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It’s A Good Friday For Pubs & Restaurants

Legislation to end the 90-year old prohibition on pubs from opening on Good Friday, has now passed all stages in Seanad Éireann.

The Intoxicating Liquor (Amendment) Bill was introduced by Independent Senator Billy Lawless. Senator Lawless of course sold his family’s dairy farm in the late 1970’s, and was running several bars and hotels in Galway by the early 1990’s. Today he claims that a message has been sent to the world that “Ireland is a pluralist, globalist, forward-thinking country”, and has made yet “another progressive step in Ireland’s long journey in the separation of Church and State”.

Of course ‘Binge drinking in Ireland,’ according to Senator Lawless, is caused by the sale of low cost alcohol from certain licensed premises.  [I agree Senator, sure is not low cost sales of Cocaine the reason for compulsive, out of control, use of drugs.  Ops, no, sorry, Senator, a Cocaine habit I believe is very expensive, and funding of same leads to most of the crime currently being committed in today’s pluralist, globalist, forward-thinking country, where Seanad Éireann little by little remain hell bent on successfully separating Church from State.]

Senator Lawless pointed out that the new legislation will apply to all pubs and restaurants, and licensed premises will be able to open on Good Friday, after this Bill is passed through the Dáil, before being signed into law by the President.

Perhaps Seanad Éireann would be better off introducing a Bill correcting issues such as the 1,200 children living in Direct Provision In Ireland, whose human rights as children have been negatively impacted. In thirty years time will this issue become yet another 21st century ‘Magdalene Laundry scenario’, seeking justice under yet another expensive Commission of Investigation.

Perhaps we should remove Good Friday from the list of Church Holidays altogether, and make it just another normal working day for bankers, post office workers and civil servants, thus completing the further separation of State from Church.


Death Of Tommy Hickey, Late Of Kilcommon, Upperchurch, Thurles

It was with great sadness we learned of the death yesterday, Tuesday 18th July 2017, of Mr Tommy Hickey, Rearcross, Newport, Co. Tipperary and late of Cummerbeg, Kilcommon, Upperchurch, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Mr Hickey passed away peacefully, while in the loving care of the Lakes Nursing Home, Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Brother of the late Johnny, Jimmy, Mary, Paddy and Norrie, the passing of Mr Hickey is most deeply regretted by his brothers and sister Billy, Martin, Kitty and Joe; sisters-in-law Mary and Breda; nephews; nieces; grandnephews; grandnieces; extended relatives; neighbours and friends.

Funeral Arrangements
The earthly remains of Mr Hickey will repose on Saturday evening next at Our Lady Queen of Peace Funeral Home, Kilcommon from 6.00pm, with removal at 9.00pm to St. Patrick’s Church, Kilcommon.

Requiem Mass will take place on Sunday morning at 11.00am, followed by interment immediately afterwards in the New Cemetery, Rearcross, Newport, Co. Tipperary.

Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a anam dílis.


Tipperary – The Place – The Time – Thurles

“Historians have failed miserably to record notable facts, particularly regarding significant happenings in American history”, said Ethan Fernandez a Spanish American tourist who was visiting Thurles last week.  Mr Fernandez was having lunch in the Arch Bar, in Liberty Square, and was querying what holiday makers actually got up to in rural Co. Tipperary.

Regular customer and local historian, Mikey Ryan just happened to be in for his normal liquid lunch, when he heard the verbal query, aimed at no customer in particular, issue from the lips of Mr Fernandez.  “Begod”, said Mickey, “It’s not widely known, particularly in America, but the British Royal Family actually originally came from this neck of the woods.”

And so the conversation began; “You here in Ireland will not be aware that Geronimo, the once prominent leader and medicine man of the Bedonkohe band of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, in his teenage years, having proven his bravery, was ordered to choose a wife”, began Mr Fernandez.

“He searched carefully through his village, eventually choosing the most beautiful of squaws (Squaw meaning ‘woman’) by the name of Chee-hash-kish and a couple of days prior to his wedding day, he rode his pony from ‘Turkey Creek’ to the ‘Indian Rock’ trading post, informing the proprietor that; “I am marrying the most beautiful squaw in my tribe and I wish to purchase a very special wedding gift for her.”

Mr Fernandez continued; “The trading post proprietor thought carefully, before suggesting a large soft buffalo hide, Now price agreed and purchase made, Geronimo following his wedding, rolled up in his buffalo hide each night with his new squaw.”

“Soon Geronimo, because of his continued bravery, was allowed by his tribe’s elders to take a second wife. Once again he searched carefully through his village, eventually choosing the most beautiful of squaws available; her name Heavier-than-air.”

“Once again, some days prior to his wedding, Geronimo galloped his pony to the ‘Indian Rock’ trading post, informing the proprietor that; “I am marrying the most beautiful squaw in my tribe and I wish to purchase a very special wedding gift to present to her.”

In an atmosphere in the Arch Bar, where you could hear a pin drop Mr Fernandez continued; “Aware of the gift to his first wife, the trading post owner suggested a beautiful bear hide, which Geronimo eagerly accepted”.

“As every historian is aware Geronimo went on to become the Chief of his Indian nation, thus earning himself the right to select a third wife; her name Zi-yeh. Jumping on his pony, some few days prior to his wedding, he again galloped to ‘Indian Rock’ trading post, informing the proprietor;  “Last month I became big Chief of my Indian nation, I soon will marry the most beautiful squaw in my tribe and I wish to purchase a very special wedding gift to give her.”

“The proprietor offered him a rare tanned hippopotamus hide, the only known article of its type in America, with the promise that it would never wear out. Pleased with his gift he returned to his village to marry his third wife”.

“Some weeks later Geronimo decided to finally settle down, but not before making the conscious decision to start a family. And true to his promise some weeks later all three squaws announced that they were pregnant.  When they gave birth some nine months later, the squaw on the buffalo hide had given birth to a baby girl, while the squaw on the bear hide had given birth to a baby boy. The squaw however on the hippopotamus hide had given birth to twins; a baby boy and a baby girl.”

“Now this Mr Ryan is what mathematical students will not be aware of today, solely due to the dismal failure of historians”, said Mr Fernandez, cutting the air with his index finger, “this important occurrence further confirms the earlier geometrical theory, by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who first proved that the Squaw on the Hippopotamus is Equal to the Sum of the Squaws on the other two Hides.”

“Sure, mine is a pint of Guinness”, said Mickey, “that’s if you’re buying.”


National Minimum Wage Increased By 30c Per Hour

Following a recommendation from the Low Pay Commission, the government have welcomed proposals to increase the National Minimum Wage by 30c per hour as and from January 2018.

The principal function of the Low Pay Commission is to examine and make recommendations to government without creating significant adverse consequences for employment or competitiveness.

However, if employees are in receipt of food and/or accommodation (known as board & lodgings) from an employer, e.g. au pairs and hotel employees, this may be taken into account, when calculating any new minimum wage increase.

It is estimated that some 120,000 workers should benefit from this rise; increasing the minimum wage to €9.55 per hour or approximately a €12 increase for a full 40 hour working week.

Seen by low paid workers as a small step in the right direction; this pay augmentation marks the fourth increase in the minimum wage since 2011, and a further step towards a commitment in the Programme for Government, aimed at a minimum wage of €10.50.

Recently, the ‘Living Wage’ was set at €11.70 per hour, up €0.20 on last years €11.50. The living wage therefore remains €2.15 per hour higher than the proposed national Minimum Wage, and is €1.20 higher than the commitment given to low paid staff, in the Programme for Government.


One Summer Evening in Thurles Town Park

Liberty Square, Thurles.

Journalist, award winning poet, playwright and short story writer, Mr Tom Ryan, (formerly of No. 11 Fianna Road, Thurles and No. 30 Kennedy Park, Thurles), now residing at “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, has decided to share with us his most recent piece of poetry.

The poem reflects on the present beauty of the area, known locally as the “Watery Mall”; its past historical influence, reminding us that time passes quickly, and with life, perhaps there are a collection of moments that are not necessarily ours to keep.

[ Note, those of our readers who are not familiar with the authors work, can find his three hugely popular books, depicting Thurles and Co. Tipperary, on sale in Bookworm, Liberty Square, Thurles and Easons in Thurles Shopping Centre, Thurles. This Thurles Town Trilogy comprises :-  Cherry Blossoms; Light-hearted Tales from the Watery Mall“,  and A Fair in the Square“. ]

In Thurles Town Park By The SuirBy Author & Poet Tom Ryan (June 2017).

As a prayer, quiet and restful,
Summer evening in the Park,
Near the ancient castle of the Normans and the Ursuline bridge,
Down the Mall,
Cathedral carillon, soft, tranquil and melodious, fills the air.

In life’s defining moments,
By generations heard,
At all our beginnings and our end.
In harmony with the murmuring waters
Of the Suir of Maritana
By Wallace in beauty, love and moments such as this conceived.
To lovers lying languid on the grass this time’s young forever,
As joyously they whisper the sweet mysterious love of being that sings,
Oblivious as the gliding silent swans of the river
Of what the future brings.

But mindful of the moment magical as Heaven hails,
The vast mysterious splendour of their youthful age,
Old folks ponder the western sky and the declining sun.
By the bridge, beside the ducks near Thomond Road.
Sit and smile the while,
Remembering times, kin and friends
That never shall return.

Memories of a perfect yesteryear in times simple, poor, but good and
happy all the same.
In the playground children skyward swing to the stars and brave impossibilities.
Between old St. Patrick’s College and where townsfolk play or stroll,
Brave boys and girls skateboard, wheel and whirl
To life’s exciting adventure,
And water hens and birds from out the rushes
Steal the twilight.
Voices of distant nations, many miles from Dempsey’s Square, I hear
Peace and gentleness is everywhere.

So, hearing the silence of my soul
And listening in this mysterious world of Nature, blessed by Beauty in
this Heaven- scented place, I am so happy,
And know in times of trouble and of strife,
This blessed place is in my heart for life.
Beautiful beyond all worldly word
As always I remember
What now I’ve seen and felt and heard.