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Children’s Book Of The Month

“Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulum”

Authoress, Kay O’Connell

Newly published authoress, Kay O’Connell, will launch her children’s book, ‘Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulum’, here in Thurles on Friday, July 19th next, at 7.00pm in Bookworm, Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Acknowledged already as an accomplished writer of both poetry and prose, this will be Kay’s first children’s work to be published in paperback / hardback format.

Kay O’Connell currently resides here in Co. Tipperary, in the scenic, yet quiet, rural hinterland of Loughmore; together with her husband Tom and their daughter, Zara.

Kay initially developed her love of reading and her very unique style of writing, from both her parents, latter Michael and May O’Sullivan; while residing as a child herself in her family home in Rathdowney, just across the border in Co. Laois.

It was from here that she was eagerly encouraged, from an early age, to pursue a clearly developing creative side. Indeed, with the nearest bookshop some twenty kilometres away; Kay well remembers pretending to read from books, using her then wild and vivid imagination to create fanciful, make-believe adventures, thus entertaining younger siblings before the arrival of sleep.

It was following the birth of her daughter Zara, that Kay’s passion for stories and writing was again rekindled, and she began creating imaginary characters, using same in her now newly published book, which targets children aged from 5 to 12 years old.

Kay is adamant that true happiness can only be brought about by having an opportunity to create and therefore lauds both parents and teachers who actively encourage book reading.
Parents and children please note: Kay will also be reading an excerpt from her book and will be signing copies of same on Friday July 19th next.

Swanky Spider Meets Professor Pendulumcomes highly recommended by Thurles.Info and same would make that perfect gift for lovers of a bedtime story to be read aloud thus beginning a child on that adventure of a lifetime.


Attention All Mums & Dads – Cruinniú na nÓg comes to Thurles

“A Meeting of Youth” – [Translated into the Irish language, ‘Cruinniú na nÓg’.]

Ms Suzanne Brosnan (Senior Library Assistant), Tipperary County Council Library Service, invites all our youth to let their “imagination fly with Cruinniú na nÓg”, here in Thurles Library, Cathedral Street on Saturday June 15th 2019. (That is next Saturday).

Cruinniú na nÓg represents a national day of creativity for our young people; giving them the opportunity to express themselves through a specific programme of cultural and creative activities, where they can share ideas, learn new skills while having fun.

Enjoy a day full of interactive free events for children of all age groups.

[ Note: This event is supported by the Tipperary Creative Ireland programme.]

10:30 am – 11:45 pm “Clowning Around Workshop”, hosted by Danielle Martin. A workshop for children ages 7-12 years exploring mime, comedy and lots more……

11:00 am12:00 pm Story-time”, with Sarah Tully, who believes “imagination is the magic of childhood”. Sarah will incorporate props, puppets and story sacks into her tales.

12:00 noonSummer Stars Reading Challenge” launch: A nationwide campaign promoting reader development and literacy in children.

12:00 noon – 12:30 pm“Wobbly Circus Performance”. The award-winning circus and street theatre company will provide two street performances during the day.

12:30 pm “Dance workshop” with dance instructor ‘Cerys’ from the Dwan Dance Academy, latter based in Thurles. This session is suitable for children aged 7 years and plus.

12:30 pm – 1:30 pmMobile Music School will host two workshops this first drumming session is aimed at children aged 4 – 7years. Explore the members of the percussion family and learn the importance of beat in music.

1:30 pm“Dance Workshop” with ‘Cerys’ – a fun filled lively workshop for children ages 4 years and plus.

1:30 pm2:30 pm “Mad Professor Performance”, join Niall O’Dwyer for 60 minutes of educational and fun experiments. This show will spark the imagination with mad programs and activities involving air, sound and lots more!
Session 2 of the “Mad Professor” will take place at 2:30 pm 3:30 pm.

2:30 pm3:30 pm – A 2nd session of the “Mobile Music School” suitable for children aged 8 years and plus.

3:00 pm 4:00 pm“Wobbly Circus Workshop”. Using the props provided and the guidance of excellent teachers; learn to walk the tight-wire, stilt walking, plate spinning and loads more circus skills.

4:00 pm4:30 pm“Wobbly Circus”. A final performance and a great way to end the family day.

We will also have “Pavement Art” and “Milk the Cow”; weather of course permitting, as these are outside events.

Looking forward to welcoming all in attendance.

For further Information please do contact Tel. No. 0761-06-6131


A Plant That Enjoys Tobacco

The 400-acre wooded demesne of Glin Castle, situated on the banks of the Shannon estuary in Co. Limerick, with its 12 acres of pleasure gardens, saw the annual “Rare & Special Plant Fair” taking place on Sunday May 12th last.


One of the beautiful rare plants on show at this event was ‘Sparmania’, latter a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to open woodland in Africa, South Africa and Madagascar. The genus name is called after Anders Sparrman, a Swedish naturalist, tutor, abolitionist, ships doctor and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, (1748-1820).

Pictures L-R. [1] Sparmania [2] Swedish Naturalist Anders Sparrman (1748-1820).

According to the well-respected, dare I say Bible, known as Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs ( Hillier / Lancaster), the Sparmania shrub(pictured above) is described as a large, stellately-hairy, apple-green shrub of vigorous habit. Leaves are large, often 30cm (11ins) or more across, palmately-lobed. Flowers are white 4cm wide, with yellow stamens (the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower).

This plant is regarded as an excellent conservatory shrub.

While grateful for this description, it was the further information supplied that appealed more to me, as a former restaurant and hotel employee. How often have I watched patrons stub their cigarettes butts out in flower pots used to decorate reception areas / lobbies, same leading eventually to the tragic demise of expensive plants.

Hotels and Restaurants take note: Sparmania, according to the Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs, thrives on, wait for it, “on discarded cigarette and cigar-ends, together with tea and coffee dregs, as found in poor quality cafés”. [Not that I have ever worked in poor quality cafés, I’ll have you to note and fully understand.]

What’s more, you don’t have to wait for next year’s “Rare & Special Plant Fair” in Glinn Castle, Co Limerick. No, you can buy your Sparmania shrub right here in the Cathedral Town, from Seamus O’Driscoll’s, Garden Centre, on the Mill Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


Three Upcoming Events At Thurles Library.

Ms Suzanne Brosnan (Senior Library Assistant), Tipperary County Council Library Service, reports:-

Three exiting, new events will be happening shortly at Thurles Library, (situated in ‘The Source’ Building at Cathedral Street, in Thurles) over the coming weeks; each one worthy of note.

Firstly, Please Note: In the case of all of these three upcoming, popular events; advance booking is essential, as space is limited. So please do make reservations, by contacting Tel No: 0761-06-6131.

Upcoming Events At Thurles Library

Tuesday April 23rd: Thurles Library’s Movie Afternoon will feature “Paddington 2”. This event, beginning at 2.30pm sharp, is best suitable for children aged 6 years plus.]

Wednesday April 24th: Thurles Library will invite you to “Spring Into StoryTime”. The theme for this event, beginning at 11.30am sharp, will be “Princess & Pirates” and Fancy Dress remains optional.

Thursday May 2nd: “Art Session”, featuring local artist Mary Finn at Thurles Library. Mary will be holding her art session between 10:00am and 12:30pm.

We Know You Will Enjoy.


Spring Into Storytime At Thurles Library.

Ms Suzanne Brosnan (Senior Library Assistant), Tipperary County Council Library Service, situated in ‘The Source’ building in Cathedral Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, reports:-

Spring Into Storytime

On Saturday April 13th next Thurles Library will “Spring into Storytime”.

The event will begin sharp at 11.30am. Please do remember that for such enjoyable events, booking is always advisable, so do give us a call to Tel. No. 0761 – 06 – 6131.

We look forward to your visit.

Readers please also note: Daily Opening Hours and Contact Details for Thurles Library are shown hereunder:-

Opening Hours

Monday: 9.30 am to 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Tuesday: 9.30 am to 8.00 pm
Wednesday: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Thursday: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Friday: 9.30 am to 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0761-06-6131
E-Mail Address: thurleslibrary@tipperarycoco.ie