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Littleton Meeting On Flooding Called For Tonight At 7:30pm


Flood waters on the river Suir in the center of Thurles Town have reduced considerably over the past three days; as can be observed by the two photographs shown above.

With rainfall forecast by Met Éireann expected to be below average for most areas in Tipperary this week, same is likely to offer some consolation to those worse affected further south of our county.

‘Tractor Action’ Meeting Scheduled For Muintir na Tíre Hall, Littleton.
A meeting will take place in the Muintir na Tíre Hall in Littleton, Thurles, this evening to discuss possible fund-raising ideas for those particularly badly affected by the recent Tipperary flooding. The meeting has been called by Mr Michael Fahey Chairperson of the recent successful “All Ireland Tractor Challenge” and will operate under the name “Tractor Action”, with a view to raising extra funding for flood victims in the county.

Mr Fahey is requesting that as many people as possible attend tonight’s meeting, which will begin at 7:30pm sharp and seek to find possible ideas to assist those worst affected.

Tipperary County Council stated  yesterday that the risk of high flooding in parts of the south of the county had abated however the situation will continue to be closely monitored over the coming days and weeks.


Flood Waters Continue To Rise On River Suir


Pic (1) Flooded entrance to Thurles Golf Club. An alternative entrance is signposted for members.  Pic (2) Flood Barriers in Kavanagh Place, as yet not under immediate threat. Pic (3) Glasheens Pub in Holycross partially under water but continuing to trade at lunchtime today.

Flood waters continue to rise on the River Suir South of Thurles. However Met Éireann have issued a new Status Yellow rainfall warning for nine counties including Tipperary up to 9:00am on tomorrow, Saturday with up to 35mm of rain expected and with further rainfall predicted for Sunday January 3rd.

Tipperary Co. Council are concerned over the anticipated predicted rainfall over the coming days, which they claim may necessitate the evacuation of persons from certain areas affected by pre Flood Relief Scheme works in Clonmel.
In this regard, they are asking that those threatened with flooding prepare all necessary belongings including medication in a suitable bag and persons notified to evacuate should co-operate immediately, when asked to leave their property.


Tipperary Christmas Recycling Timetable 2015/16

Waller’s Lot in Cashel is the nearest and therefore most convenient recycling centre available to the residents of Thurles town. However to facilitate Christmas holidays this recycling centre will remain closed from Thursday 24th December 2015 until Tuesday 29th December 2015.

I remain ignorant of the justification as to why Thurles has no proper recycling centre as yet provided locally. Still 2016 is an election year and perhaps the present Tipperary elected Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government Mr Alan Kelly, TD will feel the need shortly to provide same; in a major town which he has totally otherwise neglected over his past five years while in government.

Our thanks to Mr Matt Shortt, Co. Tipperary Director of Services, (Environment Section)  who informs us, that for those of you wishing to dispose of recycling materials; you can find a full list of opening times for your nearest Co. Tipperary recycling centres, e.g. Waller’s Lot, Carrigeen, Roscrea, Donohill and Nenagh, by clicking HERE.

Disposal of Tipperary Christmas Trees in 2016

To dispose of your Christmas tree in 2016, note same can be xmas-treedropped off Free of Charge for recycling at 9 different venues strategically spaced around the county and to be found at the following locations from the 6th January 2016 to the 15th January 2016, only.

  1. Clonmel Recycling Centre, Carrigeen, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.
  2. Waller’s-Lot Recycling Centre, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.
  3. Donohill Recycling Centre, Donohill, Co. Tipperary.
  4. Fair Green Car Park, Carrick- on- Suir, Co. Tipperary.
  5. Nenagh Recycling Centre, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.
  6. Roscrea Recycling Centre, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.
  7. Council Depot, Carrigeen Business Park, Tipperary Road, Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
  8. Templemore Town Park, Templemore, Co. Tipperary.
  9. Parnell Street Car Park, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

12 Tips To Reducing Waste This Christmas

Recycling tips to reduce the Christmas waste mountain

A campaign aimed at promoting good recycling practices and cutting down on the mountains of waste sent to landfill over the Christmas period has been launched.
Waste-ManagementThe Southern Region Waste Management Office has published a list of items that often end up contaminating recycling bins having been mistakenly identified as recyclable. Among the items are foil containers or crisp bags, crisp tubes, jars, nappies, plastic film and soiled packaging.

“Recyclables get rejected if the recycling companies spot contamination that can spoil the quality of the recycled materials and the sorting machinery,” explained Pauline McDonogh, Regional Waste Prevention Co-ordinator, Southern Waste Region.

“This waste can be very expensive to dispose of while it also leads to more waste than is required being set to landfill,” she added.

Outlining some tips for recycling, Ms. McDonogh stated, “Plastics with recycling codes 1, 2 and 5 are fully recyclable and should always be put in the recycling bin. These codes are located at the base of all plastic containers. Householders should make sure bottles are empty by discarding all liquids. Packaging that contained food such as yogurt, margarine and soup should be rinsed, while all plastic bottles and cardboard should be squashed or flattened before being placed in a recycling bin. This also creates more space in the bin.”

The Southern Region Waste Management Office also has a number of pre-Christmas tips which include buying presents that do not require excessive packaging, wrapping presents with recycled paper, sending festive e-cards to cut down on packaging, supporting local and fair trade producers, recycling shopping bags and composting food waste. Householders are also being urged to recycle all packaging, and take empty bottles and tins to one of the many bring banks located throughout the Region. A full list of recycling centres & bring banks can be found on www.repak.ie

12 Tips to Reduce Your Waste This Christmas:

[1.] Buy experiences rather than gifts!
[2.] Cook your Present! – invite friends over for dinner as a present and prepare a special meal of their favourite foods.
[3.] More Gift Ideas – other great gift ideas include hand-made Christmas tree decorations, native trees vouchers, solar powered radios and torches, energy saving light bulbs, aid for development work overseas, or a home composter.
[4.] Offset extra miles – give a tree or garden plant as a gift to help offset the extra miles travelled at Christmas.
[5.] Buy a battery charger – avoid gifts which require batteries, or purchase a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries.
[6.] E-Cards – Why not send a festive e-card instead of a paper one, or make your own from paper and textile scraps you find around the house.
[7.] Alternative wrapping – Try alternative wrappings like newspaper, old material and string or ribbon that can be reused. Or consider gift bags as they can be reused over and over.
[8.] Shopping Bags – Bring your own reusable bags when shopping. Say no to plastic bags.
[9.] Make a List! – Make a shopping list so you’re not tempted to buy things you don’t really need or want.
[10.] Low food air miles – Shop for locally produced food or fair trade labels. Challenge yourself to make dinner entirely from locally produced produce.
[11.] Food for Thought – At least 30% of all the food we buy is thrown out! Visit www.stopfoodwaste.ie for inspiring ideas on how to shop smarter for food over the festive period as well as recipes for what to do with leftovers. 12. Recycle – remember to use your dry recyclable collection provided by your waste collector. You can also use your local bottle bank and/or Recycling Centre.
[12.] Buying Presents – buy locally produced gifts, you’re supporting local jobs and helping the environment by reducing air miles. Treat someone to an “experience present” such as theatre or concert tickets, evening classes, restaurant vouchers, etc. to cut down on Christmas packaging.

The Christmas waste prevention message is the latest initiative of the Southern Waste Regional Office, under its ‘Do One More Thing Campaign’. Among the other initiatives hosted during 2015 is the ‘Say No To Junk Mail’ campaign, upcycling workshops and the successful reusable bottle promotion.

The ‘Do One More Thing Campaign’ forms part of the Southern Region Waste Management Plan Under the Waste Management Plan, 10 local authorities in Cork, Clare, Limerick, Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, Tipperary and Kerry have been set a number of key targets in relation to waste prevention activities. Visit www.southernwasteregion.ie for more.


Unemployment Continues To Rise In Thurles

See 11 month CSO Live Register figures for Co. Tipperary shown hereunder.

Unemp 2015

Live Register figures show an added increase of 13 persons for Thurles over the past 30 days, the only town in Tipperary to do so. This fact is according to CSO statistics uploaded today, using the search criteria; all ages; both sexes.

To further add to this dismal news, production at the Lisheen Mine mining site has closed with effect from December 1st 2015 last.  The Lisheen Mine, situated close to the village of Moyne, Thurles, previously employed up to 400 workers at any one time and now only 30 people will retain their jobs, temporarily acting as a closure team as the mine is wound down.

At a recent farewell gathering of workers addressed by Tipperary’s Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Alan Kelly; the Minister publicly announced that secret negotiations were under way to provide further jobs on this now vacant Lisheen Mine site.  Mr Kelly stated, “The Lisheen site has all the necessary ingredients to be a key Green Energy Hub and the ‘Task Force’ established to oversee the post mine occupancy is currently working on this.”

However persons close to this now obsolete mining operation remain cynical claiming that, “The only likely Green Energy Hub which might take up residence on this site into the future is probably Premier Green Energy (PGE) latter which Mr Kelly has already announced on April 15th 2015 last, promising just 40 new jobs.”

This Green Energy operation referred to in the above statement is already located on the site of the former closed Thurles Sugar Factory, latter which shed its massive workforce back in 1989, decimating business in the town and surrounding areas.

While in opposition during November 2007, the same then only a Senator Mr Alan Kelly stated, and I quote; “Thurles has taken a severe hit over the last number of years since the closure of the Sugar Factory. It is now clear that we need direct Government intervention to address this problem and to safeguard the economic future of Thurles. It is fair to say that the manufacturing sector has been decimated in Thurles.”

Having viewed the November figures shown above one must ask,” Where are the promised 200 new jobs for Clonmel, Co. Tipperary; the 152 jobs at ABP Food Group and what progress to date has been made on the 300 new jobs promised in Cashel at the former long idle Johnson and Johnson plant on the Cahir Road”?

As for Thurles Town, we regret to report that we are now even more decimated in 2015 than we ever were in 2007, due solely to subjecting ourselves to governance by this outgoing Fine Gael / Labour Government.