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Dunnes Stores “Simply Better” Yogurts Recalled

According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, a recall of certain flavours of Dunnes Stores “Simply Better” Yogurts has been put into effect; due to the possible presence of pieces of rubber.

Note: This recall affects four flavours in the 150g tub range, namely:- ‘Toffee’; ‘Lemon & Lime’; ‘Raspberry & Pomegranate’; and ‘Senga Strawberry’, yogurts.

Customers who may have purchased this product are asked to return same to their local Dunnes Stores outlet, for a full refund.

The Toffee flavoured yoghurt affected has a use-by date of May 12th, while the other three varieties named above have use-by dates of May 17th.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland confirm that no other use-by dates are known to be affected.


FSAI Serve Closure Order On Tipperary Food Outlet

A restaurant and café, situated at No.14 Market Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary was served this month with a closure order, by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

The restaurant named as China Kitchen, was ordered to close under regulations cited as the European Communities (Official Control of Foodstuffs) Regulations 2010.

The restaurant was closed on Valentine’s Day, (February 14th) with the closure order served by the Health Service Executive (HSE) on Anna Liew, following an inspection, however the order was lifted again the following day.

Details of all enforcement reports from around the country, e.g. Closure Orders; Improvement Orders (FSAI Act 1998); and Prohibition Orders, can be viewed HERE.


Shelved Food Products Recalled

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland and Mars Ireland have recalled a Batch of Galaxy Milk Bars and Maltesers, Fun Size Bags, due to the possible presence of Salmonella.

Product:  Galaxy Smooth Milk bar, 42g; Maltesers Fun Size bag
Batch Codes:  720B1SLO00, best before 13.05.2018 (Galaxy); and 720A1SLO00, best before 13.05.2018 (Maltesers).
Country Of Origin: United Kingdom

You will remember that in June 2017, Mars Ireland recalled a range of its products due to the possible presence of Salmonella. Two pallets of the above implicated products were on hold with an Irish distributor awaiting destruction, but were placed again on the market accidentally. Mars Ireland are recalling the above specific batch of the 42g Galaxy Smooth Milk bar and Maltesers Fun Size bags.

Consumption of product from the implicated batches could cause salmonellosis. Symptoms can include diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting and fever. There are no reports of illness.

Food businesses are requested to remove the affected batch of the two products from sale and to clearly display a point-of-sale notice informing customers not to eat them. They should also notify the FSAI (foodincidents@fsai.ie) of any concerns.
Consumers who may have already consumed implicated batches and are feeling unwell should seek medical advice.

Allergic to, or Intolerant of Walnuts?

Meanwhile earlier this month the Food Safety Authority Of Ireland and Tesco recalled a batch of its Finest Chocolate Cake as some of it had been incorrectly packed with carrot cake. The carrot cake contains walnuts which were undeclared on the label. This may make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of walnuts.

This Products Identification: Tesco Finest Chocolate Cake; best before date: 17 January 2018; Batch: D32/18003.


Stop Throwing Your Money Away

Stop Food Waste – Make the most of your food.

Irish householders on average throw out €700 worth of food every year. This week the EPA is running an awareness campaign called Food: Make the Most of It, highlighting food waste issues and encouraging everyone to make the most of their food.

Odile Le Bolloch from the EPA said, “Many people have resolved to be a little greener this year and tackling your food waste is a good place to start. If every day each of us tries to reduce the amount of waste we dispose of, this has the potential to have a real impact. Our campaign this week includes providing practical tips to make the most of our food. Reducing food waste offers simple and no cost actions that anyone can take. You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment before you start reaping the benefits. Remember, when it comes to reducing food waste you can stop throwing your money away!”

Though the individual amounts may seem small, when added up the total volume of food waste produced in Ireland every year adds up to over 1 million tonnes. Some of the most common types of food we throw away include meat and fish, dairy products, bread, fruit and vegetables. Stop Food Waste has developed an A – Z of Foods , a handy resource that provides ingredient specific tips to make the most of these common food items that often go to waste. The A-Z of Foods located HERE, is a new on-line resource packed full of tricks and tips on buying, storing, freezing, and using up your food. Have a browse and learn how to make the most of your food and reduce waste.

Speaking about the campaign, Laura Burke, Director General, EPA stated, “The EPA is committed to providing leadership and support towards reducing food waste through our Stop Food Waste programme. Stop Food Waste has been raising awareness, engaging communities and small businesses and building capacity for food waste prevention around the country. Through the Stop Food Waste Challenge, for example, communities are working together to learn and share ideas about reducing food waste. And for food waste that cannot be prevented, Master Composters around the country are trained on all aspects of home composting.”

Led by existing good practice and strong political commitment, people are being encouraged to take action and achieve an Ireland where food is consumed, not wasted.
The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Mr Denis Naughten T.D. states, “Raising awareness about the common foods that people throw away and the good habits people can adopt to reduce food waste in their homes is important. I am delighted to support the Stop Food Waste awareness week. Reducing food waste has been a key priority for me since coming into office. This week’s campaign urging people to make the most of their food will not only show people how they can reduce their weekly shopping bills, it will have an impact on reducing food waste disposal underpinning our ongoing commitment to reducing household waste.”


Tipperary Man Appointed Chairperson Of Dairygold.

Mr John O’Gorman.

Clogheen, Co. Tipperary native, Mr John O’Gorman, this afternoon was elected the Chairperson of Ireland’s largest farmer-owned Co-Operative, Dairygold.

The Dairygold Co-Operative boasts 7,100 Shareholders, 2,900 milk suppliers and 1,250 staff working across its sites in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Spain and China. In 2017, Dairygold processed over 1.3 billion litres of milk from its Membership.

Holding a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Business Management and a Diploma in Corporate Direction, Food Business from UCC; Mr O’Gorman, was first elected to the Board of Dairygold in January 2013.

He is married to spouse Alison, with a family of three daughters, and previously served as Vice-Chairman of Dairygold, since just last year. He now replaces the former Chairperson Mr James Lynch, latter who served for the previous three years, thus having served out the maximum term permitted on the Board of Dairygold.

Mr O’Gorman stated that he was honoured to have been elected to serve as Chairperson of Dairygold, confirming the Co-Operative was a long-standing and ambitious organisation, holding deep commitment to both its membership and its shareholders. He also stated that he looked forward to working closely with the Board’s Chief Executive Mr Jim Woulfe, and his dedicated professional staff.

Having paid tribute to his outgoing predecessor, highlighting the latter’s great leadership and stewardship; he confirmed his enthusiasm to playing his part in Dairygold’s continued growth and future success.