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Tipperary People Attend Dublin Pro-Life ‘Rally For Life’.

“Don’t give up! I believe in you all!
A person’s a person, no matter how small!
And you very small persons will not have to die
If you make yourselves heard! So come on, now and TRY!”

Extract from the Dr. Seuss’ 1954 classic, Horton Hears a Who!”

Residents of Co. Tipperary joined the ranks of a Pro-Life rally held in Dublin this afternoon, with the organisers of the ‘Rally for Life’ confirming the numbers of those attending / taking part at slightly over 10,000 people.

The Pro-life campaigners marched from the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square, down to the Customs House, in opposition to Ireland’s new abortion laws introduced in May of this year, following the referendum on the Eighth Amendment; with those assembled today calling on the present government for another referendum on abortion.

Thanks to social media, Irish people have now come to the realisation that a baby whose form is hardly visible underneath the slightest curve of a mother’s skirt, can now be cruelly crushed to death and ripped asunder; in some cases to be sold as tissue for drug testing purposes. After all, while food and beverages do not contain any aborted foetal material, they may be tastier because of it, and some cosmetics – those pretending to grant users access to that mythical fountain of youth – is most probably developed thanks to foetal skin cell testing.

Please read the poem hereunder, twice, before commenting.

Unto Us

A poem by the late great British-Irish comedian, writer, poet, playwright and actor Spike Milligan (1918 – 2002).

“Somewhere at some time
They committed themselves to me
And so, I was!
Small, but I WAS!
Tiny, in shape
Lusting to live
I hung in my pulsing cave.
Soon they knew of me
My mother – my father.
I had no say in my being
I lived on trust
And love
Tho’ I couldn’t think
Each part of me was saying
A silent ‘Wait for me
I will bring you love!’

I was taken
Blind, naked, defenceless
By the hand of one
Whose good name
Was graven on a brass plate
in Wimpole Street,*
and dropped on the sterile floor
of a foot operated plastic waste
There was no Queen’s Counsel
To take my brief.
The cot I might have warmed
Stood in Harrod’s shop window.
When my passing was told
My father smiled.
No grief filled my empty space.
My death was celebrated
With tickets to see Danny La Rue
Who was pretending to be a woman
Like my mother was.”

* Note: Wimpole Street is an area located in the City of Westminster, Central London, England, associated with private medical practice and similar associations.


Munster Final Colour

Munster Final Colour

Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

Hats and colours, blue & gold and green,
Munster’s hurling men are set for battle bold.
As ash and leather clash on field of green
A Cuchulainn – ancient story will be told.
Memories of “blind fiddlers” and Gaelic tunes of glee,
We walked the Ennis Road past ‘Jarveys’ in the sun,
Shirt-sleeved, sandwiches in hand, and oh so happily,
We marched to see great hurling deeds well done.
The flags, the teams, the march round with the band,
The hush the anthem and cheers to heaven soar.
The glory that the overhead and the first time pull demand,
And man for man for glory for an hour,
We cared not for the morrow or what fortune sent,
But win or lose or draw to know what hurling meant.


Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


Tribute To Tipperary Senior Hurlers.

A tribute to Tipperary’s senior hurlers, fresh from the pen of poet Mr Tom Ryan and dedicated to Liam Sheedy and our mighty Tipperary men, togged out in the blue and gold.

Tribute To Tipperary Senior Hurlers
Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

“By Leeside you held our colours high
In gallant glorious fray against the Red
Scorned the pride of the ancient enemy,
Hurled with blood and muscle, heart and head.
Tipperary men by bold tradition brave,
No time for reputations or renown.

Who for Tipperary and her homes engrave
A glory that is greater than a crown,
Cry the fainthearted, “Tipperary hurling dead”
No! tis alive with fiercely wondrous will.
Proud wear the blue and gold upon your head,
Tipperary men are hurling warriors still”.


Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


Meet The Wagtails Of Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

“Little trotty wagtail, he waddled in the mud,
And left his little footmarks, trample where he would.
He waddled in the water-pudge, and waggle went his tail,
And chirrupt up his wings to dry upon the garden rail.”

Extract from the poem “Little Trotty Wagtail”, by John Clare

London’s Trafalgar Square is famous for its daytime congregation of Pigeons. Dublin city’s Parnell Square, according to Dublin City Council, is famous for its congregation of daytime, marauding, chip snatching seagulls. Here in rural Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary; practically unnoticed by the frequenters of our pubs, clubs, and other nightly entertainment venues, we remain secretly renowned for our congregation of nightly, urban roosting Pied Wagtails.

Hundreds of roosting Pied Wagtails congregate nightly all year round, unnoticed in Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

To the night reveller, they go mostly unnoticed, perched on the very summit of three mature trees on the ‘money side’ of Liberty Square, close to the entrance into Westgate and Friar Street. Best not to stand too long directly under these trees at night; lest your unprotected bag of chips, or expensive hair-do, should inevitable fall foul to occasional falling defecation.

Bearing various allocated rural names; like ‘Penny wagtail’, ‘Willy Wagtail’ and ‘Water Wagtail’, in truth no one actually knows why Wagtails wag their tails, however, especially during the cold winter months, and indeed right through the year here in Thurles, large numbers of these inoffensive, 18cm long birds, join together and roost communally in our town.

In Ireland pairs of pied wagtails will nest favouring holes in walls, gaps under roof tiles and similar spaces, and particularly enjoy the use of farmyard areas, where they will nest two or three times during the summer season.

Haters of cold weather and not great dawn singers, these birds are exclusively insectivorous and choose towns possibly because same are always a couple of degrees warmer. Undeterred by noisy traffic, bright moving lights and loud night revellers; these birds enjoy the security of roosting in flocks, after all several hundred pairs of eyes are better than two in the case of any possible danger.

Not a protected species here in Ireland; one wonders what will become of this Thurles Wagtail colony, should work eventually begin on the constantly delayed revitalisation of Liberty Square. Will Tipperary Co. Council continue in the practice of eradicating mature trees, as seen previously in Fethard village and other Tipperary areas, thus leaving them homeless?

We trust that Tipperary Co. Council has learnt by now that the life of another creature is in no way less precious than their own.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Love Lines For St Valentine’s Day

With St. Valentine’s Day 2019 just 6 days away, let’s read a few romantic lines from Thurles poet Mr Tom Ryan

Love Lines For St. Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

No more I seek sweet paradise
Or absolute truth and beauty rare;
I see my heaven in your eyes
And in the shining of your hair;
No more I seek in sonnet, song
Or music’s sweetest, deepest sound
That part of me so lost for long
Which in your being I have found.
No more I wander through the hours
Fearful, lonely, without cheer,
For you, oh fairest of the flowers,
Are here my love, sweet love, are here.
My every sense now wildly soars
To joy beyond this transient earth,
Sweet scented life, oh beauteous bower,
Oh, bright and light my happy heart.
I wish and you are always there
My light, my courage and my soul,
You are enchantment everywhere
You bless, embolden and enthral.
And so not death nor worldliness
Shall keep us two, now one, apart;
Oh, magical our happiness,
Eternal our united heart.


Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail