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Major Financial Announcement For Tipperary Town Primary Schools

Pictured outside the offices of the Department of Education, Dublin, are Ms Catriona Farrell (Deputy Principal of ‘The Monastery’ CBS, Tipperary); Ms Siobhan Verdon (St Michael’s Junior Boys NS, Tipperary); Ind. Dáil Deputy Mr Michael Lowry (TD); Ms Ide Mooney (St Michael’s Girl’s NS Tipperary); Ms Louise Tobin (St. Joseph’s Primary School, Tipperary) and Mr Eoghan Breathnach (Gaelscoile Thibraid Arann).

Yesterday was indeed a significant day in the long running campaign seeking additional resources for five Tipperary primary schools. However, a package of support measures has now been agreed, same to be implemented at the beginning of the upcoming September term.

In a statement today Deputy Michael Lowry stated that he was delighted that his representations over the past number of months, on behalf of the above named schools, has now finally resulted in a most positive outcome.

Deputy Lowry stated, “I wish to complement the management and staff of the schools for their perseverance, tenacity and their commitment to the educational needs of their pupils”.

The newly negotiated support program is an interim package and Mr Lowry is confident that the data supplied by the schools boards, will substantiate the schools inclusion in the next round of the DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) system.

This revised DEIS programme will be selected and announced during November 2019, for implementation in September 2020.

“I am delighted that these prolonged exchanges and discussions between the schools and the Department of Education have reached a satisfactory outcome”, concluded Mr Lowry, “and I wish to thank in particular the Minister for Education Mr Joe McHugh for his personal interest in facilitating discussions with senior officials in his department”.


Children’s Book Of The Month

“Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulum”

Authoress, Kay O’Connell

Newly published authoress, Kay O’Connell, will launch her children’s book, ‘Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulum’, here in Thurles on Friday, July 19th next, at 7.00pm in Bookworm, Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Acknowledged already as an accomplished writer of both poetry and prose, this will be Kay’s first children’s work to be published in paperback / hardback format.

Kay O’Connell currently resides here in Co. Tipperary, in the scenic, yet quiet, rural hinterland of Loughmore; together with her husband Tom and their daughter, Zara.

Kay initially developed her love of reading and her very unique style of writing, from both her parents, latter Michael and May O’Sullivan; while residing as a child herself in her family home in Rathdowney, just across the border in Co. Laois.

It was from here that she was eagerly encouraged, from an early age, to pursue a clearly developing creative side. Indeed, with the nearest bookshop some twenty kilometres away; Kay well remembers pretending to read from books, using her then wild and vivid imagination to create fanciful, make-believe adventures, thus entertaining younger siblings before the arrival of sleep.

It was following the birth of her daughter Zara, that Kay’s passion for stories and writing was again rekindled, and she began creating imaginary characters, using same in her now newly published book, which targets children aged from 5 to 12 years old.

Kay is adamant that true happiness can only be brought about by having an opportunity to create and therefore lauds both parents and teachers who actively encourage book reading.
Parents and children please note: Kay will also be reading an excerpt from her book and will be signing copies of same on Friday July 19th next.

Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulumcomes highly recommended by Thurles.Info and same would make that perfect gift for lovers of a bedtime story to be read aloud thus beginning a child on that adventure of a lifetime.


Big Surprise Down In Thurles Library On July 11th

“The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”

[With sincere apologies to the late, great, Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy (1902-1984)]

“If you go down to the Library, July 11th, you’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the Library, on that date, you’d better go in disguise!
For every bear that ever there was, will gather there for certain, because
July 11th is the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic.”

Ms Suzanne Brosnan (Senior Library Assistant), Tipperary County Council Library Service, takes up the story from here:-

“Join us in Thurles library on Thursday 11th July at 11.30am for our annual Teddy Bears Picnic.

Bring along your Teddy (big or small) for a special trip to Thurles Library to hear some stories, songs and colouring. We will have some yummy ice-cream for the children as a special treat!

Weather permitting story-time will take place on the boardwalk outside, so please feel free to bring along your picnic blanket!

Remember, as with all events at Thurles Library; please notify your intention to be in attendance with a member of our Thurles Library staff at the desk or by phoning us on 0761-06-6131. [After all, we don’t want to run out of ice-cream.]
We look forward to meeting lots of Teddy Bears in Thurles Library on the day!

Summer Stars Reading Challenge

Have you joined the Summer Stars Reading Challenge yet? There’s still plenty of time, so call into Thurles Library today and register for your free reading pack at the desk.

The Summer Stars encourages children to read books during the summer and track their progress on their reading card. When the card is completed return the card with all your details on it and pop it into the box provided.

The staff will contact you at the end of the summer holidays invite you to the certificate presentation in September. There are lots of new titles waiting on our shelves to be read so come along and choose a great summer read!

Remember you can borrow and return your books to any Library in Ireland”.


Upcoming Heritage Week – Thurles Cathedral, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are” – Quote by David McCullough

Here on thurles.info we raised the issue of required entry road signage for Thurles back in July 2018, and again on March 21st, 2019. The current signage into our Cathedral Town remains 12 years outdated, outworn, archaic and a source of shameful embarrassment to local business and residents.

On April 3rd, 2019, we again wrote about this signage. Amazingly and just prior to our recent local Municipal District election, new approach road sinage for Thurles was, shall we say, “conveniently mooted”.

The four key strengths of the town which were identified were:- Arts & Culture, Business, Sport and Education.

According to the Minutes of our Municipal District, dated March 27th last, the four key strengths of Thurles, identified above, were recognised following public consultation. How come town residents, missed this public consultation invitation? Did any member of our electorate get an invitation? In the case of secretarial error, will these minutes be now fully corrected? After all (See picture (4) above) Tipperary Co. Council are committed to :- “AG OBAIR LEIS AN BPOBAL” – “WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY“.

Suggested New Thurles entry road signage

We here on Thurles.Info noted, with disappointment, that while Thurles is more often referred to as the “Cathedral Town”, no Cathedral building appears to feature in any of these hastily prepared proposals, that we have so far previewed.

Where is that “Identified Strength” known as ‘Thurles History’ recognised?

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Quote by Marcus Garvey

Thurles Chamber of Commerce take note:- From purely a local economic prospective; Thurles Cathedral possibly brings more footfall to our Thurles town centre, than even the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA); attracting people through their daily Mass, Funerals, Weddings, Communions, Confirmations etc. Unless I am gravely mistaken, Thurles Cathedral will never be driven out by Tipperary Co. Council’s crippling parking charges, to move to the freedom generated by Thurles Shopping Centre, unlike so many of our other fine town centre businesses.

Arts & Culture; are they really a local strength or simply consist of a theatre and exhibition space, built with taxpayers money, to be controlled, once again, to provide financial benefit to Tipperary Co. Council. For the most part our Arts & Culture strengths locally consist of inviting lesser talented Dublin based theatre companies, to rent our ‘The Source’ theatre space, before racing back to Dublin, clutching tightly our €25 Euro per head ticket charge.

Our history, on the other hand, is a real strength and by not identifying same with intense pride, we greatly disrespect and gravely slight those who have gone before, latter having achieved so much on behalf of this present, often ingrate, generation.

According to Minutes published, it was agreed that this signage would be erected on the N75 (Dublin Road), N62 (Templemore Road), N62 (Slievenamon Road) and the R498 (Nenagh Road, Thurles). The time frame for completion of the signage is dependent on the selection of an agreed design.

There were, it appears, some conflicting views expressed on the imagery being used on this proposed signage and it was therefore unanimously agreed that a separate meeting should be convened on Tuesday 2nd. April, 2019 at 5:00pm to finalise the design. Any decisions agreed at that same meeting once again remain withheld from the ears of the great unwashed electorate.

In our most recent local Municipal district elections we, the electorate, voted for “more of the same”, and it was therefore with some further disenchantment, not to mention cynicism, that I listened to a radio pod-cast, featuring the newly elected Cathaoirleach (Chairperson) of Tipperary County Council, Mr Michael Murphy (Fine Gael), speaking on what was to be “high on his agenda”, over the next 12 months. Mr Murphy appeared to be solely focusing on projects in his home town of Clonmel. May we take this opportunity to remind Mr Murphy that he was elected as Cathaoirleach to serve all of Co. Tipperary, not just Clonmel.

Ireland’s National Heritage Week 2019 – August 17th – August 25th.

Over the coming weeks in preparation for Thurles National Heritage Week; Thurles.Info will attempt to highlight the massive national, historical importance and physical presence of Thurles Cathedral of the Assumption.

Forgetting briefly the everyday religious benefits obtained by Thurles and Tipperary people, not to mention that same religious spiritual advantage enjoyed by hundreds of visiting day-trippers down the centuries; it is important to again reveal the many untold stories relating to this iconic building, latter which symbolises a Cathedral Church, built to the glory of God; holding many now forgotten yet true stories.

“We learn from history that we don’t learn from history”. Quote by Bishop Desmond Mplio Tutu, latter South African Anglican cleric, theologian, awarded the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

National Stop Food Waste Week Begins Today

The EPA are leading a National Stop Food Waste Week campaign to highlight issues and raise awareness on food waste, beginning today Wednesday June 12th until Wednesday June 19th 2019 inclusive. 

Globally, one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is lost or wasted and every year people in Ireland waste over one million tonnes of food. The campaign aims to motivate people across Ireland to make real changes in how they use the food they buy.

Laura Burke, (Director General, EPA) said,“It takes a lot of resources to put food on our tables. Growing, processing, transport and storage all use massive amounts of energy and water, along with packaging, fertilisers and machinery. This activity generates greenhouses gases which drive climate change, so it is important that we value and carefully use the food we produce.”

“Many of us would like to take action on climate change, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Reducing food waste contributes to lowering our carbon footprint, and we can achieve this through some surprisingly simple actions.”

The four key steps people can take to Stop Food Waste are:-
(1.) Know your food waste: Make a list of what you throw out over the next week, this will give you a better understanding where your habits produce waste so you know what to target for improvement.

(2.) Planning and Shopping: Smarter shopping ensures that you don’t waste hard-earned money on food that goes in the bin. Plan your meals (including lunches at work), check the cupboards and fridge before you go, and use a shopping list.Cooking and Storing: Store food properly to make the most of what you have bought to keep food fresher for longer. The Stop Food Waste ‘A-Z of food’ contains tips and advice on how to store and cook various food types. Using leftovers for lunch not only helps reduce food waste, it will also save you money.

(3.) Cooking and Storing: Store food properly to make the most of what you have bought to keep food fresher for longer. The Stop Food Waste ‘A-Z of food’ contains tips and advice on how to store and cook various food types. Using leftovers for lunch not only helps reduce food waste, it will also save you money.

(4.) Bin it better: Use the brown bin (or try home-composting) for the unavoidable food waste you do generate. A recent national study showed that almost 50% of household organic waste is still being disposed of in the “wrong bins”, i.e. recycling or black bin.

Odile Le Bolloch, (EPA Stop Food Waste Manager), spoke about the National Stop Food Waste Week campaign: “Each day during Stop Food Waste week we will be sharing information and resources to help people to Stop Food Waste at work and at home. Our online campaign provides practical tips to help us all reduce waste and make the most of our food. We are also running our new workplace training programme with guidance on tackling food waste both at work and at home.”

Information on stopping food waste at home can be found at www.stopfoodwaste.ie.

For Stop Food Waste week, because the food people buy is not just consumed at home, the EPA are encouraging businesses and employees to target food waste at work.

Stop Food Waste’s top tips to reduce food waste in the workplace are:-
(A) Have sharing shelves in the canteen and fridge and let everyone know that food left there is fair game.
(B) Events with catering often produce large amounts of food waste. Try a slight under-order; and share any leftovers with colleagues.
(C)Store unused food properly for future use, and don’t leave food forgotten in the fridge over the weekend.

To take part in raising awareness, the EPA are inviting businesses around Ireland to sign-up as supporters of Stop Food Waste week and receive posters, daily tips and a chance to win free Stop Food Waste workplace training.

Businesses can sign up on the website: https://stopfoodwaste.ie/stop-food-waste-week/