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Tesco Recall Cookie & Cream Biscuits

Tesco supermarkets are recalling all best before dates and all batches of its Cookie and Cream Biscuit range.

The biscuits are understood to contain milk which is not mentioned on the label. This could make the implicated batches unsafe for some consumers who are allergic to or indeed intolerant of milk or its constituents.

Tesco request that customers please return the affected products to any of their stores, where a full refund will be given, with no receipt required from the consumer.

Should you require further details, consumers are advised to contact Customer Services directly on Tel: 1850 744 844.

Tesco apologises to customers for any inconvenience which may have been caused.


Austrian Investor Purchases Anner Hotel

Anner Hotel, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Weeks of speculation locally that the Anner Hotel, Dublin Road, Thurles was about to change hands, was confirmed on Sunday last with the news that Capital Investment Fund plc., latter owned by Austrian Invester Mr Thomas Roeggla, has indeed purchased the property.

Capital Investment Fund plc. already own several hotel here in Ireland including:- Mount Wolsey, Tullow, Co. Carlow; Aghadoe Heights, Killarney, Co. Kerry; Metro Hotel, Dublin Airport, Santry Cross, Ballymun Rd, Ballymun, Co. Dublin; Diamond Coast, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo; Cavan Crystal Hotel, Dublin Road, Cavan and Farnham Estate Spa & Golf Club, Coras Point, Co. Cavan.

The 95 bedroomed Anner Hotel was rescued from receivership status, in February 2014 last, by the local Maher brothers; namely Michael, Seamus and P.J., latter with extensive development and legal experience.

Over the past three years the brothers completed a total refurbishment of the property, raising its standards to that of a highly acclaimed 4 Star Hotel. With wonderful landscaped gardens ideal for photo opportunities, and banqueting facilities offering a varied selection of menus, the Anner Hotel Thurles soon became renowned not just as a popular wedding venue, but also an inescapable stop over for those wishing to avoid, for a time at least, the hectic pace of city life.

The handover of the property is expected to take place slowly over the coming weeks, to ensure that all confirmed future business contracted, remains totally uninterrupted.


Crayfish Plague Spreads To Tipperary’s Lorrha River

Earlier this year (May 2017 last), a large numbers of freshwater crayfish were reported as dead, on a stretch of the River Suir, downstream from Clonmel, in South Co. Tipperary.

Analysis, then carried out confirmed that the cause of this crayfish mortality was a water multicellular fungus or mold known as ‘Crayfish Plague’.  The disease, which arrived possibly through imported crayfish from North America, or in ships ballast water, has left all agencies including the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS); Inland Fisheries Ireland; and Tipperary County Council, working to contain the outbreak.

Alas, yet another outbreak has been now been confirmed, this time on the Lorrha River, in North Tipperary. Dead freshwater crayfish have been located and DNA analysis confirm that the cause of death is again Crayfish Plague, according to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The disease was first discovered here in Ireland in 1987, for the first time; however, based on known current information and research, some 100% mortality of this crayfish population is expected.  This situation in turn will create major consequences for the future ecology of this stretch of the Lorrha River, since no resistance to this disease, as yet to date, has been discovered in relation to the native European crayfish population.

All person entering Irish rivers, for any reason, are now once again being urged to observe the practice of ‘Check, Clean and Dry’, when leaving or entering fresh water areas.  Wet gear, including boats, waterproof clothing and other associated equipment used, should be checked for mud, silt and plant material, before disinfecting or washing; using boiling water, and before allowing a drying period of at least 24 hours. Like ballast water, ensure also that water introduced internally in boats and other water craft, are also treated. This procedure is essential in the prevention of the spread of Crayfish Plague to other, as yet, unaffected fresh water areas.


Irish Food Safety Authority Warnings

Allergy Alert Notification:

The Irish Food Safety Authority has confirmed on August 15th 2017 that Supermarket chain Lidl Ireland are recalling three Vemondo ready meals, due to the labels and ingredients being listed as not being in the English language.

(1) The Vemondo Vegan Ready Meal Mushroom & Barley Risotto contains barley, mustard and celery. (2) The Vemondo Vegetable Gnocchi in Spicy Tomato Sauce contains wheat and milk, while the Vemondo Vegetable Curry with Polenta, contains milk and mustard.

The Food Safety Authority state that these products may be a risk to consumers who are allergic to, or intolerant of cereals containing gluten (barley and wheat), milk, mustard and celery and or their constituents.


Elevated Levels of Histamine:

The Irish Food Safety Authority recently also have confirmed (On July 28th 2017) that Lidl Ireland have recalled Inismara Irish Mackerel Fillets, (pack size: 300g, approval number: IE CK 0086 EC ), due to elevated levels of histamine.

[Histamine is an organic nitrogenous compound involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter for the uterus.]

Although the affected batch is already past its ‘use by date’, consumers may have this effected batch no stored in their freezers, since the label indicates that the product is suitable for home freezing. Consumers who have the aforementioned implicated batch kept frozen at home, are advised not to eat it.

Confusing in this case is the fact that Inismara Irish Mackerel Fillets are labelled in the Irish Food Safety Authorities report as “Country Of Origin: Unknown.

It appears that there is no ‘farm to fork’ traceability with Mackerel Fillets.


Sunday 27th August 2017 – Dualla Show, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Doing anything special on Sunday 27th August 2017 next?

Answer NO!

Well why don’t you and your family join everyone else, just 5km outside of Cashel, in Co. Tipperary, where the Dualla Show will be taking place.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the historic 18th century Ballyowen House,  here every year you will find a broad mix of agricultural events; machinery; food stalls and kids’ entertainment.

One of this year’s big attractions this year, will be the FREE Big Top Circus – Circus Gerbola!  This year the free family and children’s entertainment will be second to none; with a FREE Big Top Circus running throughout the day, featuring clowns, jugglers, acrobats, daredevil tightrope walking, and a host of other speciality acts. The circus will perform four, forty-five-minute shows; starting at 1.00pm, so there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to view.

So too returns the incredible Tipperary Truck Show, same promising to be the biggest yet to date, with hundreds of trucks forming a true viewing spectacle.

RTE and TV3’s Chef Adrian Martin will be on hand; running cookery demonstrations throughout the day, while the Grand Prix Show Jumping and Livestock Shows will highlight the best in horses, cattle and sheep from around Ireland. This year’s livestock section alone has over 100 cattle and sheep classes, with two new classes added; Best Traditional Breeding female and Best Continental Breeding female, plus a prize of €500 cash for the Best Pair in Show. In the sheep section, exhibitors will compete in ewe, lamb, hogget and ram classes, with the highlight being the Champion Zwartbles.

For lovers of motor vehicles, the VAG Car Show is back for its second year, with some of the best in modified and classic cars.  A dedicated Volkswagen / Audi group car show that also includes Seat, Skoda and Porsche cars, will offer a rare opportunity to view some of the best in highly modified vehicles.

This year’s dog show is expected to be the biggest yet to date, with classes open to all canines, (both Mongrel and Pedigree), with two judges on hand to help get through a large number of entrants.

Featured also will be:- Modified Tractor Pulling; ‘Tug O’War’ competitions; Wrestling; a Food Village; an Emergency Services Display (Crash response re-enactments); An Auction; Local and National Trade Stand Exhibits, and most importantly a secured ‘Kidszone’, with 10 totally FREE Bouncy Castles, running non-stop, to ensure all young people are fully entertained.

The whole event is planned to ensure both you and your family enjoy a truly great one day break so looking forward to meeting with you on Sunday 27th August 2017.

Approx. Starting Times of each Event and its Duration.

09:30  Show Jumping commences – continues all day.
11:00  Tractor Pulling – continues all day.
11:30  Judging of cattle and sheep commences – continues all day.
12:45  Wrestling – 30 mins.
13:00  Circus Gerbola – 45 mins.
13:00  Tug of War commences – 3 hours.
13:30  Chef Adrian Martin – 45 mins.
13:45  Wrestling – 30 mins.
14:00  Dog Show – 2 hours.
14:15  Circus Gerbola – 45 mins.
14:30  File Services Demonstration – 30 mins.
14:45  Chef Adrian Martin – 30 mins.
15:00  Wrestling – 30 mins.
15:30  Prize Giving VAG CarFest – 15 mins.
15:45  Chef Adrian Martin –  30 mins.
16:00  Circus Gerbola – 45 mins.
16:00  Monster Auction – 1 hour.
16:15  Vintage Mementos – Presentation 15 mins.
17:00  Chef Adrian Martin – 30 mins.
17:00  Wrestling – 30 mins.
17:30  Circus Gerbola – 45 mins.

Important Notices for Visitors:
Substantial car parking is available on site with just a short walk to the show grounds. Stewards will assist visitors on arrival.
Disability Parking and Mobility Assistance:
Disability parking is adjacent to the main entrance & the Ticket Cabin, with a very short walk to the show entrance. Here you can find disabled parking and our mobility assistance vehicle will be running all day around the main show grounds. Starting from the ticket entrance it will follow a route with a number of drop off / pick up points around the showgrounds. If you have any particular requirements please contact Michael on Mobile Tel: No. (087) 253 2406 in advance, to ensure needs where practicable, are fully met.
Food, Toilets, and other Facilities:
A food village area will provide a wide variety of hot and cold foods throughout the day.
Toilets are provided & sign posted on site.
A Baby-Changing area can be found, located behind the main stage, close to the ‘Kidszone’.

Gates will open to the public at 11.00am. Entry for adults is €15, while young people aged 16 and under are free.