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November 2015
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Thurles Gardaí Make A Total Of 12 Arrests In Thurles

GardaA further eight people have now been arrested here in Thurles, following yesterdays series of early morning raids by Thurles Gardaí. This brings to twelve the total number of persons arrested yesterday.

Drugs with an estimated value in excess of some €2,000 were also seized, together with items of stolen property. We understand that the drugs seized consisted of the Class B drug Amphetamine Sulphate, (latter which bears the street name ‘Speed’) and a quantity of MDMA, short for Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, (latter the psychoactive drug more commonly known under a variety of names such as ‘Ecstasy’, ‘Molly’, ‘E’, ‘XTC’, ‘X’, ‘Adam’, ‘Hug’, ‘Beans’ and ‘Clarity’).

Of the 12 people taken into custody, the reasons for their detention, we understand, included ‘Serious Assaults’; ‘Arson’; ‘Outstanding Warrants’; ‘Possession of Illegal Substances’ and ‘Burglary’.

Of those detained, four are presently in Limerick jail; while another man appeared yesterday before a Judge in Nenagh District Court, charged with robbery and other theft offences in the Templemore area. The remainder of those detained were released without charge; however we understand files are expected to be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

All arrests were made as a result of clever research, co-ordination and detection, undertaken by members of the Thurles Garda force.

This work yesterday, undertaken by Thurles Gardaí, further highlights the incredible service and commitment by our local police force, despite being totally under-resourced and with the failure of our present government to provide the necessary ring-fenced finance to fight current unprecedented rural crime.

Thurles Gardaí – Four Arrests – Operation Thor

gardaThere was a massive, high profile Garda presence here in Thurles town yesterday morning.

As part of ongoing ‘Operation Thor’, members of Thurles Gardaí in collaboration with the Garda Drugs Unit, the Regional Support Unit, the Traffic Corps and the Garda Dog Unit were all involved in a series of targeted raids.

During these raids local Gardaí detained and arrested four people, who are presently believed to be held in Thurles Garda Station.

It is also understood that during these early morning searches targeting burglaries across the country, certain items of property were seized.

Gardaí were also highly visible at local Supermarkets, Shopping Centres and the Cattle Mart in the town, offering advice on best security practices for homes and businesses in the area, particularly coming up to Christmas.

Local reports state that the raids were as a direct result of a burglary which took place at Ahearn’s Service Station Abbey road, Thurles, in the last few days.

First Irish Same Sex Marriage Takes Place In Tipperary


Mr Richard Dowling & Mr Cormac Gollogly. (Picture Courtesy Getty Images.)

The first Irish same sex marriage has taken place in Ireland today following the newest Marriage Law of 2015, coming into legislation.

A currently Dublin based couple, Mr Richard Dowling and Mr Cormac Gollogly, have become the first same-sex couple to ‘tie the knot’ here in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary this morning

The couple who have been together for 12 years, officially got married in the presence of the Senior Registrar for Co. Tipperary M/s Mary Claire Heffernan, latter who confirmed that they were the first same sex couple to be civilly married in the Irish Republic.

The couple who had gotten engaged in Spain several years ago, were legally married just two months after they had entered into a Civil Partnership at the luxurious, 1822 established, Kilshane House Hotel situated on Bansha Road, Tipperary; latter also the former wedding venue of Thurles native and ‘The Saturday’s’ girl band member, Una Fodan (nee Healy).

Mr Gollogly’s mother was originally Rosemary Ryan from Roscrea in Co. Tipperary, while Mr Dowling’s mother was Kathleen Rafter from Rathcabbin, in Co. Tipperary.
The couple had already enjoyed a honeymoon in the Maldives islands, (Latter situated in Indian Ocean), just last September and following today’s ceremony in Clonmel, they both returned to Dublin to enjoy a celebratory lunch.

To Richard and Cormac go all our best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous long life together.

Proposed Bye-laws For Thurles Town Park

The Templemore-Thurles Municipal District of Tipperary propose to make bye-laws regarding Thurles Town Park; under the powers conferred on them via Section 199 of the Local Government Act 2001 and as amended by Schedule 3 of the Local Government Reform Act of 2014.

Thurles town Park

Aerial view of the magnificent Thurles Town park area. (Courtesy P. Corbett Video.)

These, to be welcomed, bye-laws will in future govern the use, operation, protection, regulation and management of our town’s newest and most enviable of park assets and same will make provision for the imposition of fixed payments in respect of the contravention of these soon to be enacted bye-laws.

A copy of these draft Bye-Laws are now available for inspection at the offices of Templemore-Thurles Municipal District Offices, situated at Slievenamon Road, Thurles, and can be viewed between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., until Friday 18th December 2015. Templemore-Thurles Municipal District will accept and consider any future submissions or observations, which are made to them in writing, which are received on or before 4.00 p.m. on Thursday 31st December 2015.

Details of these proposed Bye-Laws can also be inspection at Thurles Library, situated in the Source building, Cathedral Street, Thurles and can also be viewed by clicking HERE.

The proposed Bye-Laws can be inspected free of charge, or if so desired, copies may be purchased during the inspection period for a nominal fee of €3.00, available from the aforementioned offices of Templemore-Thurles Municipal District in Thurles.

Freedom ? – By Tipperary Born Poet Gerry Cullen.

The winter has well and truly arrived. I state this not because of any strong winds and torrential downpours of rain experienced over the past week.

Rather because that keen environmentalist and green fingered hill poet Mr Gerry Cullen has returned to sit by his fire to reflect, share thoughts; writing rhyme about happenings, as he observes them in his native County of Tipperary.

Here he reflects so accurately on the recent crime wave that has hit our county; the failure of our justice system and the need for proper Garda resources.

Freedom ?

Latest poem courtesy of our resident Tipperary Bard, Mr Gerry Cullen. ©


Poet Gerry Cullen.

“There was ne’er a Guard for ages and then ‘Operation Thor,’
They were on the cross this mornin, to check if me tyres were wore.
Speed checks in the 50 zone and checkpoints, ten a penny,
And all the scum-bags out on bail; all thanks to Enda Kenny.
Now rural crime is handy cash, for all who take their chance.
The dirt-bags and their legal teams, enjoy a merry dance.
They’re laughing at the victims, and laughing at the law.
It’s child’s play for the low-life, there’s a justice systems flaw.
But then the Guards are doin the job, they nab the average Joe,
It’s pointless nabbin dangerous crooks, the Judges let them go.
So no point getting hurt or killed, the guards are plagued by rules.
So they do the handy numbers, in this Island run by ‘Tools.’
Now don’t be fooled by power of vote, to choose a different crew.
No bloody feckin difference, to the likes of me and you.
Promise this and promise that and give the usual spin.
One thing certain, memories fade the minute they get in.
The aim is ‘line their pockets’, ‘look after number one’.
Your vote goes to recycling, once election time is done.
But I think I feel a rumble, like a roaring thunderous wave
But it’s just our Easter heroes, all turning in the grave.”

Nice one Gerry!

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