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April 2014
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May Meeting Of Thurles GIY

giyThurles “Grow It Yourself,” (GIY) will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 8th next, here at the Cabragh Wetlands Centre, Thurles, beginning sharp at 7.30pm.

Kay Hanrahan from Thurles Farmers Market will be there to give a talk and demonstration on the topic; “Wheatgrass and Live food.”

As always new comers and old GIY members are welcome to wander in, with Tea/Coffee available to all at the end of the meeting, not to mention the usual one to one gardening advice and friendly chat.

Keep in mind that vegetables can be grown on most soils (light, medium or heavy) provided they are well drained, so no excuses please.

While Spring may have gotten off to a slow start, remember also there is a huge amount of satisfaction to be experienced from growing at least some part of the food you eat and a well organised garden or an allotment is a huge asset to any family.

Who knows, maybe your vegetable growing, this year, will rapidly develop into the most absorbing of hobbies.

Thurles Grow It Yourself March Meeting

giyKathleen Murphy Reports:
Thurles Grow It Yourself (GIY) are having their March monthly meeting on Thursday 14th March in the Cabragh Wetlands Centre at 7.30pm sharp.

Guest Speaker at next Thursdays meeting is Margaret Troy of ‘Troy and Edwards Garden Design and Landscaping,’ Cashel. Her topic of discussion for this meeting will be ‘Tree Pruning.’

Tree Pruning

A tree needs pruning for a variety of reasons; e.g. to remove diseased or storm-damaged branches, to shape same for design purposes, to remove obtrusive branches, to thin the crown thus permitting new growth and better air circulation or simply to reduce the height of the tree itself.

Fruit tree pruning, in particular, covers a number of horticultural techniques to control growth, to remove dead or diseased wood and of course stimulate the future formation of flowers and fruit buds for the coming year.

This upcoming GIY March meeting will therefore be of immense interest to many Tipperary amateur & professional gardeners, as Margaret shares (dare I say) the gleaned fruits of her large store of knowledge.

Tea/coffee will, as always, be available at the end of this March meeting and with same refreshments will come the usual friendly chat and the other gardening shared advice.

Thurles GIY – Together We Grow

giyThurles Grow It Yourself (GIY) are having their February monthly meeting on Wednesday next, the 13th, at the Cabragh Wetlands Centre at 7.30pm sharp.

This fast evolving organisation held their first ever meeting back on the 12th of November 2009.
Our vision is for a healthier, more sustainable and more connected world where people grow their own food, & we continue to inspire and empower people to grow their own by bringing them together in community groups and online to share tips, advice and expertise,” states local organiser Kathleen Murphy.

Founded in Ireland by Michael Kelly in 2009, there are now over 12,000 people involved in this rewarding hobby and over 100 GIY groups operating nationally. The organisation started in Australia in 2010 and was launched successfully in the UK in May 2011.

Spring has sprung,” jokes Kathleen, “so it’s that time of year again to start thinking, planning and preparing for growing your own vegetables for the next healthy harvest.

Kathleen & colleagues will be delighted & on hand to welcome all old hands and new members especially.

Tea/coffee will be available at the end of the meeting and with same refreshments will come the usual friendly welcoming chat and the gardening hints/advice.

I promise you will find no unscrupulous food producers here and no beef products made from low-value cuts and trimmings, sourced from multiple slaughtering facilities and imported in frozen blocks, dumped courtesy of greedy European exporters.

In the words of GIY founder Michael Kelly, “Take back control and reduce our reliance on a food chain that has lost its way so entirely and so completely, that it is now creating food that barely deserves to be called “FOOD,” any-more.”

Remember: February 13th, 7.30pm sharp, Cabragh Wetlands Centre.

North Tipperary Vintage Club Xmas Presentation

North Tipperary Vintage And Machinery Club Members

North Tipperary Vintage and Machinery Club members pictured here presenting a cheque for €6,000, to members of the Two-Mile-Borris Sensory Garden & Playground Committee.

The presentation was made prior to Christmas in Corcoran’s Pub, Two-Mile-Borris, Thurles, here in Co.Tipperary

John Dunne, the Club’s Chairman, spoke of the magnificent efforts of all who had so generously & unselfishly supported their recent fund raising events over the past year, not just financially but also by donating their much valued time to all projects undertaken.

Photo courtesy G.Willoughby.

Littleton Disappearing Flowerpot Mystery

Our good friends out in the Littleton area report that they have been targeted by some very passionate individuals in recent days. Reports claim that these known individuals have fallen in love with the local village flowerpots. Indeed so great was their passion for these items that they have removed them from the local sports field and from the Village Grotto in the area, obviously for safe keeping and in case they were stolen.

Those responsible for the removal of these cement containers, (one of the latter which is shown in our picture above) is now being asked to return same. Yes it seems there is a further twist to this tale, as it now appears that the whole incident was being observed by a man who recognised a member involved.

This observer has now informed us that he will not inform the police as to the culprits name, if the cement pots are returned, in good order, before Monday morning next, a fact which he will observe as he heads out for his place of work at 8.00pm. Our observer is adamant however that they must be left back exactly, from whence they were removed.

Our observer refuses to name the young lady he was with at the time and who also observed the incident. Well after all one is entitled to some bit of privacy.

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