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An Post Chairman & Chief Executive To Meet M. Lowry & Oireachtas Colleagues.

Tipperary Independent TD Mr Michael Lowry has confirmed that he has had discussions with Minister Richard Bruton yesterday, with regard to the decision by An Post, to re-locate Thurles Post Office.

Deputy Lowry stated, “I was adamant that it was not a sustainable position for the Chairman and Chief Executive of An Post to refuse my previous request for a direct meeting with their two most senior personnel in that company, latter who are directly responsible for the delivery of policy and implementation relating to company decisions.

I have now been advised by the Minister’s Office and An Post that the Chairman and Chief Executive, have both agreed to meet with myself and my four Oireachtas colleagues, next week.”

The Deputy concluded by saying that he welcomed this opportunity to debate fully this grossly unpopular decision, effecting Thurles town centre, introduced by An Post; while also gleaning a detailed explanation as to the reasons why this decision was taken in the first place and if at all possible, to try to find a compromise in this ongoing debacle.


New Approach Signs For Thurles.

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.”

[From a quote attributed to the Greek philosopher Plato.

Picture (1) Erin Foods closed in June 2008. Picture (2) Thurles.ie no longer exists on line. Picture (3) Disk Parking hasn’t existed for years. Picture (4) North Tipperary Co. Council ceased to exist in 2014.

It’s a local election year. We know this because new signage shown hereunder has now been unveiled to local sitting Councillors, who met yesterday to formally give their ‘sign of approval’ to the project.

New Signage For Thurles

Here on thurles.info we had raised the issue of this new required signage back in July 2018; and again, in March 21st, 2019.

On highlighting this issue, the public realised the 11 years of sheer neglect by our Templemore / Thurles Municipal District councillors, and a brief consultation process was recently began for the redesign of new insignia for Thurles.

This announcement, some 11 year too late, was announced on Tipp FM radio yesterday, mainly driven by the need to highlight individuals and party members, all wishing to ingratiate themselves to voters, prior to the upcoming Local Elections on Friday May 24th next.

This proposed re-branding was revealed by Ms Caroline Nesbitt of “Designedly”, at a recent Municipal District Council meeting. The simple design shows leaves attached to a branch, latter a continuation of the letter T and includes pictures and text noting the different facets of life in our town, e.g. sport, theatre, education and business.

We note the picture specifically highlighting ‘Culture’, namely ‘The Source’ building, was wisely taken at night, thus hiding its ongoing ground floor shabbiness and heavily featured graffiti, not to mention the unkempt overgrown river forefront. Nice job; good exposure.

Disappointingly, we note that while Thurles is more often referred to, (with some pride I hasten to add), as the “Cathedral Town”, no Cathedral building appears to feature in anything we have viewed. [Then again is not our small nation ruled over by decidedly unchristian officialdom?]

As well as a tree branch and photographs, this new signage also includes the phrase “Fan Tamall linn” meaning “Dwell Awhile”, no mention of the failed, TipperaryThe PlaceThe Time.


One small fact however, the website shown on this new signage, namely www.thurles.ie, has so far not been activated for well over 6 years, due to the failure to pay for the cost of the ‘Host Name’, (About €12.00 per annum) Now, because of this failure, it was sold; before being purchased as a Swedish Casino site, by Mardukas Technologies Limited; latter who then cybersquatted on the host name, informing all Thurles visitors and local viewers that they could “Vi guidar dig till de bästa casinobonusarna” which when translated means, “We will guide you to the best casino bonuses.”

Tipperary Co. Council have now regained control of the host name, since the 8th August 2017; for 10 years before renewal again; but almost two years on in 2019, nothing has been done to put the site back on line. (So much for Tipperary Tourism). This proves yet again the amounts of money being wasted by Tipperary Co. Council Officials, supported by our locally elected and paid Councillors.

The Real Reason for Hikes In Tipperary Property Tax

We are not aware of exactly how much tax payer’s money was wasted in any buy-back arrangement with Mardukas Technologies Limited, for the site ‘thurles.ie’. We are aware however that the site, together with the build and administration costs, over the years prior to the purchase by Mardukas, exceeded well in excess of €10,000.

Two Questions; (1) Was the site content deleted when the new purchasers took possession? (2) Was the site ever backed up by Tipp Co.Co.? If No is the answer to both questions, expect another hike in your property tax this year.

Hopefully, those resident in Thurles will also get the opportunity to formally give their ‘sign of approval’ to this new signage, in the interest of public consultation you understand; guaranteed by Tipperary Co. Council and our local elected representatives. After all councillors have confirmed that same was paid for by that recent increase in our property tax.

One wonders did they spend it all on our signage.


Waste Of Money By Tipp. Co. Co. Continues.

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions”.

Quote by the character Claudius, in the play “Hamlet”, by poet William Shakespeare, (Act IV Scene V).

On March 28th 2019, we highlighted the continuous failure by Tipperary County Council and the Templemore / Thurles Municipal District Council, both officials and councillors, to fix, once and for all, the simple problem regarding pedestrian crossing lights in Cathedral Street Thurles, and the continued wasting of tax payer’s money. This problem was partially corrected today; well for another few days until another lorry comes along.

Of course, what wasn’t fixed was the very same problem existing on Parnell Street, in the town, where for some days, motor vehicles normally being controlled by a system of pedestrian traffic lights, find that they are being ignored, while customers entering and leaving the back door of Thurles Credit Union are being blinded by red, green and flashing yellow lights.

Yet another repair trip required to further waste money. And no, this isn’t a new problem, but once again, like Cathedral Street, it is a constant recurring problem, time after time, after time.

When Thurles politicians and councillors head up to Dáil Éireann shortly, visiting, we understand, the haunt of Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Mr Richard Bruton; in their effort to save Liberty Square; maybe they could make a full day of it and try to locate the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Mr Shane Ross. Ask him when are we going to get our long awaited ‘Ring Road / Bypass’. Give him a list of the unfortunate persons who have lost their lives through traffic attempting to traverse 12th century ‘bóithre’, [Literally translated into English – “Cow Paths”. ] Shane Ross is big into saving lives, e.g. Learner drivers, Drivers with a glass of wine consumed, etc.

Councillors and Politicians intending to canvass for upcoming elections, do take note; doorstep conversations are not going to be about An Post moving offices, it will be about the missing and long awaited ‘Ring Road / Bypass’.


Save Liberty Square Thurles

‘Stop the Move – Save our Square’

They began gathering from 10.00am this morning, one hour before the start; the elderly, the retired, local councillors and politicians past and present, the unemployed, business owners and their staff, non-examination year students; all protesting at the decision by An Post, to move its current offices out of Liberty Square to the Thurles Shopping Centre.

They gathered in brilliant, warm, sunshine; most certainly the largest protest group ever to assemble in this rural town in the last 30 year; attracting both local and national media attention, through the attendance of radio, TV and press personnel.

Speaking to many who attended the protest rally, much criticism was being heaped on the present Fine Gael government, with individuals privately and publicly singling out the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Mr Richard Bruton for his failure to intervene in An Post’s Dublin decision.

But most blame seemed to be directed to the doorstep of Tipperary Co. Council, the latter blamed for initially driving small and medium sized retailers from Liberty Square, by introducing parking charges, while three large global discount supermarkets on the very outskirts of Thurles, remained in a position to offer large scale free parking spaces.

Many were also critical of the removal of the once thriving Liberty Square market, latter removed to new trading areas at the entrance to Parnell Street carpark.

Meanwhile, the organisers of today’s protest rally, confirmed that they will continue the battle to save Liberty Square, and if at all possible, try to keep An Post and their services, within the very heart of Thurles town.


Tipperary County Council Wasting Tax Payers Money

O Dear! O Dear! O Dear! Yes, it has happened again for the second time in less than a month. Yes, we highlighted the serious issue of the Cathedral Street pedestrian crossing on February 1st 2018 (It took 10 weeks to fix). Again, on July 16th 2018 (This time it took 11 weeks to fix). Again, reported on December 2018 (Issue totally ignored). We highlighted the problem again on January 22nd 2019 in an effort to remind our Co. Council Health & Safety officials of their obligations (Yes, repair persons got around to fixing it 4 weeks later in early March). Now I bet you can’t guess what is after happening just yesterday.

It would appear, the previous fixers armed with their pliers and screwdriver, failed to report to the appropriate authority that 16-wheeler lorries are responsible for hitting this sign, in their efforts to pass each other on this stretch of the Cathedral Street road.

Interesting to note that the Irish language word for ‘Road’ is ‘Bóthair’, which translated into common Celtic means a “cow path”, and compared to the size of trucks forced to pass through Thurles, our roadways are just that, “cow paths”.

When the various political canvassers come calling, seeking your vote in the Local Government Elections, latter taking place on Friday May 24th 2019, do ask them about their complete failure to progress our long-promised Thurles Ring Road.

Actually, don’t waste your breath, sure Tipperary County Council officials don’t give local elected Templemore / Thurles Municipal Councillors any information, e.g. the “Cabragh Houses” controversy. If present day councillors were removed from the equation altogether, we would be much more enlightened with regard to the decision-making process.