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‘Hit’ On Imprisoned Tipperary Raider

CorcoranA member of the ruthless Dublin gang, who viciously attacked the home of Mark and Emma Corcoran, at Burnchurch, Killenaule, South Tipperary; the former armed with a sawn-off shotgun, a handgun and a machete, has himself been assaulted in prison.

Mr Donal O’Hara, aged 24, had 19 previous convictions before being jailed for five years. The combined involved criminal gang in this case, who had more than 300 combined convictions, were imprisoned for a total of 72 years, back in October 2015.

In a recent prison attack, Mr O’Hara, is understood to have had the tendons in his arm severed, while being beaten with metal poles. Same violent attack is understood to have been carried out in retaliation for an attack on an unnamed female. From investigations carried out by the authorities; it is believed that the attack was instigated by some of Mr O’Hara’s former associates, who are believed to have initiated a “€5,000 hit” on Mr O’Hara.

Mr Donal O’Hara then aged 21, with an address at Glin Park, Coolock, Dublin 17; together with Mr Dean Byrne aged 21 of Cabra Park, Dublin 7, Mr Patrick Gately, aged 26 of Primrose Grove, Darndale, Dublin 17; Mr John Joyce aged 19, of The Donaghies, Donaghmede, Dublin; Mr Patrick Joyce aged 21, of Beaumont Hall, Beaumont Woods, Dublin 9;  Mr Thomas Flynn aged 19, of Moatview Avenue, Coolock, Dublin 17 and Mr Michael McDonagh aged 22, of Tara Lawns, Belcamp Lane, Coolock, Dublin 17; sought cash and valuables when they burst into the Corcoran family’s home on November 21st 2013; threatening to kill their three young kids, aged eight, six and two.

A quick thinking Mrs Corcoran managed to dial 999, and leave her mobile phone switched on for some seven minutes, thus allowing Gardaí to eavesdrop on what was happening, as this crime progressed. During the incident Mr Corcoran was brutally assaulted and suffered a fractured eye socket and a broken nose.

Mr O’Hara has now been placed under protective custody while in prison.


Tipperary Garda Accused Of Alleged Assaults

gardaInvestigations, understood to be at an advanced stage, are taking place into allegations that a member of the Garda Síochána, who was previously shot in 2015 while on holidays in the US, assaulted two women last February. The allegations have been instigated against 34 year old Garda Mr Brian Hanrahan, latter who originally hails from Killenaule in Co. Tipperary.

Gardaí immediately began their investigations after two unnamed women alleged that they were struck by him during a night out in Co Tipperary. The women claim to have suffered facial injuries following an argument between them and Mr Hanrahan, when he was granted a lift to his home by them from the Nenagh area.

Garda Hanrahan, a married father-of-two, was shot in New Orleans last year and found by police at 5.40am on January 27th, 2015, lying critically injured in the driveway of a house. Mr Hanrahan later received surgery to remove a bullet and members of the public on both sides of the Atlantic helped to raise funds for his medical bills, following the shooting.

Later intensive police investigations led to the arrest of two males; named as Mr Melvin P. Galle (Jnr) aged 40 and his brother Mr Keith M. Galle aged 33, who were both charged with attempted second-degree murder and armed robbery, following this incident.

Garda Hanrahan is not understood to have been on duty at the time of the alleged assaults and has not, to-date, been suspended from duty; continuing to work at Newcastle West Garda Station in Co Limerick. However both women, alleging the assaults, have made statements and their accusations are being extensively investigated by Gardaí in the Tipperary Division.

Since members of the public are fully entitled to complain about the behaviour of any Garda member, the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) has not received a referral under Section 102(1) from the Garda Síochána seeking an independent investigation of this matter to-date.


Divorce Was The Only Solution

LawJudge Michael Ryan was interviewing a woman regarding her pending divorce. All papers had been lodged and the proceedings were being held, in camera, at Thurles Courthouse.

Mary O’Brien had married Johnny Everard here in Thurles in 2011, but just a mere two weeks after their marriage, he had chosen to separate and they were since living apart.  Now, five years on, Johnny had decided to seek a legal divorce.

In his efforts to fully understand the reasons leading up to this request for a termination of the couple’s marriage, Judge Ryan asked Mary, “What are the grounds for your divorce?”
“About four acres and a nice three bed-roomed thatched cottage, near to a stream, which runs close-by,” replied the soon to be discarded wife.

“No”, said the Judge, “I mean what are the foundations of this case?”
“So far as I know, it is made of a mix of concrete, bricks and mortar,” she responded.

“OK”, he continued with a grin, “Can you inform me as to what your relations are like presently?”
“Myself, I have an aunt and uncle still living and about 12 cousins unemployed, but resident locally here in Thurles. And then there is my estranged husband; he has only his parents still living out in Littleton, as far as I am aware”, she replied.

The judge grinned again and taking a deep breath, he asked, “Do you have a real grudge?”
“No garage as such your Honour “, she replied, “However I do have a carport, but I don’t need one since I don’t have a car”, she added

“Please,” the busy judge tried again, “Is there any kind of infidelity in your marriage?”
“Yes, my only son, which I brought up on my own; he has one of those Infidelity stereo music players”, she responded. “I, myself don’t particularly like his choice of loud, bawdy music – all that hip hop and rap racket – but sure I can’t seem to be able to do anything about it.”

Now displaying a little impatience in his voice, the judge asked, “Ma’am, does your husband ever beat you up?”
“Most certainly”, she replied, “Before our living apart, he got up almost every morning before meself; to made the tae.”

The judge tried again, asking, “Would you say your husband was a nagger?”
“Oh, hell no”, she replied, “Sure to my knowledge he was never involved in the disposal of dead or unwanted animals flesh in his life”.

Finally, in total frustration, the judge asked, “Lady, why in hell do you want a divorce?”
“Oh good Lord, I don’t want a divorce”, Mary replied. “I’ve never wanted a divorce. It’s me husband that does; the idiot claims that he can’t fully communicate with me intelligently in even the simplest of conversations.”


Marlstone Investments Ltd To Challenge Revenue

CorbettThe popular licensed hostelry business of former Tipperary left corner-forward hurling star Mr Lar Corbett; trading as Marlstone Investments Ltd, will contest a Revenue Commissioners charge that it had spirits for sale on which the correct alcohol tax allegedly had not been paid.

Marlstone Investments Ltd, of which Mr Corbett is just one of the directors and whose Registered Address is “Lar Corbett’s Bar at Coppinger’s, No.4 Parnell Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary”, will strongly contest a single charge brought by the Revenue Commissioners, contrary to Section 79 (2) of the Finance Act, 2003.

This single allegation contends that on or about January 29th 2015, at Coppinger’s Pub, Parnell Street, Thurles, there were “for sale or delivery specific alcohol products, to wit 16.1 litres of spirits, on which the appropriate rate of tax had not been paid”.

When the case was called at Thurles District Court yesterday Judge Elizabeth MacGrath was told that there appeared to be some confusion over the current proceedings. State Solicitor Miss Michelle O’Connell, said it was her understanding from the previous Court sitting, during May last, that the case remained simply as one to be “finalised today”.

Counsel representing Marlstone Investments Ltd stated that a ‘not guilty plea’ was now being entered and the matter would be contested in full.  Judge MacGrath confirmed that since no formal plea had been previously entered, Marlstone Investments Ltd were fully within their rights to enter a ‘not guilty’ plea and contest the present charge.

The case has now been set by Judge MacGrath for a further hearing, before Thurles District Court, on September 20th next.


Drugs Related Arrests In Co. Tipperary

GardaTwo students, named as Mr Ruairí Maher, aged 22, with an address at Ballycurrane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary and M/s Jessica O’Connor, aged 20, with an address at Rosebank House, Ballyhar, Killarney, Co Kerry, have both been arrested and charged, following an investigation into the death of a man who allegedly ingested a drug known as ‘N-bomb’, in Cork City last January.

Both students were charged with conspiring with another to possess a controlled drug, for the purpose of sale or supply on January 18th 2016 last.

At Cork District Court yesterday Inspector Mr Finbarr O’Sullivan stated that the Director of Public Prosecutions had decided that the cases would not be heard at District Court level and should proceed at Cork Criminal Court. Both students were granted bail until October 24th next. Free legal aid was also granted with solicitors Mr Frank Buttimer and Mr Andrew O’Connell respectively appointed to act for their defence.

Mr Alex Ryan, aged 18, with an address at Liscahane, Millstreet, Co Cork, regrettably lost his life on January 23rd last from a lack of oxygen to his brain; having consumed the synthetic, psychedelic drug known as ‘N-Bomb’.

A post-mortem examination last week revealed that the late Mr Ryan was one of six people to have been hospitalised having attended this party in Greenmount, Cork City.  Those in attendance at the party were found to have slashed themselves with broken glass; while others were found to have been in a state of severe hallucination, having induced the drug.

Large drugs haul located in Cahir Co. Tipperary
Meanwhile in yet another unrelated drugs arrest this week; some 10,000 ecstasy tablets were uncovered during a search of a house in the Cahir area. This followed a targeted operation involving a search by Revenue’s Customs Service and the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.

A 36 year old man was arrested and is understood to be presently detained at Clonmel Garda station.