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Chief Supt. Derek Smart Takes Up Garda Vacancy In Thurles

L-R: Chief Supt. Catherine Kehoe (Retired) and new Chief Supt. Derek Smart (Appointed).

Following the retirement of Chief Superintendent Mrs Catherine Kehoe; Limerick native Chief Supt. Mr Derek Smart has now been assigned to the Tipperary Garda Division and will be based here in Thurles, once he takes up his new Garda post.

Currently attached to the Henry Street Station in Limerick city, Supt. Smart had been formally named on the Garda promotion panel, following an internal competition, which concluded last year.

The Chief Superintendent has, to-date, spent most of his career based in Co. Limerick, but has also served in Co. Clare and Co. Cork, before now being appointed to the Tipperary Division.

Having overseen a number of high-profile investigations previously in Limerick, latter regarded as one of Ireland’s busiest Garda Districts; Chief Supt. Smart is being viewed as a most worthy replacement for the post made vacant by Chief Superintendent Kehoe’s much regretted retirement.

We wish Mrs Catherine Kehoe, every good wish in her retirement and welcome new Chief Superintendent Derek Smart to Thurles.


Court Orders Travellers To Vacate Cabragh Bridge Site

Halting Site and part of the new, modern, six-unit group housing scheme now being provided.

The High Court has made an order requiring members of the Travelling Community to vacate an unofficial halting site in Thurles Co. Tipperary by Tuesday, July 16th 2019 before 5:00pm on that date.

The orders were granted by Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds to Tipperary County Council, against eight named individuals; Mr William McCarthy, Ms Elizabeth McCarthy, Ms Mary Ellen McCarthy, Mr Jimmy McCarthy, Mr John McCarthy, Ms Winnie McCarthy, Ms Belinda O’Reilly and Mr Ned O’Reilly, whose presence currently residing at Cabragh Bridge, Cabragh, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, was found to allegedly constitutes a public nuisance.

Just last week, July 4th, Tipperary Co. Council obtained permission to serve short notice of court proceedings against the defendants. When the case returned before the High Court today, Mr David Humphries Bl, acting for the council, stated his client had served the proceedings on the defendants and were now seeking injunctions compelling the defendants to remove their caravans, mobile homes and any other vehicles from the Cabragh Bridge site, thus removing all obstructions from the R659 regional roadway.

Legal Counsel duly informed Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds that Tipperary Co. Council had offered the named defendant’s alternative accommodation at a nearby halting site, which had been ignored. Tipperary Co. Council, through their Council, also confirmed that this aforementioned offer of alternative accommodation will continues to remain open and available.

Defendants made no appearance at today’s Court hearing, and same will now be served with the court’s order, by Gardaí before 5:00pm tomorrow evening.


€1,000 Reward For Recovery Of Head Removed From Leahy Statue

A reward of €1,000 has been offered for the recovery of the Sicilian statuary marble head, removed by a vandal or vandals from the statue of Archbishop Dr. Patrick Leahy, sometime last week.

The figure, his hand right hand holding a breviary, stood 8ft (2.4384m) in height, in front of Thurles Cathedral, on a limestone pedestal 7ft (2.1336m) high; representing the deceased Prelate attired in his episcopal soutane, rochet and mozetta, with his head uncovered.
Following this undoubted vandalism, the head was then removed from the Cathedral grounds.

A person, who strictly wishes to remain anonymous, lodged €1,000 to the bank account of Thurles.Info on Friday evening last. [This action in itself, causing no small amount of misunderstanding / confusion, I hasten to add.]

Their written instruction received by us and now fully authenticated, states clearly:-
“If within seven days ending 12.00 noon, Monday July 15th, confidential information is forwarded to Thurles.Info; [Via Contact Us]; same which will clearly identify the area where the statue head currently can be found; or which will lead to the recovery of the marble piece, then on the find being fully validated by an already nominated expert, this reward of €1,000 should be passed, in cash, by the website administrator, within 3 days of the recovery, to the individual informant, who in turn shall remain anonymous, should they so desire.” Signed: A. Christian.

Might be time to pay homage to our wellies and walk that scummy river area.


Tipperary People Attend Dublin Pro-Life ‘Rally For Life’.

“Don’t give up! I believe in you all!
A person’s a person, no matter how small!
And you very small persons will not have to die
If you make yourselves heard! So come on, now and TRY!”

Extract from the Dr. Seuss’ 1954 classic, Horton Hears a Who!”

Residents of Co. Tipperary joined the ranks of a Pro-Life rally held in Dublin this afternoon, with the organisers of the ‘Rally for Life’ confirming the numbers of those attending / taking part at slightly over 10,000 people.

The Pro-life campaigners marched from the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square, down to the Customs House, in opposition to Ireland’s new abortion laws introduced in May of this year, following the referendum on the Eighth Amendment; with those assembled today calling on the present government for another referendum on abortion.

Thanks to social media, Irish people have now come to the realisation that a baby whose form is hardly visible underneath the slightest curve of a mother’s skirt, can now be cruelly crushed to death and ripped asunder; in some cases to be sold as tissue for drug testing purposes. After all, while food and beverages do not contain any aborted foetal material, they may be tastier because of it, and some cosmetics – those pretending to grant users access to that mythical fountain of youth – is most probably developed thanks to foetal skin cell testing.

Please read the poem hereunder, twice, before commenting.

Unto Us

A poem by the late great British-Irish comedian, writer, poet, playwright and actor Spike Milligan (1918 – 2002).

“Somewhere at some time
They committed themselves to me
And so, I was!
Small, but I WAS!
Tiny, in shape
Lusting to live
I hung in my pulsing cave.
Soon they knew of me
My mother – my father.
I had no say in my being
I lived on trust
And love
Tho’ I couldn’t think
Each part of me was saying
A silent ‘Wait for me
I will bring you love!’

I was taken
Blind, naked, defenceless
By the hand of one
Whose good name
Was graven on a brass plate
in Wimpole Street,*
and dropped on the sterile floor
of a foot operated plastic waste
There was no Queen’s Counsel
To take my brief.
The cot I might have warmed
Stood in Harrod’s shop window.
When my passing was told
My father smiled.
No grief filled my empty space.
My death was celebrated
With tickets to see Danny La Rue
Who was pretending to be a woman
Like my mother was.”

* Note: Wimpole Street is an area located in the City of Westminster, Central London, England, associated with private medical practice and similar associations.


Leading Sport Figure Arrested & Questioned In Tipperary Town Garda Station.

According to reports by Irishexaminer.com and Independent.ie, a leading civilian sports figure is the latest suspect to be arrested in a long-running undercover probe into Garda corruption by the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (GNBCI).

To-date the investigation has already led to the arrest and suspension of at least three senior members of an Garda Síochána, including a Superintendent, an Inspector and a Detective, back last May.

We understand that the newly arrested suspect was questioned for a number of hours in Tipperary Town Garda station on Thursday of this week, following the arrest that morning by detectives from the GNBCI.

This latest arrest concerns an individual in their early 50’s, latter suspected of being the channel through which information was supplied direct from certain Garda members; and conveyed to known members of a Munster organised crime gang. Some of this channelled information was said to have compromised planned raids and seizures by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) on premises and homes of criminals residing both in Limerick City and County as well as here in County Tipperary.

The suspect arrested on Thursday morning last was released on Thursday night, following interrogation, however more arrests are now expected to follow.