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November 2015
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Tipperary Employment Figures For October 2015

According to CSO unemployment figures published yesterday 29 extra people joined the Live Register in Roscrea over the past 31 days. Elsewhere in the county 250 people left the Live register obviously having either emigrated, died or entering Tús or JobBridge schemes; but very few be assured entering into actual paid employment here in Co. Tipperary.

See 10 month CSO Live Register figures for Co. Tipperary shown hereunder.

North Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

JanFeb —- Mar AprilMay— –June July—- Aug Sept –  –OctTown/Region Jobs Created During October 2015
6,312 6,237 6,139 6,030 6,199 6,462 6,601 6,475 5,843     5,798—      North Tipperary         Down 45
2,568 2,497 2,465 2,446 2,529 2,635 2,658 2,589 2,371 —–2,341———       Nenagh              Down 30
1,166 1,168 1,138 1,119 ––1,1641,187 1,246 1,213 1,059 —  1,098——          Roscrea              Up 39
2,5782,572 2,536 2,465 2,506 2,640 2,697 2,673 2,413 —  2,359———-      Thurles               Down 54

South Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

JanFeb —- Mar AprilMayJune —  July—- Aug —  Sept       OctTown/Region Jobs Created During September 2015
7,8647,786 7,681 7,595 7,809 7,998 8,110 7,957 7,297 —-7,092——-    South Tipperary        Down 205
1,129 1,120 1,096 1,071 1,094 1,145 1,164 1,128 1,038 —-1,006————       Cahir                 Down 32
1,6851,674 1,650 1,625 1,663 –-1,697 1,719 1,688 1,560 1,557——        Carrick-On-Suir       Down 3
1,0601,035 1,015 – —998 1,017 1,025 1,063 1,035    931—-    911——-           Cashel                Down 20
2,4802,489 2,4642,470 2,562 –-2,611 2,616 2,586 2,356 2,243————     Clonmel               Down 113
1,510 1,468 1,456 1,431 1,473 1,520 1,548 1,520 1,412 1,375——-     Tipperary (Town)      Down 37

Earlier this week Tipperary TD Michael Lowry demanded that the ‘prevailing veil of secrecy’, on issues regarding the imminent closure of Lisheen Mine, must now be discussed openly. To date it would appear his warning on this serious issue has received no support from current government elected representatives and he remains, to quote the Prophet Isaiah, the sole “voice crying in the wilderness”, with regard to his demands that State Agencies come forward to play a real meaningful role in directing alternative industry to this well appointed and ready equipped 1200 acre mine site.

The silence locally, on radio, TV and in the press is deafening.
From as yet unconfirmed information made available to Thurles.Info, we glean that at least 160 current full time employees of Lisheen Mine are expected to loose their jobs prior to Christmas 2015.

Tipperary – Rural Ireland In Crisis

TipperaryMapTipperary Independent TD Deputy Michael Lowry has this week criticised the long delayed Government initiative on a stimulus package to regenerate Rural Ireland.

“Labour Minister Ann Phelan has been Minister with specific responsibility for Rural Development for almost 5 years. We hardly knew she existed, but hey presto a couple of months before an election she comes out of her slumber with a whopper of an empty promise”, stated the Deputy.

“Since this Government was elected, all we have heard is aspirational statements and hot air. This most recent announcement is a paltry €30m pre-election gimmick.

Minister Ann Phelan has the audacity to allocate €4m of this same fund to her own constituency of Carlow/Kilkenny; leaving just €26m for the rest of the country. The kind of schemes covered under the new proposal, such as renovation of old buildings and improving local amenities are already covered under the terms of Leader Group and National Lottery Funding. The real issue faced our rural communities is that funding available to Leader in Tipperary has been cut by €15 m. It’s ironic that the person who presided over that €15m cut is one and same Minister Allen Kelly,” Mr Lowry continued.

“The root cause of the crisis in rural Ireland is the lack of job opportunity for young people. Thousands of our young people have had to emigrate, forced to leave home, leave their families, friends and community. Parents are denied the privilege of being close to their loved ones, denied the gift of seeing them mature into adulthood. There are many issues as a consequence of this emigration. Fewer houses being built, no work for builders and tradesmen, fewer children being born, schools losing numbers; putting teachers jobs at risk, with small rural schools facing closure. We then have small shops, post offices and Garda Stations being shut down. We also face the prospect, due to a shortage of priests; of parish clustering with major implications for our rural churches and hence reduced social contact”, stated Mr Lowry.

“Emigration has had a massive impact on local communities and in particular sports clubs. Many GAA soccer and Rugby teams have been decimated by the flight of its younger members. The government and the national agencies have done nothing to correct the imbalance between city and rural regeneration. Access to a proper broadband service and information technology is a huge disadvantage. It is impossible for country towns to attract industry as it has little prospect of competing against the city locations that have the entire necessary infrastructure already in place. The IDA should immediately construct advance factories in places like Tipperary. It is inevitable that when a Company decides to set up business it will make a decision on the location based on a ready to go turnkey facility”, continued Mr Lowry.

Deputy Lowry also stated, “We now have a two speed economy – one for Dublin and one for the rest, operating in a fast and slow lane. The closure of Garda Stations has left older people in particular, feeling vulnerable at a time when city crime gangs are roaming rural communities causing fear and anxiety. This feeling of isolation is made worse by no local transport, which makes it impossible for people to socialise”.

Thurles – Pothole Study Under Way By NRA Officials

Local County Councillors have discovered in recent days that a large pothole has emerged on Barry’s Bridge in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. In fact same has been there since Xmas last but somehow went unnoticed until last Tuesday’s monthly Co. Council meeting.

Mick was the first to arrive at 8.30am this morning, whistling “Sliabh na mBan,” (Irish Translation – ‘Mountain of the women’) as he free-wheeled down Liberty Square, Thurles, on his rusty ‘High Nelly’ bicycle; to come to a staggered halt on Barry’s bridge.

“Bejasus you are out and about early Mick,”  said I.


Pothole found on Thurles bridge. NRA to investigate.

“Yea,” Mick replied, “I was told to get my arse down here pronto; some emergency regarding the surface on this bridge,” he continued, as he untied his shovel from the crossbar.

“Are we in danger Mick,” said I smiling.  “Wouldn’t think so”, said Mick, “but some feckin County Councillor leaked information to the local radio station this morning, from yesterdays County Council meeting; now it appears panic is spreading locally.  Don’t forget it’s an election year and according to the NRA (National Roads Authority) Minister Alan Kelly could be recalled from his debate on ‘Climate Change,’ taking place today in Rome, in the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis.”

“Begob that sounds serious Mick,” said I, quickly tripping lightly to firmer ground on the Kobii Cafe side.

Having secured the bike, Mick, shovel in hand, joined me.

“You know this feckin bridge has always been a problem,” confided Mick. “It would be back in the 80’s shortly after the mother died; I was home from England for the funeral. I was on the way back when I discovered she had willed me the cottage instead of me sister, so I remained here and joined the dole. I had worked spreading tarmac for McAlpine, across the water and he had gotten a few jobs over here, so he approached meself, Paddy Ryan and Johnny Connors; (God be good to both of them)  to work on this same bloody bridge.”

“All of us were claiming Social Welfare at the time but working quietly on the side. McAlpine’s foreman, Mousey Flynn, gave us our instructions and told us to remember, if any Inspector from the Social Welfare office came sniffing around, to give him a false name,” continued Mick.

“Sure,” Mick continued, “Johnny said, yes Mousey, but what if he catches us unaware like and we can’t think of a name fast enough?”  Mousey replied “Look, are ye feckin stupid or what, in a case of difficulty just look around and use one of the names written on the shop fronts in Liberty Square.” (Before he headed off himself to find a snug corner in the Arch Bar.)

“I can see straight away why Mousey was chosen as your foreman,” says I.

“No listen you ejit!”  says a frowning Mick.  “About an hour passes and as sure as God, lo and behold, a Social Welfare fraud officer turns up“Right now ye three” says he approaching us, “Ye’re under suspicion of working whilst claiming the dole; give me your names,” he yelled.  “Well” said Mick, “I looked around and seeing Hayes’ Hotel said, ‘Mick Hayes’ sir. 

Paddy Ryan looked briefly around and spotting Dempsey’s Ladies Drapery  (I believe, Paddy spent a lot of his life viewing Dempsey’s Ladies drapery, if you understand my meaning.) and lowering his gaze yells ‘Paddy Dempsey’ sir.

According to Mick, the inspector then turned to Johnny Connors yelling “And you, what’s your name?” to which Johnny replied “Buck” sir, I’m an American”.  The Inspector glared at Johnny before demanding “And your second name Buck ?”  Johnny replied backBuck Worm, sir”

“Listen,” said Mick ” I’ll let you go; I’m off to break open me flask of hot Bovril, before the feckin NRA officials land in on top of me and Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan start announcing one new job in Thurles.  If I had me way I’d just fill that feckin hole up with 2 small shovels of cold tarmac and be finished with it “

Unemployment Trends In Tipperary Over Past 8 Months

TipperaryMapJobs Minister Mr Richard Bruton (FG) is expected to announce 200 new jobs for Clonmel, Co. Tipperary today. These new employment places are to be created by Eishtec, an outsourced contact centre based in Co Waterford and first established in 2011 to provide tailored solutions to business. This company now intend to establish of a custom built centre in Ard Gaoithe, in Clonmel. Recruitment is understood to begin immediately.

While this announcement is most welcome, earlier similar job pronouncements for Co. Tipperary over the past number of weeks, e.g. 300 new jobs long term at US generic drugs giant Amneal Pharmaceuticals;  152 jobs at ABP Food Group etc,  have born little fruit to-date.

While unemployment figures for August 2015, (published by the CSO on September 5th, 2015) appear to show a drop for the first time in persons unemployed in Co. Tipperary, one cannot help wondering how much of this sudden drop is reflected in real job creation within the county.

When unemployment figures are viewed over a period of the past eight months; these same statistics do not make for exhilarating reading.

Unemployment figures for Co. Tipperary over the first 8 months of 2015

North Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

Jan — Feb — Mar —- April — May — June — July —- Aug —–Town/Region
6,312 – 6,237 – 6,139 – 6,030 – 6,199 – 6,462 – 6,601 – 6,475. North Tipperary[Increase = 163 persons].
2,568 – 2,497 – 2,465 – 2,446 – 2,529 – 2,635 – 2,658 – 2,589. Nenagh  – [Increase = 21 persons].
1,166 – 1,168 – 1,138 – 1,119 – 1,164 – 1,187 – 1,246 – 1,213. Roscrea  – [Increase = 47 persons].
2,578 – 2,572 – 2,536 – 2,465 – 2,506 – 2,640 – 2,697 – 2,673. Thurles  – [Increase = 95 persons].

South Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

Jan — Feb — Mar —- April — May — June — July —- Aug —– Town/Region
7,864 – 7,786 – 7,681 – 7,595 – 7,809 – 7,998 – 8,110 – 7,957.  South Tipperary – [Increase = 93 persons].
1,129 – 1,120 – 1,096 – 1,071 – 1,094 – 1,145 – 1,164 – 1,128.  Cahir – [Decrease = 1 person].
1,685 – 1,674 – 1,650 – 1,625 – 1,663 – 1,697 – 1,719 – 1,688.  Carrick-On-Suir – [Increase = 3 persons].
1,060 – 1,035 – 1,015 –   998 –  1,017 – 1,025 – 1,063 – 1,035.  Cashel – [Decrease = 25  persons].
2,480 – 2,489 – 2,464 – 2,470 – 2,562 – 2,611 – 2,616 – 2,586.  Clonmel – [Increase = 106 persons].
1,510 – 1,468 – 1,456 – 1,473 – 1,431 – 1,520 – 1,548 – 1,520.  Tipperary (Town) – [Increase = 10 persons].

Current reigning Tipperary politicians will shortly be demanding our votes, based of their ‘vast experience’ and ‘proven competence’. The Tipperary electorate and particularly Thurles voters, on the other hand, will be waiting with ‘bated breath’.

251 Persons Join Dole Queues In Tipperary In 31 days


School Ahead” – Picture taken yesterday on the outskirts of a rural village in Co. Tipperary. Same best depicts the destruction of rural Ireland, under a current Labour /Fine Gael led government. (NRA please take note.)

Viewing the latest unemployment figures, uploaded on line today (Monday August 10th 2015) by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), residents of Co. Tipperary, possibly, with the exception of our over paid politicians, are less likely to be visiting the Bahamas to swim with pigs in the immediate future, as a current TV commercial currently invites.

Nationally the actual number of people currently unemployed in Ireland rose slightly during the month of July 2015, standing 300 higher than the seasonally adjusted figure for June at 208,900. Sadly the seasonally adjusted youth unemployment rate (persons aged 15-24) was 20.2% in July 2015; when compared to 19.9% in June 2015. Latter we understand was caused by a rise in the number nationally of unemployed females during the same month, which stood 500 higher at 81,200.

As we forewarned on Thurles.Info; here in Co. Tipperary some 251 extra persons joined our ever lengthening dole queues, despite continued political electioneered spin from our current Fine Gael & Labour government; no doubt assisted greatly by radio and newspaper journalists, happy to simply ‘copy and paste’ political press statements, without the slightest modicum of questioning as to the real facts.

In total, for just the three combined months of May, June and July 2015 a total of 1,086 Tipperary residents, represented under the CSO categories of ‘All Ages’ – ‘Both Sexes’ are now signing for unemployment benefit in the county as a whole; an increase of 251 within the last 31 days.

 June 30thJuly 31stNorth Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015.
6,462 – 6,601 – North Tipperary, an overall increase of 139 persons.
2,635 – 2,658 – Nenagh, an increase of 23 persons.
1,187 – 1,246 – Roscrea, an increase of 59 persons.
2,640 – 2,697 – Thurles, an increase of 57 persons.

 June 30th– July 31stSouth Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015.
7,998 – 8,110 – South Tipperary, an increase of 112 persons.
1,145 – 1,164 – Cahir, an increase of 19 persons.
1,697 – 1,719 – Carrick-On-Suir, an increase of 22 persons.
1,025 – 1,063 – Cashel, an increase of 38 persons.
2,611 – 2,616 – Clonmel, an increase of 5 persons.
1,520 – 1,548– Tipperary (Town), an increase of 28 persons.

In July 2015, led by an Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny (F.G.) and accompanied by Labour Minister Mr Alan Kelly, Mr Tom Hayes F.G. and F.G. Jobs Minister Mr Richard Bruton, latter politicians trotting into Tipperary South, to the town of Cahir, here to announce 152 imaginary jobs and a €50m Investment at ABP Food Group, which jobs so far to-date have failed to materialize.

The same political spin, on August 1st 2015, informed us of some 300 new jobs being created; supported by the IDA, in Cashel in Co Tipperary, by US generic drugs giant Amneal Pharmaceuticals, latter who purchased the former long idle Johnson and Johnson plant on the Cahir Road. In two years time following renovations Amneal expect to hire an estimated 250-300 employees, but only when the facility is at full capacity. Minister Richard Bruton F.G. described these latter futuristic jobs as being a massive boost for Cashel and the whole of Tipperary, capping what has been a good month for regional jobs announcements.

To add to today’s published CSO unemployment figures; during this same period (May 1st to July 31st 2015) at least 373 unemployed persons here in Co. Tipperary have already been moved off the Unemployment Register to work on Tús schemes (See Pay Rates of €1 per hour) and therefore not correctly categorised as being unemployed persons. A more accurate figure for unemployment in Tipperary during this same 3 month 2015 period should therefore read approximately 1459.

This latter figure does not take into account those other unemployed persons who chose to accept emigration. Neither does it take into account those who could not afford to leave this country and have since become members of that well known unpaid Internship Club known as ‘JobBridge’; latter which continues to remain unmonitored, offering poor conditions and little if any insurance cover through its forced membership.

Meanwhile, last week the drinks giant C&C announced the potential loss of 31 jobs, through redundancies, from its production workforce at Borrisoleigh, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

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