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Sinn Féin Withdraw Recount In Euro Parliament Election

Green Party Sen. Grace O’Sullivan

Sinn Féin have withdrawn their earlier request for a full recount in the recent European Parliament election for Ireland South. Same decision was made following initial recounting of 755,9876 ballots, which began this morning, further indicated that no major ballot anomalies had taken place.

Following the initial count last Thursday, the Sinn Féin MEP, Ms Liadh Ní Riada, stood to lose her seat by some 326 votes, to the Green Party candidate Tramore, Co. Waterford Senator Ms Grace O’Sullivan.

Following a demand by Sinn Féin, it was deemed necessary by the Mr Martin Harvey (Returning Officer) to grant a full recount following a day long recheck of votes which saw Ms Ní Riada gain just a single vote, thus reducing her then deficit from 327 votes to 326.

Ireland South EU Election results now stand as follows:

Fine Gael MEP and former GAA President Mr Sean Kelly topped the poll and was elected on the ninth count, while on the seventeenth count, the former Fianna Fáil Minister Mr Billy Kelleher was elected. Wexford Independent TD Mr Mick Wallace and outgoing Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune were both elected without reaching their required quota of 119,866. Ms Ní Riada’s transfers will now decide the alignment of the two remaining seats, that of Ms O’Sullivan and Ms Clune.


Tipperary Public Participation Network

What do you want your community to look like in 10 years?

Tipperary Public Participation Network (Tipperary PPN) are delighted to be rolling out a new National Initiative on Community well-being. The PPN is bringing together social inclusion, environment and community development voices in our communities to develop a “Well-being Vision Statement” that sets out their shared vision for County Tipperary.

What is Community Wellbeing?

Well-being is an increasingly common term that can describe wider conditions than just good physical and mental health, which we need as individuals and communities in order to have a better quality of life, a healthier environment and increased prosperity.

Some of these are things that we can easily measure e.g. the number of pre-school places, or the speed with which an ambulance can get to a sick person. Others are less easily measured, e.g. our pride of place, our heritage and the way in which we all look after each other.

All aspects of well-being are connected to each other. So, for example, if our natural environment is poor, it will affect our mental and physical health as well as our economy. In other words, all the parts of our community well-being are interconnected.

Let’s develop our vision for community well-being for the Cashel / Tipperary Municipal District.

Community Well-being Vision being developed in Cashel / Tipperary Municipal District, County Tipperary

So, what do we need for the well being of the community of Cashel / Tipperary?

That is the question being posed by Tipperary PPN, and we want to hear from all the groups and organisations in this area. Feed into this important vision for your area by starting a conversation and attending a public meeting on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019, in Kilfeacle Community Centre, Moatquarter, Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary.


Date: Wednesday, 29th May, 2019

Location: Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club. E34 YP98

Time: 6:30pm- 9:00pm – Registration from 7:00pm

Refreshments on arrival.

Developing a Vision for Community well-being means thinking about what we have and what we need to help Cashel / Tipperary Municipal District to be as great as it can be, for us and for the many generations that will follow into the future.

All the information gathered on the above stated night, will be brought together and used to influence policy, thus guiding the work of the PPN and its representatives; in influencing policy and working towards achieving community goals.

On the night Tipperary PPN will look at community well-being under six headings as follows.

Social and community development.
Environment and sustainability.
Economy and resources.
Health (physical & mental).
Values, culture and meaning.
Participation, democracy and good governance.

By using the above six headings across all the country, we can see whether we resident in Tipperary have the same concerns and indeed causes for celebration, as do others.

Further information on the well-being vision which is been rolled out around the country can be found HERE .


EPA Climate Change Lecture

Dr Edward Cameron will present an EPA Climate Change Lecture at the Mansion House this evening, Friday (May 18th 2019) as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action.

This lecture is entitled “New Climate Leadership for a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient and Inclusive World”
Please NOTE: For readers who are interested in hearing what Dr Cameron has to say, the event this evening will be streamed live from HERE.

The lecture, chaired by Dr John Bowman, will begin streaming sharp at 7:00pm, followed by a ‘Questions and Answers Session’, before ending at approximately 8.15pm.

Dr Cameron has worked on climate change and human rights for over two decades. He has served with the European Union; the government of the Maldives; the World Bank; the World Resources Institute, and more recently has spent five years as Managing Director at Business for Social Responsibility, encouraging hundreds of corporations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance climate resilience.

Originally from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and currently living in the United States with his wife and two sons; Dr Cameron is currently a senior advisor to numerous governments, multinational companies, and non-profit organisations. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences, Business and Economics, having conducted ten years of doctoral research on climate justice.

In this evenings public lecture, Dr Cameron will discuss the importance of climate leadership.

Ms Laura Burke, EPA Director General stated,
“Strong leadership is essential for tackling the challenge of climate change. This involves taking hard decisions to put us on the right trajectory to meet our emission reductions obligations and build resilience to the inevitable impacts of a changing climate. It also entails being able to seize the opportunities that should arise during the transition.
Dr Cameron is a climate specialist with many years of experience in the areas of climate change and human rights. We are looking forward to hearing Dr Cameron’s vision for climate leadership as we transition to a more sustainable future, from his experience with the World Resources Institute and elsewhere.”


Thurles Woman Loses Court Case Following A Fall In Local Car Park

A woman who slipped on a patch of icy ground in a Thurles car park three years ago; fracturing her ankle, has lost her action for damages before the High Court having sued Tipperary County Council.

Sixty one year old Mrs Mary Burke, Kylecrue, Drombane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, had sued Tipperary County Council, following a serious fall which occurred in the Council car park, on February 15th, 2016. Mrs Burke had gone to a parking ticket pay station, which was on a raised concrete plinth, and having completed the transaction she stepped down onto a tarmacadam surface, before she slipping on ice.

The court heard that Mrs Burke, as a result of the fall, had suffered a very nasty fracture of her left ankle and had to be operated on to insert a medical plate and pins.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross stated in his judgement that he could not say that the subsidence in the car park surface, where the ice had accumulated, was due to any negligence or indeed bad workmanship by Tipperary Council.

Mr Justice Cross awarded costs of the one-day hearing against Mrs Burke, but stated that he would be pleased if Tipperary Council decided it would not enforce the costs order against her.


Open Letter To 11 Local Candidates Seeking Election

Thurles LEA 1 BARRETT Tommy.
Thurles LEA 2 BRACKEN Michael.
Thurles LEA 3 BUTLER Fergal.
Thurles LEA 4 DORAN David.
Thurles LEA 5 FOGARTY Catherine.
Thurles LEA 6 HANAFIN Seamus.
Thurles LEA 7 LOWRY Michéal.
Thurles LEA 8 McCORMACK Ciara.
Thurles LEA 9 RYAN Seán.
Thurles LEA 10 RYAN Peter.
Thurles LEA 11 RYAN Jim.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Note: If you type “Thurles” into your internet browser, most likely you will find Thurles.Info top of page 1. [And why not since it has been visited almost 2.5 million times since its conception. Yes, no political Facebook accounts featuring on page 1]. So, it is here we offer you the opportunity to further your political careers and causes, while further introducing yourself to your adoring public, while promising to publish your correspondence in full.

However, with regards to our internet ranking, let us set our personal satisfaction aside, and point out that we truly are more interested in drawing your attention to the feature, which is being highlighted above us at the top of Google’s page 1, entitled Top things to do in Thurles. (Click HERE or view our clarifying picture hereunder).

This is the level of pollution this evening, just 50 metres from Thurles Town Park and 60 metres from Liberty Square.

Top things to do in Thurles
Of the four sites highlighted, you will note that two of the visitor sites recommendation are within the Town of Thurles, while Holycross Abbey is 7.0 km (4.3496mls) outside and Killahara Castle; not a visitor centre, is 10.4 km (6.46226mls), outside the town.

But look on the bright side, we have two visitor site recommendation within our town.
(1) Thurles Cathedral: Currently free to enter, Thurles Cathedral comes highly recommend as a place to visit, by all Tourists entering the town.
(2) Thurles Town Park: Was Thurles town park built as a tourist attraction? In my mind it’s doubtful, but let us for a brief moment fantasize.
With a star rating of just one, “the bookworm hotel”, (latter badly in need of a spell checker) refers to our leading Thurles Town Park attraction as:- “Terrible. I think this place really needs to crack down on the gangs at night. Two people were actacked (attacked) while walking at night. Teens smoke here after school clear as day with no chance of being caught. This a hotspot for bad things . As a park it is frankly too small and needs more stuff to go on as it can be packed after school and kids need things to do . More playground sites are needed and rules more inforced (enforced)” .

(A) Who would build a town park for tourists beside the most polluted river area in Co. Tipperary; highlighting it as a tourist attraction? [See picture above today 50 metres from the park, where children today were brought to play.]
(B) What is the substance currently and consistently being poured into our river Suir? Who is investigating and when can a prosecution be taken through the court system?
(C) Having read most of the glossy political brochures which were pushed through my letterbox, as part of your begging / canvassing campaign, I am shocked to note that tourism remains totally absent from all your brochures and therefore your future aspirations. Once again, footfall on Liberty Square, to you is not, after all, a real priority.

It is the opinion of most people to whom I have spoken in recent days, that absolutely nothing has been achieved by those who were elected 5 years ago. The suggestion is now that perhaps we should indicate our choice in favour of new candidates, giving them a chance to undertake badly needed change, which you as elected representatives have failed dismally to implement.

Your comments please.

Yours faithfully,
George Willoughby

PS: All correspondence will be verified with candidates before being published.