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Persons Claiming Social Welfare In Tipp August 2016

August 2016 figures, shown hereunder and supplied by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show there were 13,044 people claiming social welfare benefits of some kind in Co Tipperary last month.

Live Register figures supplied by the Central Statistics Office shown below are categorised by ‘Age Group‘, ‘Sex‘, ‘Social Welfare Office‘ and ‘Month‘ and while there were 146 fewer signing-on for August 2016, when we compare the figures to January 2016, in the case of North Tipperary, these figures show an increase in claimants over this 8 month period, of 70 persons.

As shown, the largest decreases for last month (August 2016) were in Thurles (43) and Carrick-on-Suir (40), while the only increase was in Roscrea which rose by (1).

In August of 2006, (ten years previously), there were just 5,909 persons signing on the Live Register in Co. Tipperary, compared to last month’s figure of 13,044, representing 7,135 more claimants.

Of the 1,432 jobs announced / promised by former outgoing Government Tipperary Minister Alan Kelly, (700 Nth Tipp & 692 Sth Tipp), prior to the last General Election held on February 26th, 2016; none have as yet materialised.

This in mind, CSO figures for the 12 months; August 2015 – August 2016, show a drop of 1,388 persons signing-on, which loosely could indication as to the numbers of those who migrated or emigrated from Co. Tipperary, in search of work, over this same 12 month period.


Seventy Jobs Lost in Tipperary Town

DoleIn excess of some 70 jobs were lost in the town of Tipperary this morning with the regrettable closure of a mushroom growing facility. McDonald Mushrooms closed today with its Managing Director blaming job losses on the recent Brexit vote.

One of the largest employers in the Tipperary town area, an emotional Mr Peter McDonald today stated that it was a sad day for himself, for his family and his entire workforce.  Staff were informed on Wednesday morning last of the decision to discontinue the operation. Following the result of the recent Brexit vote, the considerably change in Sterling values, and despite every effort being made to keep the facility viable, earning capacity was lowered by some 17%, thus insuring the non viability of the operation to continue trading.

Fianna Fáil nationally are now calling for the government to urgently support the Irish Mushroom Sector, which has been left particularly vulnerable by the value of pound sterling; rightfully claiming that some 3,500 jobs are immediately at risk nationwide.

In the past McDonald Mushrooms produced over 1.58 million kilos in weight (3.16 million lbs) of mushrooms annually, with the majority of same being exported direct to the British mainland.

This business which had survived the recession had been in operation for some 17 years near Tipperary town and the profile of their employee structure included both local Irish and foreign national workers.


Fire-Fighter Wanted For Thurles Fire Brigade

Fire At Thurles Bus Depot - Photo: Brian Corbett

Applications are currently being invited by Tipperary County Council for the post of a ‘Part Time Fire-Fighter’ with Thurles Fire Brigade.

Note, a panel may be created from which vacancies arising during the lifetime of this panel, will be filled.

Possible annual financial income relating to this part-time position is estimated on average to be approx €22,000, and depending on the number of applications received, a short listing of candidates will be formed, same based on the information supplied on all / any forwarded application forms.

Application Forms and further particulars are available HERE and also from the Customer Services Desk or by Email from humanresources@tipperarycoco.ie.

NOTE: All Completed Application Forms must be lodged not later than 4.00 pm on Friday, 9th September 2016, with the Human Resources Section, Civic Offices, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.


Tipperary Live Register Figures For July 2016

Central Statistics Office (CSO) Live Register Figures, recently published for the month of July 2016, based on the figures for the previous month, June once again have increased, all be it marginally, by 44 persons; 41 of which were added in the north of the county.

Thurles, North of the county, saw the largest increase of 44 persons, while Carrick-On-Suir, situated in the South, added a further 28 persons.


When compared with the CSO’s independent figures for January 2016; the July tally reveals that the Live Register has increased overall for Co. Tipperary as a whole, by a further 139 persons.

We note that minor decreases were recorded in Nenagh (10 persons), Cashel (11 persons), and Clonmel (15 persons), during July 2016; however of these same 36 persons removed from the Tipperary Live Register, we cannot confirm how many of same can be attributed to emigration, migration or indeed unfortunate recent deaths.

We can confirm however, that of the 1432 jobs highlighted and published by former Tipperary Minister Alan Kelly, (700 Nth Tipp & 692 Sth Tipp) in mid to late 2015 and prior to the last General Election held on 26 February 2016; no such employment prospects have as yet materialised.


Tipperary Live Register Figures For June 2016

The Live Register Figures, recently published for the month of June 2016, based on the similar figures for the previous month, May, show an overall increase of 516 persons extra, now depending on various Social Welfare payments in Co. Tipperary.

Note these figures shown hereunder, are accessed using the search criteria; All Ages, Both Sexes, Social Welfare Office and Month. Carrick-on-Suir was the only Social Welfare Office (S.W.O.) in Co. Tipperary last month, recording a reduction of some 4 claimants.

live register

We are aware that Live Register figures are is not designed to measure employment solely, but figures provided here are most certainly a strong indication of Tipperary Urban and Rural trends.

When figures are compared using June 2016 against January 2016 statistics; for both North and South of the county, same show a disappointing rise of some 95 persons.

If we compare the combined Tipperary Live Register figure of 13,146, shown for June 2016, against the combined similar January 2015 figure of 14,176; (18 months); the figures show an overall decline of some 1,030 persons. This 1,030 figure equates to just 57.2 persons per month leaving the Social Welfare system over this same 18 month period.