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The ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Fashion Show, Templemore, Tipperary

Fashion ShowAll roads will lead to Templemore, Co Tipperary at the start of this coming weekend as the spectacular ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Fashion Show takes place in aid of the Holy Family National School, in Templetuohy.

This spectacular event will be held in the Templemore Arms Hotel on Friday next, November 14th, [MAP REF] beginning at 7.00pm.
The event, organised by the Parents Association of the school, promises those attending a unique blend of high fashion, local entertainment and a true party atmosphere.

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Committee member M/s Leona Doyle reports:-
“On arrival there will be a cheese and wine reception and also stalls exhibiting local crafts and produce to browse through. You might even pick up a bargain or two ahead of Christmas!

The Fashion Show will feature style from Mai’s Boutique and Mullally’s (Templemore), First Editions, Born, Carraig Donn, Lár na Páirce, Elverys, Hummingbird, Imps and Elfs, Moran’s Menswear and Dunnes Stores (Thurles). Nenagh town will be represented by well known designer Marion Murphy Cooney.

There will be something for all ages, tastes and sizes on show; Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Sports-wear, Casual, Dressy, Teenager and Children’s wear.

During the interval there will be local entertainment while people will also have a chance to chin-wag and browse around the numerous stalls. Your admission ticket will also includes your raffle entry to a great draw with lots of vouchers and great prizes to be won!

The organising Parents Association are encouraging those attending to steal the limelight themselves with a smashing prize on offer for the “Best Dressed” on the night, so here is a great excuse to get dressed up!

Everyone in attendance will also get a great idea of what is “trending” for the Christmas party season while enjoying watching the models strut their stuff on the catwalk. The show will feature lots of well known locals and even some of our recent County Champions are ready to walk the ramp!

A great night is assured for all so do come along, support the local school and have a unique night out! Doors will open at 7.00pm and the runway is at 7.30pm.

Tickets: Tickets are just €20 for a whole evening’s entertainment. They can be obtained from any committee member or by texting /phoning Ann Marie on 085-1622061. You can also find us and keep up to date on our  “Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Show” Facebook page.    See you there! Note to you men folk out there – why not surprise / treat the woman in your life with the surprise gift of a ticket to this truly spectacular and worthy event.

Tipp TD’s Revenue Prosecution A “No Order” By Judge

North Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry

North Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry

Judge John O’Neill has thrown out a Revenue Commissioners prosecution brought against a company owned by Irish Independent TD Michael Lowry, because a court summons was served at an out-of-date Dublin address.

The Director of Public Prosecutions had taken the prosecution on behalf of the Revenue Commissioners at Dublin District Court.

The Judge ruled that he was now declaring “no order” in relation to criminal proceedings against Garuda Ltd, latter a refrigeration company owned by the current Independent TD for Tipperary North, latter which trades under the name of “Streamline Enterprises.”

The company had its registered offices with an address previously at the Gables, Torquay Road, Foxrock, Co Dublin, but had recently changed same registered office address to Abbey Road, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

The firm had been facing charges, alleged, relating to the filing of certain incorrect information and incorrect accounts, contrary to Revenue’s section 1078(2)(a) and (3) of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997, as amended by section 211 of the Finance Act, 1999, in relation to the company’s corporation tax back in 2002. It also faced a third charge which alleged that the company provided an incorrect corporation tax return to the Irish Revenue Commissioners for the accounting year 2006.

Judge O’Neill heard submissions from defence barrister Mr Justin McQuade and M/s Grainne O’Neill BL prosecuting. Mr McQuade, for Garuda Ltd, argued that there were issues in relation to jurisdiction as the summons were issued by Dublin District Court on December 10th last in Dublin and not in Tipperary. Garuda Ltd had changed its registered office to Thurles, Co. Tipperary, but that information had not updated on the Company Registration Office’s website until January 14th this year.

M/s O’Neill, acting for the State, argued that this ruling would mean that a company could frustrate a prosecution by continually changing the address of its registered office. She also said that summons had been accepted by an employee of Garuda Ltd’s accountants. The purpose of a summons was to obtain the presence of an accused before the court and as the defendant company was now represented at the proceedings there was no issue. She also pointed out that the Foxrock address was still the registered address of the company on December 10th last when the summonses had been initially sought.

Ruling, Judge O’Neill stated that the summons had been served at the company’s previous registered address and he therefore held that the court did not have jurisdiction to deal with the particular case.

Attention Girls – Make It Two In A Row For Tipperary

Attention all you young ladies out there; heats have now begun all over Ireland to find contestants with beauty, poise and personality to take part in this year’s forthcoming ‘Miss Ireland 2014′ event. Entries are now being taken to locate this nation’s hottest beauty and to find that ‘Perfect Girl,’ to represent her county at this year’s Miss Ireland Final.

Miss Tipperary is being held, organised by former Miss Tipperary and Miss Sunday World winner Esme Mansergh Wallace for the second year in a row. Esme returns from the success of picking last year’s overall winner of Miss Ireland which was of course none other than Tipperary and Clonmel’s gorgeous ‘red-head’ the very lovely Miss Aoife Walsh. “I am so thrilled to be back running this year’s Miss Tipperary heat and I am really hoping that we can make it ‘Two in row for Tipperary, that would be really amazing!” stated Esme. Esme is running the selection to find the lucky girl who will attend the star studded ‘Miss Ireland Final’ this July.

The final of Miss Tipperary will be held at, where else but in the very beautiful Dundrum House Hotel and Country Club, on Friday, May 16th  at 8:00pm.

“Dundrum House, latter which combines 18th century old world charm with every convenience you would expect from a luxury resort, is the perfect venue for an event like this and I am delighted to welcome back the hotel as the main sponsors of this year’s heat,” Esme stated.
Due to last year’s success I have huge interest this year which is fantastic and I have a model agent on the judging panel who will be looking at all the girls to see who has the potential to sign with his agency. It is a great opportunity for someone trying to break into a modelling career,” Esme continued.

There is also an extra bonus this year, as girls who get placed 2nd and 3rd in this heat will also have the chance to compete in the Miss Ireland semi final, the first year for this to take place and according to Esme; “A great way for me to try and get all 3 girls into the Miss Ireland final.”

Make up for the girls on the night is being provided by Marian Browne of “Make Up by Marian,” Kerri Harrison of “Make Up by Kerri,” Emma Nugent of “Flawless Finishes” and Bernadette Connaughton.

Tickets are selling at €10 each and can be bought on the door, but advanced booking is advised as it is sure to be a sell out event, with girls from all over the county vying for the much coveted chance of competing in this most prestigious of event finals.

Note: Any young ladies who feel they would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and feel they have what it takes, please email Esme at for all further details and entry criteria.

Happy Birthday To Le Cháteau / Choos Thurles Tipperary

Your Birthday Invitation from Le Cháteau Boutique and Le Cháteau Choos in Thurles!

Le-ChateauJoin Le Cháteau Boutique and Le Cháteau Choos for their birthday party, celebrating the anniversary of their respective openings. Same takes place next Saturday, (April 19th) from 10:00am to 7:00pm.  All are welcome to visit and enjoy a glass of ‘Bubbly’ and some ‘Tasty Treats,’ as you browse through the latest fashion trends or perhaps organize a voucher for that special someone.

As Tipperary fashionistas, in particular, will already know, Le Cháteau and Le Cháteau Choos together stock everything a lady needs for every occasion. Their exclusive designer clothing labels include; Annette Gortz, Oblique, Rundholz, Bleu Blanc Rouge, Airfield, Luisa Cerano, Backstage and Matilde Cano.

FIFA14-PS4Chateau Choos also here in Thurles have established and built a fine reputation for stylish and exclusive ladies footwear and are the proud stockists of brands; Mary Claud, Treacy Neuls, Alex by Mercury, Rovers, Goldmud, and of course Lario  Papucei.

Every desired matching accessory (Bags, Jewellery, Gloves, Wraps, Wallets, Scarves and Hats) is also available, with labels such as; Otazu, Olga, Maria Calderara, Totoborello, Gantebs, Amati Chic, Airfield, Lanzetti, Luisa Cerano, Oswald and Ganteb.

There will be something for everyone, including that ever patient boyfriend, partner or husband, left waiting around while you visit and browse, with your chance to entry him into a free draw to win a copy of FIFA 2014 for his PS4. (Winners details to be announced later.)

Yes ladies, trust me when I say Le Cháteau Boutique and Le Cháteau Choos have left no stone unturned in their planning for next Saturday’s big ‘Birthday Bash.’

Thurles & The Case Of The Smuggled GHD

Thurles Cathedral

Thurles Cathedral

The old monk Friar Francis, as he was affectionately known in his Franciscan Priory in New York, was returning to Thurles, Tipperary, flying Ryanair to Shannon airport. Unable to obtain his preferred window seat due to his late booking, he found himself seated beside the isle, on one side and a very attractive but rather glum faced, young woman with whom he had not yet become acquainted, seated next to the window.

Friar Francis missed not having his normal window seat, but the unexpected and sudden death of his brother had provoked this hurried reason to return to his native Tipperary. Speed was of the essence, as his brother’s funeral Mass in Thurles Cathedral was being delayed, awaiting his arrival.

Friar Francis closed his tired eyes, welcoming the silence emanating from his female co-passenger. His thoughts drifted back to his early youth. He remembered the one and only chastisement he had ever received from his long dead mother. It was for telling lies and he could still almost feel the painful sting from that unexpected wet dishcloth, which had made contact with his right ear. His mother, as she tucked him into bed later that night, had explained that her sudden wet dishcloth assault was meant to act as a future painful reminder and a deterrent. “Lying is unacceptable,” she had explained, after all “What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” she had continued.

The subject of his then deceit had been formulated around some stolen apples removed from Mrs Ryan’s orchard next door, which he remembered were of the hard green cooker variety and uneatable anyway, but the good Friar had been careful to never lie in the true sense, after that fateful date.

As he explored this now long past memory, behind his closed eyelids, the Friar was aware of the Central Remedial Clinic’s (CRC) scandal back in Ireland, sure the world knew about it, but lies come under several category headings, there are fraudulent greedy lies like CRC, slanderous lies and there are even truthful lies, the latter to which in two hours time he would knowingly now become a participant.

About two hours into the journey his thoughts of those happier times, now gone forever, had continued to flow.  He was remembering his last meeting with his now deceased brother, when suddenly his meanderings were interrupted by the here-to-fore silent attractive female, who now, out of the blue, turned to him and asked in a whisper; “Father, may I ask a very great personal favour?”

Somewhat amused by the young lady addressing him as ‘Father, Friar Francis smiled and then stated “Of course child. What may I do for you?”  “Well, Father, I bought my mother a very expensive GHD hair straighteners, while shopping yesterday in New York. It’s for her 60th birthday next week actually.” she whispered.

“Really, that’s great,” said Friar Francis yawning. “Remember child; always be nice to your mother. We should never ignore our parents, time passes so quickly and then they are gone, nothing but guilty memories tend to exist.” he continued.

“Oh I do Father, I do, but this GHD is unopened, still in the original box and well-over my limits for imported goods and I’m afraid Father that Customs will confiscate it. Is there any way maybe you could carry it through customs for me?” enquired the young lady in pleading tones. “Sure you could hide it easily under your habit maybe?”

Friar Francis thought for a moment or two in silence. Could this package contain illegal drugs? Images of a trained drugs sniffer dog identifying him at the ‘Arrivals Gate,’ flashed upon his inward eye. Yet this young lady looked innocent enough and after all she had remembered her mother’s birthday. Hardly the kind of action one would expect from a girl operating as a professional ‘Drug Mule’ for some as yet unrecognised Columbian drugs cartel.

“I would love to help you child, but however I must warn you, if your gift is identified on my person, I will not lie to Customs Officers on your behalf, to save your skin.” replied the kindly old Monk. “There exists already, too much dishonesty abounding in this rotten world of ours.”

“Thanks Father, God bless you, sure with your honest face, no one will hardly question you,” replied the young lady, releasing a sigh of relief.

Taking the rectangular box slipped to him by his new acquaintance, from her hand luggage and checking that the Stewardess was otherwise occupied, Friar Francis now slid the article up the long sleeve of his habit and adjourned to the toilet, where he then placed it securely into the elastic band of his underpants, before returning to his seat.

When they both arrived at Customs in Shannon, the young lady agreed to let the priest go ahead of her. The beady eyed Customs Official halted the Friar and asked, “Sir, do you have anything to declare?”

“From the top of my head down to my waist I have nothing to declare.” smiled the Monk, looking somewhat deviously, yet directly into the eyes of the questioning Customs man.
Thinking this a rather strange answer, the vigilant now smiling Customs Official, tongue in cheek, asked the Monk, “And Sir do you have anything to declare from your waist down to the floor?”

“I do, I have a marvellous instrument designed to be used only on women, but which to date remains unused.” replied the grinning Friar.

Roaring with laughter and with a wave of his hand the Customs Official replied, “You are good, go ahead Sir, – Next customer please.”

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