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New Professional House-Sitting Service Operational In Co. Tipperary

With opportunistic crime now, part and parcel of everyday living both in Co. Tipperary and indeed further afield; a long overdue, new and much needed house sitting service has been conceived here in the Premier County.

Most people are aware that certain criminal elements are now using information gleaned from social media blogs, newspaper and local magazine reports, which indicate that private homes, farms and private businesses may be left temporarily unattended, due to that wedding celebration; the well earned weekends away; the annual holiday, or sadly the required attendance at the funeral of a friend or close relative.

Imagine attending such an event in the clear knowledge that a competent, trustworthy individual is inside your property for the few hours you are forced to leave your home unattended.

The good news, which we only learned today, is that a new service has come on stream over the past number of months here in the county; its name “House Sitting Service”.

Reports which I have gleaned from numerous previous users of this now necessary urban and rural service, all declare, without hesitation, that they have found this Garda approved service to be totally professional, while operating with discretion and offering total confidentially.

The House Sitting Service provider will arrive well before their host need to vacate the property, in order to receive any special instructions, and will remain in your home until the host themselves or some other members of the family return to relieve the situation.

From the reports we have received here on Thurles.Info, to date, already this amenity is proving an invaluable service within the Tipperary area.

Readers do take this opportunity to make a permanent note of this contact phone number, (shown hereunder), for inclusion in your own personal contacts held on your mobile phone.

To communicate with this “House Sitting Service” simply phone Mobile No: (086) 6051189 and arrange to meet the service provider, prior to your special event.


More Arrests Expected Following Sexual Abuse Investigations

Gardaí investigating, what has been described by some as being the most degenerate paedophile ring yet uncovered in the history of the Irish State, are now expected to make further arrests in the weeks ahead and possibly outside the Mid West region.

We reported on March 5th last that six women and five men had been arrested as part of this investigation, before being released without charge, with files being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The eleven individuals arrested had been questioned over a 24 hour period; detained under section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, at Garda Stations in Tipperary, Limerick, Clare, and Cork and were understood to be members of an extended family, ranging age-wise from 20 to 70 years.

Following information understood to have been gleaned by Gardaí in the past over less than a one year period, from some 20 alleged young victims; same have lead investigators to believe that a paedophile ring may have operated beyond the Mid West region of Ireland. We also understand that some of the young victims have claimed that they were groomed from a young age and raped by known family members.


Stolen Jewellery Recovered From Golden Island Robbery

Gardaí from Co. Tipperary, together with their colleagues from counties Laois /Offaly are understood to have recovered a substantial amount of jewellery and watches, which was stolen from a shopping centre in the midland town of Athlone, during last week’s ‘Snow Emma’.

The operation which led to the arrest of three males, was carried out by Gardaí and Detectives at a house in Ballaghmore, Lackey, Co Laois, close to the R445 on the Laois / Tipperary border, less than 7.9 kilometres (4.9 miles) from Roscrea, in Co. Tipperary.

Rings, bracelets, watches and chains, worth around €250,000, were stolen from the Golden Island Shopping Centre in Athlone, when thieves broke in through a roof into Park Jewellers in the early hours of last Saturday morning, March 3rd, when the centre was vacant following an earlier snow blizzard.

Described as a “sophisticated robbery”; the gang involved managed to deactivated all alarms at the centre and inside the shop, before stealing the jewellery and watches. They also removed the hard-drive from the centre’s CCTV system, before exiting the building through the roof area.

The robbery was not detected until Golden Island security staff opened the centre on Saturday morning last. The nature of the theft was seen as similar to other robberies around Ireland and abroad in recent times and Gardaí had suspected the involvement of an international gang.

The suspects remain held at stations in Portlaoise, Tullamore and Nenagh, where they are being questioned in relation to their suspected involvement.

Athlone Garda station are continuing to seek for information from those who might have observed unusual activity in the Golden Island area or who may have noticed anything suspicious between the hours 9.00pm on Friday and 7.00am on Saturday; to contact them at Tel: (090)6498550 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800-666111.


Arrests In Tipperary As Part Of Sexual Abuse Investigations

Six women and five men (11 people in total), have been arrested in counties Tipperary, Limerick and Kerry this afternoon, as part of an ongoing child sexual abuse investigation.

Gardaí from Roxboro Road, Newcastle West, Bruff, Henry Street, and Mayorstone Park, combined with the Limerick Divisional Protective Services Unit to made the arrests.

This follows on from an investigation into alleged sexual exploitation of children who were resident in the Newcastle West Garda District.

The ages of those arrested range from 20 to 70 years, and currently are being detained at Garda stations in Limerick, Cork and Clare under the provisions of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984, on suspicion of the sexual exploitation of children.


Businesses Urged To Instigate Policy On Invoice Redirect Fraud

Det. Chief Supt. Patrick Lordan.

Gardaí continue to warn businesses regarding online scams, that has allowed fraudsters to attempt to embezzle more than €1.3m in “invoice redirect fraud”, over a mere two-month period.

On February 28th last, we posted news of the arrest of three men and two women, following a total of four searches; three in Co. Tipperary and one in Co. Dublin.

Detective Chief Superintendent Mr Patrick Lordan, Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) and a former Garda Superintendent here at Thurles Garda Station (2010 -2013), has highlighted the need for businesses to urgently instigate more “robust policies and procedures”, with regard to “Invoice Redirect Fraud”. This can be easily undertaken by making “direct contact” with a trusted individual within any organisation with which business is being conducted.

What is Invoice Redirect Fraud?

In crimes of this nature, criminals send emails to businesses purporting to be one of their legitimate suppliers. These emails contain an instruction to change the suppliers bank account details, that the business currently use. Payments then arrive to new bank accounts that ultimately benefit the criminals, and in the majority of instances, the business does not become aware it has been a victim of such crime, until the legitimate supplier sends a reminder invoice, seeking payment.

These requests from criminals can also come via written correspondence or by a phone call, so caution should attach to any such request of this nature, and business owners are urged to remind employees to treat any request to change supplier bank account details, with extreme caution.

Just one of the examples of such fraud being attempted was Meath Co. Council, who were deceived into handing over €4.3m to an online fraudster. Having acted quickly and made contact with Gardaí when this slip-up was realized, it became possible to recover all losses involved.

The five arrests we recently reported on, were made following a probe into a similar scam, which involved Dublin Zoo. Current NECB boss, Det. Chief Supt. Mr Pat Lordan has stated: “Invoice redirect fraud is a major problem around the world and we are also targeting the crime gangs who are sending money to Ireland.”

The scam is being targeted by the Money Laundering Investigation Unit (MLIU) of the Garda Economic Crime Bureau, who work very closely with financial institution in this regard.