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National Fire Safety Week 2016 – Oct 3rd To Oct 10th

National Fire Safety Week 2016, runs from tomorrow, Monday 3rd October to Monday 10th October 2016.

The theme of this year’s awareness week is “Stop Fire – Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives.”

During this Fire Safety Week; two question you should ask yourself:-
(1) Do you have smoke alarms fitted presently?
(2) Is your already fitted smoke alarm in good working order?

smoke-alarmRemember a working smoke alarm will warn you and possibly save your life if there is an outbreak of fire in your home. Do remember that your sense of smell does not work when you are asleep and smoke can assist in putting you into an even deeper sleep, possibly, (God forbid), permanently.

Persons with Impaired Hearing
For those residents particularly those living alone who suffer from impaired hearing, they will, for the most part, not hear the audible warning given off by standard smoke alarms, especially since they are unlikely to be wearing a hearing aid at night.  However; it needs reminding to all that there are smoke alarm systems available on the market, that effectively use strobe lights or vibrating pads, to alternatively alert these same individuals of the danger of a fire in their home.

Time to Test Existing Installations
This week is the perfect opportunity to test your existing Smoke Alarm. Same may be tested in most cases by pressing the ‘test button’ on your current system, pressing same with the handle tip end of your average floor brush. Best whether needed or not to replace the batteries once a year in standard alarms, or always as soon as you hear the warning beep. Do vacuum the smoke alarms regularly and wipe the cover, since censers can get clogged with dust, cobwebs etc, thus often resulting in their failure to operate properly.

Those who have 10 year smoke alarms will need to replace the whole alarm after the 10 years have expired. Smoke alarms can be found available at most Thurles Home DIY & Hardware Stores.

Be ‘Safe’ Rather than ‘Sorry’
Every home should have at least one smoke alarm for each floor. Fit them between your sleeping areas and your kitchen and living rooms. Best to have one in the hallway at ground floor level and one at each upper level, on landings. For a truly enhanced level of protection, you should consider fitting alarms in your living rooms and kitchen, in bedrooms used by vulnerable people, or in bedrooms where there is a television or other electrical appliance, e.g. a computer left plugged in.

Always position smoke alarms at ceiling level and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do play your part during National Fire Safety Week; it could save your life in the very near future!


Hazardous Waste Disposal Opportunity For Tipperary Householders

WasteHouseholders in Thurles and across Tipperary are being encouraged to avail of an upcoming opportunity to dispose of their hazardous wastes free of charge.

The Southern Region Waste Management Office has teamed up with Local Authorities across the region, including Tipperary County Council, to operate bring centres for the collection of hazardous domestic waste, one of which will be located at the Roscrea Civic Amenity Site on Saturday January 23rd from 8.30am to 3.30 pm (closed for lunch from 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm).

Waste items including lead acid batteries, cooking and engine oil, oil filters, paints and lacquers, paint strippers and cleaners, old medicines, pesticides and herbicides, fluorescent tubes and household aerosols can be deposited free of charge.

Staff from Tipperary County Council’s Environment section will be present for the event, which is funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government, while information guides on green cleaning and green gardening will also be made available.

“Through hosting this free of charge ‘drop-off day’, we are providing householders throughout Tipperary with an excellent opportunity to dispose of their hazardous wastes in a manner that protects human health and the environment,”  explained Pauline McDonogh, Regional Waste Prevention Co-ordinator, Southern Waste Region.

Householders are being reminded that each waste type brought to the Roscrea Civic Amenity must be clearly identifiable, segregated and packaged to avoid leaks and minimise risks.

The forthcoming drop-off day is an initiative of the Southern Region Waste Management Plan. Ten local authorities in Tipperary, Cork, Clare, Limerick, Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Kerry have been set a number of key targets in relation waste prevention activities.

Householders can get additional information about the event and about how to manage hazardous waste from www.southernwasteregion.ie.


Tipperary To Host Repair Café

repairThe people of Co. Tipperary are being urged not to discard broken household items, but instead bring them along to a free pop-up fixing clinic; latter taking place at the Scout Hall in Nenagh, North Tipperary, on Saturday April 18th from 11.00am to 2.00pm.

The Repair Café is part of a growing international movement, first initiated in Holland in 2009, which encourages people to repair things rather than simply throw them away.

The Southern Region Waste Management Office, in conjunction with Tipperary County Council and Nenagh Mens Shed, are inviting people to drop in to the ‘Cafe’ with items such as tools with broken handles, wooden furniture, bikes or electrical equipment, where they will learn to fix them.

“The concept is really simple,” explained Pauline McDonogh, Regional Waste Prevention Co-ordinator, who continued: “The ‘Café’ brings together local businesses from the Nenagh area that have a range of skills and knowledge about fixing items. Householders bring along their broken items, sit with the experts and watch and learn from when the item is taken apart to when it is put back together again.”

Ms. McDonogh added: “Repair Cafe organisers find the majority of people who show up bring items they feel are too expensive to repair and would simply throw them away; shovels, lamps and children’s toys being popular examples. Often however, these items are easily repairable.”

Next week’s event in Nenagh is the final in a series of three Repair Cafés being held across the Southern Waste Region with other events already taking place in Tralee and Kilkenny.

The Southern Waste Region, which is administered by the Southern Region Waste Management Office (SRWMO), covers counties; Tipperary, Carlow, Clare, Cork City, Cork County, Kerry, Kilkenny, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford.

For more Information see wwww.southernwasteregion.ie .


Tips On Reading & Cleaning Your Family Headstone

“And, as an hare whom hounds and horns pursue, Pants to the place from whence at first she flew,
I still had hopes, my long vexations past, Here to return – and die at home at last.”

Lines taken from “The Deserted Village,” by Oliver Goldsmith

Reading the inscriptions on headstones is now fast becoming a great contributor to our Irish tourism sector, both domestic and foreign, as more and more people have begun to trace their family’s history and now seek out the burial places of their long, often lost ancestors.
Most old headstone markers are difficult to read as they have become, through neglect, covered in decades of grime and various other surface lichens.  Examine your grave marker therefore carefully at first to ascertain if it is indeed cleanable or if best left alone. If the stone shows signs of chipping, scaling, flaking or any other forms of obvious deterioration, do not clean. Your actions will do more harm than good and in most cases you will only further accelerate its future demise.

How Best To Read That Old Neglected Family Headstone

Before cleaning the discovered headstone, best to confirm that you have uncovered a marker that genuinely belongs to your family tree. Many grave markers turn out to be the long lost property of another family, so do try to decipher names and recorded death dates shown on the surface, before interfering.


To help clarify ownership to your satisfaction, for reading and later cleaning you will need in your possession a stiff bristled brush, (Either natural or nylon but never a wire brush), a supply of water, a spray can of well shaken shaving foam, (Gillette Regular shaving foam is best) and a stiff straight edged piece of cardboard or rubber edged window cleaning wiper. Spray the foam over the words inscribed on the headstones, making sure to press into the counter-relief or sunken script, before removing the excess shaving foam from the headstone with the edge of the stiff cardboard or rubber wiper. Some of the foam should now sit into the carved script, enabling you to read most of the written epitaph. [See picture above.]

In past times a product known as ‘Heelball,’ latter a wax, coloured with lampblack, latter once used to stain and polish the edges of the soles and heels of repaired shoes, was most often used to take rubbings of stone inscriptions successfully, but alas like many such products it has now become difficult to locate. A rub from green grass or dock leaves can also assist to highlight some worn lettering less successfully.

Cleaning Your Family Headstone

First remember that old headstones can never be made to appear totally brand new.
Up to the early 1970 all Roman Catholic graveyards throughout Ireland, usually before the end of July, held “Pattern Days.” These were days when people come together to perform a kind of pilgrimage, to the burial place of their dead relatives or simply to honour their local saint, latter who had often founded their local church. This is now somewhat of a fading tradition in many graveyards, but perhaps should again be resurrected. Relatives of deceased persons worked well to spruce up their cemetery for weeks beforehand, decorating many graves with fresh flowers and wreaths, scrubbing headstones and weeding burial plots.

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Parcel Motel Comes To Thurles

Parcel Motel

Parcel Motel have just set up a series of lockers at Ahern’s Petrol Station, Abbey Road, Thurles which will provide 24-hour access for shopping deliveries, 7 days a week! The secure lockers of varying sizes are in testing at the moment but it is hoped this local Parcel Motel will be fully operational within a week.

What Is Parcel Motel?

Parcel Motel is a great new way to manage your online shopping deliveries. Each Parcel Motel location throughout Ireland contains 80 secure lockers of varying sizes and located in convenient places; such as petrol station forecourts with 24-hour access, 7 days a week.

So, if you are fed up of missing deliveries at home, due to being away or at work, then Parcel Motel is a great way to get your deliveries when you want it and for a reasonable price of €3.50 per stay. We all know how bosses frown upon getting personal deliveries at work, don’t we? The Parcel Motel will hold your delivery for 2 days at the locker which is handy if you happen to be away, you can pick up your delivery at your leisure. As lockers are used it should be noted that you make sure your items are no larger than 41cm X 38cm X 64cm and no heavier than 10kgs.

Another BIG advantage of using Parcel Motel is the fact that you can use them to get items that qualify for free delivery in the UK sent to Ireland for just €3.50! Parcel Motel operate 2 main depots in Ireland, one in Dublin and one in Co. Antrim. This means to get the free UK delivery, if offered by a website such as Amazon, you simply enter the Co. Antrim depot address at the checkout stage and your item will be delivered there and then transferred to your local Parcel Motel depot. More info on this can be found here.

Here is a picture of the local Parcel Motel at Ahern’s Petrol Station, Abbey Road, Thurles.

Parcel Motel at Ahern’s Petrol Station, Abbey Road, Thurles

Parcel Motel – How It Works

To see how it all works please visit the Parcel Motel website or you can have a look at this video below;


Parcel Motel are so confident you will pleased with their service that they are offering you the first two drops, completely free!

Visit ParcelMotel.com for more info.