very forgiving of sinners,” said the weak old priest, “but listen here I have here a ‘Ticket for Heaven’.  Now if you can get hold of a scissors, I will give you two thirds of my ticket, to assist your passage into God’s house of many mansions. I, myself, have always attempted to do God’s will in this life and sure I don’t think I am going to need the Ticket for myself “, he continued.

Attracting the attention of a busy nurse nearby, the feeble old priest passed her the ‘Ticket for Heaven’ instructing her to cut it into three pieces with her scissors. Having cut the ticket into 3 pieces, she gave 2 pieces to the politician and returned 1 piece to the Priest, as she was instructed.

Sure look here, the rest of the story you can work out for yourself, when you grab a scissors and make your ticket.

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